i am starting to like them very much

whenever i see peoples ideas of what origins’ buddies looked like as kids (i love the variety! yall are creative) im always a little baffled by short haired zevran like listen i know he had to grow it out but thats still a little… like what do you mean he didnt emerge out of the womb with perfect hair already

It’s always a riot when I start my day off being linked to one of my older writing advice posts in IM and it’s literally someone arguing with me that actually, editors don’t do this and the resulting conversation is:

Are you an editor?

No but—

Okay. I am.

Yea but—

I am literally a trained professional.


For the last five+ years. There’s some 200 romance books out there with my name on them. As the editor. The person who very much does this thing which I am talking about. That doesn’t even include my freelance work.

Well I don’t like this post, it challenges how I see reality and in my reality I’m right >:(

Your reality in which you, the 19 year old college student who just started your English degree, knows better than me, the graduated linguistics major in her late 20s who has quite literally been doing this as a job for the last half decade.


Well okay then, I’m glad we cleared that up.

And then they start attacking my lack of grammar and spelling here on tumblr and how the number of typos I make makes me a shit editor like honey, I am not at work right now, just let me scream into the void in peace.

This is almost like that one time an American tried to correct me on Scottish culture, like my dudes, no.

Excuse my messy mirror 😈
Can’t stress it enough that when you’re on your fitness journey—take as many pics as humanly possible!! You will most definitely thank yourself later. I made that mistake & didn’t take very many when I started because, well, I wasn’t so Inlove with what the photo showed me 😋 but man it really helps to take them to look back on. I’ve been feeling like “ am I even making any progress?” The scale doesn’t always move when you’re trying to lose weight, so taking a picture really shows you how much change is really happening!!
So excited!!
Keep going!!
6 weeks between photos. 😊


How did this even happen?! Thank you so much!! Thank you for supporting my blog, reblogging and liking my posts. I very appreciate it! I started this blog just because I wanted to share my love for Beyoncé with you and I honestly never believed I’d get more than 1k followers and now here I am! As a way to say thank you I’ve decided to make a follow forever of all these amazing blogs who light up my dash. I highly suggest you check them out and follow them (if you’re not following them already)! 

Blogs that I’m a part of: @slaybey, @nooraskam

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Much love to you all,
Nives ♡  


so, on this very day i hit 1k. i started this blog around 4 months ago and i’ve met so many new and supportive people on the studyblr community. i want to take the time to say how grateful i am for all of you. so, to celebrate 1k i decided to do blogrates, since i love participating in them.

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I’m going to be sincere with you guys. The truth is that thanks to some bad experiences, I had lost my love for drawing years ago and for a long time I hated everything I was doing. I never finished anything.

But in March this year I known an anime called Soul Eater. I loved it and I wanted to take my pen again to draw one of my favorite characters, then I did the sketch of Maka that’s in the summary.

In April my dad gifted to me a graphic tablet for my birthday. I never had use one before! and my first drawings were horrible (it’s funny because seems like I had no pulse haha xD) but I didn’t give up and kept drawing, I even created an account in Deviantart and started uploading my drawings there (I also met a very special person whom I love very much, hehe) and I started to using my old Tumblr account to share them there too.

I am very grateful to SE for giving me back my love for drawing, to my followers for always be encouraging me and obviously to my dad for giving me my tablet, haha.

Thanks for joining me this 2016 and hope you’ll stay with me another year (aww)

I wish you all an amazing 2017, bye! ♥

Ben Hutton #5

Requested by Anon:  Happy thanksgiving 😘 perfect timing, Can you write an imagine where trade rumours are flying like crazy but your bf Ben Hutton ends up staying.

*I can’t believe I missed out on this one. I am so so soorrryyy!! I hope you like this still, even though it’s been a few months too late. Enjoy!:) Also I honestly really liked writing this. If you’ve read the few I put out recently, I’m not very much pleased with them but this, I really really  like. :)*

Word count: 869

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February and March are supposed to be the best months. It’s still the start of the year and the snow and cold winter air just makes you feel like you have a fresh start. A start on what, you’re not sure exactly, but a start nonetheless.

That’s until you started dating a professional hockey player and the words ‘trade deadline’ entered your vocabulary. Cue: haunted, gloomy music here.

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Happy Single’s Awareness Valentine’s Day! Spend today with your s/o. Unless you’re me with no s/o. In that case, spend today celebrating your favorite ships instead xD
Of course, here I am celebrating Mettafrisk like I always do and have been doing for over half a year now. I always did think that they would be cute together, but it was just a simple afterthought, until I started drawing them together more and more and it very quickly became my favorite pairing. i think what’s stuck me to this pairing is that it’s a small one, i’ve always loved rare-pairs <3 and i don’t get harassed into drawing it much, especially since i want to draw it anyways. hhhmmm, there are people who don’t like that i ship this instead of a certain other ship anymore, but whatever. I’m staying DETERMINED.

I drew this last night and decided to wait until this morning to post it. This was a fun one to work on, pink is my favorite color <3 I want to draw these two in more pink, lol

silly headcanon time: i see Mettaton as a lot less shy about his feelings than Frisk is, so he takes the initiative all the time. Kissing, Dating, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), etc. He’s always the one to start it. Frisk is a lot more shy and she worries if she’s going too far, so she ends up waiting for Ton-ton to act first. (though knowing Mettaton, she has nothing to worry about lol) But today she broke through her fear and kissed him on her own, which surprises Mettaton at first because he’s so used to her going along with everything xD
I wanted to illustrate that here. Also, it’s a lot of fun to come up with scenarios where Mettaton is surprised or flustered xD

Have a nice Valentine’s Day <3

i might’ve doodled a follow up last night too lol

I wanted to do a more faithful adaptation of the Hierophant for Solas after Trespasser. It is lazy and not done, but all of my caring-about-that has been pushed out by how much I hate hands. And also feet, but I didn’t draw the feet because of the aforementioned apathy.

Okay, I just need to vent this because it’s Concerning. But can we just talk for a second about the fact that Vex stormed out after Vax mentioned that she loves Percy? Can we talk about that comment about how we “talk too much”? That feels like a woman ready to retaliate, a woman that is now really afraid of getting hurt and ready to push away those she loves to avoid any more of them leaving her. I am so afraid that she is going to break things off with Percy because of this. Like, she may not do it right away, but I am so scared she is going to start pushing him away in an attempt to protect herself. It hurts and I hate the very thought.

Someone please tell me it will be okay. I just need it to be okay.

anonymous asked:

Maybe one of the things that is holding him back from coming out is that he is not plain gay? With all the people saying he is GAY he could be afraid that when he comes out as bi/pan people say "No you are gay, you don't like women, never dated them". Not being straight and start dating a man doesn't mean being gay and erase your past relationships. When he said he kissed boys before C he said "not in a romantic way but in birthdays and such". Let's not tag him pz he has enough with his PR team.

Anon. I beg to differ. I think most people here very much acknowledge that we don’t know exactly how Darren identifies. I personally am always careful that I don’t define him. Bi or pan is very possible and I do believe he’s dated women in the past.  That being said. I also believe he’s dated other men. It’s also possible he’s gay.  Many gay men date women in their youth. We simply don’t know   

 Darren is the only person who can define how he identifies. But I honestly don’t believe that how he defines himself is the issue. 

Virgo Sun & Taurus Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

I sometimes run out of words to express my feelings. I try to cover it up with metaphors but nothing seems to translate properly what I think and feel. Maybe I think too much, maybe I talk too much, maybe I should start writing much more. Also I am very stubborn when it comes to what I want. When I find myself pursuing a potential love interest, I will most likely try to win them over somehow, going as far as to giving too much of myself. However, I get extremely conflicted when I realize they are not worth my time and effort. My stubbornness still wants me to keep going but the logical part of me is telling me to stop and walk away. [info on sun and moon signs]

bts-got7-landfill  asked:

Can you do AU's? And if you can I would very much do like a (Disney) Beauty and the Beast AU where reader is Belle and Jungkook is Beast? Starting from like the curse to reader being trapped in the castle and them falling in love? Does that make sense?? Sorry. Thanks//

This one especially will be delayed because I am travelling and I left my work back home, I got it done though, look forward to it beautiful. But for now, here is a little something to keep you company 😆

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I have this headcanon that “The Album” is an on-going joke between them and it makes me very happy. Like they’re just casually washing the dishes and Phil just goes “Scrubby, scrub, scrub, washing the dishes!” and Dan starts laughing and says “Ooh, Japanese bonus track. Good job Phil!” Am I the only one who noticed this?

Fic Recs: Daemon AU’s

(image of Antonin and Gertrude Joly, based on toutes ces incohérences)

I really, really, really love AU’s based on the idea of daemons from His Dark Materials. I end up re-reading The Golden Compass at least once a year, so it’s not really a surprise, but I thought this would be the best way to start off. Below are a few of my favorites.

toutes ces incohérences

by smithens

[Les Misérables]

This is one of those rare Daemon AUs where I feel like the author really understands daemons. It’s easy to give a character a random animal companion and call them a daemon. It’s much harder to really embrace the complex relationships between people and their daemons. Also the writing is super eloquent and I am so very many kinds of here for that.

The Price One Must Pay

by Carmarthen

[Les Misérables]

Very often, I find myself disagreeing with people’s choices in daemons for characters, or at least, I see the same choices over and over again. This fic goes with an unconventional choice, and it’s fantastic.

A Study in Natural Philosophy

by Mad_Maudlin


Arthur has a horse daemon, and it’s hilarious. The author actually takes the time to explore the difficulties of having daemons of different sizes (how is that horse going to fit inside?), and I think that’s part of what makes this fic so special.

It’s moments like this when I think James or Sirius would have done much better in Harry’s place.

Can’t you just picture either of them sitting down with Vernon and Petunia, completely somber-faced, and pulling out the list of Hogwarts electives?

James: As we all know, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. As you are my very wise elders, I’d be remiss if I didn’t attempt to solicit your advice on the matter.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: I’m glad you’re taking this as seriously as I am.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: So, in your opinion, which elective would best prepare me to be an Obliviator?

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: To be clear, that’s someone whose entire profession is to fuck with the minds of Muggles.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: Okay, what if I want to become an Auror? That’s someone whose entire profession is to fuck people up. Picture a cop, okay? But this cop is able to turn you into a goat and make you vomit slugs and kill you with two words.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: No thoughts on that one, either? Okay, what if I want to become a dragon tamer? Where, you know, I would have an entire army of dragons at my disposal.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: Really? Nothing? ‘kay, guess I’ll just go play in the park. Unless I’m still grounded? Which, to be honest, would upset me. And I would remember being upset. Even years from now, when I graduate from Hogwarts and enter the workforce–you know, the wizarding workforce.


James: Yes. Is it working?

Vernon: … yes.

okay so much has happened today and it’s only 9 am 


am i honestly supposed to believe that Diggle’s more worried about Dinah’s living arrangements than Felicity’s darkness? Like? is the show done with Delicity or??? after season 3 (and a little bit of season 4) have they completely forgotten that they a great relationship with one another???

what happened to the Diggle who reassured her when she was threatened by Sara? the Diggle who supported her when they thought they lost Oliver? does no one remember that scene in season 3 where they thought they were spending their last moments with another?

i get that he had a lot of stuff going on so that’s why i thought that was okay but dig didn’t even thank felicity for saving him????? 

and don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying Dinah’s character but  

where’s big brother diggle? 


i get she’s private BUT WHAT THE HELL?

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