i am starting to believe these are all by the same person

Do you consider me brave for writing
About fighting,
And overcoming
Mental and physical suffering
And learning
How to start loving yourself;
It’s like I’m a brother
Smothering you with kind words
Making sure your voice is heard.
We’ve all lived painful and absurd times,
And wished we lived new lives:
But I’m proud my skin is mine.
I never dreamt I’d be a writer
Inspiring others and admiring the stories of others.
I’m addicted to the poetry
Like I’ve got ink in my veins;
Writing helped me overcome anxiety,
And discovery could help you do the same.
At this point It doesn’t matter about me;
As long as my writing saves a life, I’d consider my life a victory.
Happiness is overwhelming my mind;
I’m welcoming my new mental state so I can leave the past behind.
After all I’ve done, I’m proud I’ve come out alive;
Be loud and shout “I am strong” because I believe in you
And whatever you’re going through I know you’ll survive.
—  Personal Poem | Brave | I know you’re strong and deep down you know you’re strong too | Written by: @jarfidd | James Fiddy

I love how our God is a God who reassures. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself at the amount of times God has to tell me the same thing for me to finally believe it. But right from the start of the Bible God shows that he understands and he reassures. In Genesis, he reassures and tells Abraham time after time that he will be a father of many nations and that he will have a son with Sarah, long after he made the original promise. I am so glad God doesn’t give up on reminding us. I will wait for what You have for me. 

imagine this being the opening to 3.10:

The camera pans on to some sheets and keeps on moving upwards. We see Barry waking up and peeking out at the person beside him. He’s fully awake now and is gazing at a sleeping Iris, trying to take in all of her beauty. The look on Barry’s face says it all.  He can’t believe that he now has the chance to wake up next to the love of his life every day.  

He reaches over and starts touching some loose strands of her hair and caresses her face.  We see flashbacks from the night before (their first time) and the camera goes back to Barry smiling.  He has a look of pure love and adoration on his face. Then, Iris starts to slowing open her eyes.  Barry lets out a quiet “morning” and Iris follows with the same. 

Because my real life has way too many problems for me to solve and I don’t even know what to focus on, today my brain’s become unreasonably upset at the increase in claims that “the spideypool fandom is dead”

To help cope, I’m choosing to believe most of those people weren’t even on board this time last year and what they’re actually referring to is the die-down of the movie-induced hype, which is A Valid Thing, but is Not The Same Thing

I’m also coping by throwing garbage words at the fic, bc for such a “dead” fandom I sure have been getting more comments on ILB lately and I’d love to be able to update it even though it’s a fucking mess now……. like my brain………..

*am NOT looking to start Discourse™, am just sayin’ is all


So so sad tonight. 💔😢💔😢
Realizing that it’s finally over cause he never even cared about me or my feelings anyway and that no matter what, things will never be the same. There will be this uneasy gut wrenching feeling for awhile or possibly forever cause the one you gave your heart too, shattered it with no remorse. And now after being betrayed and deceived for a year, I have nothing to show for it but a broken heart. I am the one that lost everything in the relationship and have to start over. I am the one that lost myself in the relationship. But even though he was all wrong and even know that letting go is for the best, it still kills me inside. He knew everything about me, inside and out. I honesty dont think i could ever get that close to another person again. Since i have to pick up my own pieces, best believe i will do it with style cause everyone knows that success is always the best revenge. So even though im sad tonight, tomorrow’s another day. .😇🌙🌞🌍🌈

i can’t believe i am sharing this but this might help someone 

okay i am gonna start with saying since third grade and till 8th grade i had no trouble with making friends , but in the 9th grade my friends all moved to other countries and it was really hard thing to deal with . but i knew deep down that what i had with my past friends is not a friendship that will stay forever .

so before i start talking about 9th grade i need to explain my school classes , each grade have one classroom like if you’r in 9th grade , all the 9 graders are in the same class for the whole year and you take all the classes their like English , math ,ect ) so most of the time in 9th grade i never had a friend in my own class , i knew people like me but i was too shy to talk to them , “till one day i gained a friend lets call her “ emily “  and i was so happy about it and i think in the same week a girl in my class came to me and told me to not be friend with “emily “ and i was so stupid to not listen to the girl because each day i start to realize that she is not what i deserve , she lies to me but i was so alone that i really ignored her lies , she once saw the hair on my arms and told me that i should shave and i smiled and ignored her , i have never had problem with my body hair but since her comment on it i start to hate my own body .

( i had a boy twin but he died in my mom belly but i lived and i got some of his hormones and that is why i have hair problems but it’s not that bad )

okay so back to the point when i got home i told my mom that i want to shave my arms and legs and she told me to wait till i am a little bit older and after 2 months i convinced her and she let me do it and i was happy. 

before “ emily” i didn’t have any problem with showing my arms hair but now i can’t do it .

and there other stuff but it’s personal.

now let talk about positive things 

in 10th grade i met 2 girl that now are my best friends , they changed me i am not joking they changed me to the girl that i wanted to be , i don’t know how but i became less shy and my grades got higher ( before 10th i used to get 85% in school but in 10th grade i got 94% and 11th grade 97% and in 12th grade i got 94.8%) and i become comfortable with myself and i started to love myself more . and in 11th grade i met my third best friend that i love the most , i swear i never loved any person the way i love her , she is the person that i would 100% die for ( shit i am crying ) , 

the three of them are so supportive 

me and one of them had to do a presentation she explained her stuff first and then it was my turn and in the middle of it i panicked and i looked at her and she nodded and gave me a smile and quickly started talking and let me have time to control my self , from that moment i knew that they care about me so much and finally i got what i deserve , 

but sadly we all now in different countries except one who’s in a another city 2 hours a way, but thankfully on Thursday i am gonna see the one who’s the last time that i saw her was 2 years ago and next week i am gonna see the others.

the whole point of this that everything gets better , if you asked me 4 years ago will i would be happy in couple of years i would say no but now i am happy and i have amazing friends that i will always love .  

Hard to believe these are even the same people!! One thing I’ve learned on this journey is to keep pushing even when you aren’t motivated to! It’s all about cultivating diligence. I am still far from my goal body but it’s important every now and then to see where you started and how much progress you have already made. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 167➡️146 & 5'8" if I can do it anyone can 💕❤️ love yourself every step of the way hunnies

anonymous asked:

dear courfeyr,

Dear @courfeyr,

I love you and I believe in you. When we first started I guess I didn’t really know what to do, I clicked with Jules and even though we talked and we got on it wasn’t the same but them we met in person and it all made sense. You are an amazing and beautiful person, you look just as good in person as you do in all of your selfies and you are just as funny and a Meme™️ as you are when I message you. You have been there for me and I’ve trusted you to help me when I feel my lowest and you always do. I hope that I have done half as much for you 💛

I know that you will be able to achieve all you want in life because I know you and even if things don’t seem positive now I believe in you. Your voice is amazing. I am consistently blown away by how good your voice is and feel so blessed that you’ve chosen to let me hear it and like I already have so many good memories with you and I can’t wait for more of them in the future 

okay so this afternoon I was on the train, it was pretty busy because there were a couple of track issues and different lines were being diverted… anyway, this guy got on who was clearly pretty mentally ill, and he starting talking really loudly - almost shouting, really - about god and satan and stuff. he kept saying ‘lucifer will only rise if we don’t atone!’ and then ‘I am protected, because I believe in jesus’ and all this stuff… anyway, I subconsciously turned away from him, and then when I turned around I realised everyone else had done the same thing, and we had created this circle around him, everyone looking away and him in the middle. it was honestly a perfect circle. and he just kept saying ‘you all have to repent, we all have to save the world, why won’t anyone save the world with me,’ and the circle just looked away, he was the only person saying anything in the carriage. I was listening to opera through my headphones and it made everything seem slightly more surreal. anyway, his stop came and he got off the train, and everyone just slowly moved around to face the same direction, and we naturally fell into these oddly perfect lines, while through my headphones I could hear cosi fan tutti, and the words “and guide them to shore, and guide them to shore,” and I looked over and he was just standing outside standing still on the platform, pointing in at us, “and guide them to shore, and guide them to shore,” then the train pulled away, 

one man in the corner started laughing, and everyone else was very quiet

idk… like I said, it was surreal, and it made me sad

1st January 2016 {•} 1/100+ days of productivity

It’s so cliché to start a new project on the first day of the new year but yes, I’m gonna do it anyway. Last year was an absolute blast for my personal and academic life and I truly believe that this year will be the same. I am determined to grab every chance and work even harder to reach my goals (I still haven’t decided what are those but…).
While waiting for the start of the spring semester, I’m strenghtening my Duolingo skills in Norwegian and German. Also featured my Moleskine weekly planner that I’m planning to use a lot more than I did in the past.
Wish all of you a splendid new year full of accomplishments and nice things! 💕

I have enough of all the Jaime/Brienne “ship”.

External image

Let me start with this gif that expresses what I feel and think about it:

1) I really don’t understand why some people are so CONVINCED and WANT to believe that when Jaime, in the 5x04 episode, looks to the Tarth’s island, he had the “heart eyes”…

Guys, you are a little bit confuse. Let me show you what “heart eyes” looks like:

Do you remember the “return”, right?

2) When Jaime, in the same episode, had this “breakfast” conversation with Bronn:

How could, you guys, just thinking that he was talking about Brienne?!

It’s OBVIOUS that he was thinking about C E R S E I , and ONLY about her.
SHE is the woman he loves and ALWAYS will be.
“I am not whole without you”. They are two parts of the same person, remember this. Some people, more than some I’m afraid, thinks that, because of all the “incestuous relationship” thing, they can’t be together and it’s insane, bad, mad, etc; I’m sure somebody will find in them the cause of the Ozone depletion, the disappearing of the Artic sea ice, the crop circles, and so on… BUT, can you, for a moment, think of them as just a COUPLE, please? Without the genetic in the middle. They just love each other, that’s it. They have, for all their lives, love each other without any political, social, economical reason (like ALL other couples on GoT). They are “meant to be”.

If you have doubts about this, read the books of asoiaf: it’s much more clear in them what I’m trying to explain here. (And yes, there are books…)

So, I hope this thing is clear and all the Jaime/Brienne shipping will end soon.

There is only one shipping: JAIME/CERSEI. Forever.

For those asking how to go natural and what they should do to start the process...

Happy Sunday Ladies and Gentlemen:

As you may know, I get tons of questions and it’s hard to answer them all. Many of us are experiencing similar issues so instead of answering the same question over and over I thought I’d address a common one here in this post. There’s also a FAQ section on the blog that you may want to check out if I don’t answer a question you’ve asked in a timely manner.

Ok so let’s get started! If you’re questioning whether or not you should “go natural” my advice is always going to be “ABSOLUTELY YES.” I believe it’s important for everyone to learn how to manage and love their hair in its natural state.

PERSONAL STORY: I am still affected by decisions my mother made in terms of how to do my hair when I was younger. Instead of just allowing my hair to be free, she chose to give me the tightest pony tails ever and pressed and permed my hair until it was “easier to manage” and unfortunately I thought perms were necessary in adulthood. I permed my own hair about three times and then I realized my hair wasn’t as thick and full as it used to be so I transitioned in 2007 or 2008 before I even knew what transitioning was. I bought random oils and did the absolute worst bantu knot outs ever, lol. If I could transition with no knowledge back then, there’s no reason you shouldn’t transition now with the abundance of resources available. 

Another common question is “How do I transition and what are some tips you would give?” You can transition by simply stopping all chemical processing of your hair. Most would argue that you should stop using heat as well so that you’ll avoid heat damage. I’ve listed a few tips for transitioning into natural hair below:


  • Consider wearing protective styles most of the time so that you’ll limit the amount of manipulation you expose your hair to and allow it to grow.
  • Blend your textures by using perm rods, flexi rods, or rollers to create super cute curls while transitioning. 
  • Trim your ends (or get them trimmed) every six weeks or so and eventually all of your processed ends will be a thing of the past.
  • Limit heat styling
  • Keep your hair moisturized because the multiple textures can increase your chances of having dry hair that’s prone to breakage.
  • Be prepared to experiment with different products until you find out what works best for you. And it’s OK to come up with cocktails (mixing products) if something works for one part of your hair and not the other.
  • Lastly, don’t compare your hair to other people’s. Your hair is beautiful and so are you…

I hope these tips are helpful. If you have anything else to add, feel free to reblog and share your thoughts.

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A reality check.

I have something to say. And normally I wouldn’t but I really just feel like I need to say it.
This 5sos “drama” is getting ridiculous. It’s like everyone is trying to find something to be mad at them for. They’re just living.
Are they the same boys they were when this all this started? No.
But am I the same person I was when I fell in love with them? No.
People change, and they make choices.
Have they done some stupid stuff lately? Yeah. But we all do.
So I refuse to talk crap about the boys that have stopped my tears. I refuse to hate the boys that make me feel like I matter.
I refuse to believe that the boys who can write something like “Carry On” “Jet Black Heart” and “Broken Home” deserve to be called fuckboys.
So if they really mean that little to you then maybe you shouldn’t be here.
Because whatever they do in their free time does not erase all they have done for me with their music.
All the times I’ve listened to their music when I felt like nothing mattered. Like I didn’t matter. All the times they showed me I’m not alone. The way I feel when I hear “Airplanes” is absolutely indescribable.
I don’t understand how you can so easily turn your back on all the times they’ve made you smile. All the times they’ve made you feel like you matter.
They are teenage boys doing teenage boy things. The only difference is they’ve got a magnifying glass on them. Whatever it is you think they’ve done to wrong you has probably been twisted by the masses.
So I’m sorry, but if you’ve got something negative to say about these boys I’m going to ask you to leave.
Because I love them. I will never not love them. They got me through what nobody else could.
Calums cover of “All About You” helps me get through anxiety attacks.
“Carry On” is what is getting me through my broken home.
All of their songs mean something to me even if it’s just that it makes me smile.
But most of all.
They taught me that it’s going to be okay.
So you’ll have to forgive me for not caring the least bit about their personal lives.
-Kassidi Rowley.


You know what is one of the many things I like about BNHA? It’s how the mangaka manages to beautifully insert and show sub-plot lines and at the same time present us with interesting character development without the chaoter getting focused on him/her.

I would like to specifically talk about this page. All Might did lose his powers but I personally didn’t believe that he fully moved on.

And it is perfectly shown here. The ideas like “keeping his distance” or “being careful” were practically alien concepts to him before.

“Have I already become someone who needs to be protected?”

Maybe I am misunderstanding something here, but this sounds like All Might starts understanding more about his current state. This gives All Might even more depth as the character! He, who used to protect, now is the one protected and he sees the things from the new viewpoint!

I want to write about how much I miss you. I want to listen to Chris Young breakup songs on repeat and wonder if you’re doing the same thing. Sometimes, I just want to close the blinds, sit in the dark, and feel the sadness that comes along with feeling like  a piece of you will be missing forever. I want to write about all the reasons you made me smile and laugh and a;; the times you looked at me like I was the only person in the world. But I won’t do that because the minute I do, my tears will hit the page and start to make the words bleed. So I’ll take the easy way out: I’ll push it aside, and talk about nothing but how angry I am. Because I think its easier to pretend that you’re okay and you’re moving on and better off. And maybe one day, I’ll actually believe it.
—  and maybe you’re doing the same 

I am getting a bit sick of these posts I keep seeing which paint Cosima as some sort of heartless and hysterical person who rejected Delphine, who has been sainted posthumously. 

The facts:

Delphine started their relationship as Cosima’s monitor. She invaded Cosima’s privacy, seduced her and ultimately betrayed her. 

Cosima knew Beth well. Beth loved Paul. Paul manipulated and deceived Beth into believing he loved her, but he never did. She committed suicide, partly because that fucking sucked. 

After Cosima forgave Delphine for her first betrayal, Cosima made it very clear that she wanted autonomy. She wanted control of her own life. Delphine still withheld information about Kira’s tooth and attempted to control things for Cosima’s own good. Cosima still forgave her. This all happened at roughly the same time as finding out that she was technically a corporation’s property.

Delphine broke up with Cosima. There is no doubt in my mind that Cosima was heartbroken.

Delphine then decided to control as much of the clone club’s lives as possible and never until the very end did she allow Cosima to make her own moves.

Cosima, as always, forgave Delphine. Because Delphine never told her what was going on, she had no reason to believe Delphine was in danger. 


Cosima never treated Delphine like shit. Delphine repeatedly ignored Cosima’s spoken and obvious need for autonomy and freedom, manipulating events to make things happen that she thought was for the best. 

If one more person fails to realise that Delphine made her own choices and was entirely responsible for her own loneliness, I will scream. 

For those of you who don’t know I work at a Museum in the shop. I’ve only been there for almost a month and every week it seems I’ve had a customer commenting to me about my faith. They usually come to me saying they have a ‘personal question’ and then interrogate me lol. But yesterday I refused to let a woman use her Membership discount for her friend because its only allowed between immediate family. Of course I said this the nicest way possible to the group of cute little old women. The one trying to let her friend use her membership looked at me with that extremely disappointed grandma glare and says 'God is watching you’. All of them started nodding in agreement. I look at the original buyer (who looks so embarrassed) and ask 'I’m sorry I am just following the rules of the Museum. Would you like your item gift wrapped?’ and then the same woman says quietly 'Oh but you believe in a prophet’ I asked her to speak up (although I could totally hear her lol) and all her friends repeated her as if the power of their voices will convert me or something. I stare her dead in the eyes with my amazingly obnoxious smile and said 'Yes I do, but Im here trying to do my job and I am to asking her would you like this item gift wrapped?’ After I finished doing my job the one who bought from the store came and apologized. Heres the thing I don’t need an apology. What I need is to be able to do my job and give people the best service I can afford. Not be interrogated and confronted about my difference in faith. I am a hard worker and I am super sweet. I love my job and it makes it harder for me to enjoy it when people are so shocked they see a covered woman working in a modern museum. Basically what I am trying to say is this..Stop using God to guilt trip people to give you what you want. Stop making employees uncomfortable for things that have nothing to do with you. Stop making our jobs harder. Stop it!

When I was in high school, my favorite teacher told me that they sleep better at night knowing that there are people like me in the world. The same teacher also told me that I, alone, would never have the power to change the whole world, and make it a more peaceful place. They said inequality will always persist, and I couldn’t change that. But I’ve been trying to prove them wrong ever since. All it takes is one person to throw a pebble in the water and start a ripple effect. I’m going to be that person.
I am not always kind to others. I am more selfish than I let on. I let fear and anxiety hold me back. But each day is a chance to climb a new mountain. Each day is a new battle. Each day is another chance to win.
I am going to change the world. And you don’t have to believe me. But I believe it myself. And that’s all that I need.
But this is an invitation to call me out on my actions. Educated me. Inform me. Sometimes I think the things I say are justified, but I am still ignorant. Sometimes I do things that hurt more than it helps. Tell me. I am a privileged female from a white, Christian, working-class family. I have never been poor, but I have never been wealthy. I have never known prejudice because of the color of my skin. I have never felt excluded when I traveled somewhere new. I don’t know the world outside of the midwest. I have never been feared because of my religion. I have never experienced any other lives, but the one I was born into. I want to better myself, but I need you to help me. Call me out. Tell me what it’s like to be you. Befriend me. Let’s be authentic, and genuine, and real. I want to learn.
I am going to change the world. But I need to learn it first.
—  Rachel M. Fredette//inbox me. tell me your story. 

About a year ago I started doing yoga two or three times a week. I cannot tell you how it has helped my overall fitness.  

The things I like about yoga are:

1 - All levels can participate.  You do not have to be flexible to start yoga.  Believe me I am not the most flexible person in the world.  I will tell you that my flexibility has significantly improved.  There is nothing bad about improved flexibility, especially for us older fitness freaks.

2 – You can always improve and accomplish.  I for the most part have been doing the same yoga workout for the last year.  Every workout I try to do a little more.  That means I am getting stronger and more flexible every week.

3 – Yoga can be a workout.  I do an intermediate yoga routine for one and a half hours.  There has not been a time when I did not have that awesome workout soreness that I love.  I am dripping with sweat and at times I am getting my heart rate up there.  That tells me I am giving my body some good exercise.

4 – Yoga improves your balance.  Big win for me.  One of my biggest fears as I get older is losing my balance resulting in some serious damage to myself.

5 – Positive outlook.  After yoga my whole body feels energized.  Unlike anything I have ever known, I feel great mentally and physically after yoga.  Everyone I deal with daily enjoys that.

6 – Less tweaks and pulls.  Since starting yoga, workout muscle tweaks and pulls have deceased for me, another big win.  Nothing is more disappointing to me as when I get a muscle tweak just as I am starting to see big gains in my workouts.

Try yoga, it has really helped me improved my overall fitness.