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Webber's title is The Indigestible so he could've been eaten by pretty much anything and lived. Also Webber is half fursuit, half vore

don’t ever… don’t you ever say these things about this innocent child, in my hearing, ever again,

Subtitles are my nemesis...

Hey, um, @marie-isidore, @animaniacal, and @takarasienne (which, sorry for the random tagging-you-in-a-post)… and I guess anybody else who is more Takarazuka-aware than I am? (which, tbh, is a lot of people).

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to work out a way to show the recent “Nobunaga” production to a class (who do not speak Japanese). Thus far, I’ve gotten some very helpful advice about getting a subtitle file to work with the video file… but have run into the problem that I don’t have access to equipment to work with a BluRay, and region codes mean that a DVD won’t work either (this is the very short version).


However!! Enough of the class is interested enough to watch the BluRay without subtitles, which is pretty cool. The thing is, in order to do that, I’d like to have a really detailed synopsis that I can distribute (you know, kind of like for opera, when it’s all dramatic singing in a foreign language and so people need to read an explanation of what-all is going on).

Do any of you know if such a thing exists for “Nobunaga”?

Do you ever just fucking cry

You know how in Yuri’s YOI routine, it consists of mostly piano and the violin comes in to represent when Viktor came into Yuri’s life?


In the new duet ver of Stay Close To Me, as Yuri skates alone it is pure piano.




Episode 83 “The Deceiver’s Stand”

“Just roll another 20!” - “What is it?” - “Not as great.” - “Four.” - “Plus?” - “Nothing.”  for @juxarope

apropos of nothing but just saying

scott pilgrim, canonically:

  • has a friend group almost entirely made up of bi and gay people
  • plays and sings in multiple rock bands
  • won’t get their hair cut because the last time they did it made them feel like garbage even though others thought it looked cute
  • has to confront deep-seated denial about what kind of person they are, most of which seems to date back to high school
  • said this shit in both the comic and the movie:

Draw Your Own Conclusions Is All That I Am Saying

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)

The KKK is marching downtown on my campus. I’m so afraid for the people in this community right now. I am so disgusted and angry and upset. I’m in tears again. People that I care about are in danger. My friend is supposed to be walking home from work right now and his life could be in legitimate danger.

If you voted for Trump, I don’t trust you, I don’t want to speak to you, I don’t want your explanations. You did this to us. You’ve thrown us to the wolves. And you sure as fuck don’t get to complain when they eventually come for you too.