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warning: voltron s4

Hey friends, there’s already a severe spoiler floating around relating to content we’ll see in s4.  If you are trying to avoid spoilers, but took your blacklist-tags down after watching season three, blacklist your tags again. Most folks are tagging/warning for the spoilers, but thanks to tumblr’s backwards algorithms and how quickly this site moves, it’s entirely possible to see the spoiler first and then the warning several posts later on your dash. 

If you have friends who don’t want to be spoiled, please do them a favor and give them a heads-up.  Especially considering how recent this news is - barely two days after the drop of s3 - if you don’t know ahead of time, it’s almost certain you’ll be spoiled for season four.  Please help spread the word so we can avoid more accidental spoilers for those who don’t want them.


  • Me: life is so good, I am in such a happy place rn, absolutely nothing could spoil my euphoric mood, how lucky I am to be alive in this beautiful world
  • Me, two minutes later: I'm such a failure, I don't deserve happiness, why do I even bother, everything is going to go wrong no matter what I do, I'm going to die alone
  • Me, another two minutes later: life is so good, I am in such a happy place rn, absolutely nothing could spoil

The last episode (I think?) when Shiro is giving this very inspiring speech on how he isn’t giving up. Then he begins calling out everyone, his tone his hard, rough; “Hunk? Lance? Pidge?” It’s as if he’s asking as a leader, a comrade. But then when it was Keith’s turn, his tone got gentle and soft; it wasn’t just from another comrade to another. It was something personal, deep, as if showing a glimpse of vulnerable side only to Keith and Keith’s lips quirked up into a small smile as he said, “I am all in.” (or smth like that, i can’t remember lol)



SITS - Iori and MC bringing the twins to spend family time with his father and brother

Based on Iori’s POV

As I am driving to my father’s house, I look over the rear mirror and found the toddlers falling asleep. I can’t help but smile at their lovely face. I recalled back to our wedding right after my dad was discharged from hospital. He insisted to visit MC’s parents with me and I had no choice but to oblige. Eventually a wedding date was fixed and _____ got pregnant soon after. Now my old man is telling us that he is keeping fit so that he can see his grandchildren growing up. The thought of having family just warm my heart. It’s all thanks to her that we are once again experience the love of having family that we once lost.

“What are you smiling?” She asked, breaking my thought.

“Nothing!” I smiled. There is no way I am telling her but I believe that she knows what I am thinking. She is after all the woman I pick to spend my life with forever.

Soon we arrived and Ibuki came running out to hold the twins. My dad can’t stop smiling the moment the twins arrived too. It is like whole house fill with laughers.

“You two are getting heavier from the last time I saw you.” Ibuki chuckles as he carries Yoshio in his arm while my dad is carrying Yasuko.

“That’s mean that they are growing well.” My dad smiles and tries to make a funny face to Yasuko, who giggles nonstop at the sight of it.

“You two are spoiling them.” I protested but I am happy to see everyone looking so happy.

“Kids need to be spoilt. Am I right, Yasuko?” My dad replied and Yasuko smiles sweetly at him, as if she understands him.

“Yasuko’s smile is as beautiful as _____.” Ibuki smiled while trying hard to hold Yoshio still, who is busy climbing all over him. “Yoshio is as naughty as Iori”. He continued.

“Hey! Why is the topic on me now? I don’t remember being naughty when I am young.” I protested.

“Yoshio’s smiles can be sweet as well but can be smirking and cheeking, just like his dad.” she laughed.

How could she ganging out with them against me now? “But you love this man aren’t you?” I smirked and pulled her close to me, gazing her eyes with mine. She blushes a little and nods her head. She still sends my heart racing like crazy whenever she gazes at me this way. My love for her increase with each days passes.

“Both of you can go up to the bedroom while dad and I handle the kids for you.” Ibuki teases and that bring me back to my sense. I totally forgot that they are around.

“I don’t mind having more grandchildren?” My dad teases and I can feel my cheeks burning hot.

“No way, two is enough for us. Ibuki should get a partner soon and bear you few more grandchildren.” I diverted the arrow to Ibuki.

“We are talking about you, not me.” Ibuki pouted. “Yoshio, don’t crawl so fast.” He panicked and chase after him.

“You want to go down and join your brother as well? Here you go.” My dad let down Yasuko who makes her way quickly to her brother.

“Dad, why are you letting her down too? I can’t handle the twins at one go. They are too fast for me.” Ibuki pleaded for help and I can’t stop laughing at the sight.

“Maybe I should take up the offer and we proceed to the bedroom upstairs while both of you handle the twins for us.” I laughed.

“Come on! Give your brother a hand.” _____ poke me at my side and walks over to carry Yasuko while I walk over to carry Yoshio.

“Alright both of you, you had cause enough headaches for your uncle. It is time for dinner.” I smile at both of them who giggled back at me.

As we walk toward the dining area, I can imagine the attention the twins will get later. I have to admit it that I always look forward such family time together. I thought that I am already feeling very happy with her, but I can feel myself even happier spending time like this. She is really a life saviour to our family. I will continue to love her and protect this happiness as long as I live.

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt14

Type: Angst Fluff

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Part 12 Part 13

Request: Part 14 for Friends. Y/N plans a surprise date to tell Youngdo that she is pregnant and the next week they organize a dinner to tell the news to their friends and family

You smoothed out your black dress as you looked yourself over in the mirror as your eyes drifted towards your stomach as you stroked it lightly. “This makes my butt look bigger too” you mumble as your hands rubbed your butt before you walked out of the bedroom. You rushed down the hall towards the kitchen as you checked on your special meal you had planned for Youngdo, smiling largely you stirred the noodles. 


You received a text from Youngdo saying he was about home, clapping you rushed towards the small wine rack on your counter pulling out a bottle and quickly popping it open pouring wine it into the glass on the table as the door opened. “Hey” Youngdo spoke as kissed your cheek. He sat down in his normal seat as you handed him the glass. You began rubbing his shoulders as he leaned back onto you “what’s the occasion?” he asked as you leaned forward wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you pressed a kiss onto his cheek. “You want something” he coos as you turned his head and placed a kiss onto his lips “just want you to be happy” you tell him as he smiles “I am happy don’t worry. I know I’ve been staying at the hotel later recently but I am happy to come home to you” he spoke “good, I’m gonna bring dinner out. I’ll be back” you tell him as you headed into the kitchen.

You took a deep breath as you quickly made Youngdo a bowl of ramen and then grabbed your own. Then instead of his normal chopsticks you grabbed the things you were using to tell him. They were cute little construction utensils, not that you knew the gender or anything you thought it was going to be enough for Youngdo to get what you were hinting at.  

Smiling you put the bowl down in front of him as he made a sound in happiness “why am I getting so spoiled?” he spoke as he stared down at the bowl with happiness. You passed him the cute little fork as he raised a brow “oh wait this is actually cool” he says as he rolls it on the table. “What are these for?” he asks as you sigh leaning on your hand. He started eating as you continued to stare at him as he seemed to stare off into no where. After a few minutes he took your hand that was laying on the table “how far are you?” he asked as you looked shocked at his smirked face. “Honey, you left the test box on the bathroom counter. The little fork is my confirmation” he spoke “10 weeks” you speak as he looks down at his bowl then clutched the fork tightly. 

After you were cleaning up in relief Youngdo wrapped his arms around your waist tugging you away from the sink. He pulled you along to the already done nursery as he took a seat in the plush chair pulling you into his lap. You two sat calmly in there as he rocked the chair “what do you think it is?” he asked as he rubbed your stomach. “Hmm” you say as your hands were placed onto his lacing them. “At the moment I think it’s a girl” you tell him as he smiles. “That’s what I want” he buried his head into your back overly excited for your future with your little one.


“Good choice” Youngdo says as Hyoshin nods passing him the bottle of wine. “Do you have enough wine glasses” Rachel asks liking one of the bottle you already had. “Well we have other cups” you tell her as you pull out a bunch of random cups. Rachel was looking you over as she was mainly checking out your outfit. You and Rachel you had been attempting to get along more “is that the outfit we got together?” she asked as you looked down nodding. She poured herself a glass as she offered you one “I’m good” you say “the top looks rather tight” she told you as you nodded. “I’ve gained a bit of weight” you say casually. 

Soon the front door opened as running filled the house followed by the yelling of your brothers “woah” Youngdo calls as Daeso nearly took himself out with the wine bottle in his hand. “Is the one room still filled with toys?” he asked as Youngdo nodded “I thought it was an office” Eunsang said to him “it’s a playroom as well” he says. 

“Hello dear” your mother said to Youngdo who gave her a side hug “what makes you guys want to have a party?” she asked him as he bumped her hip lightly “go sit down we’ll talk about it after dinner” he told her as she smiled. “This better me important for me to come here” he heard Gray say to you “yeah don’t worry” you say shoving him out of the way. Youngdo made his way over to you as you two stood in the kitchen “I’m glad you got a chef and all but I would have preferred going out” you say as your hand over your stomach as he smiled. “Oh well this is better” he said kissing your cheek before guiding you into the living room where he pulled Myungsoo out of his spot and sat you down in it. “What?” Myungsoo asks as he was pulled into the kitchen “why did you do that? he asked “you’re helping me serve food” he says.


Soon as everyone was eating and chatting Youngdo smiled at you. “Are you going to say it or should I?” he asks quietly “what would you prefer?” you ask him as he tapped his glass. “I have something to say” he starts tugging you up as he stood up and rested his hands onto your stomach. “So you guys weren’t kidding about us getting started rather quickly” he spoke as he looks around “there’s a baby in here” he says as your parents got up in shock “seriously?” Bona asks as you nod happily. “You’re officially Aunt Bona” you tell her as she squeals happily.

“Congrats man. Do you know anything about babies?” Tan asks Youngdo who gave him a look “babies don’t have instruction manual” he told. “Do you know how to put a diaper on a baby?” Chanyoung asked him “well no” Youngdo says. “Hold a baby?” Rachel asks as you start chuckling lightly as Youngdo’s face twisted more as he realized he knew nothing about babies other than he was soon to have one with you “I’ll teach you” you tell him, he nodded as you simply brought his hands back to your stomach. His hands started rubbing as he felt calm with it all. Your little one was growing in there.

My Thoughts, Hopes, Fears and Disappoint Concerning Arrow and Olicity in Season 6

I’m putting MOST of this under the cut because it is super spoilery. I was spoiled and am not happy about it, so I won’t do that to anyone else. I’m hoping by putting all this down I can work through my issues and regain my excitement.

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anonymous asked:

you've talked about before how Lafayette's letters to someone about Adrienne's death were really heartbreaking, so I really want to read them. Where did you find them?

I have not yet written to you, my dear friend, so plunged in 
misery have I been; though I very nearly did so when I trans- 
mitted to you the tokens of her friendship for you and of her 
confidence in your feelings for her. You have already been 
informed of the end of this angelic and incomparable woman. I 
feel a profound need to speak of it to you at greater length. I seek 
relief from my pain in pouring out my feelings to the most 
constant, the most beloved confidant, with whom I shared those 
vicissitudes which made me think myself unhappy. Until this 
moment you have always found me stronger than the circum- 
stances of my life: today the circumstances are stronger than I 
am. I shall never rise above them. 

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So i had this idea, and i’ve not seen it done before, so i wrote out a little something something.

What if: instead of harry being all sad and depressed over having a massive fucking crush on his protege (with heaping reasons of why he should never touch his boy), he was actually blissfully smitten, flouncing around dreamily expounding upon all of the virtues the love of his life possessed? 

Yeah, so this is some of that. Some dopey happy crushing Harry Hart annoying the tits off of his best mate, Merlin, under the cut. 

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“Because I came here by myself I think I have been able to grow… and I think I can still grow much more.

Furuya & Miyuki, aka the battery of our hearts for my partner because she nailed her test today and I’m really proud of her! She’s been working hard so she deserves this little gift.

c o n t e n t || l o v e d

My cat, MaoMao is an older rescue cat who started out life as a very young, feral Mum to two kittens. When she was taken in she was deemed too feral to be homed with humans and so was placed into a barn, with an outdoor run to enjoy her days with other rounded up feral cats.

As many as five or six years later it was noticed that she couldn’t walk without severe pain and was diagnosed with advance stage pillow paw. She had surgery to fix her paws and during her isolation her handler realised two things: Her life in the feral-barn was not a good life for her (she didn’t get on with other cats and was extremely timid and undernourished). The second thing was that she actually did seem to like her human handler’s company (and belly rubs!), even if she was very afraid, flighty and slow to trust.

The next stage of her rehab she was homed with my friends who foster cats that may need some time getting used to humans or being taught how to love. { mandytsung & choplogik }. They looked after her for many months, and taught her what a loving home could be. She slowly progressed from hiding behind furniture and art canvases to learning to play and be petted and being social. All along she was the sweetest cat you could imagine. Still, she clearly had some issues, most of which seemed to revolve around her fear of humans.

Her paws healed, but pillow paw is a chronic auto-immune condition. Due to her health and the fact that she was so timid and afraid of new people, it didn’t look too likely that she would find a permanent home.

I met her while house sitting a couple of times and feeding her while my friends took trips for work. We clicked almost instantly, and we fast became tentative pals.

Cleverly, one time, my friends had me look after her for a week in my own home, while they went away. It was just one day into this week that it was clear she had Arrived to her forever home and she was never going to leave.

Now don’t get me wrong, that photo up there is not representative of the entire year we’ve lived together. It took a lot of hard work from us both to learn to trust and love each other.

We’ve come so far, and it has been the most rewarding and beautiful friendship I’ve had with an animal. She’s learned everything from hand gestures, to words and signs of affection. Each one I had to teach her with repetition, patience and respect for her wild tendencies.

She now talks and communicates with me in every way imaginable. She {mostly} listens to me and she definitely understands me. We have the utmost respect for each other. As a result, we are now so close that we can rub our heads into each other, we can spoon and we can sleep next to each other all night long. She comes when I call her and she’s learned to tell me in tender ways when something crosses a line. Earning the love, respect and trust of an animal that many would have passed over is truly something.

She is the smartest, sweetest cat I have ever known and I am so happy to love her and spoil her and provide her with her dream home.

She’s probably about 9 years old now. I hope we get to be pals for a long time.

So, from what we got in the sneak peak, Emma and Regina have discussed Lily, presumably enough that Regina knows her from a baby picture and a few barely intelligible grunts from Emma. 

New headcanon: Emma and Regina have become legitimate drinking buddies at this point. They now discuss important things from their pasts other than Henry over tequila. 

I am very happy with this new reality. No spoiling it. (I’m looking at you A&E)

Netflix Acquires Global Rights To 'The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments'
EXCLUSIVE- Netflix has acquired global rights, excluding the U.S., to Constantin Films' The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. The SVOD giant will premiere the title as an original series globa...
By Ali Jaafar

”EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has picked up global rights, excluding the U.S., to Constantin Film’s The Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. The streaming giant will premiere the title as an original series globally a day after the U.S. broadcast on ABC Family (soon to rebrand as Freeform), with the first episode launching globally January 13. Subsequent episodes will release weekly.”

“Hi Cassie ,do you have anything to say about Shadowhunters being on Netflix? I’m from Britian ,so I’m just happy I can see the show before the internet spoils it — princessandthepaperback”

I am happy when you guys are happy, and it seems lots of you are happy that Shadowhunters will be available wherever there is Netflix, so that is cool! Global foreign rights deals for television is way, way outside my purview or anything I know about — it’s possible you’ll hear more from Netflix in the next month or so about how and when are where to watch. I know literally nothing about this, and I found out when Deadline posted their article. It does mean that outside of the US, the only way to watch the show will be Netflix. (That’s not unusual.) That’s all I know, though!

Hey guys!! 

If you’ve seen the leaks and are blogging about them - please remember to tag them as spoilers/leaks! I know it’s really exciting to see these “previews” because they’re the first episodes in a couple of months but some people are also really excited to see them first on tv!