i am sorry these are so bad

Jack all alone in the library staring at the pencil, Sam and Cas in the war room. 

Jack wants to know about the guard.  His name, if he had a family.

Sam’s trying to patch it, explain how the life works… and Jack thinks they’re scared of them.  That he’s a monster.

Dean: No you’re not.  I thought you were, I did.  But, like Sam said, we’ve all done bad.  We all have blood on our hands.  So if you’re a monster, we’re monsters.

Jack: Every time I try to do something good, someone gets hurt.  I don’t know what I am, but I know that I can’t make the world a better place, not like this.  And I know if I stay, I’m going to hurt you, all of you.  And I can’t.  You’re all I have.

I have to go. 

I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.

Canada | Part 1

This is the first thing I’ve written so I am so sorry if it is bad. But let me know if it is okay enough because I have plans for more parts. Also, I didn’t know what to name it so I named it Canada because she was on a trip to Canada and I have an idea how Canada plays another part of the story (but I might change my mind you never know.) OK AND I wanted to write the smut but I’m awkward and didn’t know how.

Word Count: 2,881

I awoke to the sunlight shining in from an unfamiliar window, in an unfamiliar bedroom. I looked around the floor and see clothes thrown around, but it wasn’t until I looked in the bed next to me and see a puff of chocolate brown curls sticking out of the comforter that the events from the night before start rushing back to me.

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hello !! ok so i'm pretty sure you're a bts fan (right? if not, plz ignore me i'll just assume that tumblr ate my ask) and i've only now gotten into them, so i wanted to ask who your favorite member(s) is and why this sounds like a really awkward interview i'm sorry i've never sent an anon ask before but i want people to fangirl with!!! (also since i've gathered up the nerve to send this i just want to add that i went between pronouncing your name as chee-bacon and chee-ba-ken ok ily bye)

HELLO THIS IS THE BEST ASK BECAUSE IT GIVES ME THE CHANCE TO FANGIRL OVER BTS, which is an urge that I usually suppress for the sake of all my followers who just want drarry (I should probably start a BTS sideblog but also I should definitely NOT do that because I have no time)

OKAY SO YES I am ABSOLUTELY a fan and like over the moon obsessed with them and currently having an aneurism over all of the amazing stuff they’re doing in America. 


Okay but if I HAVE to choose, my all time fave forever whom I adore is J-Hoooooooope <3<3<3. There is just no way that anything could ever top his dancing, and he is just so full of joy and energy and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And @queenofthyme agrees with me and this is why we are such good friends now, because hobi brought us together. 

And then after J-hope… well, I just tried to order them, and I literally can’t. THEY ARE ALL PERFECTION. 

Okay, I will make myself stop here even though I could talk about BTS for literal hours, but THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ASK!!!! 

Sorry for being such a bummer today, I am not in a good place mentally speaking and can’t fight bad thoughts at the moment

BUT I read all your beautiful messages and I can’t thank you guys enough for always being so effing kind and supportive to me and to each other

You’re all good beans 😘🙏🙇


(I am not good at thinking of titles ugh)


A/N: this is my entry for @caplansteverogers song fic challenge! Look I finally got it done before the deadline! 

Words: +- 550 (sorry it’s so short I wrote it in 10 minutes)

Song: Stay by Zedd ft Alessia Cara

Warnings: angst, break up (and bad writing)

Summary: Steve breaks up with you and you know you can’t make him stay

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jazz concert was both a blast and a bust

so this was my first jazz concert being on lead and man was i nervous.
like i was really unprepared for the concert because it was right after the marching season and i didn’t have much time to practice it. but i felt confident about the notes and rhythms. 
the main thing that really fudged me up was the fact that i went through a huge embouchure change right before the concert x.x 
with the whole cheek puff thing to firm corners, i really tend to frack a lot more now that i have a more focused air stream and the air is all going one place.
so i didn’t do as bad as i thought, but i did frack some notes. the last tune we played (the jazz ensemble i’m in played 3) which coincidentally had a ton of eighth note stuff at 170 i fracked a lot and kinda dropped out a couple times. that’s a complete SIN i know and i am very sorry to the audience, the other jazz ensembles, and the ensemble i am in!! 
i just gave up bc i thought i’d mess up and AHHH
it was only 2 long eighth note phrases but ughh

but the concert was a lot of fun before that!! 
i feel as though jazz concerts just brings everyone together each year.
like usually i’m a huge introvert but man we all just hung out in the band room before the concert, goofed around a lot, and had a good time
glad this concert wasn’t a complete bomb but i’m also really upset x.x and embarrassed and wishing i wasn’t so bad at the trumpet
but it’s even more motivation to try the best i can and practice as much as i can!

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The tags on my gifset are like, 10 people praising the animation for every 1 crit shitting on it so like. if it's so objectively bad why are so many people impressed it really makes you think 🤔 p.s. ily ames

Steven I’m sorry this meanies are messing with you, omg!
Btw ily even more YA NERD!💝💝


Tagged by the absolutely gorgeous @sonnenfuchs and the equally beautiful @lthyl to do a bias selfie tag so here I am with my loves because I’m still shook by this amazing Sugakookie selfie. (Also, I need a shirt like that!)

I’m tagging @lily-blue, @agustxj and @museoul! ♥ (Please don’t feel pressured and only do this if you are comfortable to, ily)

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I'm a little bummed out over the divorce (and a lot of other drama in my life right now. I won't bore you with the details, but it's a laundry list that just keeps getting longer and longer.) I know I'm strong but maybe tell us a joke to get a few of us to smile? The cheesier the better usually is the way to go.

OH boy am I bad at jokes, uhhh……

A donut walks into a bar. He says ouch.


that wasn’t even a good bad joke, but it’s almost 3am and I’m trying my best. I’m sorry you have stuff going on, and I hope that you feel better. <3 If there’s anything I can do (besides telling jokes, please, I’m so bad) let me know!

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Hello Carol, how are you doing lovely? I am feeling so shit atm, I was on my lunch break and i saw my ex, they didn't even see me but i started shaking and it made me feel sick :/, its been nearly 4 months since we broke up and idk how to fully get over her?! -tall anon ✨

hello angel!! i’m feeling ok (i’m being a little lazy today re: work and i don’t even feel bad about it lmao) thank u for asking~ i’m sorry u had to bump into them!! i wish i had better advice for you other than just waiting and time healing all wounds but i really think that’s the best advice. hopefully with more time and distance you’ll be able to get over her and eventually, you’ll feel more comfortable with seeing her even if it is just by chance meetings. sending you lots of love!! you’re doing great - just keep moving forward and you’ll be alright 💞

Are you sure that she is just a friend, Adrien?

because in this shit video we can see that she is not

Sorry, I got in the Adrienette mood and I had to do this.

Beware with season 2 spoilers!


you were my future, I was your yesterday


Cheryl loved Jason. What was she meant to do at his funeral, not cry? And yeah Jason was on the football team but Cheryl was at every game too doing as much to help the Bull Dogs win as he did. Also she has a 4.0 grade point average. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being in Cheryl’s class it’s don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her.