i am sorry these are so bad


One of my favorite spreads! I’m trying to get my creative side bloom out instead of making repetitive spreads. How is everyone here? I know I’m so bad at being active here and I am deeply sorry about it ;-; I will be doing a Q & A so if anyone has any que que, drop them on my ask box!!*

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Request from @scamanders26newtcase “Can you do a super fluffy Dean x Reader where the reader gets really bad nightmares and when their at a motel or something working on the case she starts screaming in her sleep and Dean just runs to comfort her and hold her? Idk sorry for being so specific…

A/N: i think i kinda changed it a little bit so it’s about something specific but idk i think this is fluffy enough ?? i am horrible with dialogue i am sORR Y

Word Count: 1369

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i’ve been playing Hitman: Absolution today and it’s all fun and stuff being really sneaky but cHRSIT i don’t recommend doing it just before you go to bed I’M SO ON EDGE HELP

i feel like such a bad witchy blogger lately 😭 i still don’t have internet, so it makes it quite hard to be active / answer your lovely asks (there are so many cool ones - i want to give good replies to them! 💔) so for this i am very sorry. i promise i’m not ignoring posts/my blog is still very much alive, and i will answer things as soon as i can! xoxo

Replies ermahgerd- part 1

XKit is clearly having problems fixing the mess Tumblr made of replies as it’s been ages, so I have attempted to do some replies because I feel bad about not responding to your lovely comments. It only took me 536 years and some of these are over a month old (。•́︿•̀。) I’ve also skipped comments on text, non-sims posts and some replies that are just emojis, hearts or ‘lol’ because otherwise these posts would be twice as long as they are already… So sorry if you are on mobile (っ- ‸ – ς)

Also FYI, if anyone is responding to my comments on your posts by using @ninjaofthepurplethings in reply I am not getting a notification- I have only been notified twice of a reply in that way since this whole debacle started and only via a pop up on my phone, not actually when I am on Tumblr itself. It doesn’t show up on my dash, in activities or as a tag, So there you are. Thanks, Tumblr.

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Sorry its not the best picture but I’m too excited not to share. So much sanding left to do, still need to add the flintlock, plus it’s still in pieces, but I am shocked I got the majority of the work done on my Junkrat blunderbuss frag launcher. I hope I can keep this momentum up :0) NYCC is only a few months away!

dear future soulmate(s);

i am sorry if i act crazy or defensive
or if i curl up in sadness or fear
i am sorry for random outbursts & silent nights
i am sorry for being too cozy or too detached
i am sorry if i still hurt myself intentionally
i am sorry if i tell you i am fine when we both know i’m not

i am a wild card & i am depression

i forgot what happiness tasted like
so i’ll need you to kiss me every moment you have
i forgot how sunshine feels in my veins
so i’ll need you to touch me when i ask you to

i am sorry if i seem distant in another world
or when my eyes turn to glass
etch me a poem on my skin with your fingers
& i’ll melt in your touch

i am sorry if i am too needy
i have been alone for way too long
i am sorry if the bad nights are too often & the good nights too little
i am diseased with my own mind
& i can’t ever keep it together

i am sorry if it doesn’t seem i love you
but i will love you always
even when i ask to be alone to cry
or when i ask you to curl in bed with me

my love shows in many forms
even in the darkening silence, it’s there, whispering to you
you need a patient ear & an open heart
i will put every ounce of effort into you
& i do not expect it in return, for i am too forgiving & selfless

i will write you poetry & sing you to sleep
i will dream of you when i am sad & miss you when you are gone
i will protect your heart inside of mine
with no promises kept on your end

i am sorry if you say i’m not good enough this time
i am sorry if it feels like i didn’t try my best

but i promise to always try
as long as you’ll let me

twelve step program / making amends / letter eleven / final forgiveness

I feel like years of mental health issues are coming into play right now. Like if my mangers get that nasty with me after I drop the bomb that I’m quitting, it’s logical to say “to hell with you” and walk straight out of there, but yet here I am questioning myself and questioning whether I’m wrong for doing that if things get that bad.

These next few weeks are going to majorly suck for me because I’m going to have to try my damnedest to not let them get to me and not let them make me feel like I’m wrong or stupid or bad for leaving, because I’m pretty sure that’s the card they’re going to play, as they’ve done that to coworkers of mine in the past who attempted to leave.

And them playing that card is going to hit me right where I’m weakest.

Please send help.

anonymous asked:

hey can you not say the word "stupid"? i know it feels like a ridiculous request to make, but using words that refer to being "less smart" can be really, really damaging to people with developmental disabilities. it's definitely not a slur by any means, but it's a word that should be avoided when there are much better alternatives anyways. i hope i don't sound too demanding or rude and i hope you have a good day. wow sorry this was long.

hello! i am the “less smart” people (i dropped out of school, i’m autism and i can’t understand a lot of difficult things or form real actual correct sentences like 80% of the time, etc) and like… i like having a word that refers to what i am. i don’t know what “alternatives” you mean that are so much better. saying “less smart” about myself just feels like being stupid is a bad or dirty thing that needs to be put in gentle language, something super embarrassing

i can 100% guarantee you i haven’t used the word stupid to mean anything other than a positive or objective fact in years (ie i don’t call things stupid just bc i don’t like them), nor do i use it on other people. i don’t use this word in any other context than “this character is stupid, just like me”, or “i’m stupid”… none of those are bad things? its just the way things are for me

i really understand if that’s not something you’re okay with or can see (words that are important and uplifting for one person can still hurt someone else) but my only recommendation is that you unfollow me then. i wont stop using this word because its like, um, an important way for me to establish being stupid is not a bad thing and that im allowed to exist and all that


Cheryl loved Jason. What was she meant to do at his funeral, not cry? And yeah Jason was on the football team but Cheryl was at every game too doing as much to help the Bull Dogs win as he did. Also she has a 4.0 grade point average. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being in Cheryl’s class it’s don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her.

I haven’t animated in so long??

ast-rd-b612  asked:

Hey! I love ur art (LIKE I CAN SEE ALL MY FANDOMS) May I see some Lancelot?(Lance x Lotor)

Thank you so much !! C:

You know I am not really a Lancelot shipper… BUT I LOVE THEM. Like I love them as best bros. That Lotor is like the other dude Lance hangs out beside Hunk. Or that Lotor is always flirting with Lance and Lance is: “Noooooo”

So sorry.
But here you have them as best bros chilling and having sleep overs xD

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”