i am sorry the flames are horrible

I am a mastery 7 Janna main, and I feel horrible. Now 2 or 3 days ago, I was playing a normal game with a friend. I wanted mid, and my friend ADC. The support was a new player of Janna, and I flamed her all game. I feel horrible. I can’t remember her name or anything, but damn, I really want to say sorry. I could tell her some tips, because Janna is a beautiful champ, with a wonderful kit. I feel like a monster. I flamed her, and I’ll never forgive myself. If you read this, I am sorry.

Confession by @fantastic-watermelon

Artwork by @winglesselgniw


Escape (by iamashamedofmyfanfics)
Chapter 1
Pairing(s): None (or friendship OT12)
Characters: All of EXO-K and EXO-M (yes, including Kris)
Genre: Fantasy (ish?) [set in modern times], Friendship, other
Rating: PG
Universe: AU, (Mama) Powers AU.
Warnings: Cursing, Lot’s of bad parenting.
Length: Multi-Chaptered, Ongoing, Long chapters
Notes: I used international aging system for the sake of simplicity. Not nearly as dramtic as it sounds, yet.

Chapters: [Chapter 2] 

Summary: In the end their powers we’re their escapes. Or, maybe they were each others.

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Things I Hope To Teach

-Put nail polish on tights when there is a small hole starting in them
-Smash avocado on toast with olive oil, lemon, salt, and pepper
-Say no when it feels like you should say no
-Use feathery brush strokes on your eyebrows to fill in the patchy marks
-Make a cold remedy with ginger tea, lemon, and whiskey
-Make a sore throat remedy of a chopped up raw garlic clove and honey
-That you must speak authoritatively
-To keep wanting
-What color lipstick to get with your skin tone, and that yes, you look good in red lipstick
-To treat women with respect and to treat everybody you judge like they have a story you don’t know about
-To embrace the resting bitch face if that’s what you are blessed with
-To love
-To not have to love
-A thing or two about sunlight and water
-To leave the things that hurt and stagnate you
-That you are never broken and you can always mend yourself
-Mending includes long showers, long walks, long moments of solitude and long amounts of time
-That your body is beautiful and powerful and important
-That you deserve to have a voice
-That people deserve to be listened to
-That gender roles are fucking stupid
-To think before you speak
-And take most things with a grain of salt
-And you can’t “lose” virginity
-and that you can feed your body with healthy oils and crunchy veggies and chia and quinoa and smoothies to make it strong and capable
-and your legs can move and your body can carry you and you can push yourself
-and you MUST push yourself
-To read constantly or do whatever it is that feeds your soul
-And to put extra cheese and hot sauce in your stovetop mac&cheese
-How to sew a button on your shorts when it pops off from too much wear
-The powers of baking soda for cleaning
-To never wear a bra to bed
-To feel empowered and powerful in a world that can bear its claws too often
-To go for it
-I am horrible at folding clothes so this is out for me
-I will not be able to teach you how to put a fitted sheet on a mattress, I’m sorry
-There is a fight and a fire in you and you are the only one who can light the flame

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog at the beginning of September, it’s already December and I get to make another one of these! I love logging onto tumblr and getting the chance to interact with many of you! Believe it or not, you guys really make my day & I wish I could tell you how amazing this fandom really is!

    & thank you all so much for being so accepting of me and my muse. We don’t know how you guys can tolerate nerds like us, but we really appreciate all of you!

    Now we’ll begin our Christmas themed follow forever post & fangirl                                        over you lovelies!

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Thank you all for making me and Sakura’s time on tumblr amazing & we continue to look forward to interacting with you all! If I forgot to add you to this post I am terribly sorry, i’m such a dork and I tend to forget a lot.