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hello gin!!! your newest update for 'price of a soul' is amazing! can i ask you to talk about all this symbolism in the comic (and also why do you love to hurt us so much with it)


I think the most important thing I wanted to work on this comic is how it is told from Tamashi’s eyes. That’s how I decided to build the characters through the story, for example, what Tamashi sees most is Allen’s face, honest, straightforward, kind, sweet, smiling, always open and welcoming: 

Whereas he doesn’t see Kanda’s face, Kanda is always turned to him. And when he does, it’s from an low angle:

I had fun thinking it would be important that we, as Tamashi, know of Kanda what he does: Kanda is the father he doesn’t know anything of. Intimidating, scary, tall, unreachable, always with his back turned on him. (With his back turned to him, but I guess you wouldn’t offer your back to an enemy). I aim to, gradually, expose Kanda’s features as Tamashi grows confident, making him look more human and less of a jerk than what he does now (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also have you noticed how everyone bends forward to talk to Tamashi? Or squats down to be at his level? So Tamashi can stare directly at them. It’s a very simple gesture but it’s one that says I’m reducing my world to your perspective because you are as important, which Kanda never does.

The first time I read DGM i had to go through the Alma arc three times to made sure I fully understood Kanda (I keep thinking there are hints of his personality I keep missing, as I do with Allen… DGM is such an amazing artwork) so when I thought of him for this story I wanted to be very careful building the conceptualism around a character that has never forgiven himself and doesn’t want redemption. Can you imagine, you spend your life trying to fulfill a promise of love and then you find out -because you slipped once, only once, you are as human as the rest even if it might not seem so-, that you have a kid you never intended on having, even less with someone you’ll never love maybe not even remember, who kinda looks like Alma when they were kids, who is called Tamashi, who, surprise, is there to bite him in his ass. Tamashi is the perspective of a future Kanda never allowed himself to have and now he’s forced to deal with it (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Good thing Allen is here to be the bridge between present Kanda and past Kanda, Allen you angel  (//▽//)ゞ So, basically, what we see of Kanda is an unforgiving Kanda, intimidating, pretending to not mind when he so clearly does (in the last update with Tamashi sleeping outside of Kanda’s room he spends there looking at the boy how long? Five minutes? Ten? He didn’t awoke Tamashi either, just lets him be. He’s trying to make his way out of this without a fuss but OH YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY KANDA The denial Is Strong). 

Oh! Also I was very careful with colors and including some… … … … little details (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ 

Both panels with the flowers are very important…! they are different types of flowers in different palettes… Allen’s one are somewhat fresh and rainy, so springy, whereas Kanda’s seem to be floating on an abandoned place… Pretty, but isolated (•̀௰•́ ) This is funny because oH WELL SPOILER I GUESS / CRASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW AND FLIES INTO THE SUN


~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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“Hikari no Jukyo” (The Dwelling place of Light Pt1)

A/N: SO this is a part of my post for ideas/requests from last time. Though this will be a two-shot. I overdid it, my bad. Now, there’s a part that is supposed to be “quintet” instead of “quartet” because I miscounted the girls… Sorry! I can’t find it. But anyway, different from A Warm Diana story setting, and you’ll know why later.

Kill me for the slight (?) OCness… I am way too sleepy.

If you wanna jump to romance, jump to the end, but feel the build guys… since I’m bad at this. XD


“maybe Diana pays Akko a visit in Japan and Akko is in a kimono or something?? Idk it seems like it’d be pretty gay :3”

Got it ;)

~Shintori Khazumi



It was quiet.

That alone was normal, especially if you consider the fact that Diana Cavendish was sat alone in the library, at her favorite table, indulging herself in a sweet, historical and educationally beneficial novel at just around sunset.

It was quiet.

As it usually was in this time and place, as it should be.

However, the heiress felt it to be… too quiet.

A sigh escaped her lips as she shut the book with a clap. Looking around, it was rather lonely compared to how it usually was during school days-

Ah yes, the reason why she felt as if the whole place was deserted, was probably because it really was, because, as it was announced in the earlier closing ceremony, it was time for vacation period to begin.

Needless to say, there was quite the bustle from all the students, from fussing about how they needed to clean up and pack again, deciding what gifts to bring home, to squealing and/or jumping for joy at the knowledge that they’d finally get more than a weekend of rest from all the training and studying received for a full semester. And that, even for the prodigious student, was honestly an overloading amount of information that most people would forget come professionalism.

As she returned the book to its proper spot on one of the many shelves lining the old room, she remembered that she too had to pack up, though she wouldn’t be going home any time soon.

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Partners- AU Frat Logan- Part 11

A/N: It’s here! To say ‘sorry’, this chapter is 3k words (previous parts being around 1.7k). Also, anything family/backstory related is pure headcanon and I do not claim to know what the truth is. But if Westworld writers won’t give me anything to work with, then fuck it, it’s up to me! Hope you enjoy!

The early morning light woke the two of you almost at the same time. Logan lazily yawned and draped his long leg over yours, locking you in tight. You thought for a moment that you’d like to stay like this forever, just wrapped up with him in the back of his car in the middle of nature. Nothing could get to you here; there was nothing that seemed pressing or bothersome when he was next to you, just starting to stir.

“Morning babe,” he said, his voice full of gravel and sleep.

“Hi,” you whispered back, nuzzling close into the crook of his neck. This made him laugh a little and rest his head on top of yours.

“You got plans for today?”

“No, not really. I usually go to karaoke with Sam Saturday nights, but that’s about it,” you replied with a smile, adjusting so you were propped up on his chest, your fingers lightly trailing in the small patch of hair in the middle.

“Well…I usually stop by my parent’s house, say hi to Jules and all that. They live like 10 minutes from here,” he paused and considered his next question. “Would you want to come with me?” It caught you totally off guard. You hadn’t for a moment considered that Logan would really want to let you into his world. All mention of his family prior to this moment had been cut short. He could sense your confusion and was quick to follow up. “You don’t have to if you don’t want. I can drop you off…”

“Of course I want to come!” you finally reply. “I’m gonna look a little over dressed though,” you laughed, gesturing to the nicely folded dress you had from the night before.

“Don’t worry about that. I’m sure I can steal some of Jules’ clothes for you,” he smiled before popping the trunk open so you could crawl out. You stood and quickly slipped back into last night’s dress, Logan never taking his eyes off you. The gaze coming from him still made you a little nervous, sending butterflies in flight in your stomach. Once you had fished a hair tie from your bag and thrown your hair in a high bun, the two of you set off again.

As you were drawing closer, at least you assumed you were getting closer, the houses kept getting larger. You’d driven through this suburb a time or two, always marveling at the old mansions lining the streets. Every one was meticulously maintained and looked like the inside pages of Home and Garden. But Logan had turned down a small side street, one you were sure you’d never seen in your life. At the end of the drive was a large, wrought iron gate with a key pad to the left, which Logan quickly punched a set of numbers into. There were only a few homes on this private drive, but they were somehow even more breathtaking than the ones leading up to the ones scattered here.

“I uhh…I didn’t even know these houses existed,” you admitted, finally peeling your eyes away from the window and over to Logan who was rubbing at his eye.

“That’s the idea,” he replied simply, pulling into a long driveway at the end of the cul-de-sac. He parked in front of a four-stall garage and walked over to let you out of the car. Truthfully, you’d never seen a more beautiful home in your life. It was clear it had been here for years, so while it was massive, it still had and old charm about it. Logan watched as you drank in all the little details, leaning casually on the hood of his car. “It’s been our families for three generations. My great-grandfather, Orson Beal, had lot of the stones shipped over from our ancestor’s home in England. At least, that’s the story that’s been passed down.” He walked over and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We can go inside if you want.”

You nodded your head and followed behind him as he pushed the large oak door open. Whatever picture you had painted in your mind was immediately outdone by what you saw. Logan was just casually throwing his keys and wallet down, not bothering to see if you were following when he started making his way up the marble stairs. He called out a couple times for his mom and sister to no response. Once he realized he was only hearing one set of footsteps, he turned around to give you a crooked look.

“You coming?” he called down, snapping you out of your reverie.

“Yeah, yeah I just…” you stammered as you shuffled to catch up with him, “It’s just super nice in here. Beautiful.”

“I’d prefer something a little more modern, but it’s alright I guess,” he shrugged as you made your way down the hall. It’s alright I guess; it occurred to you then that this was just normal life for him. This was his base standard of living. You shook the thought from your head and followed him into a large room you assumed was his. “Wait here a second, I’ll be right back,” he said before placing a small kiss on your forehead and walking out. You paced around the room, looking at the rather generic art on the walls. None of Logan’s personal things appeared to be here anymore, save for a few trophies and books. Logan appeared a moment later with a pair of shorts and a white v-neck tee.

“Thanks, Lo,” you smiled as he handed the garments over. “Where can I change?” He cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrows.

“Right here,” he said as he pointed to the middle of the room, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. “Or is your boyfriend not allowed to see you without clothes on?” You blushed and slowly unzipped the side of your dress, letting it drop around your ankles. Logan drank in every inch of your skin, trapping his bottom lip between his teeth. “Get over here,” he commanded softly, inching his finger at you.

You slowly made your way over, carefully straddling your legs over Logan’s lap. He let his hands softly ghost over your thighs, making their way up to the small of your back and squeezing softly. In an instant, his lips were on yours, hungry and full of lust. Your tongues battled between you as your breathing became more labored. Logan moaned into your mouth when you began to nip at the soft skin of his neck, placing hot kisses over the spots you’d just bitten.

“God, I wanna fuck you on that balcony so bad,” he growled as your hips sank down lower onto his growing length. You smiled into his skin and nodded your head in submission. He had just moved to lift the two of you off the bed, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist when his bedroom door clicked open.

“JESUS CHRIST!” a high-pitched voice yelled. Logan was quick to set you down and block your body with his. You were sure you were the deepest shade of red, but you couldn’t help but peek around his shoulder at who had walked in. She was very small- short with the same espresso colored hair as Logan. Her had was dramatically covering her eyes in horror. Great, his sister had seen you half naked and you hadn’t even shaken her hand yet.

“What the fuck, Jules! You don’t fucking knock anymore?” Logan yelled.

“Well at least I wasn’t mom!” she spat back.

“Or dad,” Logan joked. This made her laugh and all appeared to be forgiven between them. “Now get out!” You heard her huff and the door shut once again. “Y/N I am so sorry…” he began as he turned to face you.

“Oh god she already hates me, doesn’t she?” you asked as you quickly pulled the shirt over your head and shimmied into the shorts you were sure were going to cut off your circulation before the day was over.

“Nah,” he laughed, walking towards the door. “I’m sure she thinks it’s funny, don’t ya, Jules!” he shouted at the door before whipping it open. Sure enough, there she was, intently listening through the crack.

“Funny, yeah. But traumatizing,” she chirped, pushing him out of the way. “I’m Juliet,” she smiled, offering her extended hand.

“Y/N,” you mumbled almost to yourself, still embarrassed she’d seen you for the first time in just a bra and thong.

“How long have you guys been here?” she asked Logan as the two of them walked out of the room, you following close behind.

“Not long enough to do what I wanted,” he joked, turning his head over his shoulder to wink at you. When he turned back, he whispered something in Juliet’s ear which made her shake her head no. She then whispered something back, standing on her tip toes to reach up to his ear. You were really wishing you had any idea what they were chatting about as you descended the stairs once again, this time heading down a long, open hallway which led to the massive kitchen. There was a woman leaning on the island, chattering away on her phone. But once Logan had entered the room, a wide smile appeared on her face, her dark eyes crinkling at the outside corners.

“Logan is here, I have to go. I’ll talk to you soon…ok…love you too,” she rushed through as she locked her phone and trotted over to Logan, throwing her arms around his neck. “Hi sweetheart! Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be here so early.” She finally let him go, only now seeing that he was not the only visitor in her home. “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry dear, I didn’t see you there.”

“Mom, this is my girlfriend Y/N” Logan introduced, placing his hand on the small or your back to usher you forward.

“Girlfriend?!” his mother and Juliet asked at the same time.

“Goddamn, don’t sound so surprised,” he huffed.

“Language, Logan,” his mother chided. “I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just…been a while since we’ve met a girlfriend of Logan’s.”

“No, no worries. It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Beal,” you smiled, waving a small wave at the two women.

“Please, call me Susan,” she smiled, her confusion finally settling. “Can I get you anything to drink, dear?”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the garden patio, drinking liquor from top shelves you’d never dared to ask the price of. For as much money as you knew this family had, Juliet and Susan were very down to earth and personable. Juliet was quick witted with a sharp tongue; she was an equal to Logan when it came to sass and arrogance. She was much funnier than he was, however- something you could tell made Logan envious. Susan was demure and kind hearted. She loved to listen intently to her children’s stories and seemed to delight in just being a mother. She was sure to ask you personal questions and really take in the responses you gave. You were thankful for her gentleness as your stomach had been on edge with nerves since this morning when Logan first asked you to come over.

Dinner time had rolled around and a new sound was filling your ears- the purr of an engine and lifting of a garage door. Juliet and Susan headed inside to start getting ready for the next meal. This must have meant his father was home, a thought that made you slightly uneasy.

“Why are you so tense, babe?” Logan cooed as you sat stiffly next to him.

“Probably because this is the first time I’m meeting your family and now your father is here and I’ve never heard you say anything positive about him.” You let out a sigh before looking back at him. He was giving you that smug look you both loved and hated all at the same time. “What Logan?!”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute when you’re worked up,” he smiled. You rolled your eyes as he gently squeezed your thigh. “He’ll like you. He tends to like women better than men.” This was not reassuring to you at all, but you still followed Logan inside where a tall man with the same dark hair as Logan, only with salt and pepper sides, stood speaking with Susan.

“You must be Y/N. Vincent Beal,” he stated, offering his hand out to shake. His voice was cool and deep; it was evident introducing himself was something he did often.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Beal,” you replied softly, trying to win him over with a smile. You weren’t sure how well that was working.

“Mr. Beal! I like the sound of that,” he smirked, turning on his heel to enter the dining room where dinner had been set out. You let out a breath and looked over at Logan who had a strange expression on his face. It was concerned and almost a twinge sad. He reached down to squeeze your hand and took a seat next to you at the long wooden table.

“So Y/N, where are you from?” his father began right as you had shoved a fork full of salad in your mouth. You quickly tried to chew and swallow before answering him.

“I uh, I’ve lived here all my life, sir,” you smiled, looking over at Logan out of the corner of your eye. He was gazing at you, leaned back as far as possible in his seat.

“How nice. So-” His father began talking about some work-related issues with Logan and his sister, speaking with absolute authority. You nodded along as he spoke, but your attention was on Logan’s hand which had made its way on your thigh under the tablecloth. He silently popped the button of your shorts undone and pushed down the zipper, slowly moving his fingers toward the edge of your underwear.

“Y/N?” His father was looking right at you. Shit. What had he just said? Something about his job? School? Vegetables?! Panic was setting in and you could feel Logan loving every moment of it.

“Mhmm!” You decided it was safer to just agree with whatever it was he said. He gave you a smile and began asking Juliet about some school related business, allowing you to finally let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. You shot a look at Logan, warning him he was entering dangerous territory. All he did was wink back at you.

As the conversation became more lively, Logan continued on his mission, gently pushing your underwear to the side with his index and middle finger. He ran a long finger up your folds, gently flicking at your clit. You dropped your fork loudly on your plate, momentarily shifting the attention on you. Once everyone had gone back to their conversations, he made his way down to your entrance, gliding two fingers inside you.

“Mmm, so good!” he exclaimed as he took a bite of the chicken had been placed in front of him. You glared at him out of the corner of your eye. That same shit eating grin was all over his face, so pleased with his performance in the game he was playing.

“I’m glad you like it, dear,” his mother said smiling a sweet smile at him.

“Oh, I love it. Don’t you, babe?” He asked, turning to finally look at your face.

“It’s great,” you said through gritted teeth. He continued to pump in and out, steadily increasing his pace before passing his thumb back over your clit, making you squirm in your seat. You looked over to him, begging him with your eyes to stop before you came. But instead, he nodded only slightly, encouraging you to ride out your high here in their dining room. A few more moments and you were coming undone under the table, careful to bite down on your lip and stifle any noises that typically would be coming from you right about now. Slowly, he removed his fingers from you and refastened the button on your shorts. He then placed them in his mouth, casually sucking your juices from his long fingers

“What are you studying, Y/N?” Vincent asked abruptly.

“Art. I actually just had a show last night. Logan was th…”

“How do you plan to make money with that degree?” he interrupted.

“I…I guess I’m not sure yet. I really like making prints and I think I’m pretty good at it,” you shrugged. The high of your orgasm was already being killed.

“Have you considered switching programs?” he asked taking a large swallow of bourbon.

“Vince…” Susan said in a hushed, but embarrassed tone. You looked down at your plate, but caught sight of Logan’s grip tightening around his fork. This did not go unnoticed by his father as well.

“If you have something to say, boy, go ahead and say it,” he almost mocked. Logan said nothing, but pushed his chair out from the table, throwing his napkin down on his plate.

“We’re leaving,” he said definitively, looking over to you for a response. You were sure your face turned crimson red as every pair of eyes was on you, waiting for your reaction. Slowly, you also pushed away from the table, sadly looking at Susan and Juliet, who looked equally as embarrassed. Every noise- the scraping of your chair, the clang of silverware being set down- sounded like it was pounding directly in your ear. Logan took your hand and shot his father one last look.

“You’re looking at me like you want me to apologize and ask you to stay,” Vincent said before taking another drink. “You know that’s not going to happen.” With that, Logan pulled you from the dining room, out the front door, and chirped his car unlocked.

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i absolutely love your traditional art, the colors are so beautiful without being overbearing and i love how you do your lineart as well so a question. what pens do you enjoy using for your lineart? i looked around your archive to see if i could find an answer but i couldnt :^( so sorry if this has been asked already

no no no problem!! i unfortunately.. am pretty forgetful and never remember names for pens, but they’re the ones that look like this:

they’re very common and pretty cheap up here, so i shouldn’t think they’re hard to get! the faber-castell ones are chinese ink and waterproof, so they’re GREAT for watercolour!! i have one S-sized one, one XS-sized, and one brush pen which i am IN LOVE WITH and is labeled “SB” (small brush..? i guess? in any case it’s not pictured because i lost it yesterday.) 

the stabilo ones aren’t waterproof but they’re so colourful and fun i don’t even mind. just mind to paint them LAST. (if u dont want some cool bleeding on ur paper. which is also nice at times and what i use for over the top blush 9/10 times)

Hello, my name is Charlie. I am sixteen years old, however I am considered an old soul by many people. I very much enjoy philosophy, science, classical music, and fine art. I have synesthesia, a condition which allows me to see sounds as colors, and feel colors. I am an open book, and if another person who is interested in exploring the lives of others as well as themselves would enjoy a conversation I would be more than happy to engage in discussion. I would most want to talk to someone about their life and philosophy, but any other discussion topic is great as well. 

External image

Botany and Horticulture are some other interests as well. 

sorry about the terrible photo, I don’t have many on my laptop

Email me @ charlizerice9@gmail.com

Art Girl (Baek Ah, Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Your other writings have been great, can you do Baek Ah x reader? Maybe when after Woo Hee leaves he sad and heartbroken but he meets the readers and fall in love with her?

I am going to change this up just a little bit, i will put this after Lady Hae’s death just because im not all caught up or really familiar with WooHee. 

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You did not think their could be a worse time to enter a new place. You were moved to a new palace because of something going on at your own and your father did not want you there. So once you got to the new palace nobody looked happy or even spared you a glance and at first you thought it was you but one of your servants told you that one of the prince’e wife has died. You were never personally a fan of always having to dress like a princess and stay inside the palace so you would dress into less fancy clothes and always go to the market. When you headed out you grabbed your drawing utensils and new pieces of paper.

Once you got to the market you sat in a less crowded place. You preferred drawling scenery and anything that has a lot of detail to it, so that the drawing looks more artistic and complicated. You sat down in a lightly shaded area and looked ahead. You found the perfect scenery to draw, there were two buildings and then between them was a beautiful mountain view. You were gifted with an ability that aloud you to actually draw faster than average. Although you didn’t say it was a gift, you think you were able to because of how long you’ve been drawing and when you get absorbed into something you for some reason actually speed up while doing it. You finished most of it after a few hours and decided to head back, you never finished them totally because you always liked to add your own little twist to them.

When you were walking back you were not paying attention to anything really because you were trying to find another place to draw eventually. While walking back you ended up bumping into someone and dropped basically everything. You looked up to apologize but realized that the person you bumped into was already picking up something from the ground.

“I am so sorry. I should have been paying attention to where I was walking.” You said while bending down to pick your own stuff up but saw a drawing that caught your eye and picked it up. It was of a very well drawn women with flower surrounding her with pastel colors. “This is a beautiful drawing. Did you draw it?” You said finally meeting eye contact with the mysterious guy you ran into. You saw him look at you solemnly and nod at you slightly. Your eyes then widen when you realized how rude you were behavior just butting into other peoples business.

“I should not have asked that, that was so inappropriate of me just asking you when I don’t even know you. Again i am so sorry.” You were about to keep on rambling when the guy looked at you with a small smile on his face, almost like hes trying not to laugh at you. “I’m rambling again aren’t I. My mom always said I have to try and fix that.”

“It’s okay, and yes i did draw this.” He said cutting you off before you could start rambling yet again. “Well its beautifully drawn, i wish i was that good at drawing people.” he had your drawings in his hand and was flipping threw them. “Why do you say that? Yours are really well drawn.” You smiled at the compliment and just bowed since you started to feel awkward and didn’t know what to say. “Well, i should be heading off, it was nice meeting you –” ‘Baek Ah. What about you” Honesty he was just going to say his name and let you leave but something kept him wanting to talk to you.  Your head then snapped up and sort of just stared at him before realizing what he was saying. “Oh yeah i’m Y/n.” He nodded and then stuck out your folder and drawings. You looked at them confused and then up at him.

“Well these are your drawing so i figured you’d want them back.” You shook you’re head at yourself cant believing how stupid you must look. You grabbed them and then handed Baek Ah his own. “I could always help you and give you tips about drawing people.” He didn’t even realize he was talking until it left his mouth completely. He saw you smile and couldn’t help but smile back at you. You nodded while tucking your stuff closer to you. “Yeah, i’d like that alot actually.” He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding once you agreed to that and could not help but feel a little jittery inside.

You guys actually did not separate until late at night. He gave you tips while you returned the favor. You both actually learned that your staying in the same palace and when he heard that he could not hid the smile that fell upon his lips. Once you guys got back he walked you back to your room. You turned around and shot him a cute smile as you headed into your room. “Thank you for today. It was nice.” Before he could say anything else you closed the door and leant your back against it and then put your hands to your cheeks trying to cool them down.

Once Baek Ah got back to his room and laid down he let out a sigh and out his hand on his chest. He had never felt like this before not with Lady Hae or any other girl. He wasn’t stupid either he knew what this meant and just accepted it because he did not want to have to push them and hide them away. Right before he fell asleep he told himself that no matter what he would confess soon


I am STILL working on this! I stopped around Halloween, which was like the worst time to stop working on it but I wasn’t feeling well back then. And now I’m sick, which means I got some spare time out of school for this one! 

I’m still figuring most stuff out here. First time full body coloring (first time background drawing too jeez) and I don’t wanna talk about the hands- ew. I gotta say, though, I’m very much excited about what Jack has in store for next year’s Halloween! This year was so awesome! 

This is such a late update, sorry, haha. Welp, time for some more cups of tea and kitten cuddles. :)

The Wallet

content: Dean finds a wallet. But when he arrives at the guy’s house there is a surprise waiting for him.
word count: 1812

It’s almost the end of his shift when Dean finds the lost wallet on the ground right next to a grocery store.

He almost missed it, being all plain and simple, but instinct (or fate) made him look twice. He immediately checks the content and obviously everything seems to be in order. Cash money, credit cards – it’s all there. And according to the driver’s license the wallet belongs to a guy named Castiel Novak, living at an address just around the corner.

Dean rubs his eyes and sighs. Actually he was about to return to the station, change into some normal comfy civil clothes instead of his officer’s uniform and drive right back home. It’s been a long day with a lot of annoying people ruining his mood and he’s so fucking exhausted he probably could sleep standing. He just wants to bury himself in his memory foam.

But on the other hand the guy’s address isn’t really that far and Dean knows how much it sucks to think you’d lost your wallet. It’s a bitch to replace all the cards and licenses and it would be cruel to leave the man in the dark for the rest of the night. So Dean takes his car and drives.

The place is easy to find, a nice small house with a green front door. Dean hears muffled voices from the inside and considering the bunch of cars which are parked in the driveway he assumes there is some kind of gathering on the inside. So he decides to make this really quick and rings the bell.

Almost immediately a short guy with brownish hair and a mischievous smile opens the door. “Hello, hello,” he greets the officer. “You’re early.”

Dean frowns, puzzled. “What?”

But the man just grabs his wrist and pulls him inside. “It’s better that way, actually. Cassie’s already very suspicious and we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, right?”


“But I’ve gotta warn you, he’s very shy,” the man explains. “He’s probably not going to be thrilled you being here. Don’t take it personally and just make him change his mind, okay? I’m positive you’ll handle that. You’re exactly his type. Sexy with green eyes.”

And then the guy winks and leads him into a room before Dean has got a chance to argue. About fifteen pairs of eyes land on him instantly.

Curiously. Expectantly.

Only the man in the middle looks outright horrified. He stares at Dean with big, really beautiful blue eyes, a blush on his cheeks, and Dean recognizes him immediately by the picture on the driver’s license. Castiel Novak.

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Anything for My Little Girl

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Pairing: Samxreader, Deanxsoulmate!reader, Crowleyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 3,663
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood
She’s Leaving, Dean masterlist

The next morning you woke up tangled up with Sam. Smiling, you looked up at him. “Morning, handsome.” He grinned back, kissing you gently. You stretched and yawned. “Do you want to eat here, or at the bunker?” You were starving either way.

Sam chuckled. “How about the bunker. See how Dean’s doing?”

You sat up quickly. “I hope he’s alright. He had a nightmare last night.” You glanced at Sam before getting out of bed. Moving to your closet, you pulled out a pair of shorts and a loose tank top. You didn’t plan on going out, so you skipped shoes. It didn’t take you long to get dressed.

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kaylaevs5162  asked:

Hi! Do you have any advice or tips regarding digitally painting skin tones? Thank you in advance for a reply! :)


I think the following text vomit is going to disappoint you a little bit, because there is very little I can tell you practically about how to paint skin tones. I’ve mentioned some things to watch out for (far, far below), but most of it relates to how to teach yourself how to do it rather than me imparting any great wisdom. 

(All the advice below will generally apply to both Digital and Traditional Paint. I’m going to try to be pretty broad with advice because I am not the best technician).

I also want to make a disclaimer that you can spend an entire lifetime learning how to paint skin tones in any media. It’s the kind of skill that has a steep learning curve at the beginning and never really quite stops. Which is not to say that you can’t learn to do it well fairly quickly, but it is endlessly nuanced and you have to decide what your own stopping point is going to be. Which brings me to more below the cut:

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Comfort (707 x mc/reader)

Prompt: “If something happens to me… I hope this robot comforts you a bit.”

Rating: 10+ (707 route, After Ending, Secret Ep spoilers)

Notes: haha… there goes my heart TTwTT I cried the entire time halfway writing… How does one write anyways… btw this is an AU where 707 doesn’t survive like he dreamed.

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theserpentsadvocate  asked:

If you're looking into Canadian TV shows, can I recommend Murdoch Mysteries and also The Pinkertons? The former is a personal favourite. The main cast is pretty white, but from the beginning they've had secondary and single-episode characters who aren't, and their crowd scenes are notably non-monochrome (also in later seasons they added a black woman to the main cast). The Pinkertons has two prominent, if not main, non-white characters and also deals with the aftermath of the American Civil War.

Sorry for the late reply - thank you for these recommendations! :D <3 I’ve never heard of the two (as I am not very familiar with Canadian TV), so it’s good to discover new shows to put on my ‘to-watch’ list and to recommend as well to my other followers :)

Having non-monochrome/diverse crowds and secondary characters of color is a start I guess, although it could be much better and we shouldn’t settle for that. Glad they added a black woman to the main cast later - that’s the character played by Mouna Traore, isn’t it? How is she treated within the story though? Is it fair for a black woman like her or is she sidelined sometimes?

Ray Strachan and Dean Fujioka’s characters in “The Pinkertons” also sound interesting - good that they’ve been included too :) Also, I hardly ever see Asian characters in period dramas of this setting and genre, so that’s a bonus. Dealing with the aftermath of the Civil War also sounds fascinating - does it tackle the plight of former slaves and the effect the war had on both the North and the South then?

Based on your recommendations, I see you have a thing for mystery shows - I like them too, although I’m more into mystery books instead of shows (but I’m perfectly fine with shows too, I just usually find it easier to access and read books). Do you have any more recommendations of period dramas with prominent people of color in mind - not just necessarily Canadian TV or mystery shows? I’d be happy to hear more from you, and thank you so much for the recommendations - keep them coming! ^_^ <3 <3

-Admin Dawn

anonymous asked:

Hi I was just pondering if you could do a name rate for a windclan she-cat named Smokeflower?

Hello Ash, I am very sorry for the wait but I can rate this name as it appears to fit the Traditional Scale, I’m Mod S.

Smokeflower: Smoke- will work for a cat  who has a shade of grey to a black colored pelt possibly with other markings. Her suffix is one that is best for those cats who are very fatherly or motherly in nature and who are likely as well to have an overall kind demeanor. 

I hope I was able to help.

-Mod S. Spottedfur

anonymous asked:

Hey ! I love your Tumblr 😍 Can I have a ship please ? I am a French teenage girl with straight blond hair. I love listening to music and watching TV Shows . I have grey-blue eyes. I am chubby and I love Twenty One Pilots. My favorite color is black. ( I already post a ship but I was not certain to know if it has really be send, my Wi-Fi don't work very well) And I'm sorry for the english mistakes I don't speak english very well :3

You speak English fantastically, dear. ❤️
I would ship you with Kyle. He would love your eyes and would spend so much time looking into them. Most of your dates would be spent cuddling and watching tv shows together.

anonymous asked:

I'm very sorry if this question is annoying but how do you color your King's Folly characters? I love them and your comic very much and I am amazed at how you color them! I think you mentioned somewhere on your DA or tumblr that you use one layer to color? How do you do that? Do you have a tutorial? Sorry again for so many questions!

I do have a written tutorial for a different coloring method as well: http://fav.me/d7va0ou

Thank you for liking my comic ; v ;

anonymous asked:

how do you choose your color palette?

hi! umm i am very bad at explaining my color choices i’m sorry (usually i just pick colors i….like……) but i’ll do my best ;;

my biggest tip is use reference! save photos/art with colors you like and use those colors in a piece. that’s the easy way. you can also think about different color schemes when you’re picking your colors, but i’m more of an intuitive person and thinking about color in a structured way doesn’t work well for me. i tend to default to monochrome or analogous anyway. the mood of a piece is also really important, it might help to write down some adjectives for what you’re going for and think about what colors will help convey that mood. some are pretty easy, yellows and oranges tend to be warm and comforting, purples tend to be “magical”, red tends to be energetic and can convey anything from passion to danger, or many other things depending on culture and your audience. you can think further, though. what could green convey? what about pink? how would you use blue to make a scene feel warm? stuff like that.

focal point is another thing to consider when picking colors. if you have an all green image with one spot of yellow, everyone will look at the yellow. this is a good tool for drawing the viewer’s eye!

lastly i do a shit ton of touch-ups. i use image > adjustments > selective color a LOT, and color balance too. i also download a lot of vintage photo actions from deviantart and use those too haha, it can be hard to get nice looking colors with your eye alone, so never underestimate the power of tinting >:Dc

i hope this was a little helpful!! if not……..always feel free to ask more questions ♥

Spanish Duolingo: Abstract
  • el símbolo - symbol
  • la igualdad - equality
  • el escándalo - scandal
  • el bienestar - well-being
  • el rival - rival, opponent
  • la destrucción - destruction
  • la revisión - inspection, review
  1. Él es mi rival. - He is my rival.
  2. Nosotros queremos la igualdad. - We want equality.
  3. El coche no pasó la revisión. - The car did not pass the inspection.
  4. Su bienestar es muy importante. - Your well-being is very important.
  5. Los colores y símbolos son importantes. - The colors and symbols are important.
  6. Ellos han sido rivales desde que eran niños. - They’ve been rivals since they were boys.

  • la fama - fame
  • el perfil - profile
  • la manera - way
  • el daño - damage
  • la confusión - confusion
  • la descripción - description
  • la identificación - identification
  1. Ella lo hizo a su manera. - She did it in her way.
  2. Lo siento si te hice daño. - I am sorry if I hurt you.
  3. Él sólo piensa en la fama. - He only thinks about fame.
  4. El coche tiene muchos daños. - The car has a lot of damage.
  5. El actor tiene un perfil famoso. - The actor has a famous profile.
  6. Hay muchas maneras de escribir. - There are many ways of writing.
  7. Él dio una descripción de la fiesta. - He gave a description of the party.
  8. Tienes muchas maneras de caminar. - You have many ways of walking.
  9. En ese departamento hay mucha confusión. - In that department there is a lot of confusion.

  • clave - key
  • el detalle - detail
  • la razón - reason
  • el ataque - attack
  • la reacción - reaction
  • la alternativa - alternative, option
  • la responsabilidad - responsibility
  1. No hay alternativa. - There is no alternative.
  2. Oí sobre el ataque. - I heard about the attack.
  3. Creo que tienes razón. - I believe you are right.
  4. Este es el momento clave. - This is the key moment.
  5. La responsabilidad es mía. - The responsibility is mine.
  6. Él me dio todos los detalles. - He gave me all the details.
  7. Ustedes tienen dos alternativas. - You have two alternatives.
  8. Hubo un gran ataque ayer. - There was a big attack yesterday.
  9. Sus reacciones fueron distintas. - His reactions were different.

  • la idea - idea
  • la figura - figure
  • la causa - cause
  • la fuerza - strength
  • el proyecto - project
  • la forma - shape, way
  • el resto - rest, remainder
  1. Esa es la idea. - That is the idea.
  2. Hay dos formas. - There are two ways.
  3. Tengo una buena idea. - I have a good idea.
  4. Ella tiene muchas fuerzas. - She has a lot of strength.
  5. Yo me comí el resto del queso. - I ate the rest of the cheese.
  6. Vimos una figura en la sombra. - We saw a figure in the shadow.
  7. Tengo nuevas ideas para desarrollar. - I have new ideas to develop.
  8. El proyecto era interesante para mí. - The project was interesting to me.
  9. La fiesta es por una causa importante. - The party is for an important cause.
  10. La forma de la mesa era muy importante. - The shape of the table was very important.

  • el sitio - place
  • la parte - part
  • el beneficio - benefit
  • la disciplina - discipline
  • el progreso - progress
  1. No voy a ninguna parte. - I’m not going anywhere.
  2. Esa es una parte de mi coche. - That is a part of my car.
  3. Las partes del coche son nuevas. - The car parts are new.
  4. Eso es lo que llaman progreso. - That is what they call progress.
  5. El juego ahora está en progreso. - The game is now in progress.
  6. La fruta tiene muchos beneficios. - The fruit has a lot of benefits.
  7. La compañía ofrece buenos beneficios. - The company offers good benefits.
  8. Ella es una estudiante con mucha disciplina. - She is a student with a lot of discipline.
  9. Nunca he estado en esa parte del país. - I have never been in that part of the country.
  10. Es una de las disciplinas científicas más jóvenes. - It is one of the youngest scientific disciplines.