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what's your favorite fluffy fanfic & favorite smutty fanfic?

Oh god. I have NO idea. I have read so much fic that I have trouble choosing faves anymore. We have way too many talented authors and I love fics for different reasons. Shit. Um…

I will say that one of my absolute fave smut fics is Happy Endings by @passing-fanciful. This fic has come up a lot on my blog and I will never not rec it.

As for fluff, here’s one I really love. She Steals the Sun and Shuts Out the Light by @acrobat-elle.

But since my anxiety kicks in anytime I rec fic because I am always afraid of forgetting a fave, here’s a link to my fic recs (all 65+ pages of them).

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I thought this was supposed to be a Googleplier ask blog... not a wild fanfiction with a sex crazed robot, a random ass boyfriend, and now suddenly a baby.

…I mentioned before that I wanted to deveate from the fanfiction thing. But it’s a bit fucking hard when people have to be rude. I’m sorry for bringing such things like this to this blog. BUT YOU have to understand that I am wanting to keep all that in a whole seperate area but I brought this shit here because I to share with my followers. But it seems that some one doesn’t like that.

In the future I shall be more professional. I will act as Google would and make sure to please you and whomever else doesn’t like the fanfiction shit. but I will still add in the fanfiction shit for my other followers.

Could you do a reaction request to *Got7* and BTS of their reaction to their best friend (girl) confessing there love for them?

I’m gonna just do Got7 and I’m also doing where they don’t accept and one where they do. ALSO!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I like making reactions but out of all of my blogs this one requires the most amount of time and it’s hard to set enough time aside to keep up..also sorry if this is shit…this is the only one I did tonight and it took me over an hour and it’s almost 4 a.m. where I am :/


Feelings aren’t mutual-

The second the words “I love you” left your mouth his face would drop. I can picture him scratching the back of his neck and trying to avoid looking at you. He would apologize right away and say he didn’t feel the same. When he heard you sniffle and whisper “okay, sorry” he’d finally look up only to see you running out of the room. Mark would feel awful that he hurt you and would really hope that you could still remain friends.

Feelings are mutual-

Mark has had feelings for you for a while now so when you stood in front of him with the cutest blushing face and wearing his sweatshirt you borrowed the other day he could hardly contain his smile. The second he heard your quiet confession he just pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. “Ah you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say these words”.

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jaebum is not normally the gushy type. He is very straightforward and hates beating around the bush. He knows feelings may get hurt but he always cuts out the bullshit, but when it comes to you and your confession he can’t help but feel his heart break. He loves you so, so much but he can’t bring himself to love you in the way that you want him to. After he gently rejects you he spends the next hour or so wondering what the hell he was going to do to save your friendship.

Feelings are mutual-

“I love you” is what he hears echoing through his head after you confess to him. He stares at you for a good 3 minutes wondering if what he heard is correct. You start to get nervous because he hasn’t said anything and he watches as you mumble an apology and walk out and then he realizes that in order to say yes to the girl you like you should probably communicate it somehow. He’d run after you and straight up kiss you so that you knew for sure that he truly does feel the same. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jackson would mistake your confession as a joke because it isn’t uncommon to make jokes about things like that. He’d respond with a laugh and say something along the lines of “Yeah, sure we can start dating; when pigs fly” and he’d continue to laugh so hard that he’d miss the tears streaming down your face. When he noticed that you weren’t laughing his face would drop, “y/n…y-you weren’t kidding?” He’d try to walk towards you only to stop when he saw you put your hands up and shake your head no. He couldn’t help but tear up when you walked out knowing that he couldn’t give you what you wanted and knowing that meant your friendship was probably over.

Feelings are mutual-

To be honest Jackson probably has already confessed indirectly and you already acted like a couple so when you confessed he’d be like “I kind of thought we were already together?” Really the confession just made everyone else breathe a sigh of relief because they don’t have to step around the “title” of what you guys are. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jinyoung would be able to sense that you were about to confess and before you could say anything he would make a point to stress how much your friendship means to him. “I don’t know what I’d do without you…your friendship means so much to me.” He could see your dejected face and felt a pang of sadness but couldn’t force himself to have feelings for you because that’s not fair to him or you.

Feelings are mutual-

Jinyoung would do that one smile, where his eyes crinkle, when he heard your confession. He would be similar to Mark in the sense that he has waited so long to hear you say those words. I think he would like you even more because you actually had the guts to confess when he couldn’t even tell you that you were pretty without tripping over his own words. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

When you confessed he didn’t quite understand what you meant since you beat around the bush. He got confused but the further you explained the more he understood and the more his heart sank. He doesn’t want to hurt you because your are his closest friend but he can’t pretend to have feelings that aren’t there. He turns you down and when he does it seems to hurt him much more than it hurts you because he knows he’s losing you and he can’t do anything about it.

Feelings are mutual-

Youngjae would be so red in the face when he heard you confess and he would giggle. Imagine him shuffling his feet and looking at the ground and mumbling a “let’s go out on a date…if you wanna” and then getting even redder when you say yes.

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

Bambam would simply say that he didn’t feel the same. He would come off as indifferent and sort of detached but he wouldn’t mean to be like this. After you walked out he realized how cold he was and it made me fear for the future of your friendship because not only did he turn you down but he did it in a way that even he saw as unforgivable. 

Feelings are mutual-

He is so extra that the second you confessed he dabbed and ran out to tell everyone; and by everyone I mean EVERYONE: Got7 members, Twice members, and JYP. In all the madness he’d forget to say yes but you could tell by the way he screamed “SHE LIKES ME; SHE REALLY LIKES ME!”

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

When Yugyeom turned you down neither of you could tell who cried more. He was so scared that he’d lose you. With time and separation you guys would meet up again and discuss the future of your friendship and there would be more tears but in the end your friendship meant to much to the both of you end it there. 

Feelings are mutual:

You made the mistake of telling Bambam about your feelings because he threatened to tell Yugyeom that you didn’t wash your left hand for an entire week after he gave you a high-five (false rumor btw). So in the end you told Yugyeom about your feelings and thank god you did because if you didn’t he would have to because Bambam threatened to tell you that Yugyeom didn’t shower for a week after you shared a, in Bambam’s words, “a spicy, yet romantic hug.” 

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To mod Hell: I'm so sorry but I have to ask why do you know so much about and have so many guns and weapons. Do you live in a war zone or the US or isn't that basicly the same thing? I'm sorry but I have so many questions. I love this blog and I'm really worried for you.

Normally I don’t answer anon questions that require me to step out of character, but if I keep referencing weird shit in my personal life I should probably explain that I am not a serial killer. So if you wanna know why I’m so well-armed, you can go ahead and click the readmore. 

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Oh and I mentioned something in my tags about a hc in my drafts so here’s a list of TFC AUs/Headcanons that I am in the process of writing (not including the prompts people sent that I never got around to writing):

  • Andrew works in a bookstore rather than going into professional Exy, and his coworkers don’t know about his dark Exy past, or his boyfriend
  • superhero AU where the Foxes are an exy team by day and a superhero team by night, and Neil is running from his villain of a father (and Andrew is more of an anti-hero than anything)
  • yet another social media hc
  • andrew’s pro team meeting neil OR neil’s pro team meeting andrew whichever one i feel like writing
  • dan and neil’s friendship
  • Pokemon AU
  • headcanons about the adults
  • nerik headcanons
  • cute andreil things part 3 (idk where parts 1 and 2 are, so if you find them, great)
  • how kerejean happens (listen i need that shit in my life)
  • demon!andrew
  • pizza delivery au (”please send your cutest delivery boy”)
  • the adult hcs
  • cliche andreil roadtrip
  • foxes on tumblr
  • foxes throwing neil a birthday party

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bro i come back to your blog every few weeks and i am blown away by how much you improve and grow each time, like SHIT i've sent you four asks and every time i'm just flabbergasted, god bless

ohmygosh????? please take this insufficient wip,,,, I haven’t drawn anything good in forever asjdkfld

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (Minghao/The8 and Jun x Male Reader Threesome)

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (And One Really Great Decision)

Author: Finn

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: Jun has no idea how he’s gotten himself into this mess (but he really, really likes it).

(A/N: This is officially the longest and filthiest thing I have ever written. I’d be ashamed of how shameless it is but I spent a really long time on it… I’m sorry for deviating so much from the original prompt but I had a lot of fun writing it, so… I hope you all enjoy it! ~Finn)

(Warnings: Daddy/Master kink, slut-shaming, blowjobs, spitroasting, Extreme Gay™, overstimulation, double penetration, Minghao is a little shit, awkwardness towards the end)

(Admin Note: my beautiful son has done it again. I cannot even begin to express how blown away I am by this and by all of his work - he’s gonna one-up me on my own blog if I’m not careful. (I’m gonna need to post some life ending smut soon to top this. cause this is pretty damn life ending). just. Finn. wow. gonna steal my Golden Dick award. damn. a Momma has never been more proud. -Tanisha<3)

The car is quiet. Jun stirs imperceptibly, becoming aware of the silence from his earphones and a low murmuring voice from somewhere just behind him – are those Chinese words?

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So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

(Nobody’s bolded because I love everyone and felt bad.)

And, uh, here we go?

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RANGER BAND AU AHHH your addition was on point, and also your tags like what kind of clusterfuck genre bending these hoes are gonna pull, godddd them wearing the ranger colors and just being the hugest little shits about it i LIVE. ITs too good man, it fits stupidly well. p.s. have loved your blog and fics for aaaages now and i am SO HYPE that youve jumped on the ranger train bc its my most recent obsession as well.

LISTEN, anon, I am so into this Band AU I can’t even TELL you. Like good lord, I am 100000% there for it and I have been thinking about it all morning. It would be more accurate to say that the Power Ranger train has HIT ME IN THE FACE rather than me doing any voluntary jumping. (But thanks ;D)

But let’s talk more about this AU and how I am now willing to sell my one (1) soul to someone if they write/draw/manip/WHATEVER it. (Or body swap. I also REALLY want body swap.) Important things to consider:

  • What is their band name? 
    • I feel like every time Zack suggests a name it’s ‘Zack and the ___s”: Zack and the Screw Ups, Zack and the Zords, Zack and the Rangers, Zack and Some Other People and Also Billy
  • Alpha 5 on triangle is inspirational, but I would also put forth Alpha on woodblock a la George Michael in his brief stint in  Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
    • Alpha: “If you want me on wood block, I can keep perfect time. Some call me “The Human Metronome.” You notice how I’m always on time? I’m never late for things”
    • Like, okay, I’m trash so I’m going to say it: obviously there is shipping. And ship wars. 
      • Trini is a little shit whose totally sarcasm encourages things
    • There are always trolls and the Rangers all get them, but one time someone says something mean about Billy and it is an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. 
      • Trini challenges the twitter user to a duel
      • Jason says the band is Cancelled until a formal apology is issued 
      • Kim points out that it would be easy to find the dude’s address and swing by with the zords and everyone worries a little that she might ACTUALLY do it
      • Zack writes a song called ‘twitter user GateGamerGeoff is a dick’ 
      • (A formal video apology is issued to Billy)
  • Everyone knows SOMETHING is up with them and the theories are crazy (aliens, mind control via music (Josie and the Pussycats style), secret agents, etc.) 
    • There’s like one person who is just THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY THE POWER RANGERS and has like… height comparison charts and super detailed excel sheets about the time of incidents and when the band all mysteriously disappeared but everyone is just like OH THAT WEIRD KOOKY FAN who thinks they are Power Rangers how HILARIOUS
  • There is definitely a song called ‘to the moon’ or something and it’s definitely about slapping Rita into space. Everyone thinks it’s some beautiful romantic metaphor. But it is not.
  • Kimberly Hart in an over-sized, slashed, pink tank top, okay?

@dexsnursey tagged me for the fic writer’s self rec because like…i guess she wants me to choose between my children? which is just mean honestly? BUT WHATEVER OK Y’ALL ARE WOLVES I’LL JUST CRY

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

*note: these are in no particular order? just, like, five faves. so. 

1) chiaroscuro (pre-nursey/dex; nursey&dex&chowder friendship, t) (ao3

“Nu, habibi,” Derek’s mother says to him gently, as they leave the registration table. “Are you sure about this? Hockey is a rough sport. It’s going to hurt, sometimes.”

Derek, all of eight years old, squares his shoulders. “That’s okay, Ammi,” he says. “I’m not scared.”

(They warn him that hockey hurts. They don’t warn him that depression hurts worse.)

So like…anyone who follows my blog knows that I am Depressed as Fuq and also I love to project my shit onto fictional characters (Dear Derek Nurse: I’m So Sorry). This was written during a rough night, but also, like…I just have a lot of feelings about how mental health is portrayed in fic? So. (tw for depression, suicidality)

2) polyglot (nursey/dex, t) (ao3

Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease 10 September 2015
Apparently Nursey finished his language requirement freshman year. Good for him.

(Five languages Derek Nurse speaks, and one [thinks] he doesn’t.)

UMMMM this was basically just an excuse to a) write my multilingual Nursey headcanon, b) start to explore some of my Nursey backstory without flushing it out too much in case I wanted to change things later, and c) write Dex slowburn realizing that he is hella gay for Derek Nurse. 

3) one who can only find his way by moonlight (nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

The first time it happens, Derek is seven years old and having a nightmare, and in his dream, he thinks, with all of his might, I want my mom.

And then he’s not in his dream anymore.

He’s somewhere else.

This one was written for Nursey Week, and it was my first time writing magical realism in forever, and I just had, like, a shit ton of fun with it? IDK, it was great and I really liked it and I’m a huge nerd and whatever.

4) if we bite (the pain is sweet) (nursey/dex, e) (ao3)

After two and a half semesters at Samwell, Dex has gotten used to people handling their stress in weird ways. Bitty bakes up a storm, Lardo is constantly covered in what Dex really, really hopes is paint, Ransom turns into a curled-up ball of anxiety on the nearest flat surface. He gets it: people are just weird here.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t choke on his Red Bull when Nursey sighs, “God, I’m so tense right now. I just really need to suck a dick, y’know?”

(Or: five times Dex and Nursey really don’t quite know what they’re doing, and one time they’ve really, really figured it out.)

I mean how…can I not…? This was my hockey kink manifesto. I just, like. I mean. I have no idea how “haha wouldn’t it be funny if I wrote bro-jobs” turned into 55k of kink exploration that actually included, like, character development and Critical Race Discourse and like, Legitimate Feelings but. All of those things happened? I don’t know. I literally can’t tell if I’m proud or ashamed of this fic. But literally multiple people told me that there were sentences in this fic that were hotter than any sexual experience they ever had, so. That seems like a rec? 

5) streets a little kinder (when you’re home) (nursey-centric, implied pre-nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

Even as Derek hits the call button, he hears Dex’s voice in his head, telling him how privileged he is to be able to do this. All the same, he calls his mom, and when she picks up on the second ring, concern in her voice, he blurts out, “Can I come home for the weekend?”

If I had had the time, this fic would have been like, 20k words long, and it would have been a love letter to Derek Nurse and his relationship to NYC and his moms and his sister and his poetry and how he misses the hum of the city in his pulse when he’s at Samwell, but instead I had to cram it into just over 4k words, and I still love the shit out of this fic. I could write Nursey and his family all day, y’all. I LOVE THEM.

(honorable mentions go to: even something as pure as water, because i’m a thirsty bitch, and it drops with the gravity of rain, because it was my first fic in the fandom and i’m nostalgic.)

I tag @dizzy-redhead, @hoenursey, @ahausonfire, @omgcphee, and @sinbindos with the usual caveat that if this makes you anxious, or if you are just busy/tired/not into it you can always feel free to skip. 

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Hey there, bless your blog <3 shit happened to my tumblr account and I had to create a new one while previous got deleted. Hopefully your url was written in my heart and here I am now asking for help. I'm struggling to find artists that post (pr posted) Otayuri comics as well as any other artists because I started following them ages ago and now I cannot recall their urls and my dash is dead :c Maybe you could link your favorite Otayuri blogs? Pleeease

HEY THERE MY DEAR ANON!!!!!! ;///7///; <333333333333 

WAHHHHHHHHH, I’m so sorry to hear that…!!! ;-; *hugs you super tight* 

That is so freaking sweet tho??? I’m so honored you remembered me of all ppl >///u///< OMG, I’D LOVE TO HELP YOU!!!!! 8DDDDDDDD Lemme see, lemme see, I want to make sure I don’t miss anyone… I would write a paragraph about each person but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from ranting forever so I’m just gonna… not even gonna go there hehe… :’D


Favorite Otayuri blogs (mostly Otayuri blogs anyway haha):































@ hawberries (way too intimidated to @ mention *sweats nervously*)

I hope I’m not missing anyone??? Feel free to reply to this if you’re a blog who mainly posts Otayuri so I can follow you HUEHUE 8D

Hope this helped my dear anon!!!! ^7^b <3333333333333

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TEEHEE? Touka kirishima of all people PULLS A TEEHEE? This girl officially took my ❤️

I. FUCKING. KNOW. RIGHT?!?!!!!??????

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kirishima fucking Touka was teasing Kaneki fucking Ken with sex talk + a T E E H E E


                                                                       A LIL SMIRK.

The boy never sweated so much in his life. Touka is the only one able to make a mess out of the king. A bless, so to say.


When will you find someone as great as her, seriously.

Hi guys.

It’s me chucky now known as nc2t (rip annyeongpabo). The last time I made a ff was like 10 years ago, but on 04/13 I created this blog and I wanted to express how grateful that you guys still make my tumblr experience so great. Also this is my first time where kai is not my picture.. but have my beautiful 2t boys instead ♥

To all my followers:
Even though my blog had a few changes throughout the end of 2015 & 2016 most of you guys stayed with me. I have lost a shit ton of of followers, but I still have 8k+ people who seem to enjoy what I am blogging about. So thank you for that! I appreciate each one of you and wish you all the best ♥

To all the people I am following:
Thank you once again for making my dash such a wonderful place. Whether we are mutuals or not, I enjoy every bit of random and not so random post on my dash. I wish I could include all of you, but the fact that I follow you means that I love your blog nevertheless, right ? ♥  Also feel free to check out my blogroll to see some quality blogs.

let’s go!

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Hello I’m agender and I hate cisphobia and if you’re cisphobic please get away from me.
Cis people are valid.
Trans people are valid.
If you are human. You are valid.

Okay? Okay.

(Also if you are white you aren’t trash
If you are a man you aren’t a pig. Just stop hating people. My point is just be kind to people. They have emotions and lives too.)