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Could you do a reaction request to *Got7* and BTS of their reaction to their best friend (girl) confessing there love for them?

I’m gonna just do Got7 and I’m also doing where they don’t accept and one where they do. ALSO!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I like making reactions but out of all of my blogs this one requires the most amount of time and it’s hard to set enough time aside to keep up..also sorry if this is shit…this is the only one I did tonight and it took me over an hour and it’s almost 4 a.m. where I am :/


Feelings aren’t mutual-

The second the words “I love you” left your mouth his face would drop. I can picture him scratching the back of his neck and trying to avoid looking at you. He would apologize right away and say he didn’t feel the same. When he heard you sniffle and whisper “okay, sorry” he’d finally look up only to see you running out of the room. Mark would feel awful that he hurt you and would really hope that you could still remain friends.

Feelings are mutual-

Mark has had feelings for you for a while now so when you stood in front of him with the cutest blushing face and wearing his sweatshirt you borrowed the other day he could hardly contain his smile. The second he heard your quiet confession he just pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. “Ah you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say these words”.

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jaebum is not normally the gushy type. He is very straightforward and hates beating around the bush. He knows feelings may get hurt but he always cuts out the bullshit, but when it comes to you and your confession he can’t help but feel his heart break. He loves you so, so much but he can’t bring himself to love you in the way that you want him to. After he gently rejects you he spends the next hour or so wondering what the hell he was going to do to save your friendship.

Feelings are mutual-

“I love you” is what he hears echoing through his head after you confess to him. He stares at you for a good 3 minutes wondering if what he heard is correct. You start to get nervous because he hasn’t said anything and he watches as you mumble an apology and walk out and then he realizes that in order to say yes to the girl you like you should probably communicate it somehow. He’d run after you and straight up kiss you so that you knew for sure that he truly does feel the same. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jackson would mistake your confession as a joke because it isn’t uncommon to make jokes about things like that. He’d respond with a laugh and say something along the lines of “Yeah, sure we can start dating; when pigs fly” and he’d continue to laugh so hard that he’d miss the tears streaming down your face. When he noticed that you weren’t laughing his face would drop, “y/n…y-you weren’t kidding?” He’d try to walk towards you only to stop when he saw you put your hands up and shake your head no. He couldn’t help but tear up when you walked out knowing that he couldn’t give you what you wanted and knowing that meant your friendship was probably over.

Feelings are mutual-

To be honest Jackson probably has already confessed indirectly and you already acted like a couple so when you confessed he’d be like “I kind of thought we were already together?” Really the confession just made everyone else breathe a sigh of relief because they don’t have to step around the “title” of what you guys are. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jinyoung would be able to sense that you were about to confess and before you could say anything he would make a point to stress how much your friendship means to him. “I don’t know what I’d do without you…your friendship means so much to me.” He could see your dejected face and felt a pang of sadness but couldn’t force himself to have feelings for you because that’s not fair to him or you.

Feelings are mutual-

Jinyoung would do that one smile, where his eyes crinkle, when he heard your confession. He would be similar to Mark in the sense that he has waited so long to hear you say those words. I think he would like you even more because you actually had the guts to confess when he couldn’t even tell you that you were pretty without tripping over his own words. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

When you confessed he didn’t quite understand what you meant since you beat around the bush. He got confused but the further you explained the more he understood and the more his heart sank. He doesn’t want to hurt you because your are his closest friend but he can’t pretend to have feelings that aren’t there. He turns you down and when he does it seems to hurt him much more than it hurts you because he knows he’s losing you and he can’t do anything about it.

Feelings are mutual-

Youngjae would be so red in the face when he heard you confess and he would giggle. Imagine him shuffling his feet and looking at the ground and mumbling a “let’s go out on a date…if you wanna” and then getting even redder when you say yes.

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

Bambam would simply say that he didn’t feel the same. He would come off as indifferent and sort of detached but he wouldn’t mean to be like this. After you walked out he realized how cold he was and it made me fear for the future of your friendship because not only did he turn you down but he did it in a way that even he saw as unforgivable. 

Feelings are mutual-

He is so extra that the second you confessed he dabbed and ran out to tell everyone; and by everyone I mean EVERYONE: Got7 members, Twice members, and JYP. In all the madness he’d forget to say yes but you could tell by the way he screamed “SHE LIKES ME; SHE REALLY LIKES ME!”

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

When Yugyeom turned you down neither of you could tell who cried more. He was so scared that he’d lose you. With time and separation you guys would meet up again and discuss the future of your friendship and there would be more tears but in the end your friendship meant to much to the both of you end it there. 

Feelings are mutual:

You made the mistake of telling Bambam about your feelings because he threatened to tell Yugyeom that you didn’t wash your left hand for an entire week after he gave you a high-five (false rumor btw). So in the end you told Yugyeom about your feelings and thank god you did because if you didn’t he would have to because Bambam threatened to tell you that Yugyeom didn’t shower for a week after you shared a, in Bambam’s words, “a spicy, yet romantic hug.” 

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The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (Minghao/The8 and Jun x Male Reader Threesome)

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (And One Really Great Decision)

Author: Finn

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: Jun has no idea how he’s gotten himself into this mess (but he really, really likes it).

(A/N: This is officially the longest and filthiest thing I have ever written. I’d be ashamed of how shameless it is but I spent a really long time on it… I’m sorry for deviating so much from the original prompt but I had a lot of fun writing it, so… I hope you all enjoy it! ~Finn)

(Warnings: Daddy/Master kink, slut-shaming, blowjobs, spitroasting, Extreme Gay™, overstimulation, double penetration, Minghao is a little shit, awkwardness towards the end)

(Admin Note: my beautiful son has done it again. I cannot even begin to express how blown away I am by this and by all of his work - he’s gonna one-up me on my own blog if I’m not careful. (I’m gonna need to post some life ending smut soon to top this. cause this is pretty damn life ending). just. Finn. wow. gonna steal my Golden Dick award. damn. a Momma has never been more proud. -Tanisha<3)

The car is quiet. Jun stirs imperceptibly, becoming aware of the silence from his earphones and a low murmuring voice from somewhere just behind him – are those Chinese words?

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To mod Hell: I'm so sorry but I have to ask why do you know so much about and have so many guns and weapons. Do you live in a war zone or the US or isn't that basicly the same thing? I'm sorry but I have so many questions. I love this blog and I'm really worried for you.

Normally I don’t answer anon questions that require me to step out of character, but if I keep referencing weird shit in my personal life I should probably explain that I am not a serial killer. So if you wanna know why I’m so well-armed, you can go ahead and click the readmore. 

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Summary: Car rides filled with tension are never easy. 

A/N: I’m back. I’m sorry it’s been so long. I just needed to gather my thoughts but this plot has been sitting in my head for ages. I just want to thank all of you for the support and love on my last story, made me get tears in my eyes. I’m having an incredibly hard night (reference my personal blog @finallybreathee as to why) but here. here’s me trying to clear my head. Hope you guys enjoy. This probably isn’t shit but oh well. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

tags: @thewintersadie @sad-af1121  @bxckyfxcknbxrnes @serzhantkris @melconnor2007 @buckywithegoodhair @abovethesmokestacks –hoping to one day be as amazing as you all.  (I know I’m forgetting like 20 of you but I honestly don’t know where your messages went so pls message me again if you wanted to be tagged xoxo) 

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The silence in the car is starting to get to you. You’ve been driving in this car for god knows how long, the trees were all starting to look the same and they were just all becoming a constant stream of green. You know you should say something, anything, but you refuse too. You’re too sad and you’re too exhausted and honestly, if you opened your mouth you’re afraid sobs will come out instead of words. 

You turn away from the window and glance at the driver, the person responsible for your current distress, and the love of your life. He’s a vision. Even with his jaw strained and his grip on the steering wheel a little too tight. Bucky Barnes is still hot as hell and maybe even hotter now that he’s mad at you but you refuse to admit that out loud. 

You turn back to the window and sigh. How are you supposed to get past this? How are you supposed to be ok?

Maybe he’s better off with someone else. Someone who isn’t a problem to him. Someone who doesn’t piss him off. At least that’s what he suggested an hour or two ago.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. Gather intel at a local bar and get back home so the team can further put information together and create a plan of option. Except, you’re a screw up and simple never goes as planned. Safe to say Bucky lost his entire shit the moment you two got out of the bar alive. 

He just had to remind you that you weren’t good enough. That he made a better team with Natasha. He just had to bring her up. 

You love Nat. You love her like a sister. You two are probably the two best female spies to ever exist and you were constantly paired up with her over the years. But Natasha is always one step ahead of you. 

Natasha is and will always be what you are not. She is grace. She is beauty. And she was Bucky Barnes’ love not so long ago. 

That fact haunts you. The love of your life and your best friend have a past that you might never live up to in the present. They still have chemistry. When they work together it’s like seeing two dancers find each other in a ballroom waiting to sweep everyone off the dance floor because all eyes will be on them. 

Your heart hurts. Your eyes are tearing up again and you are doing everything in your power not to sniffle out loud because you do not want Bucky to see you this upset. 

“Y/N…I’m..I shit, Y/N please look at me.” Bucky’s rough voice snaps you out of your daze only to realize the car has stopped. 

You refuse to look at him. Refuse to even utter a word because right now you are doing everything in your power to keep yourself together. 

“Look, doll. I’m…fuck, will you please look at me?” 

You turn to him only to that his lips are turned upside down and his blue eyes have turned into a molten grey. You try and keep yourself together but now looking at him you can’t. So you try and make your escape but before you can even grab for the door handle, Bucky’s tugs you back into him. 

You feel his arms wrap around you. Holding you, rocking you back and forth and the warmth is almost overwhelming. You melt into him and you let yourself break. You start sobbing and Bucky’s grip on you turns tighter. 

You barely register through your sobs the “I’m sorry’s” that are coming from Bucky because you’re barely even registering that you’re crying this hard. 

It’s overwhelming. Loving someone so much but wondering if you will ever be good enough for them. You want to be. You try your hardest to be. But your past tells you that you aren’t. Your constant thoughts tell you that he deserves better. 

You have this dream where you’re in the middle of a forrest and you see the light, you see your path but all of a sudden it disappears. The trees start multiplying around you and you keep running and running trying to find that light only to be stuck in the darkness and wondering if theres anyway out.

That’s how it feels loving someone who you know deserves better. They are the light and you are stuck in the darkness. Stuck wondering if you should keep running to try to find the light again or dwell in the darkness. 

It’s silent again in the car. The only thing that can be heard is hard breathing from both of you and your sniffles every once in awhile. 

Bucky’s the first one to break the silence. 

“I know, I know what’s it’s like to not feel like you deserve something. I know Y/N. I lived through it. I…shit. I didn’t mean what I said back there, I needed you to feel hurt because I was frustrated and I just said the first thing that came to my head but babydoll no– don’t turn away from me, look at me. I love you. I love you so much. You, you are my life. You are my light. You are the best spy I know. You are the one girl who makes me laugh like crazy and makes me go crazy. No one will ever compare to you. No one will ever be you. What Nat and I had is nothing compared to what you and I have. You are everything I do not deserve but everything I am blessed to have. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean it. We both screwed up but Y/N I–”

Your lips crash into him before he could finish. You get it. You get him. You’re sorry too. Sorry for messing up the mission, sorry for doubting him and sorry for not realizing sooner how much Bucky loves you. 

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have a knack for long speeches Buck? Because I’m starting to question your profession. If all fails with the Avengers you could always start being a speech writer, I know a certain Captain who loves giving long speeches would appreciate that”

He laughs into your lips before stealing another kiss and picking you up so you are on his lap now. “I love you so much and I am so sorry. Are we good now?”

“We’re good Bucky. We’re more than ok. How about you drive a little faster so we can make it back to the hotel so I can show you how good we are and how much I deserve you?”

Safe to say you two didn’t make it to the hotel because the kiss Bucky gives you seals the deal and then some. 

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bro i come back to your blog every few weeks and i am blown away by how much you improve and grow each time, like SHIT i've sent you four asks and every time i'm just flabbergasted, god bless

ohmygosh????? please take this insufficient wip,,,, I haven’t drawn anything good in forever asjdkfld


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have ever made it to 7000 followers. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for everyone that is here in my life even if we may not talk much. I know my blog is a huge mess of fandoms and shit posts but I am lucky all the same to share it with you guys. You are the reason I am still on this mess of a site and still making shit content. All I can say is thanks so much for making my days so much more enjoyable and interesting. You guys are the real heroes here. Anyway I am bad at talking about this stuff for too long so let’s move onto the list of some of my favorite bloggers. It’s going to be a long list because almost everyone I follow is special to me in a different way so I hope you can stay with me through this long list. Lastly I am grateful to everyone who is following me through the bad times and the good times this blog goes though. This wouldn’t be possible without you so have my thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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Is this alright for you babe?- Smut

“Can you do a Cheryl x fem reader dirty”- Requested

Warnings- Smut, swearing

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“Y/N! Cheryl’s here for you darling.”

“Okay Mom, I’ll be right down.” You shouted back, quickly standing from your bed picking up the beg that rested against it. It had been a while since you and Cheryl shared the bed, with her burning down her house, her Mom didn’t want her to live with her anymore, but she caved in eventually, this was actually the first time going round to her new house. 

As you walk down the stairs you were able to see her hair before anything else, a smile was soon apparent. 

You snuck up behind her, noticing how she was paying attention just scrolling on her phone,your hands wrapped around her waist, your hands slightly going underneath her top, feeling her soft skin of her stomach, you rested your chin on top of her shoulder, “Hey babe.” You whispered pressing a small kiss to her neck. She turned around, your hands still around her waist, she’s now face to face, “Hey,” Cheryl said biting her lip while her eyes scanned over my face. Her lips pressed against mine, her red lipstick leaving a trace. 

“Ehm” Your Mom cleared her throat, Cheryl and you broke apart, quickly moving to stand side by side, your face suddenly flushing red, you looked at your Mom to see her smiling, clearly loving the situation that you were in. 

Nice to see you again Mrs Y/L/N,”

“You too Cheryl, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N be safe love you.” 

“Love you Mom.” You smiled, turning and walking out of the house hand in hand.

Once you got to Cheryl house she told you that her Mom was out of town, so it would just be you two, with a wink being sent in your direction. “You stay here Y/N I’ve got something to show you, make you self comfortable babe, I have a feeling we’ll be in here for a while.” She giggled and walked in the direction of what you assumed was her bedroom.

You sat on her sofa, thinking about all the possibilities as to what Cheryl is showing you, a figure appeared in the door way, “Is this alright for you babe?” She said all innocent like, placing her finger in between her lips, slightly biting on the nail. There she was standing in the door way, her pale skin in contrast to the khaki green lace bra, that left nothing to imagination and a small thong to match, her height exaggerated with the black knee-high boots, her hair thrown up into a messy bun with some strands loose.

Fuck yeah,” You said already slowly taking your jacket off.

She smirked, slowly walking towards you, her hands tangled in your hair, pulling it slightly at the roots, earning a low groan. You broke apart to take your t shirt off leaving the pair of you standing opposite to each other, eyes roaming, both slightly out of breath waiting to see who would make the next move. 

Stuff this,” You said diving forward, your hands reaching between the elastic of her underwear, your fingers moving down to her slit, feeling the wetness turn you on even more, you fingers started to move faster across her clit, little gentle whimpers left her lips, her other hand rested on your shoulder her grip getting tighter, her nails slightly dug in, you leaning in close,

You like that baby? You like it when I rub your clit?” You smirked looking at Cheryl seeing the euphoria that she was experiencing.

Please Y/N let me cum.” She whined clearly quite desperate.

You placed your lips onto her neck, gently sucking on the skin making it to go dark purple, you gently tugged on the clasp of her bra, giving her the sign. She wrapped one of her legs around you trying to get even more friction. Her bra fell loose, you smirked knowing this is the reaction you created.

Baby, I’m nearly there go a little faster Y/N.” Cheryl panted her body moving up and down trying to get more friction.

She started to get tighter around your fingers, you knew it wasn’t long now. You leaned closer to her ear, “Come on Cheryl, cum on my fingers show me what you can do.” 

Oh shit Y/N.” Cheryl moaned her orgasm hit her hard her nails dug into your shoulders leaving small crescents indented to your skin.

Once she came down she smiled at you leaning in and kissed you on the lips, “Thanks baby, now lets go upstairs it’s your turn.” She said biting her lip holding your hand leading the way, your clothes getting discarded along the way, the next few hours were going to be fun.

Hi guys, sorry for how long I’ve been away, some crazy shit has been happening and to the person that requested this I’m so sorry it took a while. I've got a series of requests that I am currently working on so don’t worry if you haven’t seen yours published yet. Feel free to send in more requests and my master list is over on my blog.

So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

(Nobody’s bolded because I love everyone and felt bad.)

And, uh, here we go?

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Hello I’m agender and I hate cisphobia and if you’re cisphobic please get away from me.
Cis people are valid.
Trans people are valid.
If you are human. You are valid.

Okay? Okay.

(Also if you are white you aren’t trash
If you are a man you aren’t a pig. Just stop hating people. My point is just be kind to people. They have emotions and lives too.)


I’m sorry, but why do ‘Christians’ think it’s okay to condemn a group of people in the name of their faith? And why, exactly, did my own brother think his comment was necessary or needed or going to help the group of people he is condemning? 

I don’t know what my followers believe, but I personally hate the use of faith as a way to justify your small mind and hate of a particular group. You think the LGBT+ community is sinful? You think Muslims are bad? You think this? You think that? All in the name of Jesus? 

Wake up, fool. You’re wrong. Jesus didn’t do what he did and teach what he taught (whether you believe in his divinity or just his existence as a prophet) so you could be a self-righteous asshole that judges the purity of someone’s soul when your soul is just as black. 

Sorry. I’m just pissed. It’s pride month and my first pride month where I’ve actually been honest with myself about who I am and I can’t stand this kinda shit. If any of you are dealing with your place in the LGBT+ community and trying to juggle your family/faith/whatever, just know my blog is a safe place. 

FYI: He’s the first snap, I’m the one with the body in the background lol 

PFFFT what are you talking about I’m not hyping it hahaha who gave you that crazy idea hahaHAHA HAH A 😅

please send help all I’ve been doodling lately were these godforsaken robots is2g

            HOLY SHIT !! So it’s been five years today since I decided to join Tumblr and start a blog for one of my favourite characters of all time. It’s been an incredible journey, with lots of ups and downs but my love for Gwen never left me and it’s because of you guys that I was able to bring Gwen to life in ways I never would have thought possible. You’re the ones who loved and supported me through all my bullshit and allowed me to grow both as a writer and a person. I met some incredible people during my time here, people who’ve been with me since day one and friends I made just last week. You are all amazing and I am so thankful to have you all in my life. Below are the people who helped make my blog what it is. Whether we’ve been partners for years, just met or if we just see each other on the dash with a like or reblog, I love you guys and you bring my dash to life  If I forgot anyone I’m so sorry, just know that I love you all !

                                                                                                            xoxo – Katrina

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You are the Queen. But who is… Your King? 

Ah uh ahh well I’m sorry for being unactive these last days, I’ve forgotten that I have a freaking blog on tumblr (what a loser right). I have studying and work and my internet connection at home sucks at the moment, so I was forced to post this by photographing my screen…. and shit why am I telling this no one’s even following me haha.  So, here it goes - a quick sketch of Elizabeth Midford with her hair down. I love her so freaking much with this hairstyle like omg. Eat it, haters, she’s gorgeous. I’ll finish this drawing sometime soon, let’s pretend it’s a small preview.

Pretty much related to the latest chapters of kuro. I’m done haha bye.

Six Feet Under

(if you didn’t know six feet under by billie eilish is such a good song and that’s what I played on repeat while writing this)

ask : can you write about the reader getting kidnapped/tortured as their way of Percy getting to go to them and fight for them?

hi yes i’m here for all the mo'fuckin angst ever and am i good at writing it?

probably not

am I still gonna write it?

fuck yeah i am

to sum it up, if it’s shitty i’m so fucking sorry i’m really tryna get my shit together on this blog tbfh. anywho back to ur regularly scheduled programming by yours truly, nez !

warning : blood & torture scenes & swearing, fun for the whole family !!! (obviously wtf) (also might be triggering but that’s maybe idk how you guys are as people my dude)

Stringy strands of hair fell in front of eyes that were nearly swollen shut. Chest rising and falling quickly, you heard quick, rapid footsteps come from the hallway, but you didn’t know from where. Scooting back to the corner of the room, your pupils grew wide, trying to see in the pitch black room you were kept in.

A cry came from deep within your chest, turning raspy as it escaped your dry, cracked lips. The door swung open, letting in a bright, harsh light that made you shield your eyes. The door slammed against the wall, and you watched the figure come up to you. “Stop-” You croaked, a harsh cough following shortly.

Sending a thin spray of crimson blood onto the gray, cement floor in front of you, you covered your mouth. “Get up.” The man spat, grasping your arm and tugging you up. Stumbling slightly, he steadied you, before grasping your hands, and tying them up behind you.

“Why are you doing this to me?” You asked, managing to keep down a cough. He dug his short nails into your pale arm, tugging you forward viciously

. “This isn’t for you. We need you here, to get your boyfriend here.” Shoving you through some doors, you fell forward, falling face first. Cursing, you spat out blood at the feet of your attacker.

“How-” Your attacker paused, a wiry smile on his translucent face. Grasping a chunk of your hair in his hands, he tugged your head back viciously, smiling down at your face which twisted in discomfort. “Disgusting.” He finished.

You smiled, teeth stained red with blood. “Only the best for you.” You remarked, and he laughed, pushing his blonde locks out of his face.

“We haven’t beat the sarcasm out of you yet-” His black boot collided with your ribs, and you let out a strangled gasp, falling back. Your side throbbed, ragged breaths making your chest rise and fall shallowly. “Have we?” He asked.

“Fuck you.” You coughed up more blood, shutting your eyes and curling up on the cold, white tiles in the room. Only one thing was on your mind.


“Wishing your boyfriend would come save you? So do I, sweetheart. He’ll be much more useful.” Opening your glassy, (e/c) eyes, you let out a forced laugh

. You turned on your back, staring at the high ceiling, painted a royal blue. “You think he’s coming for me? We’re not together. He doesn’t love me.” You lied, hoping to save some time for Percy.

If they did this to you, and didn’t need you, what would they do to Percy?

“You’re a fucking liar-” A boot collided with your face, and you hissed in pain, turning over. Blood spilled from your nose, and your head swam, as you desperately tried keeping your eyes open. Hunger ached in your stomach, thoughts screamed in your mind, and bruises and injuries burned beneath your scarred, cut skin.

“Fuck-” You whimpered, sitting up, your head hanging. You tugged your hands forward, your wrists raw from the ropes. He grasped the rope, and pulled you up, holding your hands above your head.

“This is what we’re going to do, princess. Until you tell me where the sea bastard is, I’m going to beat the shit out of you. Got it?” He tied your hands up onto a hook, so you stood with your hands over your head. Head throbbing, you let it fall, staring at your blistered, scarred feet.

“You’re smoking a pack of dicks if you think I’m going to tell you where he is.” Your eyes scanned the table of knives, metal bats, and all sorts of weapons you didn’t know existed.

“Put your head up-” Cold metal pressed against your side, and you screamed, as electricity flowed through you. Head up, you glared at the blonde in front of you. “Pay attention. Where is Percy Jackson?” He asked, his fingers trailing across the table of weapons.

“I don’t know..” You muttered, hoping Percy was as far away from this place as possible. He grasped the metal bat, and swung, cracking at least one of your ribs. You choked on your shock, and he grasped your hair again, forcing you to face him. You looked into cold, dead deep brown eyes.

“Speak up.” He growled, pushing your head away. Wanting to curl up in pain, you tugged down on the ropes viciously.

“I don’t know.” You spat, closing your eyes and hissing at the pain. If someone didn’t help, you knew you were going to die there. Blinking away tears, you watched as he went to swing again.

Your body jerked on impact, the hook above you tilting slightly, as the bat collided with your stomach, black and blue spreading quickly underneath your ripped and tattered clothes. Hot, crimson blood escaped your lips, and your head hung.

“Percy-” You croaked, your vision becoming blurry. Laughing, the blonde pulled your head up again, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“You’re weak. Calling out for someone you claimed didn’t love you anymore.” He smiled at you, perfect teeth glimmering in he dimly lit torture room. A sharp pain spread against your side, and you gasped, as you looked down.

A knife handle stuck out of your side, as blood pooled around it. “Too bad there won’t be much of you to take back home-” He tugged the knife out, and you watched the blood spill from your wound.

A strangled gasp came from behind you two, and you jerked your head up, watching Riptide being shoved through the man who brought you to the room.


He walked in, a blood thirsty look in his eyes. He froze, and the blonde man smiled, holding the knife directly over your stomach. “Perseus Jackson, how lovely it is to have you here with us today.” He smiled. Percy tensed, his sea green eyes darkening, his knuckles growing white from gripping his sword tightly.

“Let her go.” Percy growled, and your eyes widened. Blood spilled from your nose and side, and you felt yourself dying slowly.

“Percy no-” You gasped and screamed, as the man drove the knife into your stomach six times, letting the wounds spill, white tiles now stained red.

“Y/N!” Percy shouted, and your eyelids felt heavy, but you knew if they closed, you were gone for good.

“I’m so sorry-” You croaked, blood spilling from your lips once more.

“Now that she’s a goner, I can have you.” The man smiled, and Percy looked from you, to the man. Percy charged, taking the guy off guard, as he was used to torturing to get what he wanted. Riptide was sent through the mans chest, and out through his back, and Percy let the man explode into gold dust, Riptide clattering to the floor as he rushed after you.

“Y/N, Y/N. Stay with me, oh gods-” Percy untied your hands, and you slumped into his arms, your eyes threatening to close and take your life away. You looked into sea green eyes, filled with so much worry and fear. Heart slamming against your slightly shattered ribcage, you took a jagged breath.

Percy picked you up bridal style, reaching down and picking up Riptide on his way out. His hand found its way to your stringy, (h/c) hair, and Percy looked down at you, heart aching. Clutching his Camp Half Blood t-shirt in your fists, you sank into the warmth of your boyfriend, what might be the last time you get to feel him.

“SOLACE!!” Percy shouted as he kicked the doors to outside open. You gasped in the fresh air, watching the moonlight for the first time in three weeks. Your stomach ached, and Percy laid you down on the ground. Familiar blonde hair came into your view.

“Holy shit.” You heard, and you chuckled.

“Am I in great condition, Doc?” You laughed, before coughing up more blood. Percy clutched his hand in your own.

“Y/N, how do you manage to always tell a joke?” Nico asked, eyes flicking away from your beat up body. You shrugged, your eyelids feeling heavy again. Will pressed his hands to your stomach, sunlight pouring through his fingers as he desperately tried to heal you.

But, you felt your life slipping away, slowly, surely. A sharp breath escaped your lips, and you squeezed Percy’s hand.

“I love you, and I’m sorry.” You croaked, looking up into those beautiful, sea green eyes you fell for long ago. Percy’s eyes widened in fear, as he looked from you, to Nico, who had a blank stare on his face.

“No. No, Y/N- Solace-” Percy frantically looked at Will, who was looking painfully at your wound, trying to work quickly.

“I’m trying!” Will cried, but it was no use.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled, teeth stained red with blood, and Percy watched you, in horror, as you closed you eyes.

“Y/N.” Percy spoke, as your hand went limp in his own. Both Percy and Will looked up at Nico, in shock, horror, and worry. Percy’s heart rammed against his ribcage, praying silently to all the gods that Nico didn’t tell him you passed away.

Nico refused to face them.

(oh ma fuckin god she fukin dead)

- nez

@dexsnursey tagged me for the fic writer’s self rec because like…i guess she wants me to choose between my children? which is just mean honestly? BUT WHATEVER OK Y’ALL ARE WOLVES I’LL JUST CRY

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

*note: these are in no particular order? just, like, five faves. so. 

1) chiaroscuro (pre-nursey/dex; nursey&dex&chowder friendship, t) (ao3

“Nu, habibi,” Derek’s mother says to him gently, as they leave the registration table. “Are you sure about this? Hockey is a rough sport. It’s going to hurt, sometimes.”

Derek, all of eight years old, squares his shoulders. “That’s okay, Ammi,” he says. “I’m not scared.”

(They warn him that hockey hurts. They don’t warn him that depression hurts worse.)

So like…anyone who follows my blog knows that I am Depressed as Fuq and also I love to project my shit onto fictional characters (Dear Derek Nurse: I’m So Sorry). This was written during a rough night, but also, like…I just have a lot of feelings about how mental health is portrayed in fic? So. (tw for depression, suicidality)

2) polyglot (nursey/dex, t) (ao3

Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease 10 September 2015
Apparently Nursey finished his language requirement freshman year. Good for him.

(Five languages Derek Nurse speaks, and one [thinks] he doesn’t.)

UMMMM this was basically just an excuse to a) write my multilingual Nursey headcanon, b) start to explore some of my Nursey backstory without flushing it out too much in case I wanted to change things later, and c) write Dex slowburn realizing that he is hella gay for Derek Nurse. 

3) one who can only find his way by moonlight (nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

The first time it happens, Derek is seven years old and having a nightmare, and in his dream, he thinks, with all of his might, I want my mom.

And then he’s not in his dream anymore.

He’s somewhere else.

This one was written for Nursey Week, and it was my first time writing magical realism in forever, and I just had, like, a shit ton of fun with it? IDK, it was great and I really liked it and I’m a huge nerd and whatever.

4) if we bite (the pain is sweet) (nursey/dex, e) (ao3)

After two and a half semesters at Samwell, Dex has gotten used to people handling their stress in weird ways. Bitty bakes up a storm, Lardo is constantly covered in what Dex really, really hopes is paint, Ransom turns into a curled-up ball of anxiety on the nearest flat surface. He gets it: people are just weird here.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t choke on his Red Bull when Nursey sighs, “God, I’m so tense right now. I just really need to suck a dick, y’know?”

(Or: five times Dex and Nursey really don’t quite know what they’re doing, and one time they’ve really, really figured it out.)

I mean how…can I not…? This was my hockey kink manifesto. I just, like. I mean. I have no idea how “haha wouldn’t it be funny if I wrote bro-jobs” turned into 55k of kink exploration that actually included, like, character development and Critical Race Discourse and like, Legitimate Feelings but. All of those things happened? I don’t know. I literally can’t tell if I’m proud or ashamed of this fic. But literally multiple people told me that there were sentences in this fic that were hotter than any sexual experience they ever had, so. That seems like a rec? 

5) streets a little kinder (when you’re home) (nursey-centric, implied pre-nursey/dex, t) (ao3) (tumblr)

Even as Derek hits the call button, he hears Dex’s voice in his head, telling him how privileged he is to be able to do this. All the same, he calls his mom, and when she picks up on the second ring, concern in her voice, he blurts out, “Can I come home for the weekend?”

If I had had the time, this fic would have been like, 20k words long, and it would have been a love letter to Derek Nurse and his relationship to NYC and his moms and his sister and his poetry and how he misses the hum of the city in his pulse when he’s at Samwell, but instead I had to cram it into just over 4k words, and I still love the shit out of this fic. I could write Nursey and his family all day, y’all. I LOVE THEM.

(honorable mentions go to: even something as pure as water, because i’m a thirsty bitch, and it drops with the gravity of rain, because it was my first fic in the fandom and i’m nostalgic.)

I tag @dizzy-redhead, @hoenursey, @ahausonfire, @omgcphee, and @sinbindos with the usual caveat that if this makes you anxious, or if you are just busy/tired/not into it you can always feel free to skip. 

I am done.

This blog has really been stressing me out. I’m done with it. I’ve overwhelmed myself (my fault) and certain die-hard fans have me finally worn me down. Well fine. You got it. I don’t have the energy or motivation to continue this anyway.

So, everyone else who actually enjoyed this blog, thank you for sticking around, being interested, and all the great support. I’m sorry I couldn’t do better or get as far as I wanted to. I’m sorry I couldn’t show you more. I’m sorry for finally giving in. I’ll leave this blog up this time in case anyone wants to review old content or what was suppose to be.

(I may do more chocoboys au art on my main art blog from time to time @sunxiii ☆ so feel free to check it out sometime)

Thank you.

To the most recent anon in my ask box regarding teapartyforthewitches.

Please leave. I don’t need your hate-mongering on my blog or in my inbox. If you wanna try and start rumors like that, use your own blog as the platform, with your own name attached to it. Slander someone with your own damn mouth if you want to do it, but don’t even try to go through me to get it done - I’m not playing your petty little games. 

Sending suspicious shit like that on anon is certainly not going to get me to believe you either, so I don’t know what you’re trying to prove - you’re certainly not down to actually prove anything, just to start more rumors and drama that needn’t be here. This community has enough shit to sort out without dealing with this petty fuckery.

Nothing productive would come of me publishing that ask, besides the one you accused getting a shit ton of hate for it. Maybe that’s your real objective - you’ve got some sort of petty grudge with them, and have no other way to deal with it but try to get some “big blogger” to post their name with slander, so that person gets a shitstorm. Tsk tsk.

But more than anything: leave my friend alone. She’s going through a hard time, and you guys spreading this shit around is not productive in any fucking manner. Seriously. I am asking you to unfollow me, because really, if you’re gonna spread rumors about my friend, I don’t really want you on my blog. And if you don’t unfollow me of your own choice, I’ve saved the ask and I’m going to block its IP.

Seriously. I’m not in the mood. Stop trying to spread hate, and don’t you even think about using me and my blog as the platform for it, I won’t have it. This is my place, my safe space, and one for any other person that needs it. That sort of shit is not welcome here.