i am sorry im so awkward omg

hi uh,,, i forgot,, that tumblr was a thing i could submit art to. so like hi I’m Summer and yeah

so um. I drew thomas and @benjpierce because like. ahgdg this took ages bc all the LITTLE LIGHTS


so uh. La La Land is definitely a very important thing to me and,, a lovely night is ,, my favorite song. Ever. and so,, these two ANGELS sang it???? like WHAT?? i actually legitimately cried haha

and thomas has helped me through,,, so much,, with like. self worth and all. and i just recently found out about ben! i of course knew of Little Game and all but YEAH omg i’m rambling im so so sorry

so WITH ALL AWKWARDNESS ASIDE i hope u,, like this

//sweats nervously and runs bc im hoping this is being submitted to the right place

Thomas: Summer, I LOVE this!!!!! You always do such a good job, and I am truly glad we were able to do the song justice for you!! Thank you for all the art you do, and especially for THIS beautiful work!!!


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also sorry i dont have visuals i took this in the kitchen like a few hrs ago actually (bc im always hungry) and made it black and white since the lighting in my house sucks but i dont want to go outside for better lighting HAHA 

i’ll tag:

@nnuest-time i know u hate this but u love me so 

@lamortdelagenisse ;) my fav

@onibugi-jr the best i love

@kangbaeks i see u around and i cry bc ur tags

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Are you still taking prompts? If you are, would you please do a bechloe songfic to "Sidekick" by Walk The Moon? If not, that's totally okay! I think your mini fics and you are awesome!

Beca shivers as she pushes out of the movie theater into the cool night. The wind whips quick around them, spitting Beca’s hair into her face. She looks up, the black sky somehow made darker by the heavy clouds moving in from the west.

“Shit,” she hisses as a drop of rain lands on her nose. 

“What?” Chloe’s by her side, her voice raised slightly as another powerful gust of wind shakes the trees that line the parking lot. 

Beca hadn’t really wanted to come to the movies, but Chloe had been hell-bent on seeing the new Step-Up movie for some reason, and Beca hadn’t really wanted to say no to her. The forecast had called for rain anyway.

It seems that the rain was just a little bit tardy to the party.

A loud crash of thunder booms around them, and Beca watches as Chloe’s eyes widen, the following flash of lightning reflecting white in her pupils.

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harry gets to see the sun shining even on his darkest days

look he’s shining so bright i’ve never seen anything like it

i am so jealous of people who get to see this in person