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Why is everyone annoyed at the new Climon sneak peak? In my opinion, it's nicer to see them flesh out their relationship a bit more than it was in the books and to not just have it as a filler relationship.

Because for a start, nobody wants Climon. At least not in a romantic way. All would be fine if they would stay as the awesome brotp that they were but dragging them now down this romantic lane. Nope, nope, nope.

It’s just wrong because a) apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once, b) Clary only shows interest in Simon because she can’t have Jace and c) Simon doesn’t deserve this because we all know how this ends.

Besides, they’ve been “dating” for like one episode?! And we already have to witness them making out now? When we waited 1 year for the Malec date to happen? And especially after their first time was so poorly written/handled? When you see Malec being sidelined because apparently talking about having sex (not to mention the fade-to-black-scene AND ignoring Magnus’ feelings) is not as important as Climon “defining” their “relationship”?

Talk about different treatment of a straight and a lgbt+ ship here.

  • Me: i am generally very open and accepting of opinions
  • Kid in my class: i dont support gay rights
  • Me: ding dong you are wrong and here's a 700 page list of reasons why your opinion is problematic and stupid

I am usually a very chill, extremely “ship and let ship” and “do whatever you like” kind of gal. But if you use “He is half of my soul, as the poets say” - or any variation thereof - in a shippy Alec edit and the ship is anything ELSE than Jalec, then you’re just absolutely, fundamentally WRONG. Like, we’re talking “not even remotely in the same galaxy” kind of wrong. And this is not an opinion, these are facts. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

I just stupidly took my math test at like midnight LMAO and I got an 87 bc I didn’t want to fucking deal with checking my work

but honestly I’m okay with it y'all I can talk to her and see what went wrong bc I am reasonably certain it was data entry in which case she may give me back some points

Anyway WHOA edye didn’t get an A ?!!! And she still shared her grade?! damn I guess it’s true she doesn’t just brag about her grades bc not a single one comes easy AND she doesn’t always get the top score either

I’m sorry it’s late and it’s been a rough week and I’m so cynical and bitter I can’t even believe it

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I don't think all Hoodies are straight. I just think you apparently have some brain damage because if you like this shit, if you like Smag's acting and Hood's character... I'm sorry but there's something seriously wrong with you.

I think it’s interesting that I am the one who has something “seriously wrong with me” and yet you are the one who thinks it’s okay to get all up in someone’s inbox and send hate about the things they love. And anonymous hate at that – the fact that you’re unwilling to sign your name to your rude messages tells me that you know this is shitty, frowned-upon behavior. And yet, here you are, telling me that there is something wrong with me. I think maybe you need to sit down and take a long hard look in the mirror on that one, nonnie. Because these messages from you? They don’t make me look bad, certainly not to my followers who are primarily OQ or at least OQ-tolerant. But they don’t reflect very well on you.

I don’t do this to you. I don’t come into your space and tell you that you shouldn’t like the things you like, that you are brain damaged for liking them, that there is something seriously wrong with you for shipping what you ship, or liking the characters and actors you like. I don’t do that, because what you like is your business, and whether I like it or not, it’s not my job to take away your joy in the things you love. And I have to imagine that’s your goal here – to make me like this less? Or to at the very least make me feel bad for liking OQ or Sean? Or to make me feel bad at all? 

But here’s the thing, nonnie: You don’t. You can’t. My feelings about OQ or Sean or Lana or OUAT are not dependent on what some grey face on the internet thinks of them.

I like Sean, as a person, I like Robin, as a character, I like OQ, as a ship. And I have liked those things since season 3 when they came on the show. Over the last three years, this fandom, and these characters, and Sean and Lana, have given me wonderful friends, and wonderful experiences, and some of my favorite stories, and beautiful art, and a community of people that I can laugh and joke and squee and rage and shake fists with. They’ve given me travel opportunities I never thought I’d have, accomplishments that could have just stayed dreams. They’ve given me all the same things that your ship, whatever it may be, assuming you have a ship, has probably given you.

And those things can’t be touched by some jerk on the internet who hides behind the anon button. You don’t make me feel bad about shipping OQ, or liking Sean, or bad about myself in any way, period. This shit doesn’t work on me.

You are just noise. 

All you are doing is wasting your time - and more importantly, wasting mine. And since it’s just about 4pm here on the east coast, and I do have some things to finish up here before I leave for the day, I’m gonna have to go ahead and ignore you for a while. I suggest you do the same to me – unless you want to keep looking like an asshole. I guess that’s always an option, too.

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Wow... I am really sorry that you're getting so much anon hate because you and the other two mods broke up three fictional characters. I love all you three and people sending any one of you hate because of a personal matter between you three that is literally none of their business is just... wrong on so many levels. You have given me so much confidence and happiness and I'm so grateful for all three of you, so don't ever let those rude jerks get to you, alright? You deserve much better.

Thank you, anon! Even though I can sometimes get rude messages, it doesn’t beat receiving sweet messages from anonymous users ♥ 

Ok, I’m sorry but am I the only one here who is beyond fed up with Clarke? Like she’s been mildly annoying for awhile and don’t get me wrong I used to love her. I mean I still like her character in some ways but honestly, she’s just mostly becoming aggravating.

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I just broke up with my bf. I know it was the right thing to do but I'm finding it so hard right now. He's a terrible person but I feel so bad. I really wish it didn't have to be this way and he hasn't tried to contact me at all, so I know he's just going to move on and not even think about me. Sorry to bother you but I'm trying my hardest to pray and trust God has a plan for me but it's just impossible to see right now

I think you have to be more patient with yourself. It is possible to miss a person, even when the situation was shitty. This just happened. You have to give yourself time to process and feel and grieve. I am proud of you for making a choice to benefit you and your well being. That choice was the right choice, even when it feels wrong. Time will pass, it will get easier, you will move on, and there will be days when you don’t even think about this guy
But for now, be patient and forgiving of yourself

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Hey, I'm really sorry with the Sup and dom request. And i did mean top and bottom, i just used the wrong description. my english is very poor and i certainly did not want to insult you or make you uncomfortable.

Don’t worry ! i’m not at all insulted or inconfortable ! But i thought that is a common mistake so i jumped on the occasion to educate people. Please don’t feel bad, i really am not insulted or anything! *hug the anon*

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*sighs* Maybe this will go through? I have a feeling other asks of mine are being eaten too....Anyway....Just wanted to send my warmest regards and condolences because I know Master Splinter was like a father to you also. *hugs tight* I am also completely mortified that in a time like this there are few cowardly anons sending you awful messages..You don't deserve that at all.

Hey Shelley. Sorry my ask box ate your lovely messages.

*Hugs tightly* Thank you so much. Your condolences mean so much to me. 

And as for the anons, it happens. It’s so wrong but it happens. It’s almost like they’re drawn to suffering.

I know I’ve already mentioned this before, but I can’t leave this alone. It’s been over three years since I read Baptism of Fire and nearly a year since Blood and Wine came out, and I am STILL not over how everyone ignores Regis’ first name. WHY?! What’s wrong with Emiel? Why does everyone skip his actual first name?! Even though he introduces himself with it. I mean, it’s not like he left it out or something. Sapkowski, explain!!

I’m so sorry, I just want to understand *gross sobbing*

i’m sorry but              if you wanna play with the adults , behave like an adult. 
if you want to post your opinions about a sensitive topic on the great wide internet you should be ready to face the consequences. if you think yourself as old enough to be educated sufficiently on matters such as antisemitism to be making posts about them, you should be old enough to take a blow yourself.
an opinion isn’t wrong ; it never is. although to make it justified you need sufficient reasons to make them so. yelling ‘it’s my opinion’ is HARDLY a sufficient reason to justify bigotry and antisemitism. ( real talk here ; bigotry and antisemitism are never justified )

also, it’s hardly considered decent behaviour to get your friends involved to save your skin. if you feel threatened by an opinion you must look at yourself and consider the fact that people might feel the same way about yours ; we aren’t talking about the favourite colour of m&ms anymore           we’re talking about HUMAN BEINGS WHO ENDURED HARDSHIP AND PAIN NOT EVEN 100 YEARS AGO AND EVEN FAR BEFORE THAT. HUMAN BEINGS WHO STILL ENDURE HARDSHIP AND PAIN TO THIS DAY.
if you can’t think about the feelings of these people and those close to them you need to sit the fuck down and shut your mouth because obviously you are no where near mature enough to speak about such matters.

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Mom I have this 'you're faking it' fight with myself so often and it's rare that I end up making myself believe that it's real, I do like girls.That's what I did last week and it was so hard but so good too! Aaand then I did what I always do after I 'win'- hooked up with a guy.It happens every single time.I never even liked those guys,it just happens.It's like im trying to prove myself that no matter how the mental fight goes my body still knows I'm faking it. It's confusing. And kinda hurts...

Oh darling, no! I am so, so, so sorry. The thing inside you that’s telling you that you’re faking it is wrong – you are not faking. You are real, and you are valid. You are real and valid, and so are your feelings. You deserve to let yourself love the way you want to love, the way you need to love, and you deserve to let yourself be loved the way you deserve to be loved, the way you want and need to be loved. I know it’s a struggle, oftentimes, trying to prove things to yourself, but honey, I promise that you are real, and I promise that you have a community of people that loves you and that will love you without conditions when you’re ready. I am sending you so much love and support, sweetheart: you are perfect, and you deserve to trust yourself <3 <3 <3

jason checking the big 3 kids
  • jason at thalia: wonderful as always thals. getting edgier every year i expected nothing less from my own blood
  • jason at hazel: *touches hair* adorable and beautiful
  • jason at percy: bro if only i was gay... *clutches chest*
  • jason at nico: *closes eyes* *breathes heavily* *prayer hands to the gods* *aggressively blows kisses* friggin masterpiece!!! bless hades for creating this angel

@therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu 💚💚👁🌵 I hope you two had a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Best wishes! Edit: I am so sorry😰😭😭😭 I colored Wiishu’s eyes wrong. I know now that her eyes are green. I am very sorry. This is my first fanart of the two and I am in general bad with eye colors, I will remember the correct eye color next time! Promise! 😖