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Hello! Okay, now this is long overdue. It has been like a month and I haven’t posted a single thing. I am really sorry, I apologize for this inconvenience, I was facing a few personal problems that have now been dealt with. :) This is one of your admins @yukihime713 and this is my first piece of work on this blog. Enjoy :D

Imagine discussing about Asgard with Loki. 

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You looked at the blanket of stars above you, as you laid on the soft grass with a content sigh escaping your lips. You were out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to Loki and his magic. 

Because of lack of pollution due to about 3 to 4% population here, the night sky looked breathtaking. There were billions of stars spread out in the vast night sky shining like pearls, winking at you every once in a while. “How is it there?” you whispered, your head tilting slightly to look at Loki, who was enjoying the scenery as much as you were. “Where?” his eyes locked with yours. “Asgard” you smiled. 

He looked taken aback by your question. This was the first time you asked Loki about Asgard as a small smirk graced his lips. “It’s beautiful. Even more so than here.” You quirked an eyebrow in curiosity. “Really? Tell me more about Asgard” you grinned. 

“Well, those mythical creatures you mortals talk about, the ones in books, like for example, dragons.” He said with twinkling eyes, looking at you with adoration. “Yeah, what about them?” you fully turned towards him. “They’re real and dangerous I dare say.” He smiled. “Seriously?” you asked popping up on your elbows and staring at him in amazement. “Yes. They can be tamed, and are useful in battles, but now they are very rare species. You seldom see them at the more cultivated areas of Asgard.” 

“Wow” you mumbled in bewilderment and laid in your previous position, with the new discovery swirling in your head, as you dreamily looked at the stars above you with your thoughts occupied by dragons. 

“I will take you to Asgard someday and then, you can see them and all other amazing things over there” Loki turned his head back towards the velvety dark blue sky with diamonds in them. “I’d love that, thank you.” you beamed, moving closer and kissed his forehead making him smile fondly at you. “Anything for you darling”.