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One Sided Love Pt 6

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Plot: Your crush on Yoongi is obvious, but he doesn’t feel the same

Previous parts; Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5

When I got to the practice I couldn’t see Tae anywhere, but as I looked around I saw one of the other boys stretching.

“Where’s Tae?” I asked walking farther into the room.

“What are you doing here?” he said looking up at me.

I froze as I looked at him with wide eyes. I quickly turned and tried to run to the door but my plan was ruined by Taehyung closing the door and locking me inside the room with the one man I was trying to avoid, Min Yoongi.

“You’re a dead man Kim Taehyung!” I yelled as I tried desperately to open the door.

“Neither of you are leaving this room until you talk it out!” he replied.

I let out a frustrated sigh of defeat and went to the corner that was farthest from Yoongi as he tried to open the door but failed as well.

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” he said as he ran his fingers through his hair “When this is over I’m going to kill him for locking me in a room with you.”

“Do you hate me that much?” I asked getting angry.

“What?” he asked turning to face me.

“Am I that much of a inconvenience to you?”


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for liking you, I’m sorry for letting Taehyung trick me into coming here.” I said as angry tears formed in my eyes.


“Once he lets us out I promise that I wont be a bother for you anymore. I wont worry about your health, I wont concern myself about how you’re doing. I promise that I will do as you wish and forget all about you Min Yoongi.” I said as some tears escaped down my cheeks.

“What I wish? You know what I wish?” he asked coming closer to where I was. “I wish that I hadn’t treated you so poorly. I wish that I never told you to leave me alone.” 

I looked up at him confused.

“I wish that I won’t miss you texting me all the time and coming over to hang out at the dorms. I wish I was smart enough to have done this sooner.” He cupped my cheek wiping away my tears as he brought his lips down to meet mine.

Darlin’ (a Leonard McCoy x Reader Fanfiction)

I’m sorry never sorry for this piece. Lots of smut and dirty, unfair Leonard ahead.
Word count: 5905
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: (you mean plus sides?) Dirty talk kink, light dom Leonard, hand kink, lots of teasing, wait there’s a story in this smut? The smut that everyone needed but did not ask for.

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Political Animals-Part 6

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Text messages are highlighted in BOLD

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The minute Sam and I touched, it was though a switch flipped inside me. Everything around me seemed to fade away slightly in comparison to him.  His hands gripped my arms as he backed me against my closed door.

All I could think about was my need for him.  Our lips met in a clash of tongues and mouths as he kissed me until I had to pull away so I could breathe.  “Need you Alpha.” I whispered.

Sam’s eyes darkened as his hands tangled in my hair.  I leaned my head to the side, exposing my neck to him.  His scent was making my head spin.  We were so wrapped up in each other that neither of us seemed concerned with the fact we were practically have sex in the hallway where anyone could see.

“Unlock the door, Y/N.”  Sam demanded.

My hands were shaking as I tried to fit the key into the lock.  As soon as I had the door open, I tugged his hand and we spilled into my apartment. 

“Help me out of this damn dress!” I begged. I felt like if I didn’t get him inside me in the next 2 minutes I was going to jump out of my skin. He stood behind me, yanking the zipper down as my dress pooled in a puddle at my feet.  I turned and kicked the offending garment away.

Sam’s large hands cupped my ass as he ground his pants covered erection into me.  Free of the confining dress, clad in only my panties and bra, I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist.  My pussy began to throb with the need to be filled, and slick poured out of me. I bit back a moan. 

Sam reached out a long arm and cleared the top of the table off with one swipe of his hand.  Papers, brushes and other art supplies tumbled to the floor, and I heard the sound of glass breaking.  Even that didn’t pierce the haze of desire that was consuming me.  We weren’t even going to make it to the bedroom.

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Yikes! I'm sorry for giving you any inconveniences, CC! Earlier last year, I changed my tumblr URL, and then I watched the pitfall of fire and destruction that happened around me as I scrambled to tell people of what happened to me. For the concerned anon who asked of me, I'm still here! Joey's still here. Everything is OK *watches more fire erupt from tumblr*

Okay, that makes sense XD

Hello! Okay, now this is long overdue. It has been like a month and I haven’t posted a single thing. I am really sorry, I apologize for this inconvenience, I was facing a few personal problems that have now been dealt with. :) This is one of your admins @yukihime713 and this is my first piece of work on this blog. Enjoy :D

Imagine discussing about Asgard with Loki. 

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You looked at the blanket of stars above you, as you laid on the soft grass with a content sigh escaping your lips. You were out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to Loki and his magic. 

Because of lack of pollution due to about 3 to 4% population here, the night sky looked breathtaking. There were billions of stars spread out in the vast night sky shining like pearls, winking at you every once in a while. “How is it there?” you whispered, your head tilting slightly to look at Loki, who was enjoying the scenery as much as you were. “Where?” his eyes locked with yours. “Asgard” you smiled. 

He looked taken aback by your question. This was the first time you asked Loki about Asgard as a small smirk graced his lips. “It’s beautiful. Even more so than here.” You quirked an eyebrow in curiosity. “Really? Tell me more about Asgard” you grinned. 

“Well, those mythical creatures you mortals talk about, the ones in books, like for example, dragons.” He said with twinkling eyes, looking at you with adoration. “Yeah, what about them?” you fully turned towards him. “They’re real and dangerous I dare say.” He smiled. “Seriously?” you asked popping up on your elbows and staring at him in amazement. “Yes. They can be tamed, and are useful in battles, but now they are very rare species. You seldom see them at the more cultivated areas of Asgard.” 

“Wow” you mumbled in bewilderment and laid in your previous position, with the new discovery swirling in your head, as you dreamily looked at the stars above you with your thoughts occupied by dragons. 

“I will take you to Asgard someday and then, you can see them and all other amazing things over there” Loki turned his head back towards the velvety dark blue sky with diamonds in them. “I’d love that, thank you.” you beamed, moving closer and kissed his forehead making him smile fondly at you. “Anything for you darling”. 

“Eastern surprise” Rami Malek x Reader fanfic (feat. Sami Malek)

AN: Hello there! this fanfic was requested by the lovely @littledreamybeth, and she has also given me an idea for this. I am really sorry for taking so long to write this. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Word count: 1441

- - - - -

Several hostesses yell at passengers that do not speak the same language, a person on a seat behind you already puking his guts out in a bag – not exactly how you imagined your flight at the early time of five to be. You were on a flight with your boyfriend Rami to visit his parents. Even though indeed his family lives in the United States, for this summer they were spending time in their house in Cairo.

He held your hand tightly, giving it a light squeeze. “Don’t worry sweetheart, it will be alright. We just have around four hours left of the flight… “You chuckled to his response giving him a glance. “Well this atmosphere here is not the only thing that is bothering me. You do know that your parents don’t know we’re dating or that we’re involved in any way. I don’t even know what to tell them if they get surprised we had arrived with the same flight.” Rami sighed softly before massaging your hand. “I know what you mean, I don’t know how to tell or explain our relationship either. But we will figure something out I promise.”

~ ~ ~ ~

As you continued to get comfortable in the guest room the Maleks have kindly prepared for you, you could not help but wonder how you will break the news about your new boyfriend, their son. You weren’t exactly sure why you were afraid of telling the the truth. I mean both yours and his families were good friends for over ten years, they think you’re an angel, they were never nothing but nice to you, what was the issue?

It was around three o’clock in the afternoon and you’ve decided to take a walk around town. It has been a while, since Rami was busy you’ve decided to ask several other family members inside the house if they were available for a walk. So you changed into a bit more comfortable and loosened clothes, since what is Egyptian weather so hot.

You were walking in the hallways and glanced at the perfect person to ask, your good friend, Sami. Despite the fact that he has Rami’s twin brother there were obvious differences in the appearance. For some reason Sami had a bit more rounder face than Rami plus fun fact, Sami almost always cuts his hair shit tone shorter than Rami does. “Hello there” You smiled cheekily poking his shoulder. He turned around with a soft smile and gave you a warm hug. “Wow look at you, it has been a while since we’ve seen each other. I was wondering who doesn’t speak Arabic in this house then I remembered your came.” He chuckled sweetly before ruffling the top of your head. “Ouch, don’t do that, it is not easy to have a nice hair cut when you hadn’t had a shower two days in a row…” You’ve mumbled the last part a bit awkwardly and rubbed your nape. “Listen Sami, I was wondering could we have a walk together? It has been a while since I have been in Cairo and I don’t want to get lost.” Of course he agreed.

~ ~ ~ ~

The walk was calming and absolutely wonderful. Two of you went to the market; you could not stop yourself from stocking on some eastern dates and wonderful fruits and vegetables. Of course your weak ancient Egypt trash could not help but made Sami take you to a few smaller museums nearby.

After several hours you two came back home around six o’clock in the afternoon and it was already time for dinner. You thanked Sami deeply for giving you a little tour and went to the bathroom to freshen up a little since, once again, Egypt’s weather how even so hot.

~ ~ ~ ~

By the time you got ready it was around six thirty and your boyfriend came back home. You have excitingly given him a tight hug and a quick peck on the lips. “I’ve missed you so much” You’ve mumbled with a warm smile and hugged him again. “I have missed you too sweetheart. I just came back with my dad, he said the dinner will be done soon”

“Yeah I have figured so I took a quick shower. I don’t want your parents to sense my sweat.” You said with a soft giggled and kissed his cheek. Several minutes later everyone had gathered in the dining room for dinner. You had sat between the brothers, their sister across you and his parents around. “Once again I am extremely thankful for you guys having me here. This is probably around tenth time me saying this today but it has been a while, I had missed this place.”

“Now of course sweetie how could we say no to you? You know how much you mean to us you little plum.” His mother said with a soft smile, offering me a plate with baked potatoes. As I began taking some of the delicious looking potatoes on my plate, Rami’s father announced. “There is something really important and exciting I want to tell you kids. ___ your parents and us have been discussing this for a really long time and last week we had finally made a pact.” He said with a bit excitement in his voice. “We have agreed that you and Sami are going to get married!” You widened your eyes triple the size than usually and looked at Rami then at his dad. “E-excuse me?”  

Mother continued. “Well our families have been really good friends for a really long time and, it would be even more wonderful to unite our families by becoming in laws. And I have seen you two having a really good walk today, I am sure you will get along perfectly.

~ ~ ~

Rami sighed and rubbed his face before standing up of his seat. “Mom, dad, there is something I have to tell you, it is really important, I – “he gulped looking at both of them. “___ and I have been dating for a few months now. We really, do care deeply about each other and I would not be exactly happy if she marries my brother.” His mom gasped, placing her hand where her heart is. “Dear God…” She said looking at her husband.

“I don’t know what to say” the father spoke. “It is all already settled. We cannot change a deal just like that. We have figured Rami was seeing someone so we’ve decided for Sami. We need more time to settle this…” The dinner continued and ended awkwardly. You stood up with an obvious devastated faces and went to your bedroom.

~ ~ ~ ~

The next day you woke up really early. You still not aware of what had quite happened last night. All you know is that you don’t want to marry to a person you consider to be a really good friend. Once standing up, you’ve changed into something more presentable and still decided to spend some time in the room. You were too lazy or terrified to go out. You heard a knock on your door and looked up mumbling silently. “Who is it?” The door was opened a bit little slowly with Rami’s face peeking in. He entered and closed the door, sitting on the floor in front of you. “I am sorry for this, inconvenience we are going through.”

“You don’t have to apologies love, you didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t even know any of this was happening.” You’ve said with a low sigh before he wrapped his strong arms around you whilst stroking your hair. “Actually, my dad is speaking with yours over the phone… at this moment. Hopefully he will come with some good news.”

“I do hope so too.” You smiled a little before placing a soft kiss on his lips. He held your chin with his left hand and kissed back lovingly. The kiss was interrupted with another knock on the door. And it was Rami’s father, he entered with a low sigh. “Listen, kids… I have just spoke to our friends, your parents. They have told me, and we all agreed that it wasn’t that nice of us to assume it would be alright to arrange a marriage You two are lucky we were friends and in good relations for a really long time, otherwise this would be tough to break.”

You smiled widely and stood up from Rami’s hold to give his father a tight hug. “I am thankful.” Rami smiled at you two before standing up and joining a hug.

Aren’t You A Bit...Not Qualified?-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine:#26 Prompt:#16

Word Count: 802

Warnings: Mention of shitty parents

A/n: So I asked and only 2 people answered and they both said tutor!Brett so that’s what I’m doing. So get ready  for this. I may do a part 2 eventually but no promises.


Coming Soon


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I’m just your problem

: La da da da da,

I’m gonna bury you in the ground,

La da da da da,

I’m gonna bury you with my sound,

I’m gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face,

I’m gonna…

Princess Bubblegum: Marceline, that’s too distasteful!

Marceline: Oh, you don’t like that? Or do you just not like me?!

Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess,

Is that what you want me to do?

Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect,

Like all your little loyal subjects do,

Sorry I’m not made of sugar,

Am I not sweet enough for you?

Is that why you always avoid me?

That must be such an inconvenience to you, well

I’m just your problem,

I’m just your problem,

It’s like I’m not, even a person, am I?

I’m just your problem

Well, I shouldn’t have to justify what I do

I shouldn’t have to prove anything to you

I’m sorry that I exist

(Finn:It’s working! Look at the door!)

I forget what landed me on your blacklist,

But I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you, so

Why do I want to? Why do I want to…

To… bury you in the ground and drink the blood from your… Ugh

Blind Attraction

[my own prompt]
Warning: mention of explosion
Contains: blind!reader and a bit of fluff.

Imagine: waking up in a hospital to discover you can’t see anything.
Darkness enveloped you, the smell of cleaning detergent and medicine flooded through your senses. You opened your eyes, not seeing anything.

Your hands went up to your eyes. Maybe you were wearing a mask or something. Nothing was there though.

Your breath quickened, thoughts racing through your head. You couldn’t remember anything expect from a week ago.

“G-guys?” You called out, hands feeling around for ..something. Anything.

Nice to know sleeping beauty finally awake.“ Morgan chuckled. "Somebody wake the other sleeping beauty up.” Everyone started welcoming you but you were freaking out.

“Who?” You asked confused. “Morgan where are you?” You felt someone by you yawn.

“Hey..” It was Spencer. He sounded tired. You hands reached out and found his. “Oh hey y/n! You'e awake! H-how are you?”

“I can’t see anything!” You were freaking out. You heard Hotch call out for a nurse, who checked your conditions and brought in a doctor.

“Alright Hun can you see anything?” You heard a click and realized that he was probably shining a light in your eyes. You were annoyed, but talked to him anyway.


“Doctor..uh, Watkins? Is this going to be permanent?” You heard Rossi ask. You heard the click signaling that the light was off. Your hand was still on Spencer’s using the excuse of being freaked out (which you actually were.) to keep holding on. Spencer didn’t say anything, just giving you reassuring squeezes an rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb.

“Based on scans we had taken earlier, there was a slight risk of this happening. But the explosion wasn’t close enough to make this permanent. It will probably only last a month or two.”

“Wait wait wait!” You started freaking out again. “Almost two MONTHS!? What? And…I-i-i was in an explosion? I can’t remember anything like that! How long was I out?&” You hand kneaded through your knotty hair and you sighed, feeling tears spring to your eyes.

“I’m going to lose my job! Plus I have no one to stay with to help me! What…what am I going to do?” You started crying softly, letting go of Spencer’s hand to cover your face.

“Hotch can I talk to you outside for a moment?” Spencer asked and you felt them leave the room.

“Y/n,’ you heard Garcia begin. "I’m positive Hotch won’t fire you, and everything’s going to be okay. You can stay at my place.” You shook your head.

“No, I can’t inconvenience anyone like that. I’ll…I’ll figure something out.”

“Always so headstrong and stubborn, but you don’t have to be.” Emily said, patting your shoulder causing you to gasp.

“Sorry you just… startled me. Can you guys tell me what happened?” It turns out you has been out for three days, because of a bomb hidden in the unsubs house.

“Yeah, pretty boy never left your side either.” Morgan teased causing you to blush. He knew about your crush, an knowing that he probably told Garcia, everyone else probably knew as well.

“and we won’t either.” Hotch answered. “I see no reason to fire you, you’re one of our best agents and it’s only temporary. So until a doctor can clear you to return, you’re going to have to get a personal caretaker.” You breathed a sigh of relief, and flopped back on to your pillows.

“Alright. You guys don’t have to worry about me, go home! I’ll be fine. Just visit me ‘kay?” They assured you they would and left giving you hugs and ruffling your hair.

“Spence. Seriously, go home. You don’t have to be my keeper. You knew he hadn’t left yet. Part of you wanted to ask him to stay, to lay next to you and tell you everything’s going to be alright, but that was unrealistic.

"Y/n…” He mumbled, sitting back down next to you and caressing your hand gently causing heat to run up to your cheeks.

“Seriously, go spence. I’ll be FINE. Just please visit me soon. The doctor said I could leave the day after tomorrow.” Your hand patted up his arm to find his face, accidentally smudging it a bit before you both let out laughs.

“Heh, sorry.” You then found his hair and ruffled it. You were glad you two were friends and had done this before or else it would have felt a bit more intimate.

“alright y/n I’ll see you soon I promise.” He said, giving you a hug. You smiled against his chest. He smelled like coffee and old books.

“Bye spence.” You heard the door shut and you shut your eyes and started crying. This was gonna suck.

Part two maybe? *shrugs suggestivly*


REQUEST:One shot - reader x Remus. So Remus finds you doing weird things( like things to become an animagus) one day he sneaks after you towards the forbidden forest and sees your animagus form. He talk about it to all the other mauraders. One day the three of them corner you in the halls and try to get you to confess but you don’t. They sneak up on you and drag you to the forest. They force you to show your animagus and then they all share theirs. Remus and you kiss and he comes up with your nickname.

WARNINGS: Nothing….I don’t think

A/N: I am not very educated in animagus stuff so I apologize if anything is out of order or wrong.

Remus had no business to be concerned about his fellow classmate Y/n. Yet something just lured him back right when he thought his ‘crush’ ,as James called it,he had had on her had worn off,he was back to wondering what she was up to. Just like today. He was in the library for some peace and quiet from his three best friends. He was deep in his book McGonagall had suggested for him but still,out of the corner of his eye, caught the sight of Y/n rushing past him. Maybe it was the fact no one else was in the library and she seemed like a commotion barging in. Or maybe it was the fact he had memorized that beautiful hair color and perked up to see her. Either way she caught his eye. He lifted his head up from the book but still leaned over it and watched as Y/n searched quickly through the books.
Her face looked different to Remus. It seemed as if her face was a bit more….pointed and…..tan. Remus gave a confused expression and tried to focus back at the book but couldn’t. Eventually (after like 8 minutes) Y/n smiled proudly as she slid a book off of the shelf and made her way to the table that was next to the one Remus was sitting at. She flew the book opened and quickly began to take notes about what ever it was that the book was providing facts about. Remus found himself becoming interested in what it was. He forced himself to stand up and make his way over to her.

“So..Um…Y/n?” He awkwardly asked. He shoved his hands in his pockets

“Yes?!” She flung her head up to face him and her long hair flew up with it almost hitting him in the face.

“I…uh..what are you reading?” Remus tried to glance at the title but she turned the page to cover what the heading of the chapter said.

“This? It’s nothing. Really. Just stupid stuff for transfiguration. Uh….stuff to improve my grades.” Y/n replied nervously laughing

“Well I could help you…It’s one of my best classes.”

“On second thought I just remembered McGonagall raised my grade. I don’t need this!” She hastily shoved the papers and book into her bag and walked fast out of the library calling over her shoulder “Thanks anyway Remus!”

He mentally punched himself in the face. Why was he so good at scaring girls off? But He knew something was up with Y/n,she looked different and had been acting weird for the past month. He decided to follow. Maybe it would answer a few questions. He left the library, his book now long forgotten, and quickly went where Y/n was headed but made sure to be hidden. She took several turns in the hallway and seemed very cautious of her surroundings,making it even harder for Remus to watch her. Eventually she made it to the entrance and ran out side. He stayed back a little but almost lunged forward when he saw her go into the forbidden forest. After all,why would she want to go in there?
He stood behind a tree and watched Y/n bend down to her knees and do something with her wand as she muttered a few words that were inaudible to Remus. Nothing happened. She did the same thing again after taking a deep breath and relaxing herself again. Nothing happened. This time she took out the book she placed in her bag and flipped to a page she had bookmarked She whispered the words to herself and then exclaimed “OH!” And seemed very excited. Remus had to stop himself from jumping at her sudden outburst. She grabbed her wand again and this time did a different wave and and seemed to be saying something different. Suddenly, very much to Remus and Y/n’s surprised, she transformed. Into a fox. Remus held a hand over his mouth to stop the gasp escaping his lips. He waited for Y/n….or the fox….to walk out of sight before running back to the castle.


“A WHAT?!?!” Sirius exclaimed in their dorm room. Remus had just explained, or tried to, that Y/n was animagus.

“A fox. I just followed her into the forest and she turned into a freaking fox!” Remus yelled throwing his hands around trying to express his mixed emotion about what he just witnessed.

“Wait you just followed her into the forest….and you say you don’t have a crush on her” Peter Grinned at Remus who was now blushing.

“That’s besides the point. Are you sure she’s animagus?” James asked

“I mean I am pretty sure that is what just happened.” Remus responded

“She’s never said anything about it” Peter quietly pointed out.

“Well I mean neither have we and we are as well.” James said gesturing to the four.

“But what if Remus is wrong? Shouldn’t we double check with Y/n?” Sirius asked looking at James who seemed to agree.

“Right because that will be a lovely conversation. ‘hey Y/n are you secretly able to turn into a fox?” Remus acted out

“We’ll just have to trick her into admitting it.“ James said seeming to be thinking hard.

“Oh no we’re not. You are not forcing y/n to say anything she–” “Shut the bloody hell up Remus. We all know you want to know about your girlfriend’s secret” Sirius smirked before turning to James “We could show her our forms and then maybe she will feel comfortable enough to say she is one.” “That could be risking a lot. Maybe we could track her down after class? I’m sure Remus knows her whole after school schedule.” James glanced at him “I do not. Though since tomorrow is Friday she always goes to the great hall after class to hang with her friends.” Remus avoiding eye contact then blushed as all of the boys slightly shoved him laughing.


“Hey you were right Remus,there she is!!” Peter pointed down the hall to Y/n who was stopped in the middle of the way tying her shoe.

“Yo Y/n!” James called out as the three boys ran to her and Remus reluctantly followed. Her head perked up and she nervously stood up. Not that she was intimidated by the boys but more the fact they never really talked to her, except of course Remus. The two had a few small talks here and there but were nothing big. To anyone else at least. They were very special to y/n. But she was more nervous because they had cornered her yesterday and asked her if she was animagus. She quickly covered up saying she would "have never dreamed of becoming one”


  “Um we need to ask you something.” Sirius said looking around

“Alone.”Peter added

  “Oh okay you can–”

James cut her off saying “great”

Sirius and James grabbed either of her arms and dragged her outside,despite her protests.

“GUYS! What the bloody hell, let go of me!!”

“Sorry no can do” Sirius said keeping a firm grip

. “But–wait a minute WHY ARE YOU DRAGGING ME IN THE FOREST!?!”

  “Blimey Y/n you got quite a voice.” Sirius muttered When they were deep enough in the forest Y/n sighed in relief when they let her go.

“I know you wanted alone but I didn’t realize you……why do you guys all have wands at me?” Y/n had trailed off slowly backing up until her back hit the tree. “We wanted to ask you something”

“Are you animagus?” Remus blurted out knowing that the other three were going to make it complicated. Immediately Y/n fake laughed. “What? That is such an outrageous question. Come on now, me? An animagus? I don’t think so. I will just head back to the castle now. My friends are–”

“Before you try to convince us other wise, we would like to show you something.” James smiled, putting his wand on the floor. Sirius and Peter did the same. In just a few seconds the boys turned into animals right before y/n’s eyes. Her jaw dropped in disbelief and her eyes moved to meet Remus’s

. “You guys are-”

“Animagus? Yep. I figured out you were one too but wanted to make sure. Sorry for the inconvenience. But we couldn’t go flashing around on school grounds.“

"Yah you couldn’t…Wait what are you?” Y/n asked

“Uh….Nothing special. That’s a story for a different day.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

“I won’t” Remus said under his breath

“But yes I am animagus also. Well…sort of. I have quite mastered it. I failed yesterday and that’s why my face is pointed and orange like a fox.” Y/n laughed causing Remus to as well.

“I think you look cute whether you look like a fox or not.” Remus was surprised by his own words. It was true though.

“Thank you. I think you look cute too.” Sirius and James secretly cheered the two on. Y/n got the hint and knew she had to make the first move. “You wanna know something funny?” She asked turning to face Remus

“What’s that?”

“I have kind of had a crush on you since 2nd year”

“I-Really? I have too”


“Yah…Would you maybe want to…Would you..I can’t think of…Maybe we could” Remus stuttered as Y/n smiled saying “I would love to” She leaned in to kiss him


“Moony’s got a girlfriend! Moony’s got a girl friend” The three had transformed back and were now mocking them.

anonymous asked:

ey can I maybe have a Fred one shot? basically I have this idea where the girl goes to a quidditch after party with someone else even though her and Fred really like each other, and the guy gets too touchy-feely and Fred tries to fight him, but the girl tries to stop them and Fred accidentally punches her? lol if you need it my names crissy

Ayyyy, here it is! I really hope you like it! x Thank you for the request! (btw haha you change the name Mark to any you like, it’s just the first I could come up with haha lol) x

“Come on already, Crissy!” Mark said, sounding slightly annoyed. You had only taken a second to put your coat over your shoulders since the corridors of Hogwarts were quite cold today. “I’m here, I’m here, don’t worry” you replied flatly and walked next to him, your arms crossed. The way he smirked at you left you rather irritated than flattered – it suddenly became a mystery to you why you had agreed to go with him to the Gryffindor VS Ravenclaw Quidditch after party. He had asked you 2 days ago and for some reason, you had agreed, perhaps out of the pure surprise of being invited to accompany someone.  Right now, you could have punched yourself for your own stupidity, but you felt a bit more relaxed when you finally entered the Gryffindor tower together. The smell of butterbeer was filling your nostrils immediately and people were chatting and shouting, it all seemed really nicely organized and decent. Gryffindor had won, so everything was garnished in red and golden, little flags and someone had put confetti of the same color all over the place. Harry was the first of the team you spotted; he was surrounded by Ron and Hermione, looking quite cheerful. As you waved at him, someone put his arm around your waist tightly. “So, what about we grab some butterbeer, baby?” Mark asked you in a strange, slimy sounding voice. His arm squeezed your waist once again as you didn’t reply for a moment. “Um, okay, sure” you smiled back and gently pulled his arm away from your hips, leaving him quite startled for a second. You wouldn’t let him do anything to you and you were keen to set boundaries – as long as he wasn’t overdoing anything, you were quite convinced you could survive the party and have a bit of fun as well. As you two got yourself a butterbeer, you noticed someone smiling cheekily at you. It was Fred Weasley, standing beside his brother in his Gryffindor sweater – he had seemingly looked at you for quite a while and seeing him actually, unmistakably, giving you sweet glimpses made you blush slightly. Mark had probably noticed that you were looking at someone else and turned around, watching out for the person who had distracted you from him. “Mark, it’s nothing, I was just looking at the decorations-“you said, but he cut you off. “It’s one of the Weasley twins, right? He’s been looking at you quite often, I’ve realized. He’d better keep his nasty glimpse off of you, that ginger git” Mark said, laughing slightly toward the end of his sentence, turning to you. It seemed as if he thought that what he had said had impressed you, but you were utterly opposed. “I think it’s better if you focus on something else now, Mark, just relax” – You looked at him, your eyes squinting a bit as you saw that he probably didn’t get what you were trying to say. Without replying, his hand was once again on your waist with an ungraceful thump, whereupon he pulled you away. You tried to catch a last glimpse at Fred – what you saw looked like an irritated, disgusted face of his.

“Listen, Mark, I really wanted to talk to Angelina, could we just-“you said, turning your face away from him for the second time now, trying to avoid his eyes. “Why are you so stubborn?” Mark asked. His hand grabbed yours and you immediately drew it back with a quick swish. “I’m not stubborn, I just don’t feel like doing stuff right now, I just want to talk to-“you hissed now, but his hands were once again on your waist, this time actually clinging to it. “But you agreed to come here with me” – something about Mark’s voice was slightly menacing and he didn’t let go of your waist, no matter how hard you tried to push his hands away without making it turn into a violent scene. He came nearer, his breath hitting your face, so you turned away again, but he had you in his grip. Trying to escape was useless – a moment later, he had put his lips on your neck. How could he simply start doing this in the middle of the Common Room? Some were starting to give you weird glimpses now. “Mark, stop it” you said angrily, trying to pull away once more. Mark did not react, but only brought his own lips nearer to yours. “For heaven’s sake, Mark, stop it now” you repeated.  You tried to jolt him away when he actually touched your lips, but he pulled you even closer. Now, he certainly had crossed a line. “Mark, I told you” you said angrily, trying to catch his gaze, but you were interrupted by someone pulling Mark away from you. “Can’t you see that she doesn’t like what you’re doing to her, you dimwit? Stop it now” – Fred Weasley glared at the boy that had just tried to seduce you in vain. You slightly blushed when he entered the scene – you had always liked him a lot, but both of you have tended to be rather shy toward each other. “And how on earth are you supposed to know about that, Weasley? Get out of my business, you git. She’s with me, so you better bugger off” Mark growled before turning to you again. Internally, you were so thankful to Fred for rescuing you, otherwise it might have ended with you trying to escape his grip awkwardly and shouting things you normally wouldn’t dare say out loud in public. Fred’s temper was rising as he saw him coming close to you again with his hands tightly on your waist. “I said stop it” you hissed, but Mark was behaving blatantly ignorant toward your words again. “Are you really that thick? Listen to her” Fred said, laughing slightly at his dumbness and pulling Mark away from you again. “You stupid Weasley, think you know everything better. Probably never had a girl before; you know nothing about them. Who would want to be with a Weasley anyway?” Mark responded, now actually turning to Fred to face him directly. He came nearer, tall as he was, and glared at Fred. “Mark, stuff it, stop saying such things” you said determined, but Fred’s cheeks had already reddened. “I’m very certain that being a Weasley is better than being a disrespectful dimwit, thank you” he responded playfully arrogant and glared at his opponent. It was then that Mark put his hand on his arm, pushing him back slightly. “Mark, stop it, now!” you exclaimed and ran toward him before trying to pull him away from Fred, who was now visibly full of anger. He pushed him back a bit stronger. Mark’s face darkened; it was like he was actually going off like a firework, and suddenly, he was thrusting his hands against Fred’s chest with such temper that he almost fell down. Fred seemed equally enraged and walked towards him, butting him back as well. Some people were turning their heads in surprise and desire to gape – it was unbelievable to you. “Boys, stop it, are you crazy?” you hissed and eagerly ran toward the scene. What happened next stunned you and everyone else, for you had chosen a very inconvenient moment to step in and try to make Fred and Mark stop fighting each other. Fred had actually reached back to punch his opponent, but when you tried to separate the two brawlers, you happened to be the one hit by this strong punch of his. You stumbled back, putting your hands over your nose. The thump had left your whole face aching now. “Oh-my god, I am so, so s-sorry, Crissy, I didn’t mean to do that, I-I am s-so sorry” Fred gasped, looking utterly terrified. Some people were laughing at you – all you could think of was running away. Without looking at anyone, you left the scene as quickly as possible, heading for the girl’s bathroom.

A single tear was rolling down your face as you watched yourself in the soiled mirror of the bathroom. Your face was still aching, but what saddened you most was that the night was ruined and you had been involved in this pathetic escalation. Although you had really appreciated Fred helping you out, you were uncertain about him. Of course, he hadn’t hit you on purpose, you knew that, but you were scared your relationship with him was now wrecked completely. Blood was streaming from your nose down to your chin and you bent over the sink to clean your face, but the blood kept flowing, dropping onto your clothes and hands. Suddenly, you heard someone panting and running toward the sinks. “Crissy, there you are” Fred gasped, coming nearer. You doubted that anyone had ever seen him blushing like this before. “Hello, Fred” you said, trying to wipe away the tears and the blood. “Oh, gosh, that looks dreadful, I am so, so sorry” he stammered. It was like he was carefully asking if he could come nearer with his glimpse. “Don’t worry, Fred, I know you didn’t do it on purpose” you replied, trying to sound relaxed, but your voice trembled. “You’re right about that, but still, I should have paid so much more attention. I could fix it for you, if you want. It’s the least thing I can do, I suppose. Only if you’re okay with that, of course” he said. The look on his face was incredibly soft as he drew out his wand. You nodded and gave him a shy, uncertain smile, ashamed of looking at him with tear-swollen eyes, before he flicked it. As a matter of fact, the bleeding stopped. “Wow, thank you” you said. It was surprising how he was able to do a charm like this. “Crissy, please, I think there’s absolutely no need to thank me. Look at your clothes, you want me to fix them too?” he asked. You nodded, and a moment later, the blood stains vanished from your sleeves. “Thanks, Fred” you smiled shyly. Something about his presence touched you; it felt good to have him looking out and caring for you. “Again, I am so, so sorry, I just completely lost my temper with that Mark. I didn’t want to ruin your evening, Crissy. Please forgive me” he explained, dreadfully ashamed of himself. “I really appreciated you helping me out, Fred” you said, trying to wipe the tears away again, “and I understand, Mark truly is an idiot. I don’t know why I agreed to go with him anyway. I just did it, I never would have expected him to be that much of a jerk” Fred chuckled in relief over your words. “Good to know we think the same way about him. But it’s not your fault he freaked out” he replied. His nose reddened again toward the end of the sentence, for he knew it had been somehow his behavior that had caused the fight. “I only lose my temper when I consider it so blatantly dimwitted that it could make me cry, though” he commented after a short period of silence. “Losing your temper about Mark was reasonable, then” you replied. Both of you looked at each other, whereupon a smile traced your lips. “Thank you for stepping in, Fred. It might surprise you if I say this, but I would have preferred to go with you to the party” – “I was actually planning on asking you, but then George told me that Mark had boasted about how you had agreed to go with him. I need to be quicker next time, I suppose” he replied hastily, scratching his head. “Oh, r-really? I didn’t know that. Yes, next time, maybe” – You were both surprised and flattered to hear this, but you would have probably reacted a lot different if you hadn’t been in this dreadful state. “Do you need a hug?” Fred asked suddenly. You looked at him for a moment, not knowing what to say. “Y-Yes, I-er, maybe, yes” you mumbled and a moment later, Fred had put his arms around you, his hand gently rubbing your back. The smell of his sweater filled your nostrils and you sobbed quietly, for something just made it impossible for you to stop crying – whether it was Fred’s affection that touched you or the distress over what had happened, you did not know. You smiled, blushing, and wiped away your tears once again when he let go of you. “Thank you, Fred, that was really sweet of you” you mumbled in between several sobs. “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m so s-sorry” you added, smiling. Fred seemed a little awkward, but he chuckled softly; his last intention was it to make you feel uncomfortable. “There’s no need to be sorry, Crissy, don’t worry about that. You’ve put up with a lot tonight“

The tears had dried, but your nose was still reddish from the sobbing as you made your way down the corridor again, but this time, with Fred by your side. He had offered you to be your company for the walk to your dorm. “Seems like they’re still celebrating” you said when dimmed noises where slightly echoing in the deserted hallway leading to the Common Room. “Yes, they’re ruthless. I hope we can get you through there without any trouble” Fred replied. It made you smile that he put more priority into brining you to your dorm than about the reactions he would most likely be confronted with. Without thinking about it, your hand reached out for his. It was just a light-hearted movement controlled by intuition, it was nothing intrusive, it was just you reaching out for his hand as a sign of affection. Fred took it slowly, looking surprised. A smile traced your lips when you walked on, his hand surrounding yours. At the little stairway that led to the Fat Lady, you stopped for a moment and smiled at him. “A Weasley? Hush, get inside right now, you two lovebirds” the Fat Lady suddenly groused, whereupon you chuckled. “We’re deeply sorry” you mumbled after Fred had given her the password.

Noises and music were now filling up the room; people still seemed to be celebrating. You walked closely to Fred, his hand still in yours, and avoided looking around. Some people were staring at you, or perhaps, they were wondering what Fred was doing by your side - some obviously muttered things under their breathes, but you knew that it would be a matter of weeks until most rumors would have been cleared away. You only turned around once, shortly before reaching your dorm. Mark had left the scene, as it seemed.

Fred and you had withdrawn to your empty dorm now. He was standing in the doorway when you faced him, smiling. “Thank you for everything, Fred. Everything was a bit… stressful, but thank you for having taken care of me” you said shyly, now looking into his brown eyes. “Like I said” – Fred chuckled and looked at his feet for a moment – “There’s no need to thank me. I’ve caused you enough trouble already. I’m surprised by your tolerance, if a guy hit me in the face, we’d most likely be enemies for a life time” Both of you chuckled at his words. “You didn’t hit me on purpose and telling Mark to bugger off was a very decent thing to do. Let’s just regard it as the beginning of something better; perhaps, it was destined to happen” you said, whereupon Fred shrugged sarcastically. “Accidentally punching someone is a very weird way of getting to know each other, but I guess I’ll have another story to tell, then” – Before you knew, he had put his arms around you once again, chuckling. “Have a good night, Fred. See you tomorrow” you mumbled after letting go of him with a bright smile. “Have a good night too, Crissy. Get well… And-if you’re interested, I’m free tomorrow, I could make it up to you by taking you somewhere. Drinks are on me, of course” he smirked.

He was clearly referring to taking you to Hogsmeade and it sent shiver down your spine to know that he had more or less asked you out. “I think I’ll survive, Fred, don’t worry. I’m definitely interested” you said teasingly, smiling at him. “Tomorrow it is, then?” he asked. You gave him a nod and smiled “Very certainly, yes”, whereupon he came closer. “Brilliant. I will make it all up to you, I promise” – the light in his eyes made you chuckle at him. “Thank you, Fred” you mumbled before placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

DOUBT ≠ Fuuto; Black Out

DOUBT ≠ Fuuto; Black Out
Scanlation by rakuenflowright
Translation by Me

Warning:Bashing in my tags, please don’t read the tags if you are uncomfortable with it.

I am troubled.

There is a big cup filled with delicious-smellingstew placed right in front of my eyes.

Wataru: “You see, I make a food for Onee-chan’s sake, so eat it. Ok? Ok? Ok?”

Wataru-chan said that to me not long ago, right after I went back from school, and hand me this cup.

But I don’t eat it. Because when I was checking the kitchen to look at what Wataru-chan left from the cook-preparation I found some ingredients I never seen scattered around.

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Is to be person

To be disabled is to sit through anything, too scared of eyes that follow should I choose to leave 
is to sit and sit and sit, too scared of sound of cane in silence 
is to sit beside man on bus, hand markedly unwelcome on thigh 
is to beg Universe his stop comes before mine 
is to pray to absent Gods–
that a wheelchair user will get on and man will move to back of bus 
that road will open up beneath us and he will fall through windshield glass 
that this will be over before it begins 
that he will not follow me 

To be disabled is to shrug hand off shoulder 
is to do so with a smile 
is to always wear smile 
is to know without smile I am nothing–
less than nothing 
at least if I were nothing they would not see me
would not say “look at that less-than, look at their sad less-than life, filled with sad less-than days” 
but I am less-than and though they no longer see my face 
they still see obstacle 
still see slow 
still see awkward 
still see difficult 
they see product, mistake it for problem 

I will show them problem 
will show you problem–
look in a mirror 
look in glass of windows you walk so quickly past 
in such a hurry to get from here to there and back again 
I’m in your way again 
not sorry my body occupies space again 
not sorry your trip took an extra minute as you brush by again 
not sorry for the inconvenience 
not sorry to exist in the same space as you–

To be disabled is to practice an unapologetic existence
is to rarely succeed 
is to apologize for body 
is to apologize for obstacle 
is to apologize for slow 
for awkward 
for difficult 
for bitter 
for angry 
is to apologize for product and problem 
is to believe problem is body–this body–my body 
body is too much 
not enough 
too Here and Now and Tired 

To be disabled is to always be tired–capital “t” trademarked Tired™ 

To be disabled is to exist in politicized body rarely acknowledged 
is to celebrate the smallest accommodations 
is to always be grateful when most basic needs are met 
is to count these victories 
is to start sentence “I know it’s a lot to ask, but…”
is to feel atmosphere change, palpable as clammy palms–
you’d think I’d be used to asking but these days I just try to walk faster, keep up better, apologize sooner, complain softer–
these days are longer and I feel smaller and my voice is harder to find 

To be disabled is to always need voice 
is to have voice stolen again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again 
is to always have to find it 

To be disabled is to be denied voice 
is to fight for right to voice 
is to lose 
is to be told giving up is not an option 
is to be told to just give in already, nothing will change, get your head out of clouds, get better already 
is to be better or die–anything else is foolish or negative energy 

To be disabled is to have worth topic of classroom debate 
is to learn to keep mouth shut 
is to learn to keep hand down 
is to learn to keep tears swallowed 

To be disabled is to have worth topic of national debate 
is to learn to keep voice loud 
is to learn to keep fists ready 
is to learn to keep tears hot and angry 

To be disabled is to know without doubt I am unlovable 
is to doubt everything but that 
is to teach myself to doubt only that and nothing else 

Shawshank Redemption sentence starters
  • Get busy living or get busy dying.
  • Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.
  • No good thing ever dies.
  • You know, I don't have any idea what that means.
  • There's not a day goes by I don't feel regret.
  • To tell you the truth, I don't give a shit.
  • Well I'll be damned.
  • Same old shit. Different day.
  • Every man has his breaking point.
  • Truth is, I don't want to know.
  • Let me tell you something, my friend.
  • Hope is a dangerous thing.
  • Hope can drive a man insane.
  • I was in the path of a tornado...I just didn't expect the storm would last as long as it did.
  • I killed her. I didn't pull the trigger, but I drove her away.
  • If you ever get out of here, do me a favor.
  • Where do you get this shit?
  • I believe in two things, discipline and the Bible.
  • Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me.
  • That's where I want to live for the rest of my life.
  • Salvation lies within.
  • I see you two all the time. You're thick as thieves you are.
  • This is a conspiracy, that's what it is!
  • Since I am innocent of this crime, sir. I find it decidedly inconvenient that the gun was never found.
  • The first night's the toughest.
  • Bad luck, I guess. It floats around. It's got to land on somebody.
  • It was my turn, that's all.
  • I have no enemies here.
  • You have to be human first.
  • There's a harsh truth to face.
  • You maggot dick motherfucker!
  • You don't seem to be a very good thief, maybe you should try something else.
  • My lawyer fucked me.
  • How can you be so obtuse?
  • Don't you ever mention money to me again, you sorry son of a bitch!
  • That's him. That's the one.
  • God is my witness!
  • Making a few friends, huh?
  • You're gonna fit right in.
  • Put the knife down.
  • I'm sure by now you've heard.
  • Get someone else to run your scams.
  • Crazy old fool goddamn near cut my throat.
  • I'm the guy who can get it for you.
  • I do believe you're talking out of your ass.
  • What is your malfunction, you fat barrel of monkey spunk?
  • I understand you're a man who knows how to get things.
  • I'm known to locate certain things from time to time.
  • It's my life! Don't you understand! It's my life!!
  • I think he did it just to feel normal again.
  • You're gonna look real funny sucking my dick with no teeth.
  • The world went and got itself in a bid damn hurry.
  • They can't ignore me forever.
  • I just don't understand what happened in there.
  • A total fucking mystery. I hate it.
  • I have trouble sleeping at night.
  • I guess I'm too old for that sort of nonsense anymore.
  • I don't like it here. I've decided not to stay.
  • I doubt they'll kick up any fuss.
  • It's a fine morning, ain't it?
  • Thumb up my butt sounds better.
  • He should've died in here.
  • You tell me fuck-stick.
  • Some things are best left unsaid.
  • You're mine now.
  • I played a mean harmonica as a young man.
  • There's something inside that they can't get to.
*He sits in the courtyard*

♫La da da da ta
I’m gonna bury you in the ground
la da da da ta
I’m gonna bury you in my sound
I’m gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face
I’m gonna…Mmmmm.

Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess,
Is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect,
Like all your little loyal subjects do
Sorry I’m not made of sugar,
Am I not sweet enough for you?
Is that why you always avoid me?
That must be such an inconvenience to you, Well…

I’m just your problem,
I’m just your problem,
It’s like I’m not, even a person, am I?
I’m just your problem

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blackbeigebrown  asked:

is BUB making an appearance at the Cat Video Film Festival in Seattle on January 15th? I know she is supposed to be at the Spokane one on the 16th and curious if Seattle is getting graced with her presence?

Hello. It’s me, BUB.

I am terribly sorry, but I will not be attending any of the Cat Vid Fests. The promoters announced my attendance without consulting me, or getting my permission. As much as I would have liked to attend, there unfortunately was not enough notice or time to plan these trips properly to ensure my safety and comfort. I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused. Please understand that I was just as surprised as you to find out that they were promoting my amazing face and body as part of this tour. 

Angry Alex (Alex Gaskarth's sister/Michael) Requested

Requested by anon - hey could you please do one where youre alex gaskarths sister and he has to take you with him when he visits 5sos on tour and you and michael flirt and alex gets all protective?

“You didn’t exactly have to take me with with you Alex. I’m completely capable of staying alone” I tell my brother.

“First of all, no. Secondly, I’m not stupid enough to let my 18 year old sister have the run of my house while I am away. And lastly, don’t act like you don’t want to be there. I have seen your phone and I know that you have an obsession with these guys.” He cocks an eyebrow at me. 

“I never said I didn’t want to be going with you. I ‘m just a little tired of hearing you talk like this is the biggest inconvenience on the face of the earth.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way but It’s my job to protect you and mom and dad would have my balls in a jar if something happened.”


“ALEX!” Ashton yelled before jumping on my brother. The other boys followed the action jumping on him first and then Jack. I seemed to be invisible until Michael noticed me. He looked in my direction and smiled before extending his hand to me.

“Well hello there” he said in what I suspect was supposed to be a seductive way. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N Gaskarth” I tell him. He shakes my hand and looks at Alex.

“You never told us that she was coming” he teased.

“My fault” Luke pipes up. “He told me and I forgot to mention it. You guys want a beer?” Alex and Jack shake their heads yes but I just stand there. Alex knows that I drink but that’s in the comfort of his house and with people old enough to drink here.

“Wait, they actually allow you guys to drink before 21 here?” I asked.

“We like to bend the rules” Michael winks.

“Keep it in your pants, Clifford” Alex says. I look at Alex again, almost asking permission and he huffs. “Fine but you can’t tell mom about this.” I pinch my thumb and pointer finger together and slide them across my lips.

“Lips are sealed.”

“You are 26 years old and still scared of what your mom would say?” Luke teases.

“This from the guy who brought his mom on tour” Jack cackles. While the guys continued to joke with each other, Michael handed me a beer that he had opened. 

“You know, Alex always tells me that I should never drink from anything that I haven’t watched while it was made or opened.”

“Your brother is a smart man.” Michael laughs. “I’m not stupid enough to try and drug you while he is here though.”

“So what you are saying is that you would try to drug me but Alex is here so you won’t” I tease. Michael laughs loudly and Alex looks over with a little squint like he is trying to assess the situation. I take a sip of my beer and Michael does the same with his.

“Your brother is watching us like a hawk” he whispers.

“Oh just wait” I giggle. “Next he will puff up his chest and try to look all tough while he walks over and says ‘what’s going on over here’.” Michael and I both laugh at my imitation of Alex and that seems to be what brings him over.

“What’s going on over here?” Alex asks and Michael and I laugh so hard we both end up sitting on the floor. We are both aware that there are 5 sets of eyes staring at us right now but we can’t help it. I feel Alex take my bottle out of my hand and I stop laughing.

“HEY! That’s mine” I pout.

“I don’t think you really need it.”

“What? We can’t have a little fun?” I say. 

“Did you watch him open this beer?” Alex asks me.

“Alexander William Gaskarth! I can’t believe you would think that lowly of Mikey here.”

“Can you blame me? We have been here for 10 minutes, you just met him and he is on the floor with you laughing so hard you guys are crying.” It’s Calum’s turn to laugh now. He puts his arm around Alex’s shoulder and gives him a look. 

“This is the first time they met in person my dear friend. These two have been flirting over text for weeks” he tells him. Alex looks at us with wide eyes and I look at Michael. 

“RUN!” we both jokingly say and go running down the hallway. We both laugh as we do so and I look over at him. 

“I thought you weren’t going to tell them Mikey.”

“I wasn’t but then Calum picked up my phone and figured it out.”

“Well, cats out of the bag now. Hope Alex doesn’t kill you when he catches you because I like you.” I say. Michael stops suddenly and looks at me. I slow to a stop and turn around. “He will catch you faster if you aren’t running at all.”

“You like me?” he asks. I bite my bottom lip and look side to side.

“Is that weird? I mean I know it’s only been a few weeks but yeah, I can see us being like a thing.”

“Even though I’m always away?”

“I’m used to it, I go through it with Alex.”

“So are you really willing to try?”

“More then you know” I smile.

“Nice” Michael replies with a smirk.

“I’ll kill you Clifford!” We hear from down the hallway. Michael gives me a peck on the cheek and starts running again. I feel the tingle and almost can’t move.

“Come on Y/N! I have a stash of Nerf guns in the other room.”

“I knew I liked you for a reason” I laugh and take off after him again.



~This is the first scenario I’ve ever written. Please enjoy and don’t be too hard on me. This was inspired by a book called Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. It is an hilarious novel that I recommend to everyone! Unless you don’t like sex… then don’t read it. Gif not mine. 

You hated moving, it was the bane of your existence really. Having to pack up everything and the price of paying for movers was just outrageous but what really got to you was your new neighbors. From what you could gather there was maybe 6 or 7 of them, smushed together in one living space and boy, were they rowdy. All of that would, maybe, possibly be okay except for what happens at night.


It was happening again…


You literally just wanted to throw up.

“Oh my god, please don’t stop. Please oh oh oh…” a voice sounded from the other side of the wall.

The wall itself was rattling with, what you assumed was, every thrust that stupid couple executed. It has been a month since you moved in and literally the first night one of your new neighbors, presumably the same one, had his night full of “fun”. Maybe that wouldn’t of been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he did it again the next night or the night after that. Every. Single. Night. Since you have moved in he has been with a girl, you were sure it was a different one, every night.

The wall screamed with another hit of your neighbor’s headboard slamming into it, you were pretty sure it moved your bed a bit. It was accompanied by a high pitch squeal that was definitely higher than the last girl’s. You would of been impressed except you were too pissed.

You looked at the wall and huffed in annoyance. Maybe if you hit it they’d shut up. Assuming this was a good idea you shuffled onto your knees, facing the wall and started to beat on it rapidly. You were rewarded with another bang from his headboard and a scream from the female.

‘Unbelieveable…“ you thought to yourself. He’s just going to ignore you or he assumed it was the headboard again, which would make no sense in the grand scheme of things. So you opted for the less subtle approach.

“Hey casanova mind keeping down!” You yelled while simultaneously pounding on the wall. This time you could distinctly hear a male’s laughter and a female’s giggles. You were about ready to explode from anger. The moaning picked up and you could not take it anymore. You. Were. Done. Finished. Overcooked, someone take you out of the oven because you were DONE.

You marched out of bed and pulled your fluffy pink robe over your scantily clad body (you slept better in almost nothing). Changing over to the neighbors door and knocked as loudly as you could manage.

It took persistence but finally a male with light brown hair opened the door. He was wearing a white t-shirt and loose basketball shorts. You could tell he hadn’t been sleeping much either and really who could blame him with all that incessant racket, how could any of the roommates sleep.

He raised a perfectly kept eyebrow, “may I help you? You do realize it’s two in the morning?”

You managed the best sneer you could and said, “No fucking way. Why don’t you tell your fucking roommate that. Better yet why don’t you let me fucking tell him.”

The roommate chuckled a bit but turned his head and called, “Jimin! You have a visitor!” He turned back to you and winked, “one moment he’ll be out.”

The man walked back to the couch, visible  from the door, and laid down popping in his earphones (oh that’s how he slept with his rambunctious roommate in the next room.)

A few minutes passed and the one known as Jimin stepped out of his room and came to the door. You stared for a moment a bit surprised at his attire, nothing but a sheet. You scanned over his features and noticed his face held an annoyed expression and you could only scoff. Like he was the one who had a reason to be annoyed.

“What do you want?” He asked, his words soaked with irritation.

“What do I want?” You made a mock expression of deep thought, “hmmm maybe for me to…let me see. Have one fucking night of sleep without your dick ruining it!”

He chuckled darkly, “you see you say that but all I can see is jealousy.”

You had to clench your fist to keep from slapping him. The nerve of this guy.

“Trust me, as much as I would love to have sex with you. I’m not looking for an STD.” That one got a chuckle from the guy on the couch.

Jimin scoffed.

You could hear doors opening and a line of men trickled out of the hallway. First a shorter one with pink hair and then a tall one with blonde hair. Those two were followed by three more with black hair, all around the same height. It seems you had woken up the house but you couldn’t find it in your heart to give a single fuck. This has gone on long enough and you were ready to go down fighting every single one of these guys.

“Jimin what the fuck is going on.If it’s not bad enough that we have to listen to you fornicate but now you got one screaming at the door at two in the fucking morning.” The pink haired one said irritated. (Join the club mister.)

Jimin shrugged, “this crazy girl is the one you should blame.”

You were done. That was the edge and you were just pushed off. “Oh hell no! You do not get to call me crazy. You want to know what’s crazy? Being sleep deprived for a month because you can’t keep it in your pants for one night! I ought to call the police for disturbing the peace or something. You intolerable piece of shit!”

The guy on the couch was now laughing his ass off. The others were somewhere between entertained, surprised and angry. Jimin on the other hand was pissed. He just stared at you with his dark eyes never leaving yours.

One of the males with black hair came up to the door. He pushed Jimin slightly out of the way and met your eyes. He had a kind expression and you almost felt like you wanted to hug him but obviously that would be weird so you settle for crossing your arms defiantly.

“We will definitely keep it down. I am so sorry for the inconvenience he has caused you.”

You could tell Jimin was about to protest but the other one, presumably older, stopped him with a sharp glance.

“If I hear his headboard against my wall one more time. You will be hearing from me.” You bit out.

“Understood.” The guy at the door said. “Goodnight then.”

You were about to say something but the door shut in your face. Pissed (and secretly a bit horny, not that you would ever admit it, who could blame you, between the sex and the attractive males it really wasn’t uncalled for), you went back to your apartment. Hopefully that would be the last you’ll see, or hear of Jimin.

~Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you liked it! Have a lovely morning, noon or night! <3