i am sorry for my shitty photography

anonymous asked:

I'm attracted to you, but I feel like someone who puts so much emphasis on aesthetic would never look twice at a girl who doesn't consistently look flawless, who doesn't do cool thick "on point" eyeliner, or who isn't very tall, very skinny, and very trendy.

I am truly sorry if this a genuine/common feeling, but I honestly couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Not at you, but at your perception of me and my “aesthetic”.

Just because part of what I do for a living involves photography and fashion doesn’t translate to the type of people I choose to hang out with or find attraction in.

As I write this, I am wearing an old grandpa sweater and camo pants, drinking cheap cider, eating leftover chinese, and listening to shitty pop music so if that’s my aesthetic then I gladly accept it.

So when you’re done assuming what kind of women i’m into, i’d invite you to come over and party.