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i loved the short you wrote where robbie saves the day with his bulldozer. would you be willing to write something about how and why robbie even has it? i'm pretty sure it's his only vehicle... i imagine him driving it through town whenever something is too far to walk and all the long-time residents of lazytown are just like yup, that's robbie

This turned out funnier than I thought it would XD 

EDIT: And thank you for your kind words about that short!!

“A hundred!”


“Two Hundred!”

“You’re going the wrong way.”

Three hundred!”


Please buy it from me!” Robbie’s cousin begged, on bended knee in front of him “I bought it for $500 and I don’t want to lose any more money than I already have!”

Robbie frowned at Glanni before looking up at the machine beside them. It was a massive bulldozer. It had probably once been yellow but time had colored it brown and rusty. 

He didn’t want to ask Glanni how he had acquired it.

“What were you even trying to do with this?” He asked instead.

“I had a plan,” Glanni responded, almost defensively, “It was going to pay off big time. But other… things happened. Please, just buy it off me so I’m not broke. We’re family!”

“What am I going to do with a bulldozer?”

“… Be the talk of the town?”

“… Paint it orange and I’ll buy it full price.”

Glanni leapt to his feet and let out a “whoop”. He grabbed Robbie’s hand and began shaking it furiously, “Thank you, thank you, frændi! Can I get that in writing?!”

In a matter of hours, Robbie was the semi-proud owner of a bulldozer. After counting up his money and stealing a change of clothes, Glanni was gone. Trying to find enjoyment in his new purchase, Robbie climbed into the driver’s seat and started the engine. He could use some things at the store anyway. 

It became common for Robbie to drive his destructive eye sore through Lazytown. At first, the town was alarmed at this out-of-place construction vehicle. By the time Stephanie came to Lazytown, nearly a year later, Ziggy just rolled his eyes as Robbie’ rolled through. 

“Yup, that’s just Robbie,” He explained as she wordlessly gaped at the villain. 

“Why is it so… orange?” She asked.

Ziggy scratched his head before shrugging, “It’s… Robbie?”

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hii! sorry if I'm a bother but could you show a tutorial how to add a 'human being' stamp on a picture and waves on a gif like you did on dean?? you don't have to but i would love you forever :))

(the referenced post) Heyyy, sure! Sorry for not answering this for two days, I am absolute shit at answering asks whoops

ALRIGHT, so it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. But first things first! I’m using Photoshop CC, and I made a tutorial on how to get that for free over here (I mean, if you’re using anything other than Photoshop CC, please drop that and get this program, it’s utterly amazing and completely worth it)

So basically, you get your pictures, sharpen them, adjust them, crop them, add layer masks, et cetera. Just the typical shenanigans, if you have any questions about my process for that, feel free to ask! But where the magic happens is in this little drop down menu.

You click it, and this lovely little list of blending modes slides out.

But we’ll get to that and what it all means later. 

So, for the particular edit you asked about, I put the image on top of Dean’s face

And, making sure I still had the “human being” image layer selected, I clicked the drop down menu, clicked the “lighten” option, and voila!

Really simple! You can test out all the different blending modes to see what they do. I can’t really explain any of it, you’ll have to see for yourself. But I’ll list (in my opinion) the best adjustment masks and try to explain them and add examples when I can. My laptop broke and I lost a lot of my files so I’ll have to reuse some examples, bear with me here

  • multiply (makes everything white transparent, and everything black is left a solid color; every color in between are varying levels of transparency that are decided by how dark or light the color is)
  • darken (kind of like multiply, but more solid and more affected by the background. If you put a white square on top of a black background and set the white square to “darken”, the square would become invisible.)
  • lighten (makes the color black transparent, the opposite of “darken”)
  • overlay 
  • soft light (a softer version of overlay)
  • screen
  • difference, exclusion, and subtract (inverts colors! Also takes into consideration the colors behind the object, kind of hard to explain, but they’re all slightly different but in the same category)

Wow, those explanations probably made absolutely no sense… As I suggested before, go try them all out yourself! What effects work best are entirely dependant on what the image is like (its colors, amount of contrast/saturation, etc.).

Of course, you can get creative with these things; you can apply them to groups (good for layering gifs on images) or to several layers. A couple examples:

This is what the image looks like without any blending modes. After applying the “multiply” function to the wings and the halo, and “lighten” to the black mass in the background, I get this lovely effect:

I stuck all the layers of the gif in the background into a group and set the entire group to “lighten” to get the entire animation to blend with the background!

The thing next to the folder icon is the vector mask I used; if you happen to not know what those do and how to use them feel free to ask, it’d be kind of off topic to talk about them here lol

As for the waves you were asking about, for the first one I set a cropped picture of Dean on top of the water gif-

-and set that layer to lighten!

To get the final product of this.

I’m guessing you can figure out the rest? Good luck with your edit making!

If you have any more questions about anything, feel free to shoot me an ask :)

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how did you do the color glitching thing in the cas edit?

ahhh, sorry for taking a month to answer this, i’ve been on vacation and am generally really shitty at answering asks… I’ll walk you through the whole process frame by frame! (don’t worry, there’s only 12 frames and some of them are repeats)

I’m using Photoshop CC, which you can see my tutorial on how to download for free here!

What we’ll be making today is this (god, I feel like I’m on a cooking show):

(Warning: this is actually a lot easier than this tutorial is going to make it sound)

I first created my image without text, then saved it as a .png.

(keeping my watermark on there because well… beware of art theft, kids (it’s happened))

I then opened up a new document with the png and started making all the frames. That (the original image) was the first frame, which is set at 0.5 seconds. This is going to be a frame animation, so open up your timeline and convert it to frame animation! I’m too lazy to explain how to do that, so if you need help feel free to shoot me an ask. Anyways, the second frame of this gif is this:

How I made this is explained here! (thank god i didn’t have to write it out myself omg) Just use ctrl+j to duplicate the first layer and create this. I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The third frame is the original image again, set to 0.2 seconds.

The fourth frame is this:

Which is the original image (remember to duplicate your layers so there’s one image per frame!)  with a photo filter on these settings:

The color is #ff0000, in case any of you want to use that exact color or something. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The fifth frame is this:

Which is the previous layer i talked about duplicated and then set to motion blur, idk what my settings were but you can play around with that. This frame was also set to 0.1 seconds.

There’s where the motion blur setting is in case you didn’t know! Make sure your motion blur is at 0 degrees, like this:

Slide that slider around for more or less blur.

The sixth frame is this:

How I made this one was I duplicated the original layer and double clicked the layer. If you do that, this should pop up:

Basically, that [  ] R box should be checked when it pops up: uncheck it! Then press OK and shift that frame a couple spaces to the left. This frame is set at 0.1 seconds. (I know my past tense present tense in this is all over the place in this and i’m so sorry)

The seventh frame is this:

Basically just use the rectangular marquee tool to select some thin strips of the image and ctrl+c ctrl+v them, then shift them to the left or right a bit. (if that made any sense)

This frame was set at 0.1 seconds.

The eighth frame is this: 

which is, apparently, the same image as the fifth frame, just without the photo filter. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds as well.

The ninth frame is the original image again! Yay! i get to take a break from saving all those images… this frame is set to 0.2 seconds.

The tenth frame (hang in there, we’re two frames from the end of this) is this:

This is the original image with motion blur again, just less motion blur than frames five and eight. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The eleventh frame is this:

Remeber the cool 3d effect we did on frame six? This is that again, just shifted a few spaces to the right! But before you do that, you’ve got to do this:

Which is the original image with added noise and motion blur. Here’s how you do the graininess like this:

You can play around with the settings to get the nicest looking grain. Personally, I don’t really like the settings I used because it made my image look spotty instead of grainy, but idk man feel free to use the same setting I did if you want.

Anyway! After you’re done with the grain, dupliacte the layer (ctrl+j), give it some motion blur, then double click it and uncheck the [  ] R box. Then shift that layer afew paces to the right. And you should get the eleventh frame! I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The twelfth frame (my spellchecker is mia i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes) is this!

Which is just the eleventh frame without the layer on top with the motion blur and all that. This frame is set to 0.1 seconds. And you’re done! (phew) Just add your text or whatever you don’t want distorted on there now.

I’d love if you credit my tutorials if you use them, so more people can learn a bit more about photoshop. Have fun with this one!

As always, feel free to ask me questions bout absolutely anything. Cheers!

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