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[1] tbh sometimes i doubt jikook is real because a lot of things people take as 'proof' (the backhugs, the stares, etc.) are stuff that they do with other members too, but the two things that always make me believe there's actually something more between them are 1) the fact that jimin once asked jungkook for a kiss and another time pretended to go for a kiss (which always seems strange to me knowing how all of them make a big deal out of it usually)

[2] and 2) that moment in bon voyage? i think? where jimin was clearly mad at jungkook and jungkook kept bugging him and said ‘i’ll come to your room later’ and jimin was like 'now you’re just messing with me’, and it just??? it never feels like a normal fight to me, there’s just seems to be something charged between them??? ah sorry if i bothered you i suddenly got really emotional about them but i don’t have anyone to talk to

ahaha, never feel burdened for talking to me XD if anything i’m always so aware od whether or not I’m spamming you guys sometimes so don’t even worry

And I know exactly what you’re talking about, when you say that backhugs and sharing clothes and stuff at things that all the members do, so we shouldn’t be too reliant on those (I am slightly biased when it comes to heart eyes though, because why they do all look at each other and stare sometimes, I think the way Jungkook looks at Jimin is a little…different sometimes :P)

But yes, these are amazing points.I find a lot of Jikook shippers ship them nowadays because of the “sketchy” between them. Whether it be the seemingly uncanny coincidences, or the way they always do things that you don’t notice until later.

But honestly, this is a great point. Every time the other boys have to kiss each other on variety shows they all kind of act like something’s gonna explode XD Yet Jimin, over and over again, kept asking Jungkook for kisses and stuff back then (my “non-shipper” sister’s recurring argument too actually: “would you keep trying to kiss your brother and tell him to accept your heart?”

And yesssss, the second moment is from there NOW…2(1?) photoshoot I think, and I keep trying to find the video but I can’t. Either way, there’s always that weird atmosphere around them that I can’t stand, and that video was definitely one of them. Even when they bicker, we tend to get all worked up, because the way they bicker is totally cute XD

Anyways, thanks for sending me these thoughts~<3 definitely very convincing so thank you so much for sharing ^^

Shinyuu — Reverse Idol!AU A Hwang Minhyun Fanfic

requested by anon!

genre: fluff? its a happy ending, a lil bit of angst (doesn’t hurt your heart angst)

synopsis: you’re best friends with Minhyun and lose contact after a bit, then meet back at a music show.

shinyuu - japanese for best friends

  • While walking to class with your best friend, scrolling through his news feed on twitter, Minhyun sees that JYP and Pledis are holding auditions on the upcoming weekend.
  • “Hey, Y/N! Let’s audition to become idols! Follow our dreams you know!”
  • Next thing you know, you two auditioned for both companies, but you got accepted into JYP and he got accepted into Pledis
  • Knowing that you won’t be in the same company saddens the both of you, but your mood brightens a little as you remembered that you’ll be seeing each other on music shows when you debut!
  • “Let’s meet each other in music shows, Minhyun!” “Yeah.”
  • (ok i know some trainees cant use phones??? But let’s pretend they can for the time being-)
  • As days go by, there hasn’t been a single moment where you’d doubt yourself into ever debuting
  • “Minhyun-ah, I don’t think I can do it, i’m not as talented. I want to quit..”
  • “You can’t! Y/N, this is our dream remember? You’re awesome, lovable, and you ARE talented ok?? Anyone who says otherwise can come fite me )):<”
  • Knowing you can always count on Minhyun to dissolve your worries, you divert the topic, “Yeah? You and what army? Because as far as I know, all you have is your pretty face! I DON’T SeE No muSCleS??”
  • “liSteN, 
  • everYONE WIll faint once they sEE M Y FACE OK? Don’t underestimate me, Emperor Hwang. I’ll have you know, I can predict the future.”
  • “And what do you see, Oh Mighty Emperor Hwang Minhyun-ssi?”
  • “I see that we both will have debuted already, we’ll meet on music shows, and we’ll always stay by each other’s side. Hyping each other up, doing what best friends do! Nothing will ever change that, trust the emperor.”
  • I’ll remember your words, Minhyun. You better not break them.
  • You two were scheduled to perform your debut song on M!Countdown in two weeks
  • The first few days were of you two spamming congratulatory messages and crying to each other
  • However, the third day, it was only you spamming him. Fourth day, no reply, fifth? No reply.
  • You made excuses for him, He’s just busy. He couldn’t have forgotten about me already?? It’s too soon??? Maybe his phone got taken away….yeah, maybe..
  • A few days later, you were in need of some food, because you can’t cook. (lbr i cant cook, i really cant. This is based off on me? Somewhat? So if i offended your cooking skills, i am jeongmal, jinjja, daebak, real, heol, wanjeon sorry)
  • Walking into the supermarket, you accidentally bumped into someone who randomly stopped at the entrance. 
  • “Ah! Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundi- MinhYUN?? IS IT REALLY YOU? Why have you bEEN ignorING MY MESSAGES JERK!”
  • “Ah, hello! Sorry, it was my fault too, I lost my phone somewhere and how do you know me? Who are you?”
  • ‘Who are you?’ ‘WhoareyouwhoareyouwhoareyOU’
  • Waving his hand in front of your face, “Hello? Miss? I have a schedule to go to, you see, I’m an idol, so I really have to go. I’m sorry for blocking your path! Have a nice day!” And he smiles that smile that you’ve grown fond of. Wait, what’s this? Is he pretending?? WHaT’s hAPPEninG?
  • Hours passed by, and the thought of Minhyun acting fake still remains in your head. What happened to him? Am I not worthy of his friendship anymore? Why is he like this?
  • “Review of some past events; NU’EST Minhyun -you snap out of your thoughts hearing his name- has recently been involved in a car accident, he….”
  • Rushing to Pledis, in search for answers, you find Minhyun’s manager (he’s shown you a pic of his manager before). 
  • “Oh, Y/N-ssi! Did you run all the way here?? Sit down for a bit, I’ll tell you what happened.”
  • Minhyun was coming back from a schedule and the freeway was really hectic so they chose to go local. Bad decision, there was a drunk driver on the loose and Minhyun’s car was unfortunately chosen as the target. There was a miracle! Sort of. He didn’t have any major damages to his body, but he lost his memories of his past. From the day of the accident and back. You know what they say, people choose to forget their past to start anew. But he couldn’t have wanted to forget it, would he? I mean, you were a part of his past..
  • However, this is only temporary, he’d get his memories back soon. Hopefully. ???
  • The day of the music show, you were extremely tired. You even thought you’d end up with white hair with how worried you were about Minhyun’s well-being and pondering for days if he actually didn’t want to remember you. No, stop it Y/N. He would never want to forget you, he made a promise. He has to keep it, he has to..’
  • NU’EST performed first, you were praying for Minhyun to not mess up, even if he didn’t remember you, you remembered him. Even if he didn’t remember the promise, you did.
  • As they ended their performance, and walked down the stage, he passes by you and smiles at you. Then pauses, wait, “Hey! I remember you, you were the girl from the supermarket!”
  • You awkwardly smiled and agreed, he felt bad and wanted to repay you, so he grabs your arm -even though you’ve protested, it went into one ear and out the other- and stops you in front of a vending machine, “Pick one!” he smiles cutely.
  • After many futile attempts of stopping him from buying you a drink, he presses a button and a drink falls down, Shocked, that was your favorite drink. “How did you know that was the drink I like, Minhyun?”
  • “I- i don’t know? My hand just automatically pressed it..” His heart(?) remembers me..just gotta work on his mind. Confidence, UP!
  • You spilled your guts to him, told him evERYTHING. How you two were the best of friends, others were jealous of your friendship. How the both of you have made so many enemies, some tried to sabotage your friendship, but nothing can break the royal friendship between you two. 
  • Sadly, he doesn’t remember any of them. Nothing, nada, nah, no. ))):
  • You see a staff running towards your direction yelling that it’s almost your turn; turning to where Minhyun was sitting at, you see that he’s in the midst of his thoughts (he’s having flashybackys, he’s getting his memoriES BACK)
  • Not wanting to disturb him, you walk away to get ready for your performance.
  • You’re a solo artist AND the last one to perform, so that makes things more nerve-wracking. Everyone will be able to notice every. little. mistake you make. 
  • Trying to calm your racing heart, and failing miserably at that, you try to think of calming thoughts. However, the only thing you can think of is Minhyun nOT remembering you.
  • Shaky breaths, sweaty palms, racing heart, taking step by step up the stage, you feel a hand stop you. A familiar touch on your arm, Minhyun. 
  • “Hey, Y/N! Good luck out there, you can do it! Remember? We’ll meet on music shows, and we’ll always stay by each other’s side.‘Hyping each other up, doing what best friends do! Nothing will ever change that, trust the emperor.’ “Let’s hang out soon, we have a lot of catching up to do. MY BESTIE FIGHTING!”
  • He remembers. He.. he remembers! Stepping onto stage, in front of screaming fans, you perform with the biggest smile. All worries, disappeared.

unedited! this took awhile omg jakfjdna im such a procrastinator-

im very emo right now, i couldn’t really add angst into this.. or make this fluffy… BUT I MADE IT A HAPPY ENDING- it counts right… OTL

hoyaaaaaa TT^TT

i hope you like this, like really. i really really really (winner hAH) do ♡

Block B Reaction || Accidentally Posting A Sexy Picture Of Their Significant Other On The Group Chat With The Members
Similar Reactions:

| iKON |


*Starts spamming the chat as fast as possible, so that the picture isn’t visible and then he prays they don’t scroll up*
“GUYS. HI. SADNKDSANadssadDshadaj how AREW YOU DOING???? CDSJhadsjsaASDJCS sdds???”




“Y/N… I’m sorry… I… accidentally… might have posted a private picture to the members totally by accident don’t kill me


“Um… ah… As you can see we totally suit each other, haha…”


“I am so dead…”


“You say a word about this to Y/N and you are not my friends anymore.”


*Freaks out*


[SUBMISSION] that shoujo theme ending tho

hi. first of all, forgive me if i have made some grammatical errors in this.

anyway, so after the recent events that happened in opm, particularly the part where everyone seems to be spazzing about genos living with saitama,i thought i’d like to share something i have been keeping since seeing the ending theme song. it could be the most amusing and/or misleading ending song/theme i have seen in a supposedly 100% badassery goodness series. 

and yeah. this is may be saigenos heavy (platonic, romantic, etc.) and possible spoilers.

*ahem* so…yeah, lyrics aside, i also noticed the visuals that were used.

External image

External image

External image

so yeah, they’re in pairs. it could be implied a symbol of a typical couple but then there’s this:

External image

there’s a pair of stuffed teddies sitting under a freaking umbrella on a rainy weather. sentimental. romantic maybe right? 

(and i can’t help but laugh because the timing of the lyrics too. “ the person i love is so strong it worries me”)

notice the smaller, lighter colored bear:

External image

check the arms/limbs. broken. and as far as we know, there’s a certain character who just loooooves to get disarmed in almost every fight:

External image

this guy.

(a strange, crazy thought also came to my mind when i saw this. i wonder if this is an imagery of how Genos was before he became a cyborg. during the time his town was attacked. )

and who could be the bigger brown bear i wonder? it could be anyone. but, knowing Genos (even more so for manga readers) there could be only one person he regards as a bigger and stronger figure (hence the bigger brown teddy). 

External image

this egghead guy.


External image

bromance/romance aside. i think it’s amazing how much thought and effort it was put in this ending theme. some people would consider this trollish or perhaps a “chill pill” after all the adrenaline inducing episode. so they would just skip this song/ending and maybe miss out on some possible hints hidden here. 

ah, and no. i’m not saying it’s hinting a possible saigenos romance (but wouldn’t that be interesting if it did). i’m talking about the possibility of saitama and genos having crossed paths before the incident. before genos became a cyborg. 

i’m gonna stop here now so i wouldn’t spoil any further but if you want i can pm you about it if you’re interested. sorry bout this spam but i have been dying to share this thought to someone since i’ve seen the ending theme. anyways, i am happy a lot of people are starting to see how opm’s amazing and garnering more fans. i look forward to fanworks and discussions about this series in the future. 

p.s. also check the lyrics for the opening. not sure how accurate it is, but what freaking coincidence that it has “A lonely hero”  and then the ending theme song has “ the person i love is so strong it worries me, so show your weakness to me alone . amazing how they resonate each other it seems. how saigenos this is