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(I’ve seen this in many blogs, so I wanted to do that too. There are so many of them I love in this community, but I can’t draw fan art for them all, so I will do around 10 illustrations for the ones that inspire me the most)

(The first one shown is, of course, @marshie-daily . Every time I am able to see their gorgeous art I, well, I can’t explain exactly how it makes me feel. It is so beautiful. But one thing is sure: that art is goals. The colors, the style (and mod is so nice and kind), I don’t know, I love everything about that blog. 

So I’m rewatching Hannibal s2 again and thinking about Peter Bernadone, his social worker, The Horse, and mirroring.

I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Peter is a Will mirror? and the social worker is a weak Hannibal mirror. This particular pair of mirrors is used specifically to point out a few things about, you guessed it, Will and Hannibal’s relationship:
1) Will is still deeply hurt and pissed™ at Hannibal for lying to him and framing him, and he states why when he asks Peter about having a “shadow” - someone you trusted, who took advantage?, a friend you thought was on your side and who understood you where others haven’t. It /matters/ that will’s beef with Hannibal is personal and not, ya know, based on like morality or more universal concepts of good and evil.

2) Will assumes Peter killed his social worker because it’s what he would do to Hannibal if given the opportunity… right? Well umm not exactly. Will could have shot Hannibal in his kitchen, but he walked away. Peter could have killed his social worker, but he didn’t. And he tells Will why. Peter never wanted to kill the social worker/serial killer, he just wanted him to suffer as he had made others suffer. Specifically? Peter wanted him to suffocate. So he sewed him into a horse. Which is why Peter being a Will mirror is so awesome, because…

The very next episode starts with Will’s wet dream about strangling (suffocating) Hannibal with a rope cinched by the harnessed ravenstag, which is honestly looking quite horse-like in Will’s dream sequence. Inspired by Peter, huh Will? And that’s the scene in which Will tells himself via Dream-Hannibal that if he wants to really understand Hannibal he’s gonna have to,, oops,,, let himself love him. Pretty big turning point and obviously massive foreshadowing with huge payoff in twotl. Will’s not quite there yet, but he’s thinking about it in his erotic bondage dreams. *insert shrug emoji*

But back to Peter and his desire to make the social worker suffer in the way his victims did. This mirrors Will’s plans for Hannibal in an even more metaphorical way. Will really did kind of drown, suffocate in s1 (all that water) - and it was arguably all Hannibal’s fault. And remember that Will’s anger with Hannibal is really just personal. It comes from betrayal, and really isn’t about the serial killing cannibal bit. Hannibal hurt Will as only a friend can hurt another. Will wants to give that back to him. “Resume my therapy” my ass - Will’s trying to figure out if Hannibal has /a heart that he can break/ (“why not appeal to my better nature?”) then he’ll feel what Will felt.

Sadly :’( Will gets to break Hannibal’s heart in mizumono, but right on the cusp of not wanting to anymore. That’s where the Peter/Will mirror stops holding up, which really only serves to further point out that a) Will’s not actually a “good moral person” in the widely accepted sense, and b) he was at odds with Hannibal for personal reasons, unlike Peter who only turned on his social worker violently on behalf of the victims of his crimes.

This is why this show is so compelling though?? Years later and I’m still having Deep Thoughts™ about the horse episode. I love looking back and seeing all the ways in which this story was always human, always a complicated “will they/won’t they” romance.


I’m not at home so I won’t be able to do requests for a bit and I came up with this:

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I’m keeping it low because I’m pretty sure nobody really cares haha… You guys have 10 hrs! If by 2 there’s not enough for anything then I’ll delete this post… this is super narcissistic and self centered and I feel bad about it, so you don’t have to like it!

[c o m p l e t e]

My partner finally had sex with someone else (which I thought was gonna be fine), but I feel all kinds of pain. Knots in my stomach, couldn’t sleep—I actually literally made myself sick. I’m not sure why I feel this way—help! I was feeling prepared for this before but it feels so raw again.

I am really sorry that you are feeling this way! First, think about whether this is a common reaction to stress or fear in your life. This kind of extreme response to anxiety might be part of a larger problem. It’s worth talking to a doctor or mental health professional about how your sleep and stomach are impacted by your emotions. There may be ways you can get help.

Second, take some time to think through why you feel this bad. Sometimes, strong emotions are important clues that let us know we have a need that isn’t getting met. And other times, they are just mind gremlins throwing tantrums. You need to figure out whether this is a signal that you and your partner have a lot more work to do to help you feel safe and healthy, or whether this is an annoying ‘side effect’ of your new arrangement that you need to wait out or mitigate.

What kinds of thoughts and fears are going through your head and accompanying the pain? Can you identify and put them into words? Are there phrases or images that are coming up for you? Have you felt like this before, and if so, what were the trigger and the solution then? If you had a “best case scenario” magic wand to get whatever you wanted, what would you want? Those are good starting points for a conversation with your partner.

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So, hey, what if Bendy loved Boris, and was scared to tell Henry (because, it probably took place in the 1930's you know how homosexuality was) and when Bendy admitted to Joey, Joey just laughed and told him about his boyfriend Henry ((I am so sorry XD))


My Little Mochi 10

[Oh my god!! I am so god damn sorry about the extremely late chapter! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! Here it is! You’ve waited long enough]


My eyes slowly flickered open as I felt something shuffling around on my body. Once my eyes were fully open I was caught in a pair of large, dark brown pupils. They were staring down at me and I was frozen. It was Jimin…I gulped the last bit of saliva that was left in my mouth as he slowly reached out his small, cute hand. I didn’t know what to do, I was completely stuck in my place. His hand then placed onto my cheek, and I felt a flipping sensation in the pit of my stomach as his icy cold fingers traced along my cheek. I found myself curling into his touch and he tilted his head a little, his eyes showing pure confusion. “J…Jungkook…” His sweet voice spoke out and I could have died happy right there and then…I held his hand on my cheek gently before looking back into his eyes.

“Don’t mind me…” A lower voice called out with a small cough. I suddenly shot up causing Jimin to tumble back onto my mattress with a small gasp.
I looked to the figure standing in my doorway and I tilted my head with a raised eyebrow.

“Wha…What are you doing here?” I asked furrowing my brow slightly.

“Well I wondered if you wouldn’t mind helping me out” Tae answered unfolding his arms with a grin on his face.

“Umm…Wait how did you even get in?!” I continued uncovering my body from the bed sheets, as I stood up scratching the back of my neck.

“Oh…umm well he let me in…” Tae pointed to Jimin who was now staring at me intensely and when I looked to Tae he seemed to be trying to avoid looking directly at me. Only then did I realise I was only wearing a pair of boxers, my whole upper body on show.

“Gah!” I yelped a little as I rushed to put the shirt and the pair of jeans I was wearing the previous day. “S-sorry” I stuttered a little embarrassed.

“No it’s fine…Umm so about that help” He took a step further into my room and out the corner of my eye I could see Jimin glaring harshly towards him, as if Tae was some kind of intruder, which in all honesty he was.

“What is it you even want help with?” I sighed rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“Well you’re top of our Law class and I’m kind of at the bottom…” He started.

“How low are your scores?” I questioned and Tae looked down a little ashamed.

“Well my lowest is 3…” Tae replied, and I raised an eyebrow a little curious.

“And your highest?” I continued.

“Well…It’s only 4…” Tae looked down once again and I found myself cackling out loud and he darted a glare at me. “Hey! I’m being serious here!”

“Sorry…I just, I can’t believe you got 4 out of 180! How is that even possible?!” I added and he just shrugged his shoulders in response, and I could see the embarrassment and sadness in his eyes and I kinda felt bad for him…“Well I was planning on turning you down, but with scores like that you need all the help you can get. Luckily you came to the right person” I confidently stated then I felt a soft tug on my arm. When I looked down Jimin was gritting his teeth violently. “What is it Jimini…Jimin?” I stopped a little hesitant as I didn’t want to make myself look pathetic in front of Taehyung, so I decide to call Jiminie by his actual name…

“Hungry…” Jimin answered in a whiney, but cute kind of voice.

“I’ll make you something in a second” I replied before turning back to Taehyung who had a keen eye on Jimin.

“What’s your name then?” Tae asked looking down at Jimin with a rectangular sort of smile. Jimin stumbled back behind me which made me smile a little.

“His name is Jimin” I answered for him and Tae continued to look to Jimin before slowly moving closer

“Not much of a talker huh?” He questioned approaching him as if he were a child.

“K…Kookie…” Jimin cried out and my heart thumped as he came out with the new name ‘Kookie’. I usually hated nicknames with a passion. I had always been against them, even when my ex girlfriend called me babe it made me puke inside my mouth…but something about that name coming from Jimin’s plump lips, it was like music to my ears.

“Sorry Tae. He doesn’t seem to like you” I pushed Tae back a little trying to protect Jimin.

“Awwh…Here I thought I was a likeable person” Tae groaned a little before shrugging his shoulders then skipping into the main room like a child. I turned down to Jimin and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“He isn’t going to hurt you Jiminie-Hyung. I promise” I reassured and his eyes followed to where Taehyung was then he quickly turned back to me shaking his head vastly. “You don’t have to talk to him ok. Just sit with us and I’ll make you something to eat alright?” I suggested and he looked down as if he was thinking before I felt his small fingers intertwine with mine, looking up at me with his signature eye smile.
We both walked into the main room hand in hand and I noticed Taehyung was looking around the room with a kind of satisfied expression. His eyes then averted down to mine and Jimin’s hands that were enclosed in each other’s. “Is it ok if we talk in the kitchen? Need to make some food” I stated.

“No not at all” Taehyung replied with his hands behind his back. Jimin stayed pressed up against my side as we walked into the kitchen together. I attempted to let go of Jimin’s hand, but he had a strong grip and he wasn’t going to let go.

“Jiminie…” I whispered under my breath in hope that he would let go. I had to pry his fingers away from mine and I could tell by his face he was not impressed, but how else was I supposed to make food…Couldn’t exactly do it one handed.

“So what you cooking?” Taehyung leaned over the kitchen counter trying to get a glimpse of what I was cooking.

“Just some pasta” I blankly replied placing the pan on the cooker.

“Is that pasta for 3?” Taehyung grinned and I closed my eyes with a sigh. First he came into my home without asking my permission, then he asks for my help, and then he was expecting me to make him food…

“I’ve only put in enough for Jimin.” I answered back as I poured the water into the pan.

“Oh well here!” Taehyung reached into the bag of pasta before pulling out a large handful of it and placing it into the pan. “Now there’s enough!”

“Yeah…now there’s enough” I clutched into the wooden spoon tightly. I was so close to smacking him, but I knew it would only scare Jimin…

“Rude.” Jimin spoke up and Taehyung’s eyes fell to where Jimin was sat on the counter, swinging his legs back and fourth innocently.

“Sorry?” Taehyung questioned.

“I said that’s rude.” Jimin repeated turning his head towards Taehyung and I couldn’t help but smirk a little.

“Wha…?” Taehyung gulped with wide eyes.

“Kookie didn’t offer you food.” Jimin continued and his gaze fell to me before he let out a small smile.

“Ah…I suppose so…Oops” Taehyung bit down on his finger as if he was scolding himself.

“Too late now anyway. It’s all cooking” I replied before draining the pasta and placing it back into the pan. “Jiminie, would you like cheese or tomato?” I asked looking at the jar of tomato pesto sauce in my hand, but he didn’t say anything. I turned around to face him and he just shrugged his shoulders curiously looking at Taehyung who was now tapping an incredibly annoying beat. “Tomato it is…” I groaned before adding the sauce. It was completely silent other then the tapping Taehyung was focused on and then I started to hear soft little hums from behind me that went perfectly in time with Taehyung’s tapping. It was really sweet and it even had me tapping my foot to the sound. Suddenly the tapping stopped and I heard a loud bang on then table.

“My god! Your voice is so soft and perfect!!” I heard a very excited Taehyung and when I turned around he had grabbed Jimin’s tiny and pure hands in his giant and sinful ones. I gritted my teeth trying to keep my cool, but I was struggling to let it happen. “I need to record your voice!! It’s too sweet to miss!” Taehyung praised and when I looked to Jimin I noticed how he lowered his head a wide smile showing on his lips. I clenched my fist and I couldn’t hold back anymore. Seeing the smile on Jimin’s face and the fact that it wasn’t made because of me, it made me jealous.

“Don’t touch him!” I pried Taehyung off of Jimin leaving a scratch on his arm.

“Owh!! What was that for?!” Taehyung whined holding his arm like I had just broken it.

“Oh it’s just a scratch!” I rolled my eyes before dishing out the pasta. I gently placed a large portion in front of Jimin with a smile “You need to eat more” I nodded before harshly slamming a small portion in front of Taehyung. “Here’s yours.”

“Thanks for the grub!” Taehyung clapped his hands excitedly before stuffing his face, clearly putting too much pasta in his mouth, whereas Jimin was more graceful, he took small mouthfuls, slowly chomping down on the pasta making a satisfied hum at every bite. “Wow you’re a really good cook!” Taehyung stated with his mouthful and I could see all the equations…
There was a long awkward silence and I had no idea how to break it. All I could hear was the loud chewing of pasta in Taehyung’s mouth. Suddenly my phone started to ring loudly and it made Jimin jump a little. I picked out my phone and the caller ID read 'Unknown’
Jungkook: Hello..?
??????: Excuse me but is this Jeon Jungkook?
Jungkook: Yes…Who’s asking?
??????: That doesn’t matter, I just want to know if a young boy named Park Jimin is living with you.
Jungkook:…I’m sorry I don’t know who that is…
??????: Are you sure, it’s quite important
Jungkook: No I’m sorry. Maybe if you leave a name I can call back?
??????: I can’t
Jungkook: That’s a shame. Goodbye.
_______________________ I hung up the phone before looking at the smiling Jimin enjoying his pasta. I don’t know why, but something just didn’t seem right about that call. Like how did he know my name and how did he know Jimin was even with me. He has only been with me a few days….
I guess I had been staring at Jimin for too long because the look I was given by Taehyung was questionable. “Are you guys…like really together?” He asked tilting his head and Jimin looked up from his bowl his cheeks filled so he looked like an adorable chipmunk.

“…T-together?” I stuttered a little looking down at the counter.

“Well yeah, for starters he was laid on top of you this morning, then you were holding hands and the way you looked at him…I don’t know, just seems like you are together” Taehyung explained and I scratched the back of my neck trying to think of something to say.

“…No, it’s not like that” I answered with a gulp, and he suddenly lunged to Jimin pulling him close against his chest.

“Great! That means I can have this cutie!” Taehyung squealed and I frowned deeply. I was about to pry him off Jimin again, but Jimin had already beaten me to it. Jimin had grabbed Taehyung’s arms and pushed him off with a growl, like he was some kind of dog, well more like a puppy…a cute puppy. “Hey…Don’t you find me annoyingly cute?” Taehyung smirked before pulling a silly face that was supposed to be 'cute’ I mean it was cute, but I wasn’t falling for it…Jimin then jumped down from the counter without a word, completely ignoring Tae, and he waddled his way over to my side. He sighed before resting on his tip toes and placing a small kiss on my cheek. My immediate reaction was to gasp, but I didn’t want anyone to know it affected me…plus I didn’t want to believe it affected me, so instead I just smiled and nodded down at him. “You lie!” Taehyung pointed and chuckled.

“Lie?” I tilted my head a little confused by his words.

“Well he just kissed your cheek” Taehyung shook his head with a box like grin.

“I was saying thank you for the food” Jimin bleakly replied before pushing himself against my side.

“Well where’s my thank you?! I want a kiss on the cheek!” Taehyung whined.

“Only Kookie gets my kiss” Jimin replied simply as if what he just said meant nothing. I choked on air from the shock of his words.

“Well I’ll come back tomorrow then! You can start tutoring me!” Taehyung blurted before he started to hurry for the exit.

“BYE!” I yelled just before I heard the door slam. I sighed in relief before leaning against the kitchen sink. “What an idiot jeez…”

“I don’t like him.” Jimin crossed his arms with a humph.

“He’s just a little simple minded.” I added, absently ruffling Jimin’s hair.

“He called me cute” Jimin pouted and I just chuckled rolling my eyes.

“You are” I accidentally spoke my mind and after I realised what I said I wanted to kick my myself. “I mean…”

“You think I’m cute?” Jimin looked up cocking his head to the side, his eyes turning into crescents as he smiled widely.

“Well, don’t you think you’re cute?” I tried to reverse the question in hope to save myself.

“I don’t know…and hey, you didn’t answer my question” Jimin continued in a childish like tone which only made my heart scream.

“I…well…You are quite cute…” I admitted and when I looked down at Jimin expecting a disgusted look on his face he just giggled softly before wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Kookie is quite cute too…” Jimin added and all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks. It was so hard to believe that this once conserved, quiet and sad boy was now attached to my waist, giggling softy…I was glad that he had opened up to me. Well he hadn’t really opened up to me, but he was more talkative and he seemed happier as well. I gently placed an arm around his back before resting my head on top  of his blonde mop of hair.
Although everything seemed quite perfect in that moment, something quite worrying kept burning in the pit of my stomach. That phone call was so  ominous…I wanted to know who that person was on the phone, but at the same time I didn’t, the voice was definitely male and it was quite deep with a booming tone. It sounded so dark…but this person knew something about Jimin…At the time I remember thinking about how he must have something to do with Jimin’s past, but if I asked it might just push Jimin away from me again, and we would be right back at square one…

[Again I am so sorry! I made it longer then usual as an apology and also I’m going to be posting a Jikook one shot later today as an apology and a thank you, because…I HIT OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!! Honestly can’t thank you all enough! I know to some people that might seem quite small, but honestly that’s amazing and I can’t express my gratitude! Thank you again I hope you enjoyed this chapter! 🔥🙌🏻💜]

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Finding old photographs you’d forgotten about, Solavellan.

First - I am sorry this prompt has been in my inbox forever. 

This is more Figure Skating AU. @tel-abelas-mofo you asked me if Solas had been a competitor before, so I figured I would do a little backstory. I am not sure this is that great, I am sorry -  I am not really pleased with it. Exposition is hard?

(also, I have a half fill for this prompt already that I WILL finish one day, but the figure skating thing is taking over my brain.)

for @dadrunkwriting


“I will see you at the rink tomorrow, coach!”

“Iwyn. Please don’t call me that. Considering…” He can’t help but smile.

“As you say, Solas.” Iwyn leans in and kiss his cheek. “Sweet dreams… ”

Solas sighs and closes the door behind her. She makes him feel younger, more alive than he thought he could be. It wasn’t quite what he thought would happen when he started coaching.

Solas leans his head against the door after he closes it. He misses her already, but does have work to.

He rifles through the lower drawer looking for envelopes, he is sure there were some. His fingers bump against something rigid, and before he can stop himself, he pulls out the picture frame and the newspaper clippings below it. He had forgotten he had kept these.

Him and Mythal, smiling with their gold medals. Elgar'nan and Andruil next to them, holding up their silvers. It had already happened here of course, but they kept smiling. For the cameras. The rumors would start a few weeks later.

Solas pinched the bridge of his nose. Those rumors. Andruil had started them. He should have known, but he acted rashly. A few well-placed words about him to Mythal, and she threw herself into the arms of Elgar'nan. For all he knew, she had waited for an excuse, or had already been there. He had always been a fool when it came to her.  Andruil had hoped he would skate with her when Mythal and Elgar'nan inevitably teamed up. It had not been an option in his mind.

The papers had a grand time. He looks at the paper in his hand. He still has no idea why he has kept it, but there it is. The same picture, grainy in print, and the headline: Arlathan world champions spilt! The papers were never specific about the rumors and the background, but they had hinted enough about his character.

In the end, Mythal had looked like a victim. Elgar'nan like a benevolent saver, a safe harbor. Solas himself cast as a man without honor, a callous partner.

He is now happy with his coaching career, even if it has started earlier than he had expected. He has a fair number of lower level couples to coach, and then last year Siona Lavellan had asked him to coach her children. Branwen and Iwyn was already Free Marches Silver medalists, and had just placed 6th in worlds. They had all taken a huge gamble on him. The bronze medal at last World Championship had been a surprise to many, but not to him.

And now he was about to throw it all away. He had not expected to meet someone like Iwyn. Always confident, and confident in his ability to coach. He had not expected how close they would grow.

Solas sighs again and dig his root of his hands into his eyes. Close. Yes, they were very close. He loves her and there is nothing he can do to stop it. That she loves him back, that she sees him, and not the rumors and the newspaper headlines. She hasn’t even asked, and sometimes he wonders why.

He almost throws the picture the article in the trash, but his hands hover over the bin. Solas exhales and put the items back in the drawer. This is why they can’t go on. Not only what the federation would do if they found out, the damage to Iwyn and Branwen’s standing in the eyes of the judges and officials. The truth is that she deserves so much better. Much better than someone with a questionable past, a scandal and a vengeful ex-wife.  

Solas has long forgotten the envelopes he was looking for. He sits in the dark for a long time, not bothering to turn on the light.

Intellectually I am excited about my first agent rejection ‘cause I’m putting myself out there and that’s a good thing and she liked my concept and that’s awesome!
But it’s one am and the goblin brain part of me is looking at the part that says she doesn’t like my execution and knowing she’s right 'cause my execution is spotty I’m all ideas and no follow through what else is new???

Cody deserves someone who can tell his story properly, ugh.

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble


Prisoner of Azkaban Deleted Scene

Neville was in total disgrace. Professor McGonagall was so furious with him she had banned him from all future Hogsmeade visits, given him a detention, and forbidden anyone to give him the password into the tower. Poor Neville was forced to wait outside the common room every night for somebody to let him in, while the security trolls leered unpleasantly at him.

Most of us guessed that Navy would end up betraying everyone by the end of the episode. 

I don’t think most of us expected that having her go from this:

to this:

would be really good for Lapis’ mental health.

And despite certain people’s fears about certain story boarders… this was actually very much in character for her. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Lapis has always been cynical, even in her pre mirror days. After she escaped she went from cynical to detached and apathetic. Not an unexpected defense mechanism for someone who was trapped in an inanimate object for 6,000 years. But she has made progress. She trusts Steven and Peridot. Enough not only to express her concerns, but to essentially make a confession.

Life on Earth is really confusing. It took me a long time to get use to it. I’m still getting use to it.

Given everything that’s happened to her on Earth, it’s only natural that she’s having a hard time adjusting. But she’s just confessed her biggest insecurity: she knows she’s having a hard time dealing with what she’s been through, while having to get use to to living a normal life on the planet where her greatest traumas happened. Before the rebellion she would have done her job and left for the next planet, Earth having been a distant memory by this time. But now she can never leave. Earth has to become home. 

She wants to move on, but feels guilty about how difficult actually doing that is.

So here comes this I-Insta-Love-All-Things-Earth ruby, who seems freakishly well adjusted from the moment she crashes face first into the planet. Never mind that she was lied to not once, but twice, by the crystal gems. Never mind that she was blasted out into space and abandoned while they stole her ship. All is instantly forgiven and she just wants to be a part of their happy family.

Worse yet? The people Lapis cares most about just buy it. They go right along with it as though Navy’s behavior is perfectly normal. It took time for Lapis to even begin to be okay with the idea of living in Earth and forgiving the crystal gems- she’s still working on it, and it’s painful. She’s worked so hard for every inch of progress she’s made, and here’s someone who’s seemingly able to move on the same day they got to Earth.

I just don’t get it. Why is it so easy for her when it was so hard for me? 

So when the perfectly well adjusted Navy turned out to be a gleeful sociopath  gleefully hell bent on revenge, everything fell into place.

Navy’s sudden but inevitable betrayal was the best thing to happen for Lapis’ mental health to date.

So what’s the take away from this? 1) People react differently to trauma. 2) Just because someone seems well adjusted doesn’t mean they are. 3) It’s okay to take a long time to heal from your traumas. It’s okay for it to be a constant work in progress. It’s okay not to be okay. 

And at the end of the day, that realization can almost feel like happiness. 

how to make friends for life (lit edition)

the secret history: get high, do a bacchanal and start a series of plans to cover a murder that lead to a second murder

the raven cycle: try to find a dead welsh king in a magical forest dreamed by your farmer roommate

the foxhole court: stop hiding from your mobster father to play an unpopular sport and let your teammates protect you