You are all the best! And I am going to have to ask you to last just a little longer...

Hi! I know I haven’t been posting much this past week due to my trip to Disney World—from which I have just gotten back from a few hours ago–and I know you are all patiently waiting for my next imagine.
However, just a heads up: I am starting up school again tomorrow (I am terrified and stressed beyond belief at the moment), so it isn’t clear if I will be able to post tomorrow. I am taking two AP courses and I have no idea the work load they are going to throw at me the first few days, so please hang tight well I get everything sorted out.
I will be finishing up some history textbook work and studying for a test I have on the first day of class, so I can guarantee that I will not post tonight.
I WILL post soon, it’s just unclear exactly when.
Again, THANK YOU for all your patience! The next few days are going to be very stressful for me so I am going to be taking it easy and one step at a time, please understand.
Thank you loves ❤️

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo :3

So I realized that I’ve had this as my icon for a while and that when I first posted it, all I said was credit to whoever made this. Now I know better and how to find out who did this and give them credit, so I have done just that.

earthlester made this, and it is amazing. They are an amazing artist, and you really should go check out their blog and maybe give it a follow? (Top notch phanart and other youtuber fanart and fob stuff guys. They’re pretty awesome.)

Once again, I apologize for not crediting the artist earlier, I messed up. 

(I’m just gonna say it again. earthlester is the talented person behind this art)




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I was scared so I stopped updating the au, you can kick my ass (/)u(\). I want to show how Seijo works, hopefully I’ll do a few illustrations and short minicomics…?