i am sooooo proud of myself

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Hey cap just wanted to give you a positive life update: I started a summer job and found out that a lot of people I work with are gay. I came out to them(I'm not really fully out yet to family and stuff)an now we all hang out on breaks and talk about our experiences. Even though I'm not out in my day to day life it feels so good to have a space where I can be myself and am accepted. I never would have had found support in real life if it wasn't for the support I found from your blog.

Yes yes yes yes yesssss positive life updates!!! I’m sooooo proud of you and happy for you!!!! :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


October 2016 vs June 2017

sooooo…since I kinda needed to motivate myself, here’s one piece I did about half a year ago shortly after I got my tablet, compared to what I accomplished today. Sure, it’s not nearly great or anything BUT I am pretty proud of how it turned out and…it’s so nice to see that I actually made progress by leaving my comfort zone and trying out new things?

Idk, I’m just rambling now.

AAAAAAANNNNYway, practise really is the key to succeess so, wooooh yeah, we all gotta start somewhere \o/

I am sooooo proud of myself because I taught myself how to recolor toddler beds! (((Happy Dance)))

I tried to find a tutorial on how to recolor beds in TS4 and I couldn’t but I FINALLY figured it out today. These are the 5 that I created :) Just wanted to share my good news for the day. 

Tumblr creator: “Here’s my most recent photograph! I worked really hard on it, and I’m super proud of it.”

Various person desperate for followers: “ *unrelated emoji of a diamond, a gun, and a stop sign here* *blog name here*

Various person desperate for followers: “Yep. This will totally get me more followers. And I’m sure this creator totally won’t mind me piggybacking off of their creation and doing nothing myself.”

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Not party related. I'm on holiday with my parents and they made me go to this pub to eat. I didn't want to go in just looking at the front of the building. I'm pretty sure I was the youngest person there and it was so loud and there were so many people and I told my parents I wanted to leave but they just made fun of me. I ended up leaving on my own and waiting outside and even though it's been over an hour, I still can't calm down. My heart won't stop racing. Any tips on how to calm down?

Oh no sweetheart, I am sooooo sorry. You deserve to be respected and validated, always. I’m so proud of you for reaching out – I know that’s not easy! For me, exercise calms me down (but it also hikes the heart rate, so if that feels scary for you, that might not be helpful for you), and so does distracting myself with Sanvers gifs, etc. If that kind of thing sounds like it might work for you, you might want to try the #sanvers fluff tag. 

For some people, trying to breathe deep in through your nose and out through your mouth helps a lot, too. While counting. It doesn’t help me, but it works for a lot of people! And reaching out – like you just did – can hopefully help a lot, too!!! 

You’re not alone, darling, and I am so proud of you for leaving. You’re amazing and powerful, and I know you can do this <3 <3 <3 

Happy Tenth Anniversary Hetalia!

Still not used to animation, sooo. Have a Japan!
Hetalia is truly a wonderful Anime/Manga/comic that made numerous people like History and want to travel around the world.
I am just like them.
Ze Best if you ask me.

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Captain mom!! I just got an A from my final English lit paper!!! And I'm so hyped I can't even!!?!? Like there's only 5 people in the whole class that got an A and I'm one of them?!?!? How even??? I mean... I feel like it was the worst thing I've ever written??? But I got an A??? And I am so proud of myself?!?? (and yes I just said I'm proud of myself that's a very rare thing... what even????) Anyways... I hope you're having a wonderful day😄

Omg yesssssssssssssss I am not at all surprised, and I’m sooooo proud of you in general, and I’m extra proud of you for being proud of yourself!!! That’s amazing: you’re amazing!!!! :D <3 <3 <3 <3 


hii! my name is simran. i’m half white and half indo-fijian. when i was younger, i didn’t see myself as one race or the other. i was both. i spoke both hindi and english because my dad is white and my mom is brown. i watched both hindi and english tv shows. i identified with both sides of me. it wasn’t a big deal.

when I started going to school, things kind of changed. i don’t really know how to explain it but i just felt kind of out of place. i thankfully was never bullied for my race, expect for the fact that people from school sometimes “joked around” and called me “cinnamon” because i guess it kind of sounds like “simran”??? i started hating my name because of this. it wasn’t “white enough”.my sisters and i are the only ones in our entire family that are biracial. my mom’s side of the family always “jokingly” makes fun of my sisters and i because we’re half white. and are “surprised” and we can actually understand hindi and stuff.

i guess a mix of the what happened at school, and being “too white” or “not indian enough” for my mom’s side of the family, i started to distance myself from being indo-fijian. when i was outside of the house, i was white. i didn’t want to be associated with being mixed or being indo-fijian. any time we had to wear indian suits to a wedding or some other family occasion, i would quickly get in and out of the car because i felt embarrassed to be seen in those clothes in public. i was so scared that someone from school would see me wearing these clothes.

i started noticing differences between me and some of the other girls. i have really thick and frizzy hair which i started hating, so i always tied my hair up. my arms and legs were a lot hairy than the other girls. my eyebrows were thicker, i had facial hair in places they didn’t have. i started hating the way i looked, and honestly, i’m still struggling with all of this. i haven’t kept my hair down in public in probably over 10 years. i always wear hoodies to cover my arms, and if i do wear something short sleeved, i find myself always crossing my arms to try and hide it.

sometimes it’s hard to relate to a lot of people, because i am mixed. my struggle isn’t only with being brown, it is being biracial, so someone else i really really want to thank for encouraging me to be proud with who i am is zayn malik. he is also half white and half brown (although he is pakistani) and has talked about how he has struggled with being mixed. he’s spoken about having trouble fitting in because of his mixed heritage, but i can completely relate to. i wasn’t ever “white enough” for school, or “brown enough” for my mom’s family, so i have no idea who i am, or where i’m supposed to be. on friday, zayn attended the asian awards, and during his acceptance speech, he said something that stood out to me, and made me really happy. he said “i’d like to thank my mum and dad for making me asian”. despite having trouble fitting in as a kid, being half white, and facing racism throughout his career, he is thankful for being asian. he still identifies and is proud to be asian. idk how to explain how i feel but im just so so sooo happy that there is a famous brown person out there for me to look up to. and the fact that he is half white and half brown, just like i am, makes me even happier. he knows the struggle of not fitting in because of being mixed, but he is still proud of his heritage. so thank you sooooo much zayn, you really mean a lot to me, i love you ♥  :’)

i guess in conclusion, i’ve always struggled with being myself, and being proud of who i am. i’m doing a lot better with accepting myself, but there is still a long way to go. thank you reclaimthebindi for your blog and what you are doing with it. it inspires me to see other brown people who are proud and confident with who they are. our culture is not a trend, it is not or indie. it belongs to us, not to all these white girls wearing them as a fashion statement.

anyways thank you if you actually read this omg im kind nervous to post this but here it is!!! and to all my mixed/brown people out there, you are all beautiful okay. i know that some times it is hard to see, but it is true. you are all amazing!!! i love youuu  ♥  ♥  ♥