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Draco and Hermione’s First Meeting (The Ones Who Heard)

So, because I fail at life I posted this over on my author page @littlemisseighty-sixed (My strict fan fiction blog) instead of over here 💀💀💀 So I am reposting it here… Sorry I am so horrible 😂💀😭

Hi, guys! So, it has been about a *week???* Since this beautiful piece was done and I am sooooo sorry it has taken me this long to post it 💀💀💀 Work, school preparation, and these two writing fests I have gotten myself into have been sucking the life out of me. Anyways!!! This gorgeous piece was done by @lastbornslytherin and I couldn’t be happier! Look at her outfit! And the wand behind his ear! Ahhh so much detail, she is fantastic!!! If you don’t know what this is from, here is the scene below. ♥️♥️♥️ ***Also check the artist out? She takes commissions currently! ♥️✨***

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Do you think bucky would be a Doctor Who fan

Hi, Nonny!!! Thank you so much for this ask!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I definitely did not forget about it, in fact I’ve been thinking long and hard about the answer! So I decided to turn it into a drabble. :D Hope this is kind of fun and answers you question! 


A yawn escaped your lips, raising one hand to stifle it while the other reached for a coffee mug. The past few had been late nights, not that you regretted it. Some things were worth losing sleep. Grabbing the freshly brewed pot, you poured the dark liquid into your mug followed by a splash of your favorite Hazelnut creamer. Inhaling the heavenly aroma, you took a sip as Tony entered the kitchen with an announcement to make.

“It seems that all of my carefully chosen and expensively purchased statues in the 5th floor garden have been defaced. Literally. Their faces have been removed. Anyone know anything about that? Hm?”

Tony’s eyes searched every face in the room, met with looks of confusion and head shakes of denial. Eyes wide, realization settled in your mind as you tried your best to keep your face neutral.

“Where’s RoboCop? Anyone seen him?” inquired the billionaire.

Steve gave him a look of disapproval at the nickname, but responded, “I think Bucky’s out for a run, but if he harbors a serious hate for statues, it’s news to me.”

Hiding the lower part of your face behind your coffee cup, you reached into the cupboard for a box of cereal. Fruity Pebbles poured followed by milk, you grabbed your bowl and headed to your room before you gave anything away. You may not have damaged the statues, but it was probably your fault.


Later that night, you poured the freshly-popped popcorn into a bowl and placed it on a tv tray along with two sodas before carrying it toward to the tv area. Bucky was already sprawled on the couch when you sat down beside him, grabbing the remote.

“Are you sure you want to continue our marathon watching? I mean, I know I kind of forced you into watching it, so if you don’t want to, I swear I’ll understand. If you don’t like it I won’t be mad.”

Bucky turned toward you, brow furrowed, “What do you mean ‘if I don’t like it’? We’ve made it this far, haven’t we? Two and half season, I think? And yeah, it was weird at first, but I’m starting to enjoy it. What makes you think I don’t like it?”

“Well….this morning, Tony mentioned there has been some…alterations…to some of his garden statues. Mainly the angels, from what I saw.”

Bucky’s face turned beet red, eyes wide. “So you know, then.”

“Yeah. I figured it out. But I didn’t rat you out! You could have told me if it scared you! I mean, ‘Blink’ is not for the faint-hearted, those Weeping Angels are…”

“…creepy beyond belief, I agree. And can you blame me? I took a walk after we finished that episode around 1am and there they were…staring with their unblinking eyes….I couldn’t look away, so I kind of…punched them.”

“You…punched them? The statues?”

“Yeah. Used ol’ lefty to get rid of those eyes…” Bucky said quietly, shuddering.

You bit your lip, trying not to laugh. You had been a Doctor Who fan for years, so it was fun to see the episodes you knew by heart seen through another’s eyes. You just never thought the metal-armed, Super Serum-infused, former-Winter Soldier would be scared of statues.

Placing a hand on his leg, you spoke calmly, “Bucky, it’s just pretend. The Weeping Angels are not real.”

“Oh, yeah? How do we know that? I mean, there are aliens on this show that are supposedly fictional but then the sky opened last year and you guys fought real, actual aliens!! So what makes you so sure?”

You slumped back on the couch.

“Huh. I guess you have a point. It’s a good thing you already took care of those angels then, huh?”

“Damn right,” he said proudly, puffing out his chest.

“And don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me,” you winked, snuggling into Bucky’s right side. 

You smiled, pointing the remote at the tv to select the next episode.

“You’re sure you want to keep going then?”

“Positive. Besides, the angels are gone, right? Sally Sparrow and that video store guy took care of them.”

“Exactly! They’re gone. For a few seasons…” you said with a guilty grin.


Chuckling at the panic on his face, you pressed play, the drums and doo-wee-ooooo of the opening titles began while the TARDIS flew through space and time.


Thoughts? Comments? This was my first sort of Fandom crossover of sorts. 

This was pretty fun. As you can tell I am a HUGE Doctor who fan, although I’m behind one season don’t spoil me.  I’m back from vacation and have a few fics almost ready to post! This is just me dipping a toe back in. I hope to have something new posted tomorrow. It’s sooooo great to be back in the land of reliable wifi! I’ve missed you guys.

I’m tagging my whole list, so let me know if you only want to be tagged for certain fics. I’ll try to keep it all straight. Also, if you haven’t seen Doctor Who, you should definitely remedy that! Or at least look up the Weeping Angels so you know what I’m talking about. :D

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I don't always agree with the opinions you share, but you're my one stop shop for all things fundie. I'm sorry that you get negative messages. Massive kudos to all of the admins for keeping up with the blog and your personal lives. And Admin T deserves a high-five for their efforts, particularly with law school. As for Christmas, take time off if you need it. However, to be selfish, I'd like social media posts to continue over the holidays (distracts from annoying family!). Keep up the good work

Thanks so much for the support and encouragement (and our community is better because of the differences in opinions 😊)!! Admin T deserves a HUGE high-five, I don’t know how she does it. I am sooooo incredibly thankful I have her, not just on the blog but also as a behind the scenes person to talk to and discuss issues.
Honestly, I couldn’t stay totally off the blog, so the social media updates will very likely happen lol (Annie)

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It's great to see that you're back and that you're posting funny stuff! I hope you're well! 💜

Thank you sooooo much!!!!!! Yes I was in different hospitals this year and now I am finally happy again and all that stuff is behind me now! This year was hard but I fought and now I am so happy :) Thank you for caring 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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anon/honesty hour today is SO HOT IM MELTING. I can't think of anything but at the same time all in thinking about is that I am sooooo behind in nano and I'm not going to reach even 30,000. in the post it said that you could give makeup tips,, would you do any make-up while cosplaying as Chloe price? this ask IS so confusing but the heat is keeping me from thinking straight anyways sorry

Hi! I’m sorry you are having such a hard time with the heat, please dont forget to drink water!! Here a few makeup tips that i could come up with (i’d take them with a grain of salt as i am an artists but i do not work with makeup very much and i had to look up who she was):
What seems to stick out the most is her eyes so you are going to want to give particular attention there.
Personnaly i wouls start with a light brown/gold eye shadow as a base then gradually add a darker brown and maybe a little bit of orange, try bringing the gold/brown under your eye a bit, just enough to make your eyes pop out. Then finish off with a thin line of black eyeliner and mascara.

What i also noticed is that she has really pale skin, so i would suggest using highlighter (not sure of the term) to brighten your skin a bit if you find you need to.

rarietty replied to your post “no not phantom of paradise andrew lloyd webber’s own personal wankfic”

Ah, yes, the reason why I’m confused when great composers keep teaming up with Glen Slater (the lyricist behind this abomination. They actually had to bring another lyricist in to fix his lyrics, yet he still gets constant work with both Webber and Alan Menken.)

YOURE TELLING ME SOMEBODY ELSE DID DO THE LYRICS?? that explains everything holy shit

the lyrics are sooooo badd

I Can't Make You Love Me -Chapter 2

Read the prologue and chapter one first!!!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I woke up to see that Jack was still right next to me. He was still sleeping and he looked so angelic and I couldn’t help but stare for a while. “Stop staring,” I hear him mumble with his eyes still shut. Shit, he could tell I was watching him, let alone actually awake. I chuckled under my breath and started to get up and his eyes opened the moment I moved. Jack caught my wrist and stopped me, “and where are you going?” he questioned me with his sexy morning voice. “I was just going to get some breakfast. Would you like to join me?” And without hesitation he pulled me back onto the bed and into his chest. “No, you are not leaving this bed. I will get us breakfast and bring it up to you. We are going to watch movies all day until we fall asleep. You are not allowed to do anything unless it’s with me today, got it?” He say and I knew I couldn’t protest. “but I need to shower” I tried to retort, “yeah and? So do I.” I punched his arm knowing his sexual side could not be stopped if he started now. He chuckled at my weak hit to his giant bicep and got up and went downstairs to get our breakfast and movies.

We’ve always been like this. Best friends that joke about any sexual contact of each other. Neither of us are virgins, but we still talk like we are in the “friends with benefits” type of relationship, even though we promised each other that we would never do that to each other. I always liked Jack, but never acted on it. I guess I just used other boys to allow myself to be distracted. I doubt that he would ever feel the same way. I always wondered if he ever thought about us, but I didn’t want to say anything. When he came back upstairs with our breakfast and movies, he let me pick first; I chose “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.” I put the dvd in and crawled back under the covers with him and he chuckled when he saw the title come up on the screen, “I knew you would pick that one.” We ate during the movie and I guess I had too much water because halfway through I had to pee really bad. I made him pause it and I ran to the bathroom with him laughing behind me. On my way back into his room, I heard him talking to someone on the phone: Jack, I think. I didn’t want to be nosy, but I stood next to the door listening in on their conversation. “Listen, I know we had plans, but something came up. Y/N came over last night and needed some help. She is spending the day with me.” Jack said to Jack. I blushed at the thought that he wanted to spend the day with me. After a moment of silence of listening to him speak on the other line Jack spoke again, “I know you haven’t seen her in forever, neither have I, and I missed her like crazy.” He paused again, and then said, “yo, she is in the bathroom right now and will come back any second, so I got to go.” He hung up and I waited a second to walk into the room again, and saw him already back in bed. I walked back over, got into the bed, and we continued watching the movie. A few minutes before it was over, I could feel his eyes on me. I tried my hardest not to look back at him, but just the thought of him looking at me, made me smile so I asked, “Why are you staring?” “Because you deserve to be looked at, especially stared at.” he quickly responded like it was nothing. I chuckled to myself and turned my focus back to the screen. I still felt his eyes on me, but this time I ignored it. Once the movie was over, I tell him that I’m going to take a shower and he plays on his phone while I walk away. I start my shower, removing my clothes but I hear a knock on the door the second I step into the shower. I yell out, “just come in, I’m already inside the shower.” I knew it was Jack, so I really didn’t care if he saw me. Jack quickly walked in and said that he forgot something and then ran back out. When I was done, I grabbed a towel and tied it around myself and walked back into Jack’s room. The second I walked into the room I saw his eyes follow me over to the drawers where I kept my clothes for whenever I stayed the night. He was watching me the whole time and I did not mind at all. I got dressed and started doing my hair and make up. He quickly asked if he could straighten my hair. I agreed and sat between his legs on the bed. He looked so intrigued when he was doing my hair. Then whenever he would miss it piece, he made a face and I would laugh at him for it. Moments like these with Jack where the best I could ever have. If I could, I would simply not leave his house ever. There was a time that Jack and I almost dated but never went through with it because we wanted nothing to break up our friendship. He still tells me that he loves me and will always love me and I tell him the same, but what he doesn’t understand that I say it because I mean it. I don’t think he means it, but I know he really does care for me. He’s takings care of he for goodness sake. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

He finished with my hair rather quickly and we suddenly heard pounding on his front door and the doorbell going off multiple times. Jack ran downstairs and I followed out of curiousness. He made sure that I stayed behind him before  opening the door. Jack grabbed the handle and opened the door and was immediately shocked to see who the person on the other side was. I could barely see over Jack’s broad shoulders, but I knew exactly who it was. It was the boyfriend who I put unconscious because he was trying to kill me. However, he had something in his hand, the lamp: the, now broken, lamp that I hit his head off of.

(A/N: okay guys, I am sooooo sorry that I took so long to post this. I recently had a drama festival and I still have one more to do this Saturday. Plus I’ve had a really bad few weeks, so please don’t hate me for updating so late…BUT, y'all can send me some messages telling me who else you want to see in this fanfiction..I still love you all x)