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So to compensate for the WEEKS (i am soooo sorry guys) i have been absent, i shall post these absolutely GORGEOUS Disney gender-bends.

Admit it, you totally think they’re all hot.


Forgive me?

disclaimer: These pictures are owned and was created by the ever talented sakimichan. I am just a fan- no, a person who absolutely adores her work, and wants to share this with all the beautiful people of tumlr (even though she’s already doing that herself)

P.S press that heart button if you think the lady version of Hades and the manly man version of Ursula should hook up.

Exo Reaction when you’re fangirling about another boyband.

Request: Hi :) can you make an exo reaction when you’re fangirling with another boyband ? Thank you :D

Okay! So again for taking so long on this request. I am going to use names of other bands, so don’t take it offensive or anything. I love all the other boygroups mentioned so….Enjoy~

Baekhyun: (I am doing two different reaction for Baek because I can imagine both of them happening) He walks in to see you on your computer fangirling over Bts’s live performances.

“Dafuq? Since when did this girl like Bts? She should only love Exo.”

“Omg~Gurrrrrl, I know right shirtless Jimin is so hot! And my son ,V,be owning that stage. I taught him right!” He would fangirl with you. 

Chanyeol: “But, Jagiya, I thought you would only love me and Exo.” Chanyeol would pout ,cutely, over you fangirling over another boyband.

Chen: Chen walks in your room catching you fangirling over B.A.P Daehyun’s high note. “Tsk. I can also sing high notes, maybe even better then him.”

D.O: “*sigh* Well, she is at it again. I am so done, why can’t she just like Exo.” D.o walks in the living room to see you fangirling over 2pm again. He is so done with your fangiring shit. when isn’t d.o done with lyfe?

Kai: Kai catches you fangirling over Shinee. “How dare you! Fangirling over my best friend’s band. Taemin better not be your Bias!He stops infront of the Tv to point and yell at you clearly jealous and shocked at you liking another band besides Exo.

Kris: “I see you fangirling over Infinite. But at the end of the day, you bad ass boyfriend is the one you love the most.” Kris sees you fangirling but he knows that you will always come crawling back to him. causefangirlingisn’thisstyle 

Lay: “Wait what? Kikwang’s butt is sexy? My ovaries are exploding? Jagi are you okay?” Lay gets worried as he hears you fangirling over Beast and how they are making your ovaries exploding. Then he realizes that you were admiring someones else butt, other than his.

Luhan: Luhan walks in to you rolling on the floor yelling about your hear being ripped out as Suju is playing on the Tv with no shirts on. “The fuck is this? I come home to see my girlfriend squirming on the floor like a fish over Suju. Do you even react this way when you watch Exo or me?” He is judging you hard.

Sehun:  “Omg, look i am Y/N and I think Big Bang is soooo hot.” Sehun copies/mocks you clearly annoyed at your state of fangirling because your are ignoring him and fangirling over another boyband. even though he can’t deny big bang being hot

Suho: “I taught you better than this. Remember when I said you should only love Exo. I am disappointed with you especially since its boys younger than you. Are you even listening?” Suho starts ranting when he catches you fangirling over seventeen because they are younger then Exo and yourself. (if your not then just pretend) He only wants you to look at Exo. -cough- Him-cough-

Tao:  Tao sees you fangirling over Got7 Markson’s martial arts.“I can do martial arts too. I can way more Gucci than them.” Jealous panda

Xiumin: “Hello, sexy boyfriend, in a boygroup, right here in front of you.” Xiumin is clearly judging you and not happy with your choice of fangirling over another boygroup besides Exo. He is going to teach you a lesson. -winks- if you know what I mean?


Okay, so I got this idea from ultramelodysong to try to categorize the fictional men I’m in love with to see if I could find my “type”.

It’s kind of a mess, but I did determine that if Lee Pace ever plays a long haired, hot blonde, snarky, murdering doctor I am soooo screwed… 

Go ahead and give this a try! Be sure to tag me so I can see your lists!

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the one where no one's ready

“I don’t understand why we need to get ready, now,” Stiles grumbles, tossing a chip in his mouth as he stares blankly at the television.

“Because you need several hours to look remotely acceptable for public appearances,” Derek snipes, stealing the chip bag and smirking as Stiles flips him off. 

“You both need to get ready,” Scott moans, trying to chivvy Stiles out of his arm chair. “I need everyone ready by six forty-five! It’s five to, now!”

“Babe!” Allison runs out of her bedroom in her dressing gown, and for a moment Scott tries to cover Stiles’ eyes, and then realises he hasn’t even looked up from where he’s glowering at Derek. 

“Uh,” he runs a hand through his hair, “You okay?”

“How black tie is the black tie, here? Do I need something that says future Mayor’s wife, or just like it’s Derek’s birthday again and he wants us all to go to a fancy restaurant and pretend we fit in?”

“You didn’t even try to fit in,” Derek cuts in crossly.

"Hey man, I wore a tux,” Stiles points out. 

“Yes,” Derek’s mouth dries up a little at the memory, and then he scowls, “And, then proceeded to have a bread roll fight with Scott across the table.”

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TToF Sadie: “Carter you can’t just throw the fate of the world away because you have some maybe-feelings for a girl you haven’t even really met! There are more important things at stake here!”


TSS Sadie: “Kaaaay! I have two boys trying to win me over and omg they are both soooo hot what am I going to do!!???!?! date them both probs The end of the world can wait–I mean have you seen Anubis?? Unfff–oh wait I get them both at the same time lol dodged that bullet. btw carter have you kissed zia yet get it boy”