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V-ision pt 1 (V x MC fanfiction)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: V/MC -you
Summary:  V and Mc are bound by the red thread of fate. This story is about their journey and struggle through the past, present and future and how in the end…….(better read on to find out).

Author’s Notes: I am so, so excited to let you all know about my next story, this is my NANO novel! I am writing about V and MC! So just to let you know, this is going to be a combination of my 

                        ~Forget me not series (pt 1 and pt 2 )~

 to explain it a little bit, this story is about the past, present and future of V and MC. How actually they were always conected to each other, without them knowing. And I am soooo sooo excited to write this, I love it! I really do! Hopefully, I will still say this after writting every day. ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

So good news! Since I HAVE to write for Nano everyday, this means you will gen an update probably every day (if not- this means I am editing it) latest every second one. So please stay tuned and I really hope you will like it (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

PT 1  PT2 PT3 PT 4

“Have we met before?”

A rather plain question, but it means everything in the story of how I met her, how she became a big part of my life and how … we saved each other. Because that seemingly boring question, was the first thing I heard her say and after, after I just knew.This story is rather a confusing one. Our beginnings or – the beginnings of how I perceived her were rather on the negative or should we say on the neutral side – I couldn’t care less for her.

At that point, there already was someone, whom I cherished with all my heart. A person, I thought was the most warm, kind and lovely person to ever exist.
Soon we fell in love with each other. Her name was Rika.
The day I saw here, was the day, where my pictures were showcased in a Gallery and as the good old fate wanted it – Rika was there.
But she wasn’t like all the other visitors, because all they did was glance quickly at all of my pictures, nod and smile. But, oh Rika would never do something like that, oh no, she stood in front of one picture and one picture only and all she did was – stare at it.

She was staring at it, what felt like an eternity. But how would I know?
Well as I noticed her staring at it, I just couldn’t help but look at her. More like look at her back.

When will she move? Does she hate the picture? Does she love it? Did she fall asleep?

All of these thoughts went through my head. What was I supposed to do know?

 Do I approach her and confront her? Or do I just walk away and … ignore this incident.

But something pulled me to her; something was calling out to me. It was almost as if she was a Siren calling me into my demise. 

Then I approached her and with her small speech about my picture and how much she loved it, she enveloped herself quickly around my heart. I did have fans and I was grateful to them, but the way she spoke of my work was something I have never encountered before. She seemed so bright and warm and her words were sweet as honey.

I was never truly satisfied with my work; I always left some room for criticism and improvement. I knew I still had a long way to go. But that is probably something that most artists tell themselves. How they must improve.

Rika she spoke so highly of me, I never truly grasped the hidden meanings behind her words. I just thought of them as flattering compliments, never did I truly understand or see, what she truly meant. If only I knew. If only I saw what pain she was going through. How she truly felt about herself and others around her.

With her we created the RFA and we build it up with amazing people. All of these amazing and wonderful people are like a family to me. No. They ARE my family. After working with them for so long, seeing all of their different facets, I just couldn’t help but love them. How all of them were actually trying to overcome something that they held hidden deep inside of them, I decided then, that I wanted to be as strong and as kind and as helpful as Rika was. I wanted to help my lovely family; I wanted to help each and every one of them. With the RFA, I wanted not only to help others in need, but help my family members grow and develop.

After a while, I saw Rika change, but my love for her – as I called it then, never diminished. It only grew more and more. But Rika was slowly becoming worse, she was someone I could not recognize anymore, she sounded different, she behaved in a way I never believed she could. She was becoming something I no longer could support. 

I, well WE hurt so many people along the way to her new sanctuary, it made me feel dirty. 

But I promised myself, that I would never hurt my family that I would never let them see or know, what has become of someone they held so dearly to their heart. I took it upon myself, to be there for them, to be there for her and try to fix it all.

Sadly, Rika planned something else, she would try and hurt another person – and this time someone no one knew. Someone none of us was attached to – so the possibility of us losing her – would not affect us so much.

She planned for her to get close to the RFA, to be a spy – but not know any of it. This new person had to be neutral, new, innocent and kind. She had to be someone who all of the members of the RFA would love, she would have to be someone who would change them for the better. Someone … like her, does she even exist? But she would have to be someone also very lonely and broken, so that she would actually work for Mint eye after THEY break her, without them knowing it.

I no longer cared about anything, I knew what Rika was doing was wrong. I knew that bringing another innocent person inside of this chaos was terribly wrong. 

I knew. I know…

                                         But I was after all…blinded by love.

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I am Soooo excited to share this with you - my Birds of Prey noir commission from Craig Cermak!!!

With Maureen O’Hara as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Hedy Lamarr as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress and Joan Bennett as Dinah Lance/Black Canary. Beautiful and dangerous, protecting Gotham from and IN the shadows.

I told Craig that I wanted a movie poster of the BoP as a classic, 1930′s b&w film, and some basic details.

And as always, he more than exceeded my wish list needs!

Cannot wait to get it framed and on the wall.


Recently found out she was coming down to a sister location for a workshop which of course I signed up for; then one of my TCs texted me asking if I wanted to do a private!!

I get to train with THE Angela Mohan!! I am soooo excited.

Angela is the premiere physical fitness trainer who focuses strictly on Irish Dancers. She has worked with various successful champions from Oireachtas to Worlds.

Last year she was featured on the BBC documentary series Jigs and Wigs.

Anonymous said:Please do an Erica x reader imagine, before she became a werewolf, she shyly asks the reader out in front of the entire school on valentines day and everyone is watching expecting the reader to say no but she doesn’t and instead blushes and says yes

A/N: Oh my gosh, I am soooo excited to do this imagine for you, sweetheart! I’m sorry that I didn’t get around to your request until now. I’m super happy to finally write this one for you, anon. So please enjoy. I’ve worked super duper hard on it for you. :)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

[I Asked The Cool Girl Out On Valentines Day And Now She’s My Girlfriend.]

It was almost as though dread was weighing down in Erica’s stomach as she swallows hard, cradling the roses close to her chest as she waited with a nauseous feeling pulling her down, for your car to pull up into the school’s parking lot. Today she didn’t want to be a wuss any more, she wanted to get it over and done with and lay her cards dauntlessly upon the table. You needed to know she was into you, and she would do it. She was going to tell you, ask you out on valentines day in front of the whole entire school.

She attempted to ignore the stares and laughter that was directed at her when people noticed she was carrying roses and a small box of ordinary chocolates from the store. That’s when she spotted you walking towards the front doors, still in the parking lot with your head held high and your shoulders square. She made her way to you shakily, stopping in front of you. “(Y/N).” her voice was weak as everyone around the two of you stopped their conversations to listen to the scene before them. To witness you break her heart into a billion pieces. It was errily silent.

“Erica!” you grin at her, noticing the chocolates and roses and looking nervous now.

“I-I was w-wondering i-if you wanted to b-be my v-valentine and m-m-m-maybe g-g-go o-o-out with m-m-m-me?” she stammered loudly so everybody could hear her. She already felt the tears caused from rejection building upon her waterlines. This was a horrid idea and now her heart would be obliterated into shards and she’d have nothing left for herself at all.

The lot was filled with merciless laughter at Erica, people calling her a dike, a lesbian, saying that you wouldn’t ever be into girls. You pursed your lips and huffed. “Can I reply? Or are the assholes and bitches of this school going to continue making a joke out of this?” you shout loudly, causing Erica to jump and the chattering to finally simmer down to hushed whispers. “Thank you, dumbasses.” you growl menacingly before looking at Erica and smiling.

“Just get it over with.” her voice shakes, the tears almost spilling over.

“Yes.” you say it loudly so everybody can hear. “Yes, I will go out with you Erica, because guess what? I’ve been waiting for the day that you’d do something like this. I’m proud, okay? Proud that you stood in front of all of these people and asked me out, because it shows how brave you are.” you smile, looking at everyone before your eyes landed upon the astonished Erica. She hadn’t planned on your saying yes. She didn’t know what she was going to plan for the two of you tonight. “Don’t be so surprised, Erica. You’re gorgeous and I like you for the person that you are okay? You’re beautiful and you’re the only person in this school that deserves to be with me.” you smile, helping her feel more confident. The flabber ghasted crowd still stares at the two of you agape. “Are those for me?” you smile, beckoning to the roses and the small box of chocolates.

“Yes.” she nods, handing them to you.

“Thank you, that’s so sweet, Erica.” you smile. “But I didn’t get you anything.” you frown suddenly.

“Don’t be sorry! I could pick you up at 8 tonight and we can go get some pizza if you want?” she suggests thoughtfully. “And go see a movie?” she adds.

“Sure, but I’ll be paying. It’s my Valentine’s Day treat to you.” you smile tenderly to her.

“Okay.” she grins shyly at you, tears of happiness coating her eyes. “I’ll see you later, (Y/N).” Erica beams at you before rushing off to class.

This was probably the best day of both of your entire lives.

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I am soooo very excited to announce that I will be having a show entitled MOTELSCAPE with @signepierce and @marina-fini this Art Basel 2015!!!

It is a wonderfully immersive art vacation that we have put together inside the “Love Suite” of Miami Princess Hotel. The ENTIRE suite will be dripping with our works, including interactive photography, video, furniture design by Marina, performance art, neon works by Sydney Krause, etcetcetc! <3333

Opening is Friday, December 4th after 7 p.m. 

Prints, zines of our photos, and Marina’s wonderful jewelry will all be on sale as well!

~~~It just hit me right now that this is all happening and coming together. I am the biggest fan girl of Marina and Signe’s so this is truly a dream come true. Can u feel my art happiness seep thru your screen? 

“Ocean Cake” aka “I Hate My Birthday” .gif by yours truly, Sierra Grace. 

anonymous asked:

I started watching Riverdale because of you and "over a week later"!?!?! WHAT THE HELLFUCK


Birthday Month!

Hello dear friends! My birthday is coming (so so soon!) on February 24th.  My birthday is my most favorite holiday! Soooo, since I am very very excited, I figured I would share my very special wishlist with you all! 

Amazonselfies wishlist!

So please, please, please do not feel obligated to buy me anything (it would  be incredibly appreciated, but I still adore you all no matter what!) but if you decide you would like to, there are some guidelines I like to follow.  Pleeeeease DM me if you find something there that you think I simply couldn’t live without! Whatever you pick out, I will wear and proudly show off to everyone! If what you pick is a bit more…internal, if you know what I mean, I will happily send you pictures and gifs during playtime.  

If you have any questions let me know! And as always, thank you for being my wonderful, amazing followers and friends!


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