i am soooo excite

TODAY IS THE DAY and I am soooo excited… okay, so since this is gonna be the best one ever, which Halloween is the reigning best in your opinions? Cause I think my vote has to go to Halloween II. I have never freaked out more than during that plot twist ending and Holt’s explanation. Plus Holt saying “IT’S HAALLllooOOOWWwwEEeeNnn” is just… so perfect.


Day 13: was mostly spent getting souvenirs for my family and trying some new things like coffee plus Coca Cola which tasted like coffee cake or coffee quality street sweets if you’re from the uk and have ever tried those lol!

Anyways I bought my mum a few things and everyone else in my family these cool engraved custom made carved wooden “your name in Kanji” necklaces from this cool shop near Higashi-Ginza subway stop called “Stockplus” you can choose between a massive range of sizes, woods and Japanese designs and they translate your name into Kanji (as well as English names can be anyway :P) and they make a really cool little personalised gift from to give to people from Your trip! I think they are probably one of the coolest little presents you can get for someone and they don’t cost that much! The staff were super friendly and I got lots of compliments on my Ghibli tattoo :D anyways you pick out your design for the front and back and they’re done in about 15 minutes, we came back to collect them and met the owner and got some free gifts and as always Jamie refused to get his picture taken :P I’m thinking because he doesn’t want his soul stolen or he’s a vampire!

Oh yeah I got to meet Mario today, pretty cool huh? Don’t try to be too jealous :P the day ended with some beers which were super refreshing after another day of solid walking! Oh yeah and o also got my Japan Railway pass today which means I have unlimited travel anywhere in Japan on the train and also booked my seats to travel to Hiroshima to meet my friend Rena :D I am soooo excited! I’ve wanted to see Hiroshima for so long even though it will be one of those sobering experiences seeing the historical side of things and more importantly I can’t wait to see my friend :D were going to eat okonomiyaki!!!! Then go party! So after a couple of days in Hiroshima I will have to decide where to go next! Japan is my oyster :P of anyone has any recommendations please let me know! There’s a ramen vending machine in the north of Japan that was featured on my favourite NHK tv show “Document 72 Hours” that I would really love to visit for myself! Anyways let me know if you have any cool recommendations!!!


Six for Saturday:

1. I slept in till about 9:00 this morning, then I made Nick a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich and myself a one egg and cheese omelette.

2. About that time, Sophia asked if I could make her a hair cut appointment, and I decided we both should go, since it’s been at least a year. She’s got her permit, but I seldom let her drive. Today, though, she got about an hour of driving in, and she did really well. I did my best to just relax and enjoy being chauffeured around.

3. Phia and I got our haircut-it was $51 for both of us with an 18% tip. I haven’t blow dried mine yet, so I’ll see tomorrow whether I like it.

4. After that, I texted Nick, who is prepping for an important business trip, and told him what a good time we were having. He said, “You should get ice cream.” What he meant was he wanted ice cream. Phia and I grabbed lunch at a sushi place I’d been wanting to try. Our two meals and drinks were $11.32, and we took home leftovers. Then we picked up ice cream for Nick.

5. After that, I took Phia and her friends to the mall, my least favorite place. But since I was there, I checked out barbecue grills at Sears. Nick’s last one broke a couple of years ago, and we always had something more important to spend money on. Sears had a highly rated barbecue, that was $354.00 at Home Depot, on sale for $189.00. The salesman told me to search online for a promo code, and it ended up being $183.00 out the door. Nick will be so surprised!!

6. Then I took the girls to the Goodwill, where I scored a gorgeous eshakti dress and some high heeled Sofft sandals.

7. (Oops! I went over.) While I was there, my sister Hannah called me. She and my sister Sarah are going to a music festival in September in San Diego. She wondered if I had any money to go, and I told her I’d just spent my last reimbursement check on a grill for Nick. A little while later I checked my small personal account and realized that I had already paid the car loan for Zack’s truck this month. It turns out I still had $278.00. The tickets for the 3 day festival were $296.00. I looked for a promo code and got lucky. The tickets wound up being $269.00. I am soooo excited to go with my sisters!

I spent a scary amount of money today, but I think it will be okay.

I hope you all had a good day. I am thinking of those of you who are going to face heartache on Father’s Day tomorrow. I love you guys.

"Baby Food Challenge." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “can U make a storie about ethan something sweet romantic And kind at the same time please"


A/N: I think this is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.


You were headed back home to the apartment you shared with Ethan and Grayson. You and Ethan met shortly after him and Grayson moved to LA, and you immediately hit it off, and started dating shortly after. Ethan offered for you to move in with him and Grayson a few months after you started dating, and now you two were coming up on two years of being together.

When you got home, you found Grayson in the fridge, looking for something to eat.

“Oh, hey (Y/N).” He said.

“Hey. Is Ethan here?” You asked.

Grayson shook his head. “Nah, he just left to go to the store. We found some weird flavors of pudding at the store, so we’re gonna try some of them, and film it.” He explained.

“That’s actually what I wanna talk to you about.” You said.

“What’s up?” He asked, sitting next in the empty barstool next to you.

“First, you have to swear not to tell Ethan about this.” You said.

“You know I don’t like keeping secrets from him.” Grayson sighed.

“I know, I know. All I’m asking is for this one.” You said. Grayson hesitated before answering.

“Ok. What is it?” He asked.

“I’m pregnant.” You said. Grayson’s eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.

“Are you serious?” He asked. You nodded. “I’m gonna be an uncle!” He cheered, hugging you. “Oh man, Ethan is gonna be so excited.” He said. “But, what does this have to do with our video?” He asked.

“Thats the next part,” you began, “I was wondering if, instead of y'all eating pudding, I’d feed him baby food. I’m sure he’ll realize after a while that he’s not eating pudding, and then I’ll tell him. That’s all I got from the store earlier. Plus, baby food and pudding sort of have the same consistency, so it should be kind of interesting.” You explained.

“I love that idea, oh my gosh.” Grayson smiled. Just then, you heard the front door unlock and Ethan came into the kitchen.

“Hey baby.” He said, kissing you on the temple. “What’s up, bro.” He said patting Grayson on the shoulder. “These pudding flavors are so weird.” He said as he placed his bags on the counter.

“Yeah, the ones I found were crazy too.” Grayson said.

“Alright, well I’m ready when you are.” Ethan said to Grayson.

“Alright, lemme go get the camera.” Grayson said, getting up from the counter. Ethan walked behind you and wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek.

“How was your day? I missed you.” He asked.

“I didn’t do much. Just kinda walked around. It was such a nice day today, I couldn’t stand to be inside all day.” You said.

“Yeah, it was nice out today. If it stays like this over the weekend, we should go to the beach.” Ethan said.

“That’d be nice.” You said. Just then, Grayson came back into the kitchen with the camera and tripod. He set up everything and they got to filming.

“Hey guys, we’re back. And today, we have another challenge for you guys.” Grayson began.

“So, the other day, we were at the store, and we were looking at the puddings, and we noticed that there are some pretty interesting flavors, other than just chocolate and vanilla, so we decided to get some, and try them out.” Ethan explained.

“We have like 10 different flavors, and we’re gonna be blindfolded, and the other is gonna feed us the different puddings. Whoever gets the least amount correct, will have to drink a blend of all of the flavors.” Grayson said. They listed off all of the flavors, which did sound pretty weird. “Alright, I’m gonna go first, so I can get this over with.” Ethan said. Grayson tied the blindfold around Ethan’s head.

“Can you see?” Grayson asked. Ethan shook his head no.

“Not a thing.” Ethan said. You stepped into frame and Grayson stood behind you. You gathered your baby foods and started feeding Ethan the various flavors. “Ew, this tastes like prune.” He said, which was the flavor you fed him.

“Yeah, you got it.” Grayson said with a laugh. You fed him flavor after flavor, which he was having a hard time guessing once you got to the vegetable flavored ones.

“Okay, that one tasted like peas and carrots. I know that’s not pudding.” Ethan said as he slipped the blindfold off. “What pudding flavor was that?” He asked. He turned to you and looked back and forth between you and Grayson. “What’s going on?” He asked. He looked at the counter at all the baby foods, and looked back at you. “Why are you feeding me baby food?” He asked.

“Because, you’re gonna meet someone who is gonna wanna eat these, in about nine-ish months.” You said. Ethan looked at you with a confused look as ge tried to process your words.

“Wait, what?” He asked. He placed his hand on your belly and smiled at you. “Are you serious?” He asked.

“Yes. We’re having a baby.” You said with a smile.

“(Y/N)! We’re gonna have a baby. I’m gonna be a dad!” Ethan cheered as tears began to form in his eyes. He hugged you tight and kissed you sweetly. He pulled away and you wiped the tears that had already fallen. “This is the best news I’ve gotten in a long time. Oh my god, I’m so happy.” He said, hugging you again.

“I’m glad you’re happy. I’m pretty happy too.” You said with a smile. Ethan kissed you again, just to be interrupted by Grayson.

“Okay, well there you have it. Congratulations you two. I’m pretty excited about having a little niece or nephew soon, but until then, hope you all have a good week, and Ethan and I will see you next Tuesday.” Grayson said.

“PEACE.” You all said. Grayson turned off the camera as Ethan still had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist.

“(Y/N), this is crazy. I can’t believe we’re gonna have a baby.” Ethan said, still trying to wrap his mind around everything.

“Well, believe it because it’s happening.” You smiled.

“I’m so happy, oh my gosh. I am, at a lost for words to be honest. I can’t wait for us to start our own little family.” Ethan said.

“Me too baby, me too.” You said with a smile.

After dinner, you and the boys hung out in the living room for a while, watching TV, until around one in the morning, when you all started to get ready for bed.

Once in bed, Ethan held you close and kissed you all over.

“I know I’ve already said this a million times today, but I am so so soooo excited that we’re gonna be starting a family.” Ethan said.

“So am I baby. I wouldn’t want this with anybody else. I love you so much.” You said.

“I love you too baby.” He said kissing you on the cheek.

You talkrd about various baby things, like names, nursery colors, and other things, until you both fell asleep.


New girlie~~

I adopted this gorgeous girl from a friend in the hobby and she came a couple days ago! I took some unboxing photos, but I unboxed her at a bar and the light was really green, so they came out poorly :/ ha ha!

She’s a Resinsoul Ai with human ears, on the 68cm girl body, and I think the fot is really nice! Maeve has the regular SD size head from them, and you can see how large it is by comparison. I don’t mind it though, I love them both and think they both look great.

I have some big plans for her, she’s going to be my first mod project! I’m also thinking she might be a good candidate for an open-mouth mod? That’s a bit scary though, I don’t want to mess up her gorgeous face!

I’m so excited for her, she’s soooo gorgeous and I am so in love with her!

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Are you interested in any oyher Spiderman characters? (Homecoming and/or not?)

oh hello!! honestly, i really loved all the characters in spiderman: homecoming. and i’m gonna be so extra right now and like…give mini headcanons for all my babes. so i’m sorry in advance. but like…

we have our decathlon team babies

  • so like…liz is totally the mama bear. she’s the only senior on the team because she was one of the founding members her junior year and her friends were all too busy focusing on their other extracurriculars and college apps so it was just a bunch of little freshman she’d managed to convince to join the team
  • and liz did so much research and trained the team and asked her cousin who won a decathlon competition when he was in high school what was helpful for their team
  • so she takes over and gets mr. harrington to work with the team and she shapes the team into one that could win
  • and they’re all her babies like let’s be honest
  • charles and abraham are the twins that are attached at the hip but never stop fighting. they’re the dynamic duo and what abraham doesn’t know, charles does. they’re best friends and they hang out all the time and they obsess over star trek and have a secret rivalry going on with ned and peter because they are the star wars kids. and they’re sworn to hate each other until the end of time. (but also charles and abraham will freak out when the trailer for the last jedi gets released and immediately text the group chat nerds in space to ask peter and ned what they thought.) and abraham has to smack charles on the head when the boy catches his friend staring at sally for too long and charles just mumbles something about how she had something on her shirt and it’s fine.
  • and then you have sally and cindy. who are just like…so done with the team half the time. like, you’ve got peter, ned, charles, and abraham who just spend all their time obsessing over space themed movies. and flash just constantly berates everyone. michelle is lowkey kinda scary. (they are also lowkey in love with her but shhh.) and liz is like…well, liz is their mom so they love liz. but even mr. harrington is a mess. but sally and cindy make the best of it because they love each other and they love decathlon and they watch a week’s worth of jeopardy together every sunday and they quiz each other in cindy’s mom’s car on the way to school. and they talk about sally’s small, minuscule crush on charles (”really, sally? charles??? he’s a nerd!!” “you think i don’t know that and am also disappointed in myself!!” “oh my goodness but you guys would be so cute who am i kidding”) and they talk about cindy’s very large crush on betty brant (”cindy, she totally checked you out just now!!” “wHAT? omg, how is my hair??”). and they talk about which classes they’re taking so they can be in most of the same classes and they talk about college and their hearts lowkey break when they think about how cindy wants to stay in new york and sally wants to go to the west coast but they’ll be bffs forever so they have hope. (”we have skype, it’ll be okay, yeah?”)
  • and then you have flash. and flash has got so much shit going on like wtf dude. his parents are super wealthy and try to support him and try to be there but they’re always traveling for work and he’s basically been raised by his nanny. so it’s his nanny who pesters him about this massive crush he has on someone on the decathlon team because each day she picks him up from decathlon practice he’s always raging and sighing and looking sad. and flash just vehemently denies this. because that’s ridiculous, please don’t suggest something like that. but she knows him so well. she’s raised him. she just doesn’t realize that it’s fucking peter parker. peter parker who he terrorizes because he doesn’t want to deal with how he’s feeling. peter parker who has a great ass that he couldn’t help but slap that one time before nationals on the way to the pool. peter parker, who’s a dork and definitely not worthy of flash’s attention but has it anyway. so, maybe he’s not dealing healthily. but he’s got a silent war raging in his head and he doesn’t want to have to tell his parents that he’s bi because once his dad had made an offhand comment and it decided things for him. so flash just…rages and hides behind his wealth and intelligence and snaky comments. because he doesn’t wanna deal with anything
  • and omg i’ve talked about peter and mj and even ned a bit so i won’t write about them here but i love my babies so much okay???

we also have our peter parker protection squad

  • may parker, the loml. who’s characterization i can never get bc we have civil war may and then also homecoming may. but may parker who is a hero in her own right because we all know about that scene where she saves a little girl and doesn’t mention it that got cut from the movie. (rip me, honestly.) and like…can we talk about may?? because she seems like such a groovy, fun loving person. and she was married to her husband ben. they were totally wild in college or something. just…always doing crazy shit and laughing and having sex and just enjoying being with each other. and then they get married and get jobs and live together, being happy little hippies. (maybe they partake in some substances, idk, you never know.) and then her husband’s brother and wife die and they’re taking in peter parker. and may falls in love with this little boy because he’s so…good. and she and ben raise him as their own and try to give him an exciting and happy childhood and encourage his interests in science and his friendship with ned. and then he tells them he’s joining the decathlon team and there’s a field trip and he’s so excited about life. and then he acts all dodgy and then ben dies. and like…may is heartbroken. because ben was her person. and peter’s stopped talking to her. but then he gets the stark internship (which he didn’t tell her about, so rude) and then he’s happy and if he’s happy then she’s happy because she takes every good thing she can these days because they are so far and few between. so she takes every little piece of happiness she can find in life. like talking to mr. delmar and chatting with his daughter she’s she in the shop. like the woman who sells flowers on the corner on her way to work. like the cute couple that works at the supermarket by the apartment who give her recipes like ones for walnut date bread. and even like tony stark, who for whatever reason has become peter’s mentor of sorts and who makes him happy. and if someone makes her nephew happy, they make her happy
  • and dad!tony. who gives his spider son anything he wants and invites him upstate every so often so he can train with the avengers and learn to control his powers. because even if he isn’t going to be an avenger, he’s still going to be your friendly neighborhood spiderman. and he throws peter parker a birthday party in the summer at a fancy restaurant he’s bought out for the night. and all of peter’s little high school friends come and tony’s happy to give this to peter because the kid just needs to be a kid and needs to be happy. and don’t think tony doesn’t notice the way peter’s eyes follow that girl michelle all night. the girl who’s also asking him all these questions about the sokovia accords and his decision to move upstate and how he almost let a bunch of avenger and alien tech get stolen and about wakanda and if he’s ever been. and tony just wishes peter good luck at the end of the night and smiles because the boy is so confused. (if peter doesn’t realize it yet, oh goodness, good luck to this boy, honestly.) and tony pulls some strings to make sure that peter gets into mit and then finds out that he didn’t even need to because peter’s already a great candidate. and when he helps peter move into his dorm and sees michelle there, who just so happens to go to harvard down the block, well, peter just smiles and wishes peter good luck again
  • happy hogan disappointed me and doesn’t get to have a whole paragraph. but he can REDEEM HIMSELF later on because peter is a smol bean and needs protection and happy starts answering his calls and listening to his voicemails. and maybe happy laughs occasionally at the lame jokes peter makes, but that’s bESIDE THE POINT

and then just like…our small mentions

  • aaron davis exists in mcu and mentioned his nephew MILES MORALES. like, dude, idek what they’re gonna do with miles morales but i am soooo hype. idek. i am just so excited. bc donald glover was inspired as aaron davis. (“i like bread!) he was such a cool character and i wanna know if he becomes the prowler. and i wanna see him with his family and talking to his little nephew about how he met spiderman twice and he was like…a chill dude and he’s doing his part to keep their home safe. and miles morales is probably like…the biggest fan of spiderman and dresses up as him for halloween and then one day he gets bitten by this crazy huge spider while visiting his favorite uncle aaron and he starts developing superpowers? like omg this is his greatest dream come true? and then he starts going out in hopes of finding spiderman so he can team up with the dude that once saved his uncle. and then one day he’s trying to stop a mugging and spiderman comes and is just like…”what??” so they stop the muggers and then they go to a rooftop and spiderman is super confused like, “what? you have my powers?? how did this happen?” and miles is just like, “omg! you’re the spiderman! you’re my hero! omg! hi, i just want to help!!” and then maybe we get an older and younger brother dynamic between the two? idk i’m just excited to see what happens because they have to put miles morales in mcu. it’s decided

also i don’t think she’s gonna be in mcu but i love my baby gwen stacy. my smart beautiful dorky bean gwen. and i love when she’s put into fics. and she was put into this fic as liz allan’s love interest and it was inspired and i fell in love. so. yes. #putgweninfic2k17

not sure if this is what you were asking for but here it is anyway!

The Only Exception - Part 3

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: God, I am soooo excited with this part. It was a challenge to write the article that is included. I did the best I could (sorry journalists of the Rolling Stone!) I wanted to explain the background of the band a little bit. I hope, I really hope, you enjoy this chapter.

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Part 1 | Part 2

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

On Wednesday morning, at work, Bucky got to know that ‘The Scarlets’ are in the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine; that means they are the main and longest interview in this edition of the magazine. He made a mental note of buying the Rolling Stone as soon as he leaves Stark Records.

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just a comment -- i just discovered this tumblr and i am soooo excited to read through the entire thing! i book marked the last page - 113! - and plan to make my way forward and read it in its entirety. thank you so much for doing this, i think this is kick-ass!! ♥ Supes!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and thanks for the kind words!