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striders, bfs, and cleanliness

karkat and jake bond over what fucking utter pigs the striders can be. jake’s room is sort of a sty but nothing compares to dirk “I have vague piles of somewhat similar objects” strider or dave “I strung cords into a spiderweb and told everybody it was for irony when really I am just bad at organization” strider. jake has hoarding tendencies but when given space for his shit that is bigger than one room finds it easy to spread his shit out and keep it at least a little clean – he’s not grandpa age yet, after all. karkat, meanwhile, we all know karkat is the universe’s biggest fucking neat freak. he is constantly complaining about how dave lets garbage pile up and one day he and jake go through and clean up the house to the wailed “I HAVE A SYSTEM” of dirk and the eyebrow-furrowed befuddlement of dave.

immediately after, jake leaves to clean up and dave is still busy working on some music so dirk and karkat get to talking. initially they were uncomfortable as fuck with each other but as time has gone by and they’ve both figured out the other one is mostly pretending at competence, they’ve gotten to like each other. 

dirk jokes that he has no idea how jake is going to know what to do in the shower since there’s like 50 bottles of product and he has only ever used a washcloth and a single bar of soap. karkat finds this hilarious and tells dirk that he is pretty sure dave never even used scrubrags until karkat got on his case for not doing so. this turns into a beautiful conversation about their boyfriends’ respective thickheadedness w/r/t hygiene. karkat doesn’t entirely follow when dirk starts pontificating on the difference between cleanser and moisturizer. doesn’t matter. they bond over this the same way jake and karkat bond over the striders being messy as fuck.

(similarly, jake and dave bond over how weirdly neurotic their boyfriends are – while jake mostly talks about how vain and fucking precious dirk is about his appearance, dave talks about how karkat flips out if there is even a speck of dirt on the rug, but the bonding happens anyway)

scarsbeltsandleather  asked:

😊 = What makes the mun and muse happiest? 💚 = What is one thing that makes the mun and muse jealous? 🍳 = What are the mun’s and muse’s favorite foods?

😊 - Mun is happiest when listening to/making music.  I always have to have something playing in the background, and when time permits I’ll tool around on drums or keyboard.  

As for Aki, he’s likely happiest when all of his students pass the SeeD exam :) damn it Seifer

💚 - I’m not a really jealous person, honestly - at least, I don’t think I am!  I used to struggle with that a lot more when I was younger, but I’ve either mellowed a lot as I’ve matured, or maybe I’m just too freaking tired to be bothered much by petty trivialities nowadays.  

Muse -   Being closeted nearly half of his life, Aki’s somewhat jealous of those who are able to just be out and be themselves.  He’s got a huge amount of emotional baggage from growing up in Winhill with controlling parents, and it’s something he still struggles with, even once he’s established himself in his career with an admirable degree of success.  Once he’s out, he doesn’t deny who he is, but he’s not exactly announcing it from the rooftops, either.

🍳 - foods - ahhhh, there are so many foods I love.  Steak, seafood, and sushi are at the top of my list.  I like bread way more than I should - hell, I love any baked goods.  My grandmother managed a bakery when I was growing up, and I helped out there quite a bit, filling and glazing the danish, cutting out doughnuts and such. 

For Aki, who is not much of a cook (though I swear I’m someday going to have an AU where he’s this pissy, temperamental chef), he relies a lot on take-out or ready to go foods from the deli.  If he’s stuck on Garden campus, he’s likely to eat at the cafeteria, though he might not necessarily enjoy it.

He strives to eat in a very healthy manner, but Aki can be really weak when it comes to homemade lasagna or meatloaf - comfort foods are key.

The Zoo

Based off of this ? because Honestly i am so done & tired of this drama so i’m just going to make it into a joke. 

“Why are we at the zoo, Liam?” Niall asks, somewhat timidly. Liam had a tendency to take Niall to do these kind of childish things whenever bad things happened. Like last time, when Zayn… left (it still hurt for Niall to even think the words) Liam took him on a safari. 

Not that Niall didn’t love doing it, because Niall really really loves animals, but he was just a little freaked out at the moment. Niall had his fingers crossed in his lap during the entire car ride, silently praying that something terrible didn’t happen again. 

Liam spares Niall a side glance from where he’s sitting in the drivers seat, putting the car into park. “Don’t you love the zoo, Niall?” Liam asks, sounding a little bit wounded and Niall is quick to reassure him. 

“No! I Mean, Yes! I love the zoo, Li, but why are we going?” Niall asks, face scrunched up in confusion. 

Liam’s face goes blank for a second, and Niall recognizes it this time. The exact same face that he pulled whenever Niall questioned him during the Safari. Niall’s face drops immediately. 

Niall’s lower lip pouted out immediately and Liam’s eyes widened, jumping to put Niall at ease before the blonde began crying. “I just want to do something fun with you Ni!” He says excitedly, and Niall nearly believes him. 

Niall’s face doesn’t change and tears begin to form in his eyes. “Harry isn’t leaving, is he?” He says, his voice quivering and his face crumpled. 

Liam jumps forward, gathering Niall into a hug, “Niall, no, Niall!” Liam exclaims, hugging the Irish lad tightly to his chest from the drivers seat. “In fact, if you get out, I think you’ll be a lot more excited about today…” Liam suggests and Niall is already out the door, still sniffling and shaking a bit. 

Liam gets out as well, taking Niall’s hand in his own as he drags the boy over to the other side of the parking lot. Niall seems confused, eyebrows furrowed until he sees the familiar black range rover.

Niall’s eyes light up and he squeals excitedly dragging Liam over to where Harry is leaning against his car, Louis next to him. Both of them have somewhat solumn looks on his face. Liam gives them a knowing look whilst Niall just assumes their grumpy faces were because they hadn’t seen him yet. 

“Harry!” He calls, positively beaming at the long-haired boy as he leaps into his arms. Harry’s sad face breaks at the sound of Niall’s voice, instantly grabbing the blonde into his arms and lifting him off the ground. 

“Niall!” He calls right back, even though the Irish boy is already in his arms. 

Louis lets out an annoyed sigh, “What about Louis, where’s my hug, Nialler?” 

Niall lets out an excited laugh, jumping from Harry’s arms to Louis’, exclaiming, “Sorry, Lou, but I haven’t seen Harry in ages. I missed you too though, even though its only been a day.”

Louis concedes, loosing his angry demeanor at Niall’s genuine words.  “So, we going to do this thing or what?” He asks, gesturing to the zoo’s entrance. 

Niall laughs excitedly, practically buzzing as Harry grips his hand tightly and runs towards the entrance with the blonde in tow. 

“You were right. This was a good idea.” Louis nods as he and Liam walk after the two younger boys. 

Liam grins. “Better than taking away his phone without any explanation.” He agrees. Louis laughs half-heartedly and Liam pauses, “You’re alright though, right?”

“Yeah.” Louis says truthfully. “It’s fine, we’ll get over it eventually.” He says hopefully. Liam nods in agreement. “We’re best friends. All of us, we’ll get over it.”

They both smile as Niall begins calling their names exasperatedly from the toll booth, were he and Harry are waiting impatiently. 

“You did take away his phone right?” Louis asserts as they make their way to the two waiting boys. 

Liam scoffs, “Of course I did.” 

* * * *

“And– Holy shit! Giraffes are amazing I love them all they’re my favorite.” Niall shouts, pure happiness laced in his tone. 

Liam laughs along with the others, “Niall you said that about the Lions, and the Elephants too.” 

Niall playfully glares at him, settling his back against Louis’ snugly. The zoo was pretty dead because it was the middle of the week, so they weren’t particularly worried about any unwanted photography being taken. “I can have more than one favorite.” He grumbles. 

“Yeah, Liam, let the boy live a little, geez.” Louis goads, grinning behind Niall. Liam shakes his head, raising his hands in defense. Harry bounces over pulling Niall away from Louis, who sticks his tongue out at him, and presses both of their backs against the barrier that marks the giraffe habitat. 

“Smile, Ni.” Harry encourages, pulling out his phone and readying himself for a selfie. 

Niall’s face scrunches once more, his accusing gaze turning to Liam. “Wait, why is Harry allowed to have his phone?”  

Liam sputters, as Louis groans, knowing that the jig is up. Niall immediately recognizes the guilty faces and he pouts once more.


“No! Tell me what happened this time. God!” Niall exclaims, his face screwed up in fury, “Why don’t you guys ever tell me anything, I never get to know anything until it doesn’t even matter anymore and it’s just not f-” 

Louis sighs heavily, “Niall, calm down.” He orders, and Harry grabs Niall from around the waist in an attempt to calm the boy. Niall frowns but allows Harry to hold him, and stops rambling. “Look, it was just a twitter fight that I had with he-who-shall-not-be-named, and Zayn might’ve cut in and said something back to me.” Louis says quickly. 

Niall’s face is marred with confusion. “What did he say?” he asked, not understanding what Zayn could’ve said that was so bad. The last Niall heard, Zayn was only saying kind things about their band. After all, it was Zayn’s choice to leave. Why would he be meaningfully cruel to any of them?

Louis shakes his head, “Just told me to back off and stop bitching about his life, really.” He says, not wanting to look at the hurt look in Niall’s eyes. “Niall, I was bitching about his life, plus he probably didn’t really mean it and it was directed at me not anyone else, so-”

“He took he-who-shall-not-be-named’s side?” Niall asks in a small voice, leaning against Harry’s chest with all of his weight. 

Liam stood at this. “It’s not about sides, Niall.” He makes his way to the teary blonde, taking his hands in his own as the blonde sat in Harry’s lap. “We have to respect what Zayn’s doing in his life, even if we aren’t a part of it. Honestly, none of us have done a good job of it. I’m not saying we have to be nice to that asshol- he-who-shall-not-be-named, but we have to support Zayn.” He says firmly. “He’s still our fifth member, alright? No turning back on him, not now, not ever.” Liam says, and then they’re all in tears. Four grown men at a zoo, one sitting in another’s lap, all tearing up and getting emotional over a fight they’re having with a friend. 

Niall laughs shakily. “I love you guys.” He says, pressing his face into Liam’s shoulder, wet cheeks dampening Liam’s shirt. 

Louis laughs along with him, voice suddenly thick and gravely as well. “Seconded, lads.” 

Harry doesn’t say anything, just clings onto Niall’s waist, cheek resting on the blonde’s back as he grinned at Louis and Liam. Niall then struggled for a moment, all of them breaking apart from each other as Niall continued down the path, “We’re loosing daylight, boys, we still have to see the tigers!” He giggled childishly as he skipped down the pavement. 

The others rush to keep up with him and then skid to a stop as he turns on his heel. “But seriously, next time can we just talk it out and then go on fun bonding trips? I really hate being the oblivious one of the group.” Niall says, and the other boys agree, each nodding even though they’re positive that any time anyone says anything remotely unkind about their band or Niall himself, that he will “loose” his internet connection until they get the damn person in line. 

Harry slings an arm around Niall’s waist and Liam places a comforting hand on Louis’ back as the two blue eyed boys link hands. Their hearts heart a little bit, trying to heal the Zayn-shaped piece that was a bit cracked and a little burnt, but they had faith in their Bradford boy. Hopefully, they’ll fix up all of the tension within the next few days, this time over the phone rather than publicly on Twitter. 

Niall sighed happily against his boys that night as they all cuddled up to watch a few Disney movies, knowing that they would be just fine. 

I hope none of you guys hate Zayn.

That’s all I will say about the matter. I want to keep including Zayn in my writings, and I really hope you guys will still read and enjoy them because I honestly am just staying out of the boys’ personal business for now. They’re best friends and best friends fight. Remember that you guys. 

I won’t be writing about this fight or anything like it after this fic, so yeah I will just be going back to pretending everything is just fine and dandy as always :) 

I know this wasn’t very good, I’m having a lot of trouble writing this week and I am SWAMPED with work. Good news: I’ll be done by May 29th Bad news: I won’t be updating much until after then. And maybe a bit more because I’ll be traveling after that. I’m really sorry and I hope y’all will stick with me through these tough weeks ;_; 

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Lol. having a moment right now. A mini freak out I suppose. In a good way. I usually am somewhat satisfied in how I render hair. It’s a long time struggle of mine. The bane of my existence….but right now I’m actually really pleased with how it’s lookin’ so far… ahahaha
ft. tiny doodle of saitama. started reading one punch man after I started watching it, it’s hilarious and the art is reaally noice