i am sobbing i love this scene


I wanted to just do some quick sketches tonight to practice expressions since i tend to struggle with both subtle and extreme emotions. I ended up doing some character scenes from some of my fanfictions since I am so so grateful to the authors for writing them, they’ve been bringing me a lot of joy… and pain, but mostly joy!

And Nearly Letting Go by @uncannycookie​ is a huge fav of mine, I love their writing so so much, especially how they write Mob. They’ve managed to capture some of the more jagged edges of his personality that I think make him fascinating. Plus it’s killing me, I am on the edge of my seat omg

A Breach of Trust by @phantomrose96 *internal sobbing* Okay, so like I’m slowly making my way through this one cause I have to keep stopping to read fluff cause I swear to god it makes me feel like my heart is being crushed. The writing is phenomenal, super creative premise, very dramatic and plot heavy. It’s just pure excellence and I will get there and read it all *external sobbing*

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitutde by @logicalbookthief Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is like one of my favourite tropes ever and I’m loving it! I’m so weak for this character dynamic. The way the author writes Teruki is a lot of fun, even if it’s not so fun for him sometimes hahaha

It Runs in the Family by @fireflysummers I’ve heard where this story is going and let me tell you it hits so many of my pings I am giddy with excitement. The writing is fantastic! The character’s voices are really well done and I am so so sold on the premise I have accepted it as headcanon. The dynamics have so much potential I am so excited!

Go, go read! They are all great and there are mooooooore!

One last time...

I am in tears, I have never cried so much for a tv show, this is ridiculous.. but even tho many people disliked this finale, I deepy love it. 

 I didn’t think that Damon & Stefan would make me cry so much, I couldn’t stop sobbing. I didn’t watch the episode for DE & this is probably why I loved it. I watched for the show as a whole, for all the characters that meant so much to me at some point in my life.

I am glad I watched, despite how I felt for that show in the last 2 years, but going away probably made me love the finale, bcz I didn’t expect anything. I watched to say goodbye to this show that brought me so much when I needed it. And I’m glad I did and cherry on the cake, loved it.

The scenes with Defan killed me, Stefan saying goodbye to Elena too, Bonnie and her ancestors were just incredible, Enzo, Caroline. The Donovan family too. The crow…. It was indeed, epic.

Farewell TVD, you will certainly remain one of my favorite shows, ever.

so this is not a drill. I am totally calm right now. Cas said I love you to Dean. I’m not screaming. not at all. it’s not like I’m sobbing into a pillow listening to elvis at 3am. it’s not like I’m re watching this scene over and over and OVER again.I’m pretty chill about destiel saying the L word.

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They don’t see my face any more, only hands that hold out coin to them.
                                  The faceless king. So be it…

me to the anime crew: WHO DECIDED THE OPENING LYRICS SHOULD BE A LOVE SONG i love you guys

and somehow I think it’s a foreshadowing, to how these three are the first ones to appear in the opening, then korosensei. 

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Here is your flail: EVERYTHING HURTS AND I'M DYING! But omg, it hurts so good. I probably need more therapy since I'm both ugly sobbing, and giggling like a maniac.

Thank you for the flail! Come flail at me anytime. The episode was so much fun and I am so excited for what comes next. I love that CS got angst but everyone was trying to do the right thing. I love Nemo being dad (that guy needs to marry them methinks). And Snow and Hook talking WITH A HUG! I have wanted a Snook scene like that for ages. I was even into the Outlaw Queen 2.0 scenes. Seriously that was a good hour of television! 

It’s definitely not subtle by my recent reblogs that I am stuck thinking about Sam Cortland. And somehow, for some reason, I read the scene where he tells Celaena that he’s loved her for years, the scene where he died *sobs uncontrollably*, and then that scene in Heir of Fire. Where he shows up, smiling faintly, telling her to get up. And don’t even get me started on that scene when Aelin goes to his grave and says he would’ve made a fine king.


He was such an amazing character, and I would love to have been able to see what he’d be like with Aelin’s crew!!!

That scene with Booth and Brennan where Brennan is upset because if her brain doesn’t heal, the thing that made her HER, that so much of who she is is wrapped up in, and Booth comforts her and says lovely things to her was just fantastic. 

No offense to X Files fans out there, but they are better than Mulder and Scully.


Plus, the scene reminded me of the I AM WITH YOU scene from RTTE’s Blindsided.

Like Hiccup and Astrid, Booth and Brennan can handle this. SOBS.

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I really didn't expect Barry to say "I love you" before leaving to get Wally and I got scared of Iris' lack of response before conceding that she loves him, too. Barry probably also took her distance to heart when he went in AND out of the Speedforce, so he probably didn't think she would change her mind later, hence "needing space".

Oh for sure. I didn’t know WHAT kind of an exchange we were going to get between the two of them before he went into the speed force, esp given their first heartbreakingly angsty scene (“did I lose you?” *SOB*). And I am absolutely CONVINCED Barry was sure going into that last scene that she would prob agree with him. Yes, she was scared she was going to lose him and she loves him, but he had no way of knowing that would be enough to change her mind. His deep breath half way through completely gave him away. Instead of a mutual agreement, him agreeing w/ her, he was going to end up breaking her heart. No way he enjoyed that or preferred it to what his initial assumption of how the scene would go down instead.


I am still a sobbing mess over this scene.

This is the first time we’ve seen the two of them say I love yous, where the other has said it back.

It’s not a life or death situation.

It’s casual.

Like they say it every single day.

It’s so normal.

And I just melt.

And the way they’re looking at each other.

I swear they’ll be the death of me.

And there’s so much angst coming, that I may actually die

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  • someone: u ok?
  • me: [shakes violently while sobs escape my throat] i await my death in this wonderful alternative universe i seem to be living in where a lead female character of a cw show has a beautiful epic love story with a girl. not any girl but a badass commander and leader of twelve clans. they are both complex, well written, multi-layered characters and all the scenes from season 3 that we have already seen are simply unbelievable and there is More to come and i will never truly believe it is real life. it is actually happening. they're actually in love and they're SPOILER ALERT actually going to make love. on screen. those two amazing female characters. are in love. in canon. and they're going to have a sex scene. after all the amazing scenes we have already been given. this is more than i could have ever hoped for and i Cannot wait for this scene to eND MY LIFE

What are you trying to prove?

WestAllen Confession Thoughts

I would like to start by saying that I am in complete tears. I haven’t stopped sobbing for the past 30 mins and it is coming in waves. 😭😭

Iris’s confession was everything I hoped it would be and more. I am so beyond pleased with the way Candice delivered and the way Grant reacted. It was the perfect confession. That being said let’s recap … 

The scene starts off simple enough with Barry asking Iris what she thinks about all this…and then slowly but surely my heart gets ripped to shreds of wonderful love & beauty

Iris: “I mean I don’t know if I could go through what I went through last time if you get hurt” 

The fact that she doesn’t want 9 months without him again … was such a subtle reminder of how much she values him and doesn’t want him to get hurt 

THEN … Iris mentions that she wasn’t talking about Patty in 2x13 and that she wants Barry to come home to her and that she’s always there for him; 

Which we already knew but it just confirms how long she’s been thinking about her and Barry xD !!! 

After that her confession starts and she mentions that she’s been wondering if they’re meant to be together for a while now and his face and that slight smile  

OH MY FUCKING GOD. R.I.P ME.  ; his face said it all. Happiness, relief and shock… delivered in 1 look …how do you do it Grant? 

Can we talk about the fact that Iris just said “I wasn’t available in that way” 

My Translation: 

I couldn’t give you my heart when it wasn’t completely yours Barry. I’ve always loved you and If we were going to be together I wanted to give you all of me; so I waited until I could do so. 

That already killed my heart and then she says 

“Barry, I need you to know that it doesn’t matter to me if you’re the Flash or not. You Barry, that’s who I want to see if I have a future with.” 

I was so dead from that speech. Iris said it so right, everything was in those words, her love for him the fact that him being the flash doesn’t change what she’s been feeling, reassuring him that he is so much more than The Flash. ALL OF IT. SHEER MAGIC.

But I love how she sneaks this in at the end to get a reaction from him;

“I mean if you still want that too, of course.”

And I’m here like don’t worry Iris his smile says it all, and more. 

He is so speechless he is literally tongue tied 😍😍… and then He walks back into star labs with his hand on his where? His heart! 😭😭😭 I FUCKING CANT. IM DONE. 



The fact that she didn’t care if anyone heard, she needed to tell Barry that she will ALWAYS LOVE HIM ❤️❤️

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I want a love like Gerry’s in P.S. I Love You.

I am not even halfway in the movie yet and I am already sobbing. I’m in the scene of Holly’s 30th birthday and he received the gift Gerry sent him before he died. This movie made me sobbed that I find the need to pause momentarily and vent out a bit about the movie. I thought of posting this on facebook but my friends would think I am lame and who will get me anyways?

Ah tumblr, you knew me better than my facebook friends. 

Okay, this is just a short personal post. I’ll go back and watch the movie.


I watched Under The Tuscan Sun before this movie, and I never felt so alone and single in my life. Don’t spoil the movie for me. I’m leaving this as a question post so you can comment. Send me loves.

Always, K.K.

Episode 9 thoughts

Yoi episode 9 has just slayed any romance/shoujo manga/anime out there. They truly are making history. This is the time for the anime industry to take notes and see how it’s done! We finally saw a genuine hug (two) out of love, and care not just a prize for doing great. That scene between Victor and Yuuri  made me cry, I was sobbing, and I still am if I think about it. I have turned into an emotional wreck. I have never been so impressed with a couple in my entire life and oh boy I had my own fair share of anime. Nothing can top YOI. 

The scene between the Crispino twins was very emotional as well. It’s hard to let go of the hand that you always held. I kinda’ get where he’s coming from. It’s not creepy, it’s genuine love. 

Yurio, I never liked him, EVER but after this episode…I adore him. I want to protect him and cheer on him until I die. He was so beautiful during his free skate (better than JJ any day) Indeed a prima ballerina <3 He genuinely was worried for Yuuri and he wanted to cheer him on. He gave him piroshky! What a sweet child! 

JJ was extremely douchey during this episode! Just a quick reminder mister, Yuuri might not be the skating King  you are , but he’s Victor’s King!  He even pitied Victor at some point. God, he has no idea how happy Victor’s been since living with Yuuri. I really want JJ to lose the GPF. I don’t care if Yurio or Yuuri gets the gold medal but he just can’t! I’m done with his cocky ass! 

I’m so happy Makkachin is safe, I had a feeling nothing bad would happen to him, that’s why I didn’t make a fuss about it. 

Yuuri can’t give his best when Victor isn’t around. He looked extremely miserable at the beginning of his performance. He IS skating for Victor so I wasn’t surprised. This just means, they have to be together forever ;) 

Yakov is adorable and he’s a great coach. Lillia was crying during Yurio’s performance, she’s so precious :’D 

Thank you Mappa for making this beautiful series <3 

I’m a bit sad that we didn’t found out anything about Victor’s past and didn’t see Yuuri and Yurio train together but overall this was the best episode so far. I’m still crying while I’m typing LOL….  I’m very excited for episode 10! I wonder if Victor is giving Yuuri a ring? XD If he does, please all come to my funeral :D