i am sobbing



I feel like it becomes harder all the time to distinguish the lines of us from the show in some ways. I think as the years go by it starts to really become a mesh, so, I find that my feelings for Yael are always deepening so much, like this year, and it was an interesting season and that. Because of the nature of what Danielle was talking about, the condensed timeline, we kind of are in our pocket for a healthy amount. So I spent extra amounts of time with Yael, and I like, found myself falling more in love with her and like that just […] You know, how deep it was that I got to work with her all the time and how much I love her. So I started going on a sort of trip down like “yeah, Nicky and Lorna really do need to be together” because it was making so much sense.
—  Natasha Lyonne on working with Yael Stone over the years and in season 5 (x)
i am a sobbing mess because rhys exists like

as I reread acowar and put myself through the hell that is rhys’s death i realized that when he returns, feyre doesn’t want to leave him because she’s afraid it isn’t real and rhys says that’s how he felt when she died and then I thought about acotar when feyre returns and rhys has to just LET HER GO he’s struggling with the fact that she just DIED AND HE DOESN’T EVEN GET TO STAY WITH HER LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT IT’S REAL like the torture that must have been
the nightmares he must have had
the loneliness

rhys didn’t get to hold feyre’s hand after she came back