i am so wonderfully excited

me at me get ur shit together and write ur so close to being done

The end is where we begin.

This year has opened my eyes more and has given me a lot more opportunities than what I expected.

I Started 2017 with a low self esteem and a broken heart. I felt absolutely worthless and felt broken beyond repair. I was in a situation where I was unhappy and I was trying to fix things that I couldn’t even touch. It was absolutely toxic and harmful. The more the year went on the more risks I took, the better I felt about myself and others. I started to put others first and I tried to change my outlook on things and the way I felt about situations. If there’s one thing I can change it’s my attitude towards things.

One of the biggest chances I took was messaging my best friend @rubbersoles19 I couldn’t comment on one of her posts and I decided to message her. Little did I know it would spark this amazing wonderful relationship that I have with her. I never thought it would turn into staying up til four in the morning just talking, or learning about each other. I never though I’d end up moderator of her amazing comic. I just wanted this very talented girl to know how amazing she was.

I’ve watched this girl grow a lot this year. I’ve watched her overcome a lot of struggles and I’ve watched her smile and laugh at her favorite things. I’ve listened to her go on for hours about her fandom and about her ideas for the comic, drawings and writings. This girl is so incredibly talented and if I could find the right words to explain how amazing she is. I would. There are times I wish I could be right beside her to encourage her, I wish I could hug this woman and never let go.

Whenever she feels lost I hope she knows I am and always will be right beside her.

I’ve also grown to have a new friend @septicstacheedits has done some amazing things and I’ve watched them grow as a person. I’ve watched their talent and expand this past year and I am absolutely blown away. There has been so many mood boards done for @amadeus-webcomic and for us. it means the world to me that they’ve taken so much time out of their schedule to do this and that they’re so nice enough to even do it at all. Thank you. So much. You’re a wonderful person and I hope to talk to you more in the new year.

Amadeus has shown me a lot about communities and how we all have each others back. I love each and every one of you. You are all so important and wonderful. I love to see your fan art and I know for a fact bec does. I love to watch you all get excited and I love to listen to bec freak out and fan girl over you guys. So thank you all for this wonderful experience. You’ve all taught me something about loving one another and about friendship.

I have learned a lot from this year. It may not have started out the best but it sure has ended wonderfully. I am so incredibly excited for what the next year brings and I can’t wait to see where you all go and what you do. Be safe friends. And have a wonderful time tonight. And I hope you all are safe.