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[TRANS] HARU*HANA Magazine Interview with MAMAMOO

Q: How do you feel about promoting in Japan for the first time?

Whee In: We all like Japan, and we have traveled here privately before. However, since we do not have much opportunities to meet fans like this, I am very happy.

Hwasa: Although it is slightly different from rookie days, it feels like going back to the beginning.

Moonbyul: There are many fans that I have seen for the first time, and there are also fans who cried when they saw us. I hope there can be more chances for us to meet fans like this.

Solar: Because I’ve liked Japanese anime since I was little, I familiarized myself with the Japanese culture very quick. Although I am nervous, I am very happy to be able to promote in Japan like this.

Q: What motivated you guys to become singers?

Whee In: I became naturally invested in music due to my mother who works with art. I really like singing and dancing, so I started practicing hard since middle school.

Hwasa: We all got put together through passing auditions. Whee In and I were in the same class in middle school, and carried the same dream ever since we were at our hometown. One time, we told our parents we were going to Seoul for auditions together. But actually, we lied as we went there to play. (laughs)

Q: If we talk about MAMAMOO, we must mention your adlibs during performances on stage. The SBS Gayo Daejeon performance was really great!

Moonbyul: That was Solar’s and my idea. Although I wasn’t able to show the best during the broadcast, Whee In’s part is worth to watch.

Solar: Because I look like Sechskies’ Kang Sung Hoon, Whee In pointed at me while saying “Our team has a Kang Sung Hoon too”. (laughs)

Moonbyul: As for me, I referenced BTS’ “DOPE” in my rap. I am good friends with Jin, so I messaged him a few days before the show. After the performance ended, Jin told me gratefully, “With such a grand line-up, I am very happy that you referenced us.”

Hwasa: Our strength is to utilize adlibs to perform freely on stage. Even with the same song, we will deliver a different performance each time. I am glad that people are able to enjoy our performance every time, not only once, twice or thrice, with new set of expectations.

Q&A Session

Q: Other than rap and vocal, what are the other members’ role?

Whee In: I am the secretary. For example, if we have to leave a message under the name of MAMAMOO as a team, I am always the representative to write it.

Hwasa: Whee In is in charge of aegyo (cuteness). There is a sense of cuteness in her that makes people want to take care of her.

Whee In: Yes, that’s it. (laughs) Hwasa is the “guide-to-good-food”. Every time we go eat, Hwasa is the one who looks up delicious restaurants.

Hwasa: I am the type of person who cannot tolerate hunger. (laughs) Rather than knowing where to eat, I am just good at quickly searching for good food around.

Solar: Moonbyul is the one who is first at anything. She is always the first to do makeup and hair styling. She is a stable person. Even when she has to wake up early or is tired, she is always first to get up, and then she rests after getting her makeup done.

Moonbyul: Solar is the organizer. It isn’t the type of organizing where you tidy your room, but she “organizes” in order for MAMAMOO’s schedules to be carried out smoothly. She is good at leading the members.

Q: MAMAMOO is very popular among females. What do you think is the secret to this?

Hwasa: Why is it so? Maybe because we give people a friendly image. We have many songs that directly reflect female’s perspectives, and that probably created some sort of sympathy.

Solar: I think so too. Majority of our songs reveal the emotions of females that cannot be expressed usually. Especially through Moonbyul’s rap, the emotions are expressed more directly, which touches female’s hearts. Also, when Moonbyul raps with strength and energy, rather than guys, girls make these “Ah~~~~~” screaming sounds. (laughs)

Moonbyul: As females, we also want to hear others call us cute, but we really don’t know how to dress ourselves. (laughs) But then our fans tell us that they like it the way we are.

(Reporter: Are there any other compliments on you guys?)

Whee In: “Very handsome.” (laughs)

Q: Is there anything you are interested about the Japanese culture?

Whee In: Fashion and food. There are many good Ramen restaurants that I often visit at Itaewon in Korea, so I have wanted to try Japanese Ramen for a long time already. I am looking forward to it.

Solar: I really like dramas and anime. We really love “Spirited Away”. I also liked “Gokusen” before, and watched the entire series.

Moonbyul: For a period of time, I was really interested in the hot spring [at Yufuin Floral Village]. Because Solar visited there before and it seemed fun, I went afterwards. Just a few days ago, Hwasa went as well. (laughs)

Hwasa: I actually just went there two days ago. (laughs) I had so much wagyu beef~ If I go overseas, the food never really fits my taste. However, Japan is the only place with food that fits my taste, so I really like Japanese cuisine! Also, lately I have been enjoying Junji Ito’s horror manga. Honestly I used to not favor horror things, but after reading reviews of it I decided to read it and I was shocked. So I went and bought the entire series.

Whee In: I was most shocked by the fact that you bought the entire series to read. (laughs)

Q: What is your ideal type like? What kind of person will you become when you are in love?

Whee In: I like people who are romantic and sentimental. If there is someone I like, I will only look at that person. (laughs)

Hwasa: I am the type who is dedicated too. No tactics, but just expressing everything in my head. When I was little, I longed for a romantic love, and I liked men who carry a slight aura of danger. But now I prefer someone who is bright and humorous.

Solar: Me too! Someone like Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim and Jung Hyung Don sunbaenim.

(Reporter: What about Eric Nam, whom you partnered with on “We Got Married”?)

Solar: His personality is really good and he is very gentle. He has good manners and is a very nice person. But because he is a heartthrob, if I had to date him for real, I don’t think I could tolerate it. (laughs)

Moonbyul: I like someone who is fresh and polite, a very honest boy. It will take me a long time to fall in love, but once I do, I will only think about that person.

Session where they have to introduce each other

Hwasa, according to Whee In: She surprisingly looks like a kid in private. For example, she is easy to be cheated. She looks like she knows everything, but turns out she does not know anything. For a Hwasa like this, I discover new things every time.

Whee In, according to Hwasa: When I get to rest, I enjoy going out and travel or something. But in Whee In’s case, she is at home playing with her cat and resting. We have areas in common but also not in common, that’s why we are this compatible. We’ve known each other for almost 10 years already~

Solar, according to Moonbyul: She is like a vitamin, with a healing kind of presence. She gently gets along with me like a friend, and understands me the most. Without Solar unnie, I don’t think I will be able to come this far.

Moonbyul, according to Solar: She is a very dependable kid. The group’s driving force. I am the youngest at home, so in the beginning, it was very difficult to take on the role as a leader. But with Moonbyul’s support, I was able to do well. She is a buddy that I can share everything with.

Knowledge as a MooMoo


(Tell us something about you and Kim Do Hoon CEO)

Moonbyul: Kim Do Hoon CEO is like a father who gave us each our individualistic colours. When we go off track, our CEO brings us back to the right track.

Whee In: During trainee days, our CEO often allowed us to sing demos as a way of practice.

Hwasa: I would practice until dawn during trainee days. Our CEO would stay up and compose until very late too, so we would listen to songs together at night. I really like old hit songs, so our CEO would recommend me many good songs.


(Your lighstick is a radish! What led to this?)

Whee In: It is because there is Moo in MAMAMOO, which means radish in Korean. When we still haven’t had the official lightstick yet, our company gave fans each a radish doll to cheer. Since that, fans even brought real radishes. (laughs)

Hwasa: Our fans designed that lightstick!

Solar: It’s called “Design By MooMoo”. There were many occasions when we used our fans’ designs. We also performed on stage with outfits that our fans designed.

Moonbyul: And the baseball cap. (laughs)


(What leaves you the greatest impression when interacting with MooMoos?)

Solar: Our fans are very fun. I am very happy that we get along well. During ISAC, they even wore radish masks. Although they looked like ghosts from afar. (laughs) Among the fandoms of other Korean groups, MooMoos are pretty popular!

Moonbyul: I am happiest when I hear compliments from other singers saying “MAMAMOO’s fans follow the rules really well”. With MooMoos’ presence, I feel more reliable. A feeling that makes me feel that I can do anything. I am always thankful.

Trans by tgc.
Chinese Trans cr. Guarding Star (Weibo)

Okay, so I’m posting that fic.

Basic summary is: Komaeda lives through chapter five (see here for how) and once they get to the tail end of chapter six, Enoshima turns Hinata into Kamukura, revealing the true mastermind and a different final battle between hope and despair.

Pairings: Komahina, implied Komakura but you can definitely see it differently. There’s in general a lot of wiggle room in this fic for things like that. Different ways you can interpret things. Like the end of the real game, I wanted it to be vague and heavily symbolic.

Words: 4206

Warnings: Might seem OOC for some characters for people. I want to stress that I don’t think Komaeda could actually get to this point in the game without developing somewhat, and again reading the linked fic will help, since they take place in the same verse. Also, I have very specific headcanons for Izuru, and they might not match up with what you think. I hope I managed to capture him, though. I’m really nervous about this one, but I  really hope people like this, because I poured a lot of effort into it. I hope there’s at least one aspect you enjoy.

As for serious warnings, there’s nothing major in terms of CWs.

Hinata was so bright, as ever. It made him happy he survived this long, didn’t have a chance to go through with his plan. Glad Hinata stopped him.

Even amidst the despair of knowing the Tragedy, even the despair of all this death, and lies, this fake world made up to trick and entrance them, he shone like a star against the despair. Komaeda truly believed he was watching true hope be born.

Hinata-kun said I could find hope within myself, but he was wrong. Hinata-kun held that hope inside him all along.

If it hadn’t been for Hinata’s brilliant hope, how he pushed forward, Komaeda would have shattered at the revelation that they were all Ultimate Despair. He would have tried to do something reckless, something that the previous him would have thought was a sacrifice in the name of hope, for the birth of absolute hope.

This was exactly the ending he had wanted, why he’d kick started the killing. Hinata wouldn’t understand, but if he hadn’t gone through all that death, betrayal and despair, he wouldn’t have become hope. He wouldn’t have risen up and shown him such a beautiful light. Even Enoshima’s vengeful voice didn’t catch his attention at first, he was so distracted.

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camping set up*

Info: this is my very first fic. So I’m really nervous about it. I feel like at the end one or both would get a text from Mikey with the “its fucking in tents” meme. Anyway I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions! 

Pairing: Luke and Reader 

*contains smut. 

“THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY, GUYS! WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS!?” You look over from setting up your sleeping quarters to find Luke kicking a child’s sized tent. You couldn’t help but smile, knowing you shouldn’t have trusted Michael to pack the camping equipment. 

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hello everyone ^_^ i am here with a very special gift!! as you may or may not know, i save an incredible number of pictures of taehyung all the time, and i thought it was time that i shared them all with you!! there are around 20k pictures so far so i really hope that you guys appreciate it and find it useful ♡

included are facebook, fancafe, fantakens & news, naver starcast, official & photoshoots, radio, scans, selfies & twitter, and miscellaneous pictures all from debut until now ^_^ this isn’t every single picture (of course) but there are A LOT so i hope you enjoy!!

there are two things that i’m giving to you guys so here they are and a description of how they work ^_^

taehyung picture archive 

so basically this my taehyung folder from my computer uploaded to google drive!! this is going to be continuously updated so you can always check back for new pictures! you can look through all the different pictures and folders and/or save whatever pics you want to :D if you want to download specific folders from this archive, you will need a google account. i wish you didn’t but that’s the way google drive works! just sign in and click “add to drive” in the upper right corner and then when you go to your drive you can download any specific folder from it that you want ^_^ however, you don’t need a google account to save individual pictures!!

taehyung picture .zip file

this is mostly for the people that don’t have a google account but still want to download the pictures! unlike the photo archive, this will not be updated because i can’t really update a .zip file ^_^ you can’t view the pictures or download specific folders but you can download the file even if you don’t have a google account ^_^ it is like 13gb though so idk if anyone will actually want to download something that big but i thought i would make an option just in case!! it includes mostly everything from the photo archive, just not the newest pictures because like i said, i can’t keep it updated. sorry it’s so large in size but i have a lot of pictures!!

so i think that’s about everything you need to know!! if you have any questions about how any of this works, feel free to send me an ask and i will hopefully be able to help you! i really hope some people use this as it was a lot of work on my part ^_^ and please reblog this if you use it so that more people can see it and use it too ♡

important post, please read

hey guys, so i recently found something out about myself that i want to share with you all. im really nervous about this, and i debated over whether or not i should share this but ultimately decided i wanted to. i hope none of you think of me any differently, because i am literally exactly the same person you have followed, interacted with, talked to, and been friends with this whole time, i just know a bit more about myself now. so after feeling like something was very wrong with me (aside from my mental and physical illnesses) for the entirety of my life but not knowing what it was, i was recently diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder.(also known as asperger syndrome) simply put, this is a developmental disorder affecting my ability to effectively socialize and communicate. its a relief to finally know what has been going on with me my whole life, and although the treatment ahead to make it easier to live my life is fucking terrifying for me, its what will help me and make me be able to live like a normal person. so since yall are my best pals i wanted you to be aware of this and know whats going on. if you have any kind of problem with knowing this even though i have not changed at all, please kindly unfollow me now. others, please treat me exactly the same but let me know how you feel about this, either through messages or in a reply to this post. i love you very very much. ❤︎

Stupid appendix!

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Word count: 1,352

Genre: FLUFF!, angst???

Warnings: Swearing, pain?, mention of hospital

A/N: This is my very first fanfiction, so please be nice, but, by all means, share your opinions. I would love to hear how I can improve my writing skills. I am from Norway, so English is not my first language, therefore I apologize for anything that may be phrased wrongly, spelling errors etc. I’m going to at least write a part two to this story, maybe part three as well? Anyways, this story is based off when I got appendicitis a month ago. I wanted to request someone else to write this, but I figured since I knew all the details, why not write it myself?

Okay, guys. I am so freaking nervous, I am seriously shaking. I really hope you like it, and please, please tell me if you think it is too detailed, or lacking detailed description, because I am so unsure!


Part 1:

«Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow!»

You leaned forward, and met the lips of your boyfriend of one year, Pietro, as he walked you to your door. The two of you had just been out for dinner at your favorite restaurant.

«Goodbye, call me when you wake up, dragă.» Pietro said as he pulled away, smiling. He caressed your cheek, and then, just like that, he was gone, a streak of blue and silver the only evidence that he had just been next to you.

You sighed, before pulling out your keys and unlocking the door to your small apartment. The memories of the night flooded your mind, and you couldn’t keep the smile off your face. You couldn’t wait to see what adventures the speedster might take you on the next day. Knowing him, it was gonna be memorable.


The rhythmic flow of the water came to a halt as you turned off the shower, stepped out and wrapped a towel around your naked form. Your face was heated from the hot steam that the shower had provided. You wiped the fog off the mirror with your arm, and stared at the red color on your cheeks. You smiled as the memories from the night again resurfaced in your mind. The next thing you knew, you were hunched over, clutching your stomach, and moaning in agony. Your vision blurred, as tears sprang from your eyes.

An unbelievable pain sprung from the lower region of your abdomen. The pain spread around your entire lower region like a belt. You struggled to breathe, it felt like you were stabbed ten times simultaneously. It was unbearable.

You didn’t know how long you were sitting un the bathroom floor, but suddenly, the intensity decreased, and you were able to straighten up and wipe the tears from your cheeks. To say you were a little freaked out was an understatement, but since you were expecting your period a few days later, you figured that it was just cramps. Seeing as you could still feel a little ache, you hurriedly dried off, got changed in your PJ’s, before you popped two painkillers in your mouth, and went to bed.


Pietro groaned as his alarm clock woke him up. He definitely did not feel ready to start yet another day of training, and he thought the night had been way too short. As he reached for his phone to turn off the alarm, he realized that it was in fact not the alarm that had woken him up. A picture of Y/N flashed on the screen. Pietro’s brows furrowed in confusion as he saw the time. 3:28 am. He knew that you usually weren’t up that late. He dragged a hand through his silver hair as he answered in a tired voice.


P-Pietro”, you wheezed from the other end. Pietro immediately sat up in bed, more alert.

“Dragul meu! What’s wrong, Y/N?” he said, worry evident in his accented voice.

I’m… I don’t know, but- Ahh… Can you come over?” you managed to spit out in between sharp breaths and moans of pain. You didn’t have to ask twice.

“I will be there in five minutes, prințesă. Hang in there.”


After pulling out his own key to your apartment from his pocket, and quickly unlocking the door, Pietro zoomed right into your room, but stopped abruptly at the sight before him. There you lay, tangled in your bedsheets, motionless and wheezing. Your pajama top was covered in sticky, yellow vomit. He saw how you clutched the side of your abdomen as if it was the only thing keeping you alive. He quickly sat down on his knees beside your bed, and stroked your forehead. It was warm, and glistened with sweat. You were in so much agony, you barely registered the silver-haired man that you had grown to love.

“Pietro?” you whispered.

“Yes, dragă, I am here. Tell me what’s wrong.” he spoke in a soothing tone, his accent becoming thicker.

“I- I don’t know. I was showering, and then I suddenly felt this ache in my stomach, so I thought it was cramps, and didn’t think about it. Then I woke up, and the pain had increased-”. You whimpered as another wave hit. Pietro’s face showed concern as he took your head in his hands, and tried to bring you closer to him. You put a hand on his chest. “No, Pietro, stop. I don’t want you to get my stomach acid all over your clothes.” He smiled at your concern, but brought you closer anyway. You hissed, and let out a moan of pain. Pietro’s actions paused, and he gently tried to put you down again.

“Tell me where it hurts.”

“It started all over my stomach, but now-” you gently pointed at the right side of your stomach “-it has moved here- DON’T TOUCH IT!” you screeched as Pietro carefully put his hand out, and carefully pressed down. “AAAHHH.”

Pietro was startled by your scream, and quickly drew his hand back.

“Y/N, I am taking you to the hospital, right now.”

“No, I swear, it’s just some really bad cramps, and besides, I don’t have time to go to the hospital, and it’s probably nothing- FUCKING HELL!” While rambling, you had tried to sit up, and collapsed as yet another wave of pain hit, this time harder than ever. You ended up curled up in a ball on the bedroom floor. Pietro collected you in his arms, and carried you to the bathroom.

“We are going to get you washed up and changed, then we are leaving.” The determination in his voice left no room for protests.

“Fine.” You huffed. “But I swear, it’s nothing to worry about.” Even though you would rather die than feel the pain right then, you put on a brave face and a smile to show that you were okay. You were sat down on the bench next to the shower, and Pietro disappeared. Of course, you didn’t even manage to blink before he was right there again, holding some sweatpants and a t-shirt. As Pietro helped you get undressed, you felt nauseous, and you managed to mutter “Pietro. Move.” before you vomited all over yourself. Luckily, with his fast reflexes, Pietro had managed to get away just in time, and was now standing behind you, kissing your head as tears prickled your eyes.

“Please don’t cry, dragul meu. I am here. I will help you.” He pulled off your pajama bottoms, so you were only in your underwear. Even though you protested, he carried your half-naked body in the already running shower, getting himself soaked in the process. He washed the yellow goo off of your chest and face. You bit your lip, trying to keep the screams and moans inside. You knew that Pietro were as careful as he could be, but at the state you were in, every movement hurt. 

Soon you were dried off, changed, and ready to leave. Lifting you up, with your car-keys in hand, Pietro opened the door to  the back seat of your car, and left you there in a fetus position, as that was the only position that decreased the pain and aches. He tried, as best as he could, to secure you in multiple seat belts, trying to make it as safe as possibly. Before he started the car, you pressed out in a threatening manner: “You better drive real fucking carefully now, or I will kill you once these cramps stop.”


The car came to life with a roar, and thanks to your threat, Pietro drove painfully slow, much to his annoyance. Driving over a speed-bump, he heard you curse under your breath. “Oh my god, Pietro! Take it easy!” He winced, knowing he had managed to increase the ache, and tried to comfort you. “E în regulă înger mic. Suntem aproape acolo.” he muttered in Sokovian.

“We better be.” you grumbled back.


Dragă – Darling, sweetheart, etc.

Dragul meu – My love

Prințesă - Princess

E în regulă înger mic. Suntem aproape acolo. - It’s okay little angel. We’re almost there.

(I used Romanian as Sokovian. Keep in mind that I used google translate, so some things might be incorrect.)

Part 2

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Okay guys, it’s finally here!! My first ever video!!! Yayyy! 

I am super sorry about being so awkward in this video, I was super nervous and I’m also very shy. I also do apologize for the quality, but I won’t be filming with that webcam anymore soon (I state why in the video).

Also, due to the fact that tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this video, I did have to create a youtube channel, and yes, it will be the channel that I’ll start posting my makeup tutorials, etc on. So if you would like to subscribe, go to my channel here ! 

I really hope you all like this video, and seriously, thank you to all the lovely people who sent me questions. Please send me video requests (whether it’s a tutorial, tag video, etc) through my ask box or through my youtube account.

Enjoy guys!

I am afraid that first dates will always be cancelled because my lack of simplicity is too complicated for the guys who like me.
I am afraid that I will become too nervous and every word will get trapped in my esophagus trying to claw their way out, and you will think I am too quiet.
I am afraid that I will be interesting, but not your kind of interesting and you will find me too little, too much, but never enough.
I am afraid that I will find so much hope in your eyes and you will see none in mine.
I am afraid that I will grow to want your hand to hold mine, but it will grow cold instead.
I am afraid. I am afraid. I am afraid.
But I am very much alive and if you kiss me just once
maybe I will forget what it means to be abandoned
what it means to be forgotten
what it means to be loved in all the wrong ways.

Amanda Helm - I am afraid

Salvaging An Old Flame Part 2

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Very Little Mentions Of Blood

Words: 2,349

Part 1

Okay guys, here’s the second part. Hope you are all enjoying it like I am. Again, this isn’t mine. This belongs to one of my followers. She’s still a tad nervous about posting it herself, so until further notice, I will be posting for her. Enjoy!

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