i am so upset but happy wow

J0nerys shippers think that us jonsa shippers are upset/dissapointed because sophie and kit are getting married and that jonsa will never happen blah de blah ….

Nah we aren’t upset because we aren’t deluded! We actually know that jon and sansa are fictional characters.. we don’t ship kit and sophie we ship their characters there is a difference

We ship sophie and kit with happiness and I am so happy for them both because they deserve to be happy :)

Is having a moderately rational brain too much to ask? Jesus Fucking Christ literally this happens all the time but the smallest things in the world can trigger my depression out of fucking no where like seeing a pic of one of my friends with someone else? Obviously that means they hate me because I’m an awful human being and I deserve to die and rot in hell!

I am completely 100% aware that this is a ridiculous thing to be upset over because obviously people have more than one friend and that is totally ok and normal but no matter how much I try to convince myself and out think the irrational thoughts I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT!

I was having such a good night and I was feeling so good and happy because I worked today and I love my coworkers and they’re all so sweet but now I’m here stuck being a depressed shit head like wow happy thanksgiving everyone! I ! WANT ! TO ! DIE !

it just astounds me that people can look at a work as gigantic and beloved and universally-known and culture-changing as the harry potter septet, and then look at the queer kids who grew up with these books and say WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU NEED REPRESENTATION FOR

oh so due to the way the series came into the public eye and the rate at which the series was published, you were more or less the same age as harry and ron and hermione when each book came out. oh, did you line up around the block at the bookstore the night order of the phoenix came out? did you argue with your friends over what houses you’d be in? did you get on the ride at universal? did you wear a scarf in your house colors? did you reread that shit over and over again? did your parents read them too, did you see the movies with them? are the harry potter books now completely inextricable from your coming of age?

god, why would it be important to you to see a single canonically queer character? why are you so desperate to be included in this world that you’d be grateful to have dumbledore confirmed to be like you, even though his storyline was fucking miserable, and the boy he’s retconned to have loved turned out to be a dark lord that he couldn’t make himself hate, and he died in horrendous pain after years without a partner a full book before the end of the series? 

why won’t you be happy ~assuming~ that the wizarding world is accepting of homosexuality, when literally no queer people are mentioned ever, not even in passing, not in seven unnnnbelievably long books, not in more than a million words of adventure and heartbreak and love and worldbuilding? why does it bother you when people insist that if dumbledore had been confirmed gay, it would have had to have been as a stereotype that they think would bother you more than never bringing it up at all? why are you upset when people tell you that you have to choose between not existing or being a humiliating caricature?



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i really didn't think i could hate lydia but look!! i better get MY endgame in the mistake or im gonna sue wow i'm so upset. "you kissed her back" UMM??? STOP I DIDNT NEED THAT JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY. anyways i love your writing and this is wanna my favorite fics EVER so just give me my endgame please i cant take any more angst. xoxo!

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um are angst and genuine despair the same thing? either way. hmm.. maybe don’t read the next part?


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Mingyu + marriage

thanks for requesting~ recently ive had major heckin mingyu feels and i think im gonna cry while writing this lol!!!!!! imagine the lucky lady who gets to marry hm lol!!!!!!! im crying already lol!!!!! you can read other “member + word” scenarios here!

“Never would I have thought I’d live to see the day.”

Mingyu turns around and grins at his members, all standing in awe as they gazed at him wearing his suit. 

“Kim Mingyu. Getting married,” Seungcheol hums, nodding in approval. “I have to say, I expected you to get married last.”

“With looks like his?” Soonyoung scoffs. “The last to get married is you, Cheol.” 

The witty rapper whacked Soonyoung over the head who laughs lightly as a woman comes in and ushers the members out, who shout words of encouragement as they leave the waiting room. Mingyu thanked them, giving a toothy smile before he turned back around to face himself in the mirror. He hadn’t expected to be one of the firsts to say his vows. He fixes his tie, clears his throat and stands a little straighter. 

Today, he was going to get married. 

“Okay, come on, it’s your turn to walk the aisle, wedding boy,” the wedding planner cues, gesturing for him to walk out. “Your spouse looks lovely. I can’t wait for you to see (p/n).” 

Mingyu takes a deep breath and nods, following her out. “I can’t wait either.”

The music is playing as he walks down, towards the front where Wonwoo, his best man, stood. He eyes the crowds, nods excitedly at his own parents and nods politely at yours, concentrating hard on breathing and not to trip. Wow, how embarrassing would that be?

Focus, Mingyu. Have you memorized your vows? Do you have the rings? Where was Chan? Mingyu shook his head. Let’s just get to the front first.

He makes it safely, his heart pounding in his ears. This was happening! This was really happening! He was really getting – then he spots you. 

The wedding planner was right - you really did look lovely, radiating as you walked down the aisle. Holy cow, walking towards him right now was someone he’d spend the rest of his life with. Mingyu’s throat grows dry as he realized he was holding his breath. You look beautiful.

He wants to kiss your right then, when you’re standing in front of him, looking like that and all but he resists. He can’t take his eyes off of you - in fact, whatever the man to his right was saying was completely going through his ears. Then, he hears his cue.

“I do,” he croaks, grinning at you.

“Do you, (y/n), take Kim Mingyu as your beloved husband?” 

You nod, reflecting the same smile he wore. “I do.”

More yik yak, Mingyu hums in his head until he hears his next cue. Then he leans in and kisses you, more passionately as he ever had as the room full of people who loved you both, stood up and celebrated with you your happiness.

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hey it’s guanlin stan anon being m a d. They did our boy so dirty in the new mv what the heck, how do u feel man????

okay tbh the mv itself was really solid (i mean THEY ARE GOOD ACTORS??? WOW) but yeah i feel you 

i honestly am lowkey upset about it. like, i couldn’t even see him during the fight scene (was he even there????) but i guess it is centered around daniel, ong, and somewhat jihoon, ya know?

i’m happy he got a little more rap though :) 


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Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized after watching the final episode of Aldnoah Zero

Because I surely do. 

Throughout the entire first part, I felt like my heart has been stabbed repeatedly by a knife probably 20 times. Lermina’s speech to Slaine. Lermina crying and refusing to leave Slaine alone to die. Slaine ordering his subordinates to leave and attempted to commit suicide alone. Harklight returning to the moon to continue their battle. THEN ONE BY ONE THE MARTIANS FOLLOWED HARKLIGHT. HARKLIGHT TELLING SLAINE HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FOLLOW SLAINE’S ORDER THIS TIME.


I really can’t thank Harklight enough for standing by Slaine the entire time, trusting him and supporting him when he was all alone.  Thank you, Harklight, thank you. 

I don’t even know where to begin with this rant about how upset I am about the ending. THE PRINCESS STILL UNDERSTOOD NOTHING AND HER PEOPLE ARE PROBABLY STILL STARVING AND DYING. SLAINE GETS PUT INTO A JAIL AND EVERYONE BLAMES HIM FOR EVERYTHING. Seriously? They even accused him of plotting to kill Asseylum? Like he could actually have done that? At that time he literally has no power or authority and somehow he created this malicious plan of killing the princess. Wow. Okay. It makes sense. 


My heart is bleeding for Slaine and all I want to do is to physically extract him from this horrible screenwriting and put him into another universe where he can be happy and loved and cherished. The more I think about it, the more upset I become. After all that, Slaine deserves to be happy. He deserves to be loved. AND ASSEYLUM STILL KNOWS ABOUT NOTHING ALL SHE HAS TO DO IS “WAKE UP! ALDNOAH!” AND EVERYTHING WORKS OUT FOR HER. WTF. And I am so angry because the screenwriters are so cruel to him. LIKE LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE IS LIKE HAPPY EVER FOREVER and then there’s Slaine. DID YOU SEE HIS FACE? HE IS SO HURT AND BROKEN AND I AM GOING TO STOP TALKING BECAUSE I MIGHT END UP CRYING AGAIN. 

Also, since they didn’t bother to mention anything about Harklight, I am going to assume that he is alive and well. HARKLIGHT HAS TO LIVE. 

Fuck this. It’s time to come up with a plan to break into that damn prison and rescue Slaine.

[DDIWT] Haruki Tanemura’s Wedding Route ! ♡

*Might contain spoiler*

We have been living together for some time. A while ago, Haruki have proposed and I continued to stay at his house. We’re preparing for our wedding and feel very blessed to have Haru-kun as my fiancee. Because of moving-in, we bought a new bed for wedding and replaced the old one in our bedroom.

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Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!!!! I apologize for the lame edits. I wish I could make real edits but for now this will have to do. Wow I have so much to say I just don’t know where to begin. On this day 20 years ago, Oh Sehun was brought into the world. I am so thankful for his existence and even though he upsets me with his perfectly God-sculpted face and body, he is a beautiful, talented, amazing boy (or should I say man??) who has brought me, as well as others, so much joy. I just hope that someday he realizes the number of lives he’s changed and that he never stops smiling his bright, perfect smile and that he never stops being his adorable, dumb, 4D self. Here’s to hoping that your 20th birthday is amazing because you deserve the absolute best. You are the star that shines light onto us all. 

Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!! Never stop shining! 

excuse me???????????????????? excuse me???????

i didn’t fucking sign up for this


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Can you stfu. Honestly getting your kids ears pierced is not a major issue. I had mine done and everyone in my family had theirs done at a young age. Not a big deal. Not the end of the world. And if they don't want their ears pierced they can simply take the fucking things out. Stop making major issues out of pathetic things. Just so you sound 'educated' or 'meaningful'. Get a life.

“yah yah it happened to me and i wasn’t sad about it therefore the rest of the world shouldn’t be upset by it either!” yeah but you’re kinda permanently boring holes in a child’s ear and most parents do it because they’re scared that their kid’s gender will be misidentified… which is plain silly anyway. we both have their own opinions and i really wasn’t trying to challenge anyone (i just stated what my mom chose to do) so i don’t know why you’re so offended by this

regardless i am ecstatic about this ask because this is legitimately the first time someone has sent me anonymous hate. it’s incredible. it’s a sign that i’m climbing up the tumblr famous hierarchy. WOW amazing

just for future reference to anyone who thinks they can get away with anon hate i mean technology has advanced so much i mean like… i was going to comment on your location but i see that you’re using a VPN…

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I have read that some people think No Control isn't being performed because Louis won't be able to sing it live. Thoughts? I know he's inconsistent but I think in the chorus-type parts he's really strong. Like in the new live version of WDBHG. And not knowing much about vocal range and stuff, do you think some of his inconsistencies with his solos are because they aren't in his "sweet spot" so he has to work harder for them and therefore they don't always sound in key?

I haven’t seen anything like that, but that is 100% bullshit. I am actually angry at the idea of people saying this? yes, he tends to be inconsistent but so do all the boys. harry is constantly inconsistent (as proven by the summertime ball), niall tends to go flat or sharp a lot, and even liam misses notes. louis is no more inconsistent than the other boys. if consistency was an issue with song choice, then they wouldn’t sing 60% of their own music because harry leads the chorus on over 60% of their songs. 

there is absolutely no evidence to support any claim that louis wouldn’t be able to sing it live. he can lead the chorus on wdbhg. he can lead the entirety of lbd (to the point of where if he pulls the mic away you notice the absence). he can sing the entire bridge in dfwyb, which is actually at the top of his range. no control is not at the top of his range. it just isn’t. 

I don’t know if anyone has been saying this or who they are, but they’re wrong. whoever they may be, they are wrong. no control is not going to be a difficult song for him. he doesn’t struggle with lbd, he won’t struggle with no control. and even though he’s leading the chorus, he’s not the only one singing it. I really doubt harry is singing anything but melody, so he’ll be on the same vocal line. 

louis’ inconsistencies almost always come because he isn’t supporting his voice properly. this is a problem that all of the boys have (except, maybe, liam). it’s a problem that plagues them in different ways. harry doesn’t support his voice and ends up forcing it, singing from his throat instead of from his diaphragm and then makes himself hoarse. niall doesn’t support his voice and ends up pushing it and going flat/sharp. louis doesn’t support his voice and ends up breaking in the middle of a phrase to catch his breath or goes flat/sharp. zayn didn’t support his voice and then just stopped singing.

the reason people notice louis’ inconsistencies more is because it is so much more obvious that he is working at singing. he’s not like liam who makes it look really natural even when he’s doing unbelievably technical stuff. you can see louis working for every note. and people somehow mistake that for a lack of ability. 

singing isn’t easy. just because people sometimes make it look that way doesn’t make it true. and the way that louis sings is exhausting on a body. none of them seem to receive decent instruction on singing technique, so they’re inconsistent. 

not adding no control to the setlist was the result of a shitty business decision and poor planning. it had absolutely nothing to do with skill.