i am so upset!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to celebrate one month on Hrt and 111 followers ;-)
Both is absolutely amazing and im looking forward to another month on estrogen and to reach 222 followers! :-)
Okay.. So what happened during this first month on Hrt?
Well..my body starts to smell great :-P and even if Im sweating it doesnt stink at all..Awesome! :-)
Then secondly the little friend - maybe I should relate to it as little enemy - stays small and tiny all the time which is really great.. now I am waiting for it to finally shrink.
During the last few days I am on the opinion that my breast starts to feel somehow different than it used to..but it’s just a really slight difference.
And lastly I noticed that I am more upset and sad about bad news and stuff.. So I was meeting with a colleague the other day to have some dinner and as it came to say goodbye he told me that his cordless screwdriver was stolen from the basement.. Somehow this hit me right in the face and I was just about to start crying.. when I got to my car I even had to wait a minute or two to calm down again.. My head was absolutely crazy and spinning and was like “ohh my god! Do we really have to live in such a cruel world where screwdrivers get stolen?!”
Now thinking about this situation sounds funny but while being into it I just felt so so bad :-)
However I will keep you updated with the course of my HRT..have a great day everyone..
xoxo Emma :-)


My belief is that if people are going to say such horrible things they should be okay standing by them. If they are not then they should not say them. Nancy Clinton-Ross and Lynn Weddington Tucker make mean comments on every post bs_no makes on IG. They comment on every post and that is why I am mentioning them first. I am so upset seeing women who are mothers and grandmothers supporting a bully like bs_no! I know some don’t agree with posting names but I believe in accountability and I will hold them accountable. I will post more names who are call themselves Sam fans but support Mackenzie’s bully bs_no on IG. Maybe they will take the time to reflect and choose to be positive people instead of bullies. If not then at least Sam and Mackenzie will have a list of what fans to stay away from.

  • Joker: Batman? Pffff, what dumb superhero, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Batman pictures spill out of tailcoat] What a - what a weirdo, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] Ok, ok, listen - I hate the guy, l-listen [thousands of Batman pictures scatter across the floor] Oh my gosh, I-I'm just holding them fo-for Harley, oK jUsT LIS T E N

pew pew pew!!

((ALSO!!! thank you guys for 1.4k!!! ;u; what the heck where do y’all come from ;;; big thanks to the ones who are still with me and welcome to the new peeps!! i hope you enjoy your stay and talk to me sometime! <33)))

I can honestly say that I never thought the tv show Survivor would make me cry. But tonight when Jeff Varner outed Zeke as being trans during tribal council to try and paint Zeke as deceiving everyone in the tribe, it made me disgusted and cry.

Like… he not only outed Zeke to those 6 people, but the millions of people watching the show. He away Zeke’s choice to tell people, and forever changed Zeke’s identity from being Zeke to being “the trans survivor player.”

Not to mention the fact that Varner tried to make the fact that Zeke didn’t tell the tribe he was trans that he was being deceitful and sneaky and lying to them all.



Let’s appreciate our beautiful queen, Queen H₩A$A 💋

Settle Down - Rap Monster Scenario

this is all me you guys, it’s raining here in northern Illinois and I’ve had a rough day, so I figure the best medicine is writing about my love Namjoon because the thought of him always makes me feel better tbh. Enjoy.

The day was dark. As you opened your eyes to your unlit room, usually illuminated with the bright sunshine, you were still enveloped in darkness. Turning your head, you looked up to the window and tuned into the pattern of rain, each droplet making a tiny plink! noise on the glass. Thunder rose up as if the sky was growling, urging you to move away from the danger.

You loved storms, but lately as you were home alone more often, they became a little more ominous. It wasn’t anything that a blanket and the TV on high volume couldn’t fix, but every so often you’d look outside wonder if Namjoon was thinking about you the entire day, too. He woke up early and came home late most days, and you felt bad because he’d be so tired that he wouldn’t even bother with dinner and just to go to bed.

You closed your eyes again, hoping there was some way you could go back to sleep. You knew it was early by the light coming from under your door Namjoon was quietly getting ready to leave in this terrible weather and you couldn’t help but began to worry slightly. 

Standing up and rubbing your eyes, you stumbled silently to the door and gently pulled at the handle, the door opening to reveal the empty hallway. It was bright with the artificial light from the ceiling lamps, so you followed them down to the last room on the left. 

His feet were moving silently under the door, so you pulled at the handle of his studio and moved your body tiredly through the space, positive that your eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. Looking up, you see Namjoon shuffling some papers on his desk. Oddly though, his outfit wasn’t his normal dress pants and crisp, white shirt, but he had no shirt on and black sweatpants slung low on his hips. 

“Namjoon?” You said quietly, not waiting for a reply as you stepped forward to wrap your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly from behind. Your head hung as your eyes closed, and all you wanted was for him to let you stay like this forever.

“Hm?” He said, slightly surprised as he turned around to glance at you still clinging to him. You were half asleep already, his body warmth enveloping you like a fuzzy blanket. Namjoon chuckled and turned to you, where you put your face in the crook of his neck and your arms moved from his waist to around his neck. You breathed in the scent of him - mint leaves and pine needles - before pressing your body as close as you could to his.

“I’m not going into work today. The practice room flooded, Jimin called to tell me just before you came in here.” He whispered, bringing one hand up to stroke your hair. His other hand came down to hold you against him, and you hummed to let him know you heard what he said…barely.

“Let’s go back to bed, yeah? Come on,” he said, detaching himself from you before picking you up. You slung your arms around his neck once again, the rhythm of his walk lulling you to sleep as he walked into your dark bedroom to gently set you down on the bed. 

Namjoon closed the door before heading to his side of the bed, where it was now cold and vacant. You felt the bed dip in your half-conscious state and jumped a little at the sudden thunder, but it was all forgotten when Namjoon pulled the covers up to your shoulders and wrapped an arm around you. His other arm went to cup the back of your head as you laid on it, your own hand resting on his bicep. He pulled you as close as you could physically get, making you sigh in relief and content.

“I love you,” he said quietly as his lips pressed to your forehead before moving to kiss your own lips softly before you felt yourself drift off to sleep.