i am so upset

imagine jim staring into the face of the man he has started to call father; imagine jim slowly and stuttering telling chris about his past, how tarsus iv had pillaged his soul and turned in blacker than the cosmic oceans jim holds so close to his heart.

imagine jim slowly breaking down into tears but sitting straight and his face blank as chris just slowly stands from his hair, and jim is terrified because he thinks chris is about to chuck him from his office because he thinks jim is disgusting.

but chris doesn’t, he gets to his knee in front of jims chair and rests a hand on jims quivering shoulder and says; “it’s going to be okay, son,” and he laces a hand around the back of jims neck and draws jim into a hug, feeling how jim shakes and wets his shoulders with his sobs and chris has to bite his lips to stifle his own tears.

I watched a video by a trans femme talking about how it’s bad to purposefully misgender trans people, and that video has not only near equal ratio of likes and dislikes, but also a bunch of asshats in the comments misgendering her and telling her that misgendering trans people is just them “exercising their right of free speech.”

I’m so upset and dysphoric about this; i can’t believe how much people hate us just for existing! I want to address this to my cis followers: please don’t purposefully misgender trans people. Don’t do it! 

If you don’t like someone’s gender or pronouns then don’t interact with them, but please don’t go out of your way to tell them you don’t think they are human enough for you to address with the appropriate language. Even if you disagree with them on everything! 

Someone’s gender and pronouns aren’t an issue of “free speech” and your misuse of them isn’t just about us being “offended.” and having to “grow thicker skin.” If you call me a dipshit, I will be offended. If you call me a “she” or a “he” while knowing I don’t identify with those pronouns and they are extremely hurtful to me, this is an act of emotional abuse. It’s an act of dehumanizing me, because you are saying I am not worth your time to even address me as who I am.

Note: I will really appreciate if my followers/mutuals, especially the ones with bigger blogs reblogged this. Please, even if this isn’t what you generally blog about. This is so basic and so many people don’t seem to grasp it.

I just got home from this big festival in Hamburg and I just realized that I lost one of my pearl earrings that I got from my cousin in the Philippines . And I could cry. They were my faves and they meant so much to me and I was so stupid to wear them and now I lost one. I am the worst human being ever