i am so tired of your mouth

anyway like. dont attack people who are upset that they were full-out queerbaited by bbc sherlock. this was very deep queerbaiting. so many characters in this series are queer-coded (villains and main characters). 

these arent fangirls crying because their ‘OTP’ was stomped on. these are queer people who were led right up to potential representation and then had it thrown in their faces. and im really tired of people trying to brush it off as something else. 

it’s really fucking simple: either you shut your mouth and listen to poc when they discuss the rampant racism within fandom spaces and tell you how you can improve upon your behavior/speech to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable around u, or you purposefully ignore, argue, or talk over them and continue with your racist actions, thus contributing to an environment that makes poc feel unsafe in a place where they shouldn’t. those are the only two options. you are either on one side or the other, and it’s getting pretty goddamn clear which side a lot of you are on im just fucking saying

“Is this about those rumours?” Damen’s mouth fell open. “Your uncle is behind them.” […]

“He probably likes the weight of the crown,” Laurent said. “Who wouldn’t? He has left me here a very long time.”

“I think,” Damen said. “You might be better off. At the stream, Auguste said –”

“Please,” Laurent said. “I am very tired.”

A scene from ruby–wednesday’s fic, One the Other. It features an amazing take on the “Laurent grows up in Akielos” AU, spanning all the ups and downs of princly adolescence and, well, Damen and Laurent.

If slow burn fics are your thing, please check it out!!

You broadcast the word jealous as if to cut into my own being. I cannot be fed your poison only the hurt I feel. For anger is a fire fueled by things other than bitterness and harmful intentions. 

I know she has hurt you in ways you do not yet understand. For you don’t know what toxic tastes like in your mouth. The way I once didn’t know how to see the signs. 

For I am tired and long to go home to a person but your eyes are so vacant and I am your spare key.

—  trespassing 

I’ve spent the better part of my twenty three years
running away from the things that hurt.
I figured that if I got far away enough, the ache wouldn’t find me.

I was wrong.

Nobody told me that you can’t outrun your own heart.

Today was the first time I said out loud “he is gone”.
He left six months ago, and I still hadn’t said it yet.

He is gone.
He is gone.
He is gone.

Saying it tasted bitter, it tasted raw, it hurt.
I tripped over the letters as they tumbled out of my mouth like apologies.

All this running has worn me out,
I’m so tired, and I’m so sorry.

He is gone
and I am exhausted.

I’m slowly learning to love the sound of myself standing still.

—  standing still

Team RWBY Dormitory

Weiss - All right ‘stands up from table, slamming her palms down on the table to brace herself’ That’s enough ……

Jaune - Weiss ? 'looks around nervously’ You’re getting a little intense there …..

Weiss - You listen to me Jaune Arc ! 'jabs finger in Jaune’s chest’  I am TIRED of you harassing me !

Jaune - ’horrified’ I’M NOT HARRASSING YOU

Weiss- Yes you are 'stomps foot’

Blake - 'chiming in while reading book’ You kind of are…….

Weiss- Well it’s about TIME one of you decided to speak up ! What took so long

'Blake points to her book’

'Yang shrugs’

'Ruby shovels 4 cookies into her mouth at the same time’

Jaune - I am NOT……..'says quietly’ My dad just told me that girls admire your persistence

Weiss- Your dad is a LIAR

Jaune - 'red faced’  Don’t you bring my father into this !

Blake - 'sighs’ Jaune  'closes book’  You’re missing the point. Weiss doesn’t like you, and making a nuisance of yourself won’t change her mind. You need to stop and move on, because you’re being a creep.

Jaune - 'slumps over’….oh 'looks up’ Can I at least ask who she DOES like ?

'Ruby, Yang and Blake all shoot a competitive look at one another for the briefest of moments before going back to their previous activities.’

Weiss- That’s none of your BUISNESS

'Ruby, Yang and Blake all sigh collectively’

Jaune -  'kicks carpet dejectedly’ Yeah…I guess that’s fair 'looks at Team RWBY’  I’ve always thought that Velvet girl was cute……do you think I have a chan………

Yang- 'hair bursts into flame’ I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE !  'jumps off bed’  Get out of our ROOM !  'starts pushing Jaune out of the room’

Jaune-  So that’s a no ? 'stumbles into the hallway’

Yang - FIGURE IT OUT ! 'slams door’

Hallway outside of Team RWBY”s room

'Jaune stands up, wiping himself off as Pyrrha walks up behind him’

Pyrrha - Hi Jaune ^^

Jaune- Oh hi Pyrrha

Pyrrha - What’s the matter ?

Jaune - Oh nothing…..it’s just……it’s over with Weiss

Pyrrha- 'betraying a note of enthusiasm’ Really ?! =D

Jaune- 'sighs’ Yeah………

Pyrrha - Well I know another girl w……

Jaune- I’m going to go see if I can get a date with Velv……

'Pyrrha semblance slams Jaune into the wall’

Pyrrha - You know what Jaune ?! I’m starting to think you’re not a nice guy !

'Pyrrha stomps off’, and turns the corner as Jaune gurgles his own spit’

Pyrrha - I’m not sorry !

 Team CFVY’s dorm room

'Team CFVY is sitting around a table, drinking their daily cup of tea, when Velvet’s ears shoot upward in alarm’

Coco - 'brings cups away from lips after a healthy drink’ Something wrong Velvet ?

Velvet - 'unsure’ I don’t know…….'looks around, nose twitching’ I sense something dangerous coming

Coco - 'sighs, places her cup down and stands up’ I’ll get the mini-gun 'takes out her scroll and begins dialing’

Writing Requests are OPEN

I have at any given time three bodies existing within me
At the same moment in time I am
beaten and bloody with my guts spilled and anxious covered in eyes reminiscent of an Argus my hair falls to the floor and my mouth is open

Taller and ashen with knuckles, nails and teeth, high white collars and bags of purple underneath I want flowers to grow from my body after I sink in endless waves too cold and gentle

Soft and pale with fleece and at least six blankets my eyes so tired from insistent tears I have cried I hold on to whatever is close my hands too weak to close fully around your shirt sleeve I tremble

I am bodily and exist too much
The whole is overflowing and I am accused
How is it possible I can feel for three hearts

can we PLEASE stop spreading around videos of cats taking big mouthfuls of food at a time and acting like its cute/funny? its a very unhealthy behavior when it comes to dry food! your cat can develop serious digestive issues or literally choke and die on dry food if it takes big gulps like that!!! you need to either put your cat on a wet or raw diet or invest in a slow feeder which forces the cat to take smaller bites of food so it doesnt harm itself! i dont want to see any more pet owners who arent aware that there is a problem with their cats eating habits!!!

“You insolent little brat!”

Isaac flinched under his angered tone, suddenly afraid. Never had he seen Zane so outraged. Even while angry, he was still refined, making it even worse to see him shouting like this.

“I told you time and time again not to trespass​ in certain areas. Yet you do it without taking heed to my commands!” Zane was inches away from promptly kicking the child out on the street. See how he fends for himself if he believes so strongly! “I do not tell you these things to hear myself talking.”


Shut your mouth. I am tired of your excuses. If I catch you in my quarters yet again there will not be another conversation like this. You will find yourself in either the basement or outside.”

Isaac paled. The basement. Never again did he want to go down there. He could never get the smell out his clothes, so distraught by it he threw them in the fireplace when he had the chance.

Do I make myself clear?”

Always has been.- CH

His face says it all, his eyes are hollow holes to his soul and when he looks at you, your heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

“I am so tired of this.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out. You have exhausted every apology, every sympathetic nod and now it is time to give in, throw in the towel and let the silence scream your pain.

This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.

“What do you want? I don’t even know what to give you anymore. Do I even make you happy?” Calum shakes his head and you want to apologize for being the cause of the argument, yet again. You want to apologize for being too weak to cope with his absence and that you have let your mind be open to attacks.

“Well? Are you happy? Answer me that, please.” You can’t say yes, but a part of you doesn’t want to say no either. Calum causes a mighty fire to rip through you and leave you with nasty burns for everyone to see, but it doesn’t mean you want him to leave. You are unhappy with him and unhappy without him.

You lift your head to meet his gaze and take in every inch of him, he is beautiful and a master piece that is yours. You crave his touch every second. You look at his fingers and imagine them wrapped around your waist again, swaying you to the beat of the song one evening when you thought you had found the person who completed you. It takes you a moment to realize that moment was a few years ago. Nostalgia claims you as its prisoner.

Life passes by with no warning and lures you into a false sense of security. One day you are slow dancing with the love of your life on a summers evening and the next it is a distant memory. You take a deep breath and let yourself remember how he whispered in your ear that this was everything he wanted. You were perfectly fine, life was perfect but you wake up and it’s not summer anymore, its winter and the cold air fills your lungs with a sharp pain, you are bitter. You can’t remember how it happened, but the warm air is gone and the warmth of the sunshine on your back has disappeared and all you are left with is the winter chill climbing up your spine reminding you what it feels like to be alone.

It’s a change in your relationship that has slowly killed you both, something has shifted out of place and how you once fit beside each other will never be the same again. You can see it in the way his laugh doesn’t reach his eyes anymore, you can feel it in the way he kisses you, its fleeting and he doesn’t stop to savor the moment anymore. You are both the shell of the relationship you once were. The pain from that hits deeper than any other, it hurts because there is nothing to blame, no one to point the finger at or no precise moment to class as the breakdown. It has driven you mad and it has driven him away.

“I’m so sorry, Calum.” A hiccup rises from your throat and you only just now notice that you have been crying.

“I know it doesn’t make a difference, me apologizing has become a worn out phrase. I’m not right and you aren’t wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am so sorry. I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

His voice startles you, it’s a whisper but it cuts the tension in the room like a loud speaker. “Does it even matter anymore? Do you even love me anymore?” You know you do, you must do otherwise your heart wouldn’t feel like it has been ripped out of your chest to prove how broken you are. His brown eyes meet yours and you feel yourself crumble, you wish it was a problem you could fix but you know it is never that simple. It’s beyond all the silly arguments, it’s beyond the arguing about who the girl in the picture is or why he didn’t call for weeks on end when on tour. It’s beyond the bickering and always trying to be right. This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.

It’s only when you are in bed that night, his breath on the back of your neck that he asks, “Am I the one for you?”

You want him to be. You want him to be the one so badly.

“Yes, you know that.”

He doesn’t reply and you never offer the question back.

You are too scared that he won’t say it back.

This is how it has always been. This is how it always will be.




sometimes i want to crawl to you and hide under your skin. but when i am at the verge of making it. i remember that there’s no place for me in your body. not even between your fingers — not between the sighs that left your mouth. and it’s so unfair that you are all over me. between the blinks in my eyes. between the air leaving my lungs. so i leave — or at least i try to. because i’ve made the worst mistake. i made a home of you — a home of someone who doenst even made love to me.

tracks for when you really are tired, broken, and in love hurt. listen
I’ve never been so lost, your eyes are the type i’d never get tired of looking at, your heart gives me warmth I’ll always need, your mouth speaks words I’ll always want to hear and your mind is one of a kind, a kind that never fails to amaze me with every thought you say out loud so talk to me, stay with me, for I never feel the same when I am with you, for I have never loved, the way I love you. -l.m

Here’s a concept: When your fave posts a picture and/or a video of them and their significant other, you keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard if you have nothing nice to say. 

I am so tired of ‘fans’ thinking they have a right to be so hateful and rude towards their fave’s significant other. You have the right feel however you feel, and you have a right to have your own opinion. But you do NOT have the right to leave rude and nasty comments on their social media about their SO and their relationship, especially when you do not know them personally. 

If you can’t accept, and be happy, that your fave is happy with whomever it is they are with, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a fan. The entitlement and ugliness seen throughout fandoms when a fave is seen with their SO is embarrassing. Grow up and find some respect, and let the person you’re supposedly a fan of be happy. 

End rant.

i have a memory of you
and coffee too hot, a hiss sliding through your teeth.
you are fighting so hard
against anything that glimmers in the shadows,
throwing your body into the mud and the ash and
the frenzied anger ripping through you.

‘i have to burn it all,’ you say,
and i know. i know.

my fingers flutter over your cut-up, tired heart –
and for a moment i feel
because we are the same.

i want the words to stay behind my teeth,
but they are falling out of my mouth;
i am
not strong enough to keep them in.

(already i feel
your absence nesting inside of me.)

'you are not the monster they say you are.’
your traumatized muscles shudder
against the truth of it, too heavy
to hold,

even with both hands.

'you’re not.’


both hands v. 2, cassandra litten, 26 may 2016

(or, i accidentally posted the wrong version of this yesterday and did not realize until midnight!!!!)


The taste of your name haunts me.
It reminds me everyday of how saying it felt like so much honey,
So much summer,

And now I’m so tired of having this bittersweet memory lingering on my tongue because you were the first person I’ve ever really got stuck on,
So I tried to wash out my mouth by downing wine like water and taking shots like they were medicine but it never cured me.
I have come to realise your name tastes like so much alcohol,
So much wine,
So now even my most favourite of spirits can’t make yours go away and leave me to heal.
How am I supposed to wash you down with a chaser when I still taste you afterwards?

You taste like acidity, lemon slices pursed around my lips so fittingly.
You taste like summer, spices hitting my tastebuds and setting them on fire.
You taste like so much loss,
So much absence.

Your name makes me want to pull my skin off whenever someone says it because it only sounds right coming out of my mouth,
Or hers.
I guess.

Your name is a whole other language to me, it holds such beauty, such grace.
You knew exactly how to make me feel so bilingual, your name rolled off my tongue so easily and elegantly.

But now I can’t even speak my own language without wanting to scream that your name doesn’t belong in my mouth anymore but I can’t throw it up.
Believe me,
I’ve tried.

Your name has no place inside of this chest,
Inside of these bones,
So I constantly want to tear open my veins and bleed you out of me.

This self-destructive kind of love has left me shaking and cold and lonely,
It has left me feeling worthless, everyday it’s harder and harder to find a point in this beating heart.
Help me, dear.
Give me back my soul
For, it is no friend of yours.

  • Gavin: Dude, I am tired of the My Little Pony thing
  • Gavin: It was kinda funny when I realised that guys liked it and i was like, "that's kinda weird and funny.. bronies" but now there's two bronies (referring to michael and ray) here in the same room and i'-
  • Michael: I'm kinda tired of your accent but I fucking sit next to it every goddamn day so why don't you just shut your fucking mouth

To the girl who feels like giving up, I see you!

I know you think no one notices but I do.

I see that there was once a spark in those hazel eyes of yours. They have seen so much pain. I can tell that so many stories hide behind those tired eyes.

I see that you are exhausted, and not in the I want to lay down and go to sleep kind of tired. The exhaustion of many hidden tears, and days full of anxiety and heart ache.

You’re tired from fighting to get through it all. You have fought so damn hard and I am so proud of you!

You have made it this far.You might not see the strong woman I see, but I promise you she is there within you.

You hold a lot back.You keep your mouth shut just to avoid conflict, but its okay to stand up for yourself once in a while.

Its okay to show emotion. It makes you human. You are allowed to feel as deeply as you want and express yourself as much as you want.

You try so hard to come off as a hard shell, but I see so much light with in you. It radiates from you even though you might try to dim it to protect yourself, I can still see it.

I know it is really hard right now to see the light at the end of this seemingly long tunnel, please believe me when I tell you it is there.

Nothing lasts forever, which means this difficult phase of life you are going through, it’ll end one day.

I truly hope that for you it’ll be soon because I know you have already endured so much.

You deserve to be happy. To be ecstatic. To feel on top of the world, To skip and jump and dance with joy. to feel it so deeply.

I know its time for something amazing to happen for you and I know with all my heart its coming.

Please just do me a favor, hang in there.

I know you feel drained from life and you feel lost and stuck. You don’t even know what you are doing anymore. I know you feel that way. I can see it.

Maybe its just that I read you well but I know…god I know how you are feeling and I hate seeing you like this.

I know the optimistic, happy woman you are is still inside you, shes just been weighted down over the years from all that weight shes been carrying.

I promise that weight will be lifted and everything will fall into place.

I promise you one day you will be able to look back and think wow I made it through all that.

Then you will see the strong woman I am seeing now. Hold on please a while longer.

—  April Lee