i am so tired of seeing this hate

Hope your happy with your self goodbye 😢

To all the thought who hate karamel I give up. I am sick and tired of it. You are the ones who are abusive and toxic. You make it miserable to like something and get belittled of it. Just like you say Mon-el does to Kara when you do it all most every time. You attack those who are fans. Supergirl is not some Disney movie it shows all the good and bad that happened in relationships so no. Karamel is not perfect. The writers are trying to show us we can change if we want to. I see that Mon-el love Kara so much the he is willing to change and be a better person. Like he said even if they weren’t together he would still want to be that person that Kara knows he can be. How is it so bad to want to be by someone good like Kara. He gets strength to be better by being near her. If someone was abusive they world not try as hard as Mon-el has to do good by Kara. It is hard to fight instinct by not taking the easy way out. You can’t run before you learn to walk. Mon-el is just taking those first baby steps, so yes he will stumble and fall at first but he didn’t give up. He gets back up and learns from his mistakes. Like we all do.




favorite things my intro lit professor said this past semester, with no context:

  • “today we’re handing out an award for the worst Bible father”
  • “ah, my son, go fuck yourself”
  • “someone else read, I’m tired of hearing the sound of my own voice. I’m kidding, that will never happen. but seriously. someone.” 
  • “okay! phallus doesn’t work, gotta have a life now”
  • “I would have loved if Santa Claus was a poet, he would have written some wild Freudian Rudolph poems”
  • “it’s parching time”
  • “don’t talk to me about Barbie Rapunzel. I’ve watched Barbie Rapunzel four times.”
  • “if you’re gonna get flayed, it might as well be elaborate”
  • “come on guys I too am tired and hungry but this class is going to be so boring if none of you talk”
  • “and Quilty won the internet that day”
  • “I see them now, all of your little post-it notes of hate”

the way that oppression is framed in overwatch is so fucking shitty but all of you people just accept it as it is without questioning.

fans consider “omniphobia” to be a negative character trait of torb/zarya/junkrat/whoever and think that characters like genji or tracer or whoever else are more socially progressive because they dont hate omnics. which, if you follow overwatch’s portrayal of current omnic/human relations, makes sense. but like omnics still fucking like……committed genocide like twenty years ago. barely one generation ago they specifically targeted humans and killed them. and in present overwatch time, just twenty years later, it’s somehow bigoted to hate omnics? when people fucking died en masse directly bc of them??

this isnt how oppression works in real life and it is EXTREMELY irresponsible of blizzard to portray it as such. real life racism didnt happen because of something that black people and other poc did to white people, racism exists because of WHITE PEOPLE being systematic oppressors. racism is 100% WHITE PEOPLE’S fault and portraying oppression as the result of the oppressed group’s actions is horrible.

also i hate hate hate hate it when fiction portrays oppression between two completely different species. zootopia did this shit and it sucked. it’s like saying that white people and people of color are inherently and unchangeably different and unity was never possible. newsflash, RACE IS AN ARBITRARY SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. THE LINES BETWEEN RACES ARE NEVER AS DEFINITIVE AS YOU PORTRAY THEM TO BE. YOUR FICTIONAL OPPRESSION IS NOT PROFOUND NOR INSIGHTFUL AND YOU DONT UNDERSTAND RACISM.

the human/omnic conflict is nothing more than lateral aggression. neither humans nor omnics are oppressed by the other. characters who hate omnics arent bigots and their hatred is understandable. i see a lot of social justice bloggers here who treat “omniphobia” like they treat racism and it is worrying. please consume media critically.

if you hate malia tate, please get away from me. if you hate malia tate for being in love with stiles, get away from me. if you hate malia tate for being in the way of your ship, get away from me. if you hate malia tate for crying because she realized how important stiles really was to her and had her feelings ignored, get away from me. i don’t want your misogynistic, biased, hateful ass around me, especially if you hate malia tate for something you praise another female character for. please get the fuck away from me. i am so goddamn tired of seeing hate circulating around her. malia is such a fucking strong ass character and gets treated like shit because she fell in love with stiles stilinski. well newsflash!!! stiles fell in love with her too!!! i don’t care that they’re “not together” anymore, that isn’t the goddamn point. malia has gotten so much hate from the moment she appeared on screen and i’m so fucking tired of it. i’m sorry your ship isn’t canon and i’m sorry it seemed like malia got in the way of it, but guess what? you got what your bitch ass wanted, so leave malia tate the fuck alone. malia has ALWAYS put others before herself!!!! sure, use her post coyote self as an excuse to say she didn’t, but you know why she didn’t put anyone else first? BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T KNOW HOW!!!! SHE WAS A COYOTE FOR FUCKING 8 YEARS, OF FUCKING COURSE SHE WASN’T GOING TO UNDERSTAND!!! but jfc, she finally learns to be selfless and actually believes her worth isn’t as important and goddamn i want her to be selfish. i want her to look lydia in the goddamn eye and tell her “i’m in love with him” because fuck you for trying to take that away from her. the hate astounds me, because seriously, if anyone has any character development, it’s malia fucking tate. she made stiles want to be a better person and he was!!!! for once in his life, he was a good person and goddamn, they were happy. but no, no they don’t get that. stiles goes back to reverting his season 1 and 2 self and malia gets put in the fucking corner. maybe the writers will make up for this. maybe they’ll give malia and stalia the ending ( or not ) they deserve, because goddamn if anyone deserves it, malia sure as hell does. you want to talk about unfair? an injustice? look at malia fucking tate. she has done nothing to deserve what she got, but according to some people, it doesn’t matter, because her feelings are invalid. well fuck you very much. you try being in love with someone and watch someone who was supposed to be your friend take them away from you, you try it. “oh but it was stiles’ choice!!! he loves lydia and only her!!” no stfu that isn’t even fucking true. before this pos season even aired, stiles was absolutely in fucking love with malia tate. we were NEVER given any indication that he had feelings for lydia aside from the side comments that were EXTREMELY OOC!!! and lydia finally realizing “oh i’m in love with him” is such utter bullshit and such a shit on malia like what the actual fuck? if you loved malia tate, you wouldn’t be okay with this. you would not be okay with the way she’s being treated and you know what? i’m sorry but if you ship srydia, you don’t love malia tate. i’m sorry but if you loved her, you wouldn’t be okay with this. that’s just how it is. leave malia tate alone and stay the hell away from me.

It hurts to be near you;
yet it hurts to be anywhere else.
My heart still pounds when I see your name pop up on my phone;
and am I so tired on being alone.
I was angry and I asked you if I should just leave;
you said yes and oh my god,
can’t life just give me a rest?
Why did I waste so much time,
just for you to no longer be mine?
—  a.a.

I am going to make this perfectly clear: Kate Mckinnon is entitled to date whomever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants. You are her fans. She does not owe you anything but gratitude for being beside her and supporting her, and she relies on those things. But by tearing down her choices in women and degrading them to her face, you are not being the fans Kate loves. You are being cruel, insensitive and rude. Whoever Kate loves is obviously a wonderful person and you need to accept that. I am tired of seeing the hate people spew and the clear invasion of privacy that Kate holds so dear to her heart. Please, stop spreading the abhor you possess onto the woman who deserves nothing but your love, and respect her. Respect her friends, respect the people she loves. 

∆ Riley Matthews deserves to be treated nicely. ∆
∆ Maya Hart deserves to be treated nicely. ∆

I am so tired of seeing hate on both of these teenage girls!!! They have flaws, they are not perfect by any means. They get hate for every little thing they do. (More so Riley but I’ve seen Maya hate and I’m sooo tired of it.)

Protect Riley Matthews 2k16
Protect Maya Hart 2k16

A post in which Kim is melodramatic because she’s tired and cranky...

I am so tired of scrolling through my dash and seeing anon hate. I am so tired of seeing authors turn bitter and snappy because a handful of people don’t know basic manners and drive fic writers into the ground. I am so tired of carefully wording things in order to be considerate, only to see that not many others do.

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People are citing the fact that no one believes asexuals exists as justification for why we don’t belong with LGBTQA+. “There’s no legislatures and hate for you so you aren’t oppressed, no one even knows asexuals exist so you are protected.”

What a fucking JOKE. I am so tired of people using ace erasure to justify why we have it easy. The term asexual may have only come about recently, but aces have ALWAYS existed. You know how they were treated? As mentally ill.

If a husband’s wife wouldn’t have sex with him he could take her to a doctor and the doctor would forcefully masturbate her to see if she would have a reaction. If she didn’t they could do any number of things to her (have her committed, sex therapy, give her drugs, etc.)

Yes, there aren’t laws and legislature targeting aces. That’s because it’s really hard to make a law that states “You must have sex or must be in a relationship”. It’s not feasible. It’s easier to make laws forcing people apart than forcing them together,

But that doesn’t means aces aren’t hated. Doesn’t mean they aren’t raped to “prove” they can have sex. Doesn’t mean people don’t think there is something mentally wrong with us. It doesn’t mean aces aren’t an incredibly small minority (making up only 1% of the population). Aces also have heteronormative society pushed on them, people constantly assume we are straight and NEED a boyfriend/girlfriend. Aces are also mocked and ridiculed as being a millennial phase.

But whatever. I’m so tired of arguing we should have a place with LGBTQA+. I guess the ‘A’ does stand for ally after all?

Protagonists I Want to See More of in YA
  • girls written by men, and boys written by women (I have a long explanation for this and I may turn it into its own post one day, but for the sake of brevity i’m going to leave that like it is rn)
  • non-bookish protagonists who are still well-developed
  • UNLIKABLE PROTAGONISTS. Actually my favorite characters are the ones who are complex/real enough that sometimes you really love them and sometimes you super duper hate them (see: every character in Breaking Bad)
  • protagonists who actually like instigate the main plot of the book (I cannot tell you how tired I am of the whole “jane ‘whitey mcnerdgirl’ smith’ had a super boring life but then some wild thing happened to her so now her life is interesting”) (wait yes I can and I did so already here)
  • socially anxious protags where their social anxiety is realistically portrayed and their resulting struggle with having friends/relationships is portrayed (less “i’m just cute and shy and that strange hot guy is really into me” and more “i am in a constant state of terror and my anxiety has kept me from having any legitimate relationships since i was 12″)
  • same with other mental health issues/disorders BUT without the book being an issue book that focuses mainly on that issue/disorder. A good old fantasy/sci fi/romance/whatever book with realistically portrayed disorders is what I want to see
  • optimistic, friendly, non-cynical protags (not everyone’s teenage years are 50/50 angst and sarcasm)
  • non-quirky protagonists
  • on the other hand, manic pixie dream girls (yes i said it. i love manic pixie dream girls. i hate them for the male gaze, as the object of a male protagonist’s obsession, but make a manic pixie dream girl the teller of her own story and i’m so here for that) (but she can’t be a mary sue)
  • protagonists who fail. hard.
  • religious protagonists. And not just like using their flimsy religion to emphasize how angsty and cynical they are. actual firm believers in fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian/whatever books. doesn’t really count if the religion is fictional. and not just Christians either.
  • this goes along with the “protagonists who instigate the main plot” point, but protagonists who are eager to face the conflict. I’m tired of it feeling like the story has to be set up perfectly to force the character into action. Protagonists who are ready to step up to the plate and do some damage.
  • protagonists who fall from grace over the course of the story.
  • protagonists who are wildly amoral but their amorality isn’t excused, it’s made to be a complex aspect of their character. protagonists who sometimes step out of line. possibly too far to ever really return.
Please shut up with the hate

Guys! Please! I am so tired of seeing unjustified hate here in Tumblr!

So very, very, VERY, very tired. I can’t even search fandom/character/ship tags anymore, so can y’all please just shut up with the “this is disgusting” and “please kill yourself” when the things have nothing wrong with them??

- Liking an evil/villain/anti-hero character doesn’t make their fans bad people in real life, it just means they might find said characters interesting and important to their respective fandoms, and writing redemption stories or made-up backgrounds/explanations for why they are evil doesn’t mean their fans justify or ignore what said characters did wrong

- Bringing a character dead in canon “back to life” in fanon doesn’t make the fans crazy or mentally ill (I feel like this one is so dumb that I shouldn’t put it here, but trust me when I say that I’ve seen hate messages sent to people merely because they make AUs where character live or they just refuse to believe they died in canon and make theories on how they are alive)

- Shipping enemies/previous enemies doesn’t mean people approve of abusive relationships (unless the stories/fan art they make is strictly abusive, which in some cases can serve to bring awareness to said issues or have shock value, as long as it’s not romanticizing abuse it’s ok) no matter how much the characters hate eachother in canon, sometimes people like to make their own AUS where characters were not enemies to begin with or maybe they grow to like eachother and forgive eachother in a healthy way

- Shipping characters with an age difference is not automatically pedophilia, no matter what age they have in canon or if one met the other whilst they were adults and the others children (even if that freaks you out, as long as they are all portrayed as adults, be the age difference 1 year or 90 years, it’s still legal)

- Shipping a character who did something really bad to another character, no mater how much you hate the ship, is ok to draw/write if it does not encourage violence or abuse (much similar to what I said above with the enemies one)

- Liking something that you don’t understand the appeal to or that is just not that popular (as long as it’s ok and not illegal) doesn’t mean fans are trying to convert you or shipping/liking things on purpose to get you, it means they want to be left alone in their own likings and that you should respect them and go do what you want instead of hating on them

Here’s what you should do if you still hate these things but they are completely legal and ok:

If it’s on one or few SPECIFIC artworks or artists and not the whole ship/fandom, you should:

- Use an anti tag so that it doesn’t flood the tags of people looking for artworks and stuff, or just adress the artists themselves

- If they haven’t shown signs of being rude or approving of actual illegal actions (rape, abuse, violence, murder, etc etc) don’t be disrespectful (for example if they draw something very violent that triggers you but they express that they find it wrong and that it’s meant to bring awareness to that issue, ask them/criticize them politely and don’t jump in attacking them straight away)

- Use clear arguments and organize them so that it’s easy to understand your points and so that people don’t confuse criticism with hate

- Judge the art, not the artist. Only judge the artist when the artist made their points of view and true beliefs extremely clear

If you want to rant on the whole ship/fandom:

- Use the ship/fandom tag but keep your opinion/rant polite and respectful to the people who also use the tag

- Don’t mistake one person’s headcanons or art for the whole fandom and every single fan, because of course there are bad apples in every tree, but that doesn’t make every single one bad

- Don’t accuse all fans of being rapists, pedophiles, abusive, etc without any motive, with your only “proof” being what they ship or what fandoms they are in or what characters they like

And now can y’all please shut the hell up and go easy on the “kill yourself”’s?

I’m gonna tag some ships here that I like or where I’ve seen this sort of hate lately, be free to tag more to stop this non-sense hate

Magic Kaito started in 1987.
Detective Conan started in 1994.

I don’t care if Detective Conan (or Case Closed) was your childhood, I’m sick and tired of the times I see people hate on Magic Kaito. MK has it’s own story, it’s own characters, and it’s own style. If you don’t like it, fine, but don’t hate just because it’s not like a completely different series that came after most of its story was created. It can’t ruin anything if it came first, the occasional cameo is the worst you get and it doesn’t even drag Kaito’s story into Conan’s.


Why can’t y'all just ship your damn ships? Who gives a flying fuck about who OTHER people ship. Is it you?! Nah. Are you dead?! No. So stop giving a fuckkk. I’m honestly tired, irritated, and annoyed when i see fellow shippers bashing other ships. Like, you spend so much time talking about the other ship. Are you sure you don’t ship them?! Considering how much you talk about them, one would think that that was actually your otp. Stop tagging unrelevant ships into your ships. Stop bashing other ships. You absolutely hate it when others bash yours right?! So, why the heck are you doing the exact same thing? Quit your yip-yap and ship peacefully. DAMN.

Here i am ranting about ships, again😒. But i wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel the really strong need to do this.

OTP Hate

I am so tired of getting onto Tumblr and seeing the hate that pervades the Sherlock fandom. Seriously, Sherlock is my favourite show, but it puts an absolutely sour taste in my mouth every time that I see OTP hate. In my head, Sherlock is asexual, no matter who he gets with, if anyone, I doubt sex will be involved. That’s just my idea. He can get with John, I don’t care, he can get with  Molly, I don’t care, he can get with Jim, I don’t care.
However, no ‘ship’ is going to be magically happy, John can be a real dick sometimes, Jim is not stable, Molly has been verbally abused (however, unintentionally sometimes) by Sherlock in the past. Not to mention that Sherlock is just grasping what friendship is, much less something much more complex. I get that people have their ships, I get that they are bonded to those and want them to happen so very badly, but to perpetuate hate in between the fandom because of a WANT is entirely silly. To say that Sherlolly fans only like them because it’s heteronormality it’s entirely stupid and generalising; they see something in the characters that others do not. To say that Johnlock fetishises the gay community is the same; they see something in the characters that others might not, simple as that. It’s a preference, not a war against a sexual orientation.
I personally like Sherlock as just having friends, because, damn, how many stories do not focus around the fact that the main character is often of the age to ‘find love’? But, seriously, all I see anymore in the Sherlock tag is hate towards OTPs, whether you think Johnlock is ‘endgame’ or Sherlolly, or anything else. There are so many comments that separate the fandom to the point that we are willing to squabble with each other over who is going to kiss who. Are we really so petty? We are a stem of the Holmesians for Christ’s sake. Instead of enjoying the fact that we’re actually getting a new series and how terrifying the trailers are, we are focusing on the fact that we wants someone’s genitalia against someone else’s, focusing more on the fact our characters have transport more than the cases that the characters are about to show us. We can dream about our OTPs, show our support to them, but I am tired of seeing others put down and railed against because of something as stupid and banal as generalised assumptions to do with our ships.

35412) I hate that I really am unable to eat normally. It’s always all or nothing, starving or obsessive binging and I’m so tired of this. My weight always remains the same because of this and I hate it. I see no point in this but I can’t fucking stop.


I’ve always had a “boyish” figure. my shoulders are broad, my chest is small, my hips are non existent. all the girls in high school were the polar opposite; they had defined waists, long legs, and small hands that were never clammy. I’m so tired of comparing myself to others. I’m tired of walking in a public place, seeing a stranger, and contrasting the way our bodies are so different. so here’s to the beginning of my self acceptance journey. here’s to the beginning of loving myself for who I am, and not hating myself for who I’m not.

guys, i don’t… i don’t usually get myself into the middle of discourse™ but this whole “how dare octavia listen to some stranger instead of her brother!!” thing is making me tired already?????

if someone is family, more often than not, that means they’re the last person that will make you see reason, because they’re too close to the situation and have too much subjectively invested

like, if you confide in your parents and/or siblings and have that kind of comfortable, stable relationship i am so, so, so happy for you but you are the exception

and i don’t even mean that everyone hates their family?? i love my brother with all my heart but if he tells me to do something, you know what i’m gonna do? the exact opposite of that. it’s just… a thing that happens

not to mention that ilian is not just “some stranger”. octavia has already seen and recognized similar pain in him, has witnessed him following the same destructive path of revenge that she was going down. it’s on that even ground that her heart opens to change; not because she got laid (which tbh i’m mad about, it was completely unnecessary for this kind of growth).

i’m not even sure if i’m making sense but just… shhhhh. y’all are hurting my brain with this drama.

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

I joined Tumblr ages ago because it felt like a site where people could bond over shows we loved and bands we adored, etc.

But now, I can’t even go through a tag I love without seeing people boycott or hate on something I and many other people love. Things that help us get through our daily lives. These people shame and say so many nasty statements about subjects they don’t even take the time to research on.

Just because you have an opinion on something related to the issue at hand, does not make your opinion the only valid one. If you do not like something, please state your reason and leave it be. Do not incite riots and hate against something others love.

For example, the latest movie Split by M. Night Shyamalan has been recieving backlash from plenty of people on Tumblr because of the way DID is presented. Well, after waiting months to see it (because the director is a man who has inspired me - that no matter what people say, you always have the potential to succeed) let me one of the first to say that it ISNT about a man with DID, it is a movie with an element of FANTASY that I will not spoil for others.

The movie, however, shows:

1) A therapist who believes in and defends her patients when people she knows says that they think people with mental illnesses are ‘faking it’

2) A therapist who does her best to fight for people with DID, by gathering evidence to prove it ISNT a mood disorder when other lecturers at a panel try to discredit her views

3) A victim of abuse prove she is stronger despite all the odds, and can face her demons on her own

4) Young women, who despite their differences and views on each other, act like mature adults when the situation calls for it. They may not be the best of friends, may not be friends at all, but they will treat each other with respect, understanding and care because thats what people do for each other.

In fact, the movie ends on the note that those who are broken are the ones who are close to being ‘fully evolved’ and understand the true meaning of being grateful to be alive, because of all the pain they have gone through.

I left feeling stronger than I ever did regarding my own mental illness, based on the female protagonists growth, but because of your need to boycott everything just because of how triggered you may be, many people will not be able to witness this.

With that being said I have grown tired, and have realized that the community I once knew is gone. We are so easy to disagree with things without first taking a look at what really lies beneath it.

Thank you for the past few years but I feel like Tumblr is no longer a place that makes me feel safe and happy to freely enjoy what I love with others without being sent messages about how “retarded I am for not taking the right side” (yes that is a word for word pm i received from someone who didnt like that I didnt support her opinion on mental illnesses).