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Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Anon asked:

“Hello ! I’ve just read all your scenarios (ah its 2am ;-;) and I couldn’t help to notice your requests are open. May I request a Jin Oneshot/Scenario where the reader is a barista at a local cafe and Jin visits it and fall in love? Sorry if it’s too cliche lmao (make it superrrr fluff pls) Ily !”

OMG I finally posted it. I’m so sorry it took a while <3 <3 I have no many things piled up right now to write. I really hope you enjoy it, I’m not very good at the whole fluff thing hehe. 2k words

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x reader

Genre: fluff as absolute fuck, non-idol au!


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“Y/N, I need you to take over the cash register,” Your boss informed, as you tied an apron around your waist. “I’m heading out.”

You had just arrived at work and they already had a position for you to fill. That wasn’t a problem – it was just unexpected, since you were always either in charge of making the coffee or clearing tables.

“Alright, I’m coming,” You tied your hair into a tight ponytail, and stood before the register.

It was a fairly empty hour, considering everyone was either at work or school. The cafe was located in an office district, so most of the crowd only came in during the mornings, or early evening. 

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Sexting in Open Court

@barbabangme I am taking a break from smut forever after this omfg.  I hope it’s not too shit babe.
I am so tired rn but I had to post this tonight. I will be back to writing my fluffy stuffs next week guys. 

Lets put this cute gif of Rafi on it cos why not.

His face totally says “Yeah but you can’t send dirty messages like this and still win your case tho can you?” asdfghjkdsghsdjk I need sleep loool bye

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youcancallmedale  asked:

If you're still taking prompts, then perhaps something a little mundane. Could you write something about LB And CN hanging out with the newbies Volpina and Queen Bee if that's even what they're gonna be called and just generally chatting about life while avoiding specifics or maybe QB talking about talking to the media and loving the attention. Just take it whatever direction you want I just feel like a calmer story would be nice tonight. Good luck and have fun

do you mind if i use this prompt to vent a little? :P

Words: 770

“Is anyone else in the middle of exams right now?”

Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Queen Bee all shot their hands up in the air, each with an equally distasteful look on their faces. Volpina winced. “Yup. Explains why we’re all tired.”

They were all laid out on their backs on the top of a roof, deciding that patrolling was useless at this point. Ladybug suspected that was going to be the case when Chat Noir announced that he only got three hours of sleep last night and when Queen Bee looked like she was two seconds away from falling on her face. Ladybug herself had just shaken herself out of a long bout of studying and the last thing she wanted to do was be active. Volpina looked to be the only one who was functioning. 

“How the fuck are you so perky right now?” Queen Bee muttered. Ladybug snorted. As sweet and kind as she was with Ladybug, Queen Bee had a bad habit of cursing up a storm when she was around the other two heroes. Ladybug found the switch hilarious and wondered if that was some of her civilian side poking through. 

“Coffee, dude,” Volpina answered. “A crap ton of coffee.”

“It is way too early into exams for coffee,” Chat Noir complained. “It’s only the first one. I refuse to drink it until like….exam three at least.”

“Oh good luck with that,” Ladybug snorted. “My coffee presser is already in top form.”

“Ayyy!” Volpina held out her hand for a high five and Ladybug enthusiastically returned it. 

“Forget coffee, I need a window to throw myself out of,” Queen Bee complained. “I don’t understand why in the holy hell we have to take physics. It’s not like I’m even going to be doing that track for the bac anyway.”

“Oh my God, physics is terrible!” Ladybug groaned. “I don’t get any of it…”

“Same!” Queen Bee exclaimed. “It’s the dumbest subject.”

“Um!” Chat Noir piped. “You losers are so ungrateful. Physics is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Queen Bee snorted. “Beautiful like punch in the face.” 

“Let’s be honest, history is way worse,” Volpina piped in. “Tooooo much to memorize.”

Chat Noir nodded. “Seconded.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee both scoffed. “History is easy!” “Lord, history is nothing!”

“You two are freakin’ crazy! If only you knew how much was on our exam….”

“It’s just memorizing dates,” Ladybug said. “And like….general story lines. If you can memorize movie plots, you can memorize history.”

“Seriously, just read the textbook,” Queen Bee said. 

Just read the textbook!” Volpina mocked. “The textbook makes everything so complicated.”

“Oh, no it doesn’t.”

“Dude, the textbook is insane,” Chat Noir complained. 

“What textbook are you using?” Ladybug asked. “Ours is super straightforward.” 

“Are you kidding me!? Unless we’re out to become politicians, history has no use.”

“Not true!” Queen Bee piped in. “Trust me. My father says history is always important. Physics and math have no use.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee fist bumped. “Amen.”

“Okay,” Chat Noir frowned. “Physics has way more real life applicability than history. When am I ever going to need to know specifics about the French Revolution?”

“When am I ever going to need to know how to calculate force? I just want to be able to count my change and that’s it. What else would I need?”

“Your entire existence is thanks to physics!”

“So? That means I have to learn about it?”

Volpina groaned. “If we wanna pass our classes, we do.”

“Ugh, this is torture,” Queen Bee said. “There’s a week left of this crap.”

“Well look on the bright side,” Ladybug assured. “After this? Summer break!”

“Oooh!” Chat Noir piped up. “Can we have a superhero beach day?”

“How is that going to work if we have to stay transformed?” Ladybug asked in exasperation. 

“Swimsuits. Over. Our superhero suits.”

Queen Bee glared. “That’s the stupidest thing to come out of your mouth.”

Volpina grinned. “Actually, I like that. I approve.”

“Okay, we’re not doing a swimsuit day. Come up with something else.”

“Oh come on!! It’ll be cool! We can play beach sports! I’m very good at volleyball.”

“Okay, that’s super fun, I totally second this,” Volpina laughed. 

“No effing way,” Queen Bee deadpanned. 

“Of all the things you could’ve come up with,” Ladybug said with an eye roll. “Ice cream! Movies! Chilling in the park! You had to pick the most inconvenient activity.”

“Most inconvenient, or the most genius?”


Aw come on, my Lady, use your imagination a little.”

Queen Bee looked over the ledge of the roof. “Oh my God, get me out of here.”

Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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2.47 AM

Notes: Thursday fluff set right after Small Potatoes. I wanted to write something from Scully’s point of view to challenge myself and someone, I don’t remember who, suggested a first date fic after I wrote this. 

And thank you so much to the lovely @bogwisdom for helping me!!  

Word count: 2397

She planned it and unplanned it over and over again. She worried that she would seem too straightforward if she deliberately asked him out, and she worried that she’d cross their line. The line both of them had made in some sort of unspoken mutual understanding, when they’d started working together, the line they both had seemed to obliterate week after week, day after day, moment after moment. She had always prided herself in her ability to be professional at work, but lately it had been excruciatingly difficult, and now it kept her up at night too. She’d open the door to his office, see him, see his smile, and all she could think about was his lips. Specifically his lips on her lips. 

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#02 Broken Codes (Part 1)

[NEW LONG IMAGINE haha, this one i’m planning to do it like 5 parts long, but we’ll see. this one is going to be Goood. enjoy!]

the day one of golden girl codes was broken still kept rewinding on my head like a movie. 

“i am dating someone” 

that little phrase came out hard, not only for the big surprise it brought to me but also for the particular person that the “Someone” included. it wasn’t too much of a surprise because for a lot of time i knew they spent a lot of time together, but i never actually thought that it could lead to a real relationship.

“That’s awesome” i say sounding excited for my long time best friend “Who’s the lucky one?”

i was holding all of my hopes close to my chest, hoping to not hear the name that i was actually expecting to hear, and trying to feel as happy as i should be for my best friend. this was to much to handle over a phone call, and i didn’t know how to exactly react to it.

“Is Michael! do you remember him? Crazy hair boy?” she says giggling. 

my heart drops and i wanna break on a very big bitch fit, but i control myself “Yeah, of course i remember him” i say blankly. “i’m so happy for you” Lie. “i can’t wait to meet him” Bigger lie. 

“oh you will, sooner than you think actually” she says, i can detect something in her voice. 

“What are you saying Crystal?” i chuckle nervously, not understanding much of what she tried to say. 

she chuckles after me and throws the big news “Well, Since he and his band mates are going on a holiday and all of them are bringing their girlfriends, he invited me (of course) and because i am a really good friend and i love you very much, i asked them if you could come with me, and they said yes!” she cheers on the other line of the phone call. but this was just too much to process. 

“What?” i mumble, being shook for all of these situations. “Where? oh my goodness, Crys, i can’t afford a trip right now” 

“i know dummy, you don’t have to worry about it” she says showing so breezy about all of this “i am paying for you, you don’t have to thank me, i want you to be there”

No fucking way. “Wow, Crystal, i don’t even know what to say” i chuckle nervously “Thank you so much” 

“Babe, you deserve it, i can’t imagine how much you must be suffering in college” she says “i will send you all the details later, Prepare yourself” 

i try to force a smile, like she was confronting me, but i can’t. i don’t want to be a bitch about this, but i still couldn’t process it correctly. 

“We’re going to Mexico!” she celebrates on the phone before hanging up the call leaving me breathless and empty. 

Ever since i saw Michael for the first time, i knew i liked him, he was right there with his leather jacket, killer smile, gorgeous eyes and ruffled hair, i couldn’t take my eyes off him. I didn’t had the courage to go and talk to him, but as always, Crystal did and ever since that moment they always talked now and then around the study. At least when i last visited California, Now was definitely different.  

i am not mad at her for dating the guy i wanted. She has always been the pretty one in our duo, while i was just the one that i guy would see and probably say: “Ehhhh She’s not that bad tho”. i guess that explains all.

She did know though, i think i made myself clear enough when i confessed i liked him that night in LA when we were drinking and recalling various memories from the past, She cheered at me for it, and teased me a lot about it for the next couple of days before i came back to Michigan for College. Even though i never introduced myself to him, or even talked in a casual conversation, i knew for sure that i liked him, his personality, his smile, those eyes. I wanted him for me, but now i guess that’s a no no. He seemed impossible for me anyways. 

Days passed and after that horrible news (to me) we’re given, it was time to leave College for the holidays (Yay?). My suitcase was filled in no time, and before i knew it i was already boarding a plane that will lead me to Mexico. it was the longest fly i’ve ever taken, i felt tired, hungry and frustrated, i was excited to finally see my best friend after so much time of not seeing her, but i still was pretty nervous and mad since i was about to meet the boy i liked, who is now dating my best friend. Fuck me. 

As soon as the plane landed i could already feel the regret of coming in my veins, i was trying to forget about it and enjoy the fact that for the first time, i am out of the United States, my best friend is going to be with me and we were about to have the best two weeks of our lives, but, why does it not feel that way?. 

i get out of the plane and pick up my suitcase. Crystal’s plane landed a couple of minutes earlier than mine, so there was a high possibility that her and her other friends were all ready to go to the hotel. i roll my suitcase through the large hallway full of people, feeling small and lost by just watching all of those people walking around the place. i walk over to the exit of the airport, trying to search a spot where i could possibly find the group, but to be honest i didn’t even know for sure who the hell i was looking. 

“Thanks god! (Y/n)!” I hear someone call my name by my side and i turn that way intermediately. 

My best friend is running to me with the biggest smile on her face and exclaiming my name various times with excitement, before jumping to me and pulling me as close as she could to her in a hug. i smile too, it was weird not seeing her for so long after so much years of sharing everything together and being apart for nearly seven months, it felt good to finally give her a hug and feel her presence. 

“I missed you!” i say laughing and hugging her back. 

“I missed you too!” she says not getting away from our hug at any second “Wow, it’s so weird, i am really hugging you, you are right here” 

we hold each other for a good 30 seconds and then let go, she observes me from head to toe looking for any differences on me since the last time she saw me. “You’ve got taller” she points at me and smiles “nice” 

“and you..” i say, trying to look for anything different on her, but no, she is as stunning as she was the last time we meet “You look stunning, as always” i smile to her and hug her one more time “Oh god, i am so glad i’m here with you” 

“Me too” she says, chuckling. separating of our hug she looks at me and says “C’mon everyone is waiting for us over there” 

she doesn’t give me the time to say anything, she takes my hand, and while i carry my suitcase with my opposite hand she guides me along the big airport. 

“Did you all wait too long for me?” i ask, trying to not trip on my feet while walking, starting to feel my nerves increase. 

“Kind of, not that long” she explains looking around and trying to spot the group. “Some of the people that are with us already left to the hotel, so you’ll have to wait to meet them, you’ll love them though, i am so excited for you to meet them” 

i nod, stopping when she does, she lifts her head being disoriented for a minute before finally remembering the way we should go and continuing to guide me thought the busy airport. 

“i can’t wait for this to start, you’ll have so much fun, i swear” she says turning back to me and smiling at me shortly. “Oh! there they are!” 

We walk on a certain way, and i finally spot a small group of people standing there with they’re luggage on a big car and most likely waiting for me the entire time, i did recognize a couple of faces but that’s for sure that they did not know me. 

“Alright, i guess we are all ready to go” Crystal announces and all of them seem relief by hearing that, i am guessing they’re all tired from the flight. 

i smile to all of them, i feel my cheeks heating up out of the blue, i wasn’t the best when it comes to meeting people, i have my ways, but i was still way to shy for this. 

“Everyone, this is (Y/n)” she says, giving me a little push to the front to i was facing all of them directly. “This is Calum, Luke, Mitchy, Arzaylea Luke’s Girlfriend, Mariah you already know her, and…” she looks around. “Where’s Michael?” she asks curiously. 

“He said something about needing a coffee, i don’t know” Luke says basically falling asleep on his girlfriend’s shoulder, sounding too tired to even talk. 

“Hi” i say waving my hand at them and smiling shyly at them. “It’s so nice to meet you guys, em.. i am sure this will be a fun-” 

“There he is!” Crystal exclaims cutting me off and raising her hand and getting his attention. 

in matter of seconds he comes to where we are all standing. i feel my legs give a little shake but i hold myself on my luggage, controlling myself. He was standing right there, just a couple of steps away from me. Suddenly i remember one more time what’s the situation here, He is taken by none other than my best friend, no matter how i like him, i need to focus. 

“Hey” he says with his beautiful smiling and looking at my direction. “Here, i brought you some coffee” he says to Crystal. 

she smiles and takes the smoky coffee plastic cup from his hand, and giving him a quick peck on the lips and mumbling a quiet “Thanks Love” making me feel a little twitch on my insides. What was it? What is this strange feeling?. 

“Where’s my coffee?” Calum Says teasingly from his place, and raising his eyebrows. 

“Shut up” Michael chuckles and brings the cup to his lips, taking a sip of his own coffee. 

“So..” Crystal speaks “Mike, This is (Y/n) my best friend, the one i’ve told to you about so many times” 

he looks at me and chuckles probably noticing my red cheeks, and nervous look, how embarrassing. “Yeah! totally” he extends his hand at me  and i take it. “Nice to meet you” he says shaking hands. Wow this is really happening, Michael is talking to me. 

“Nice to meet you!” i smile before letting go of his hand. 

seems like everyone is all ready to go. they all start moving suddenly and i feel lost for a couple of seconds before i hear someone’s voice exclaim “Let’s leave people” and everyone seems happy about it, our holiday was finally going to start. Before i could even notice everyone was already walking before me except for Crystal and his now Boyfriend, who were still by my side holding hands. 

she touches my shoulder and before i could get going she says on my ear. 

“Hey” she murmurs to me, and i look back at her so she knew i was listening “This is going to be the best Holiday ever!” she cheers giving a little jump and making me smile softly.

oh sure. 

is going to be pretty interesting. 

Love of My Life

Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Requested plot: Imagine Remus and the reader where they’ve been friends since they were little and they share everything from a bed sometimes to clothes? And they don’t realize they’re in love until they’re practically married.

Word count: 1623
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything recognisable.
Warning: None.
Also, I listened to “You’re My Best Friend” by Queens while writing this.

“I’m telling you, mate, you’re going to marry that girl one day,” James said to his friend with a cheeky smile, watching as Remus’ eyes followed a fellow fifth-year student as she sat down next to Lily.

“For heaven’s sake, Prongs, can you stop saying that?” Remus felt his cheeks burn under his skin.

“You can laugh all you want, Moony, but you know I’m telling the truth,” James held up his teacup, a bunch of unreadable leaves laid at the bottom, “the leaves have spoken.”

“I’m not laughing,” the other boy pointed out, “and I hate divination.”

“No, you hate that I am always right,” James pushed the cup over to Remus’ side of the table.

“Prongs, mate, leave the poor guy alone,” Sirius threw his arm around the werewolf’s shoulders, “If he isn’t ready to accept his future yet, let him be.”

James smirked as he heard his friend groan annoyed.

“It is just one of those inevitable things in life, Remus, I’m marrying Evans, you’re marrying (Y/N), that’s how it’s supposed to be,” James chuckled. Holding up his Astrology book, he said: “You could say it’s written in the stars.”

“Have you shared that theory with Lily?” Remus smirked as James scowled at him.

“No, not yet, but I’ll happen,” James packed his bag, “and when it does, I’m going to tell you I told you so.”

Remus laughed, nodding in agreement.


They had left Hogwarts two years later with mixed feelings. You could not help falling in love with the old castle, but at the same time, they were ready for what the world outside Hogwarts had to offer them.

At the age of seventeen, they had decided they were too used to living together to give it up; all four of the boys moved into a flat in Hogsmeade.

“James, have you seen my t-shirt!” Sirius yelled from across the hall.

“I don’t know, Padfoot, you have many t-shirts,” James shouted back.

“The Who,” Sirius yelled again.

“The who what?” James stepped out of the kitchen, a mug in his hand.

“No, the shirt, it’s The Who,” Sirius sent James an annoyed look.

James only shrugged, a laugh brushing off his lips.

“Remus!” Sirius yelled.

“I don’t have it!” Remus shouted back.

“Do you know where it is?” Sirius asked.

“No, if I did, I would have told you that before you two had a yelling contest in the hallway,” replied Remus.

“But you do,” the smaller boy stepped out of his room, “You borrowed it to (Y/N) two nights ago,” he reminded Remus.

“Ahh, I did, sorry, I guess (Y/N)’s got it,” Remus smiled innocently.

“Why would you give your girlfriend my t-shirt?” Sirius asked, a smirk covering his lips.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Sirius, and she was cold, it was a cold night, it was there, I gave it to her” Remus started blushing.

“Whatever you say, Moony, as long as I get it back,” Sirius told him.

“I’ll see to it,” Remus agreed, his pale skin heating up.


“Hey, Remus!” (Y/N) smiled; Remus was sitting on a couch with his legs drawn close to his body.

“Mr Werewolf,” she called again. He didn’t answer.

“REMUS!” (Y/N) shouted, demanding his attention.

Remus looked up at her, “(Y/N), sorry, I’m sorry,” he laughed, “I spaced out.”

“I could see that,” she chuckled, “I made hot chocolate for you,” she gave him the cup of warm liquid.

“Ah, I love you so much,” he grinned back, taking a careful sip of his drink.

“I love you too.”


The moonlight started to emerge with the sun. Her eyes were as heavy as eyes can get before one passes out. Her coffee had gone cold an hour ago, but she kept taking small sips, ignoring the bitter aftertaste.

“(Y/N),” someone touched her shoulder, causing her to spill the remaining coffee all over herself.

“What time is it?” she asked sleepily.

“It’s-” it was James who answered her, smiling as he realised (Y/N) was not listening to him at all. She had noticed a rather beat up boy, his forehead covered in blood.

“Oh god, is he okay?” She got up at once, concern covering her eyes.

“I’m all right, (Y/N),” Remus reassured.

“You’re bleeding,” she retorted.

“I’m fine,” he repeated, leaning on Sirius for support.

“What happened?” she asked the three other boys, as Remus wouldn’t tell her anything.

“He ran into a big branch,” Sirius told her.

“I’m serious!” she shouted, having had enough of Sirius making jokes all the time.

“So am I, no pun intended,” Sirius grinned back at the angry girl.

“You ran into a three?” she asked, looking at Remus in relief.

“No,” Remus protested.

“Yeah, he totally did,” Peter confirmed.

“Totally,” James nodded in amusement.

(Y/N) smiled, looking at her best friend, his tired eyes meeting hers.

“You okay?” he asked her.

“I’m fine now,” she nodded.

They entered the boys’ apartment, (Y/N) a few steps behind the rest of them. She opened the door to Remus’ room, finding something he could use to stop the bleeding.

(Y/N) sat down on the bed next to Remus, who now held a towel against his forehead.

“Shut up,” Remus told her.

(Y/N) let out a chuckle, “I didn’t say anything,” she leant against him.

“No, but I know what you’re thinking.”

“I just can’t believe you ran into a three, Remus, I mean, I knew you were clumsy, but I would assume that when you are werewolf-Remus, you gain at least enough coordination not to crash into a damn three,” she laughed.

“I’m glad at least one of us finds this amusing,” he replied dryly.  

“I’m sorry, I just got scared,” she confessed, “you didn’t get back here at the usual time, and I started making up all these crazy scenarios in my head.”

“You need to stop worrying, (Y/N),” Remus smiled, slipping an arm around her.

“You know I can’t do that,” she shook her head.

“I know,” he kissed her temple lightly, “that’s why I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied, “Oh, and I brought you something,” she got up and fumbled through the pockets of her jacket.

“Chocolate?” Remus laughed, hugging the girl tight as she sat down again, “You know me too well.”

“That’s my job, isn’t it?” she looked up at him, meeting his green eyes.

Remus only smiled back, breaking off a piece of chocolate.

“Remus,” (Y/N) said after a few minutes of silence.


“You didn’t crash into a three, did you?”

A look of shock hit his face for a few seconds before he smiled carefully, “No, I didn’t.”

“What happened?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“(Y/N), we don’t need to talk about it tonight,” he replied, laying down on the bed.

“Yes we do,” she protested, “If you felt the need to lie to me, it’s obviously important.”

“(Y/N),” he begged, dragging her down with him, trying to avoid the conversation.

“No, Remus, it’s unfair,” she knew she was selfish, but it hurt that he didn’t trust her enough to tell him what happened to him. “I’m not trying to compare myself with James, Peter, and Sirius, but I just,” she let her head fall against his chest, “I wish you would trust me.”

“I do,” Remus replied.

“No you don’t,” she looked at him before continuing, “you don’t get it, do you?” she asked, feeling angry tears pressing on her eyes.

“What it’s like for me, and don’t get me wrong; I love the boys, but I am so jealous of them. They know what happens, all the time, they know how you’re doing, why you’re not home two hours after you promised you would be, why you look like you got hit in the head with a bludger, they always know!” (Y/N) felt his heart beating faster; it calmed her down.

“I love you, Remus, and it is frustrating as hell that you won’t let me in,” she finished.

The way she said the last sentence made Remus’ heart skip several beats.

“I tried to kill James,” Remus replied.

“What?” (Y/N) looked up at him.

“I tried to attack James, and Sirius had to push me out of the way, he scratched my head as we crashed together,” Remus looked nervous as he spoke.

“Why couldn’t you have told me that?” she asked annoyed.

“Because, well, I didn’t want you to think of me like that,” Remus replied, “Like I’m a monster.”

“Remus,” (Y/N) exclaimed, “You don’t think I’m that stupid, do you?” she pressed closer to him.

“I don’t think you’re stupid at all, (Y/N)” Remus protested.

“So why would you think I would do that?” she asked, her eyes never leaving his.

“I-” Remus stopped, lost for words.

“Exactly, it’s so annoyingly stupid even you can’t come up with a reason,” she chuckled, “Remus, I know what a werewolf is, I know what happens,” she told him, “Nothing could ever change how I see you.”

Remus smiled, “Thank you,” he pressed his lips against the top of her head.

It was a long moment of silence, (Y/N) had to look up to see if there was something wrong, but Remus had closed his eyes. He had been exhausted, so she did not blame him for falling asleep.

“I love you, Remus,” she told him, looking at the young werewolf with hesitance, “I think I love you, Remus.”

She listened to his breathing, steady, slow, and familiar.

“I think I love you too,” he whispered back, so low she was not sure if he had said it or if she had only wished for it. He had said it, and he said it a million times after that.

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Title: Misunderstandings

Overview: Luke went to the movies with Ashton, leaving me alone with Calum for a while. I would never cheat on Luke, but, does he know that?

“No, Luke. You know I hate horror movies.”

My boyfriend was currently attempting to persuade me to see the new horror movie that had recently came out.

“C'mon Y/N, it would be great bonding time!” he went on.

“No. I am not going, you know they give me panic attacks. I just can’t do it.”

“Fine. But I really don’t want to go alone, any takers….?” he hopefully looked around at Ashton, and Michael.

“Nah, I’m going to get food” Michael simply stated before leaving the tour bus.

“I will go!” Ashton raised his hand as if he were sitting in a classroom at school.

“We have a taker!”

Calum slid open the mirror door that led to the area we were in, finally making an appearance, still wearing his pajamas.

“Good afternoon, Calum. Or I guess in your case, good morning. Ashton and I are going to see Sinister 2 at the movies, you in?”

“I’m too tired” Calum yawned as he walked over to the couch I was sitting on, and proceeded to plop down a foot away from me.

“Your loss, not ours” Luke grinned. “I will be back in two hours” he said to me with a smile.

“Have fun!” I yelled after them as they closed the mirrored door.


I looked over at the sleepy Calum next to me. “You drink coffee, right? You look like you might need some” I laughed.

“Yes, please” he sleepily smiled.

I got off the couch and opened the door, which led to the rest of the tour bus, making my way to the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee, along with one for Calum, and then made my way back to the couch on the other side of the bus.

“Thank you” Calum softly said as I handed him his cup.

I looked around and took a sip of my coffee, “well, it looks like it’s just us for a few hours.”

“Looks like it, do you wanna watch some TV?” Calum asked, gesturing to the tv in from of us.

“Sure, why not” I replied back.

Calum took hold of the remote and, after turning it on, started flipping through the channels.

I saw the title “The Breakfast Club”, as he was flipping and just about screamed.

“Go back! Go back go back oh my god!” I yelled while I excitedly slapped Calum’s arm.

“I don’t know if I should. I mean, there’s nothing in it for me” he playfully said, grinning at me.

“Calum, literally everyone loves this movie. Ya know what’s in it for you? Getting to see the movie, now go back to it!” I pleaded.

“Would you cuddle while watching it?” he asked. “I’m sleepy and I am craving cuddles” he said as he opened up his arms in front of him.

Calum is Luke’s best friend, I’m sure Luke wouldn’t mind. He knows I would never hurt him, at least not intentionally. Now, I’m not saying I would be disloyal to him, because I never would, I’m just stating that misunderstandings go about happening quite often.

“Yeah, okay” i smiled at him.

I inched closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

“Now change it back” I slapped his arm gently once more.

“Alright, alright” he laughed as he flipped back to the movie, and leaned his head against mine.


I don’t know when we fell asleep, but I awoke to an angry Luke.

“Y/N, Y/N, wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed my face.

“What’s going on?” I asked groggily, looking at Luke and Ashton who were standing in front of me

“You tell me” Luke spat.

I tilted my head out of confusion and looked beside me at Calum, who looked just as confused.

“Luke, what’s up?” Calum asked.

“How could you do this?” Luke asked me, ignoring Calum in the process.

“Do what?” I got up from the couch and stood in front of the angry, blonde haired, giant in front of me.

“Cheat on me!” he screamed.

Ashton then decided it was a good time to leave, he opened the mirrored doors and quickly left, probably happy to escape.

“When did I do that?” I laughed. “Is this a joke?”

“How could you possibly lie to my face? This isn’t a joke!”

“Luke, I-” I was cut off.

“How could you deny it when I literally saw you with Calum?!”

“Calum…? You mean the sleepy cuddly thing? Him and I just fell asleep, it’s nothing” I stated, looking down at Calum, who was still awkwardly sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do.

“Glad to know I mean nothing to you” he scoffed.

“What? I never said that! It’s not like we made out or anything. We. Just. Fell. Asleep. And it was totally by accident! He’s your best friend, and I’m your girlfriend, you should trust us! How could you possibly think that I would ever cheat on you?” I yelled, attempting to hold in the tears that were building up.

I know crying in this situation may seem silly, but I just can’t believe he would think I would do such a thing. Plus, he knows I hate when someone raises their voice at me, he knows how I cry so easily when it happens. And Luke means everything to me, why would I hurt him?

Without warning, Luke violently kicked the tour bus wall out of frustration, startling me.

That was it. That was my breaking point. The tears started flowing freely down my face. I tried so hard not to make any noise, since I hated people seeing me cry. I’m usually so good at silently crying, but right now it was all too much, I just couldn’t do it.

A “squeak” noise softly made its way from my mouth.

Luke immediately turned around.

He walked over to me and placed his hand worriedly on my arm.

“Y/N? Are you alright? Are you okay?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, I swear I would never hurt you. I swear, Luke. I didn’t do anything, we just fell asleep” I sobbed.

He pulled me into a tight embrace, rubbing circles gently on my back.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Shhhh, it’s okay, everything is fine. I believe you, shhh, it’s alright” he desperately said.

I nuzzled my head into his chest and slowly calmed myself down.

He pulled me away from him.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I doubted you. I won’t do it again, alright?” he said as he pushed a strand of hair away from my face.

I nodded and half-smiled, my tear-stained cheeks glistening in the light from the windows.

He put his head on top of mine as I leaned into him, once again squishing my face into his chest.

Luke lifted his eyes from the floor and drifted to Calum.

“I’m sorry” he mouthed.

Calum lifted up both hands and formed two thumbs up signs, and mouthed back two simple words. Words that concluded that the events of tonight could be placed behind us, and be forgiven, “it’s alright”.

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I thought I would make a vlog about my weight loss journey and what I have been doing and what I have been up to, I show you some foods I have been loving along with some struggles I have been having, of course a vlog would not be vlog without my cat’s in it too hehe, in the video I start my day with drinking water, feeding and spending time with my cat’s, I then show you what I feed my cat’s and what I buy at the store as you do some shopping with me, I show you what foods I have been buying to help aid in my weight loss journey, I am heavier at the beginning of the video because that was taken a few weeks ago and I had since lost some weight, but I wanted to document what I use to look like so I threw it in, I show me and my husband at the gym and catch him looking so on fleek with his outfit looking all fit, I walked into the room of the gym and go to to find him riding the bike, I just had to capture his workout hehe, he was all Nike geared out, I show you my green juice that I drink and what I put in it in order to make it taste better using greens and fruit, I show you a grilled vegetable like medley that I bought at Trader Joe’s that tastes oh sooooo goooooood that I use along with Indian spices, I then go to the Mercy Me concert and show you some clips of that along with the song “Dear Younger Me”, they were great but I wish they would had played longer, I went to see them but found out it was a mosh of other artist playing most of which I did not know and they all played a lot longer than them, so I was a little disappointed but enjoyed myself non the less, I traveled all the way from Nevada to California just to see them, I had been waiting years to see them in concert and always seemed to just miss them when I would look to see where they are touring at, they always have been my favorite concert that I ever went to and have fond memories of being there. I talk about the struggles of my weight loss but I will not reveal how much weight I have lost as of yet due to me gaining muscle as I am losing weight, I totally agree with lifting weights along with cardio so that way as one loses weight it helps to keep from saggy skin and stretch marks as much as possible, I have seen people lose lots of weight only focusing on cardio then to start putting on muscle to only have saggy skin and stretch marks because there skin could not keep up with the weight loss, and it had no time to recover, also muscle burns more calories so as you get slimmer you can afford more calories than usual in order to help aid in the weight loss, also I think it just makes women look better to have some muscle on them anyway, but so far it has helped me get stronger because I was at the weakest point of my life since I had not worked out in years and gaining my strength back has helped my lower back, because I was so weak I had acquired a lower back problem or injury because I had no ab muscle or leg muscle, and one time I was moving and doing a lot of lifting I was using my back instead of my legs and abs and I never fully recovered from that till now, I use to get up from the couch and fall to the ground because of it but was afraid to go to the doctors to get it looked at, I still probably should but it has been fine, I use to not be able to sit for a long period of time and get up without falling to the ground, it had me really worried so thank God for that, every day I feel my back getting stronger and stronger and I love it, I feel like the old me again, the only thing I feel like I need to do more of is stretching in order to totally feel like I did when I was younger, all this not working out for awhile had gotten me feeling stiff, I have been doing intermittent fasting which has been speeding up my weight loss lately, I do not like breakfast nor have I ever so it works out perfectly for me, I feel like when I eat first thing in the morning I become more hungry throughout the day making me eat more food and calories, I keep track of my calories so if I have more to eat one day than the next day I will eat lighter the next day, one thing I changed is I use to only drink coffee first thing in the morning but now I prolong the coffee till 2-3 hours after waking up which seems to work even better and am starting to see results doing that, which can be pretty hard to do at times because all I want is coffee sometimes just in order to wake up, but I try and wake up naturally slow instead hehe, if I am terribly hungry first thing in the morning or a few hours after waking up I will have a little fruit but coffee usually kills my appetite, I do not like to eat too heavy for my first meal as I feel I have more energy if I do not have something heavy, I like to have a salad or fruit, sometimes maybe eggs and orange juice, I am into intuitive eating so I really try and listen to my body when it comes to eating which I will do a full video on later, so if your interested in that you should subscribe to my youtube channel, my channel is lovelife02, I have been making small changes in my eating and exercise so that way it will last longer and that seems to be working best for me, and has really changed me in ways that I never thought would change, I believe in not beating myself up and practicing self love in order to lose the weight, being kind to myself seems to work the best for me and being kind and gentle with myself makes me love myself even more, and from that love stems me making more positive changes for myself. My sleeping has been off lately so I had been taking naps, sometimes when I diet I get tired because it can be physically and mentally tiring and all I want and need is a nap, but I am more productive and get more done the earlier I wake up, so trying to get back on schedule, I love you all and I hope you enjoy my journey and it inspires you because if I can do it so can you xoxo.

can i be him ✗ part three

A/N: and here’s another one! I hope you guys like this one :) This one is a little longer than the other ones. Feedback is always and forever appreciated! xo
Words: 2,455
Previous chapters: One, Two

————————————————— ❤ —————————————————

Though Josh and Maya persisted she stay longer, Riley decided to head back to her apartment so she could take in everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours. So, after covering her burnt palm with a new wrapping with Maya’s assistance, she headed on home.

There were so many thoughts bombarding her already heavy mind and majority of them had to do with her relationship and whether she was making the right choice by staying with him. How long does it take to check your phone? How was it that you don’t even bother to check in? A small sigh escapes her lips as she makes her way into her apartment. But when she spots the man of the hour sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, she almost jumps out of her skin.

“James? What are you doing here?”

His head snaps to her direction, shooting up from his position. “Riley! Where have you been?!” He asks, rushing over to her. “I was on my way over when I called Maya and found out about what happen last night.”

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You Want To Play A Game Of What?? - Part 2

I Just Can’t Help Myself - Sequel to You Want To Play A Game of What??

Author: JamieMac26

Warnings: Smut - Mature Rating

I sat in my living room, on the floor surrounded by mounds of paperwork. A huge project at work had kept me busy and away from my normal social life. I hadn’t even had time to have much contact with Dylan, not since the night of our strip baseball game. I had replayed the moment in my mind several times, a smile always managing to find a way to my face. I squinted at the  large binder propped up in my lap. The words were starting to blur and I was having a hard time maintaining my focus. I needed to take a break but I knew that it would be a long time coming. Giving up hope, I settled for an additional cup of coffee instead.  Unburying myself, I padded into the kitchen. The overused and beloved Keurig machine gleamed in the bright lights above the sink. I sighed, leaning against the counter, as I waited for the dark liquid to finish brewing. The quiet the evening, was disrupted by the trill of the phone, as it sounded from the other room. I groaned, wondering which one of my bosses was about to bring further torture into my life by the additional information that needed to urgently be added before tomorrow morning’s meeting. I pushed paper after paper aside, digging through the piles, frantically trying to find the small device. The glow of the screen created enough light, that I managed to spy it out of the corner of my eye.  A huge grin broke on my face as I saw the name on the screen.  I quickly unlocked it, reading the message that he had sent….

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A 2x15 Coliver Coda - ao3

“What do you think of this place?” Connor asks over breakfast the next morning.

Oliver squints at the phone that’s been shoved in his face. “What am I looking at?”

“An apartment. For Stanford,” Connor explains. “A few blocks off campus. It’s got a parking space, balcony, washer-dryer in the building. It’s a studio though, which could suck.” Leaning over Oliver’s shoulder, Connor swipes through the pictures. “But, I mean, it’s only a little smaller than this place and the rent’s okay. We could get some of those screen, room divider things if we want. And it’s–”

Oliver’s back straightens. “Isn’t this a little cart before the horse?”

“Maybe,” Connor shrugs. “But I should hear from them soon. And, I don’t know…” He looks down at the apartment pictures over Oliver’s shoulder for a second and, when he looks up again, his smile is almost blinding. “I just have a good feeling, I guess.”

Unsure of himself, Oliver nods once before handing the phone back. They continue eating in silence.

Oliver’s eggs are tasteless and the coffee makes him feel sick to his stomach but he finishes it all anyway.


A day later, a late spring freeze leaves frost on the windows of Oliver’s car. He starts it – cranking the heat up and getting the back defroster going – before digging the ice scrappers out of his trunk.

Oliver hands the spare one to Connor and grumbles, “Knew I jinxed it by putting these away.” Connor snorts but doesn’t say anything; he simply starts scraping the ice off the windows of the passenger’s side.

They get the windows mostly cleaned off and get in the car.

Warming his hands a bit on the heater, Connor smiles. “Just think. Another thing we won’t have to deal with in California.”

Oliver looks away and doesn’t respond. He just checks and rechecks his mirrors as he pulls out of the parking space and they drive to Annalise’s house in comfortable silence.


The following night, they’re watching a movie on the couch.

Just as the movie is starting to get good, Connor bolts up and starts digging in his pocket.

Oliver grabs another handful of popcorn. “Thought we said no phones.”

“It buzzed,” Connor mumbles as he pulls out his phone. “Could be Stanford.” He flips it over to check the screen and his shoulders sag. “It’s just Michaela.” Fingers flying over the screen, Connor shoots off a quick response then looks up at Oliver. “Why haven’t I heard from them yet?”

“Should you have heard by now?”

“Yeah.” Connor’s fingers fly over the screen again and Oliver can almost make out what Connor’s doing. Opening his email, checking and refreshing the inbox, checking the spam folder, checking other folders. “I mean, the site said that they start sending out stuff this week and…”

“The week’s not over,” Oliver points out.

“I suppose.” Tossing the phone down on the coffee table, Connor crosses his arms and slouches back in the couch, leaning into Oliver’s side. “Just should have heard by now.”

They watch the rest of the movie in silence.


The next day, Connor’s on the phone when Oliver opens the door to 303. Quietly setting his gym bag down, Oliver watches Connor pace on the other side of the apartment.

“I am saying that I never received that email,” Connor’s explaining on the phone. There’s a bite in his voice but he’s holding back the worst of it, trying to remain cordial and polite. “I know you’re saying it was sent. I’m saying that I never–”

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Know better - Chapter 2

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description:  Lydia is a single mom and has to move miles away to escape her abusive ex-husband. In a new city, her life changes completely when she meets Stiles, a single, funny, hardworking and very, very handsome, but also very tortured man. No supernatural elements involved.

Rating: T

Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Romance, Strangers!AU

All Current Chapters

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S3 Gruvia

 “Oh shit I left my phone in my bosses office last night after me and my coworkers trashed his office. Fuck.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no , no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

No, no.


“Juvia, what’s wrong? You’ve banged your head against the keyboard more often than usual…” Erza asked, rolling her perfect nails on my shoulder.

“I fucked up Erza. I’m going to lose my job. I’m going to lose my job, and become a hobo, and starve to death, and die.”

“Did you send the boss an email telling how much you hate him?” She asked with a smirk. Trashing our boss was kind of a normal thing around here, but not in front of him of course.

Nooooo…” I moaned, letting my forehead rest on my keyboard. An endless string of gggggggggggg’s appeared on my screen.

Erza made a ‘here we go again’ noise. “Then what, pray tell, is the matter?”

I sighed. May as well tell someone so that I can have my tale of woe inscribed on my tomb stone.

“Do you remember what we did…erm…last night?” I hinted, my eyes flicking from our boss’s office and then back to us.

“Mhm.” Erza said boredly, like it was no big deal that we totally trashed our boss’s office last night.

Back-story time: A few months ago, our company was merged with another, so a bunch of the other company’s employees started moving into our building to work together. This caused…complications. Since there wasn’t enough room in the building, Mr. Fullbuster, our boss, had take it upon himself to start firing people who had been working with us for years left and right. Asshole.

Anyways, Erza, me, and a few other employees got damn sick and tired of this bullshit. Any one of us could’ve been next. And one of us was.

Yesterday, Marty Johnson was fired, for ‘misplacing a file’ that he was never given.

His keycard wouldn’t get shut off until today, so after he was discharged, we used the keycard to come in after hours and…rearrange our boss’s office.

Long story short, his office was empty at the moment due to the cleaning crew that was scheduled to come this afternoon. And our dear, dear boss was in the auxiliary office, wondering his pretty lil’ head about whodunit.

So I maybe, just maybe, still had a chance of survival…

You see, it wasn’t until this morning, long after the crime had been committed, had I noticed that my phone was missing. It wasn’t at my apartment, and it wasn’t at the office.

At least, it wasn’t at my office.

And so forth, I had come to the only conclusion that my phone was laying in the same place where my career was: hell.

I explained my situation to Erza, a little less uncensored of course, but enough so that she got the point.

“Well, he hasn’t fired you yet. That means it’s still inside.” She pointed to the office and I gulped.

“But how am I going to get in there?” I growled lowly as the office ass-kisser, Chelia, skipped by with some files. God, if she could kiss Mr. Fullbuster’s ass any harder, she would’ve sold her soul for it.

“Dumb bitch. Flirt with the cleaning guys when they get here, they’re desperate enough.” She glanced down at her nails again.

“Erza, I’m not a pizza whore like you.” I retorted, referring to the time when both of us were low on cash and all it took was a boob flash to the pizza guy to get free food.

“Shut up. It’s letting a greasy guy cop a feel of getting fired, your choice.” Erza taunted, returning back to her desk.

I felt the urge to yell ‘bitch!’ after she left, but I was forced to make a plastic smile as Chelia walked by and I typed gibberish into my computer.

Stupid bitch.

Suddenly, my fake work was interrupted by the sound of a door being thrown open.

I could hear a sing-song pretend Erza in my head singing ‘uh oh, looks like somebody put more than one sugar in the boss’s coffee!’ but I waved her away and began typing the lyrics to my favorite song at the moment.

Gray Fullbuster charged past several desks, coming close to his old, trashed, office.


Natsu, who worked at the desk across from mine, began quietly whispering a song from Les Miserables.

“Look down, look down, don’t look him in the eyes.”

I subtly covered my mouth with my hand to prevent an eruption of giggles. It was genuinely hard to work with Natsu.

Mr. Fullbuster then threw open his old office’s door and walked inside.

Aaaand all my nightmares have come true.

Erza stared at me with her laser vision, mentally jeering me to go and stop him.

Shitshitshit..what the hell do I do?

I felt myself shakily stand up, picking up a file of empty copy paper to create the façade that I knew what I was doing.

What the hell are you doing?” Natsu whisper-asked urgently.

Jumping into a volcano. What do you think I’m doing?!”

“Well, that would be more logical than whatever the hell you’re about to do! How much crystal meth did Erza give you!?”

I ignored him and shakily followed Gray into his office, like an idiot walking into my own bear trap.

“Juvia!!” Natsu’s worried cry did nothing to faze me. This was my last and final move to save my job.

Gray Fullbuster was standing in the center of his office, his hands buried in his pockets and facing the opposite direction.

Damn he was intimidating.

Well, here goes nothing. Well, everything, in my case.

“Excuse me…uh…sir?”

Fuck what the hell am I supposed to call him to his face? Boss? Mr.? Fullbusty? Ew, no…gross.

He didn’t turn to face me, probably thought his face was too precious to look upon my hideous one.

“Uh…” Think fast, dumbass! “Chelia has something important for you that she wants to ask you.”

Saved it!

His form shifted a bit, like he was sick and tired of Chelia’s shit. I didn’t blame him, we all were sick of it.

“Tell her I’m busy.” He said, a deep annoyance in the thick of his voice.

Whoa. That is one sexy-as-hell voice.

“She said it’s urgent…” I pressed, digging my toe into the coffee-stained carpet nervously.

He sighed, sweeping his raven hair to the side.


Oooohhh my god yes! I did it! Wait…where’s my phone…?

Gray walked towards me, looking just as pissed off as he always was. Maybe if he didn’t have such a ‘someone just took a piss in my soup’ face 24/7 we wouldn’t go to drastic measures like trashing the hell out of his office.

“Excuse me,” he said softly.

Whoa. That wasn’t even sarcastic, or mean, or-

“Oh, so sorry.” I apologized, scooting to the side so that he could leave to go tend to Chelia’s fake needs.

The second he left, I flew into a frenzy, searching as fast as I could for my stupid phone.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” I whispered, raking my hand through the torn leather of Gray’s chair.

Where’s the phone, where’s the phone, where’s the-


I looked over to see who was calling me. Natsu waved his hands frantically, like he was trying to tell me that I was on fire.

Oh no.

Gray was coming back.

I composed myself as quickly as possible, tucking the blank paper file under my arm and trying to look like I was just leaving.

He brushed past me, looking flustered like Chelia had just tried to rape him. I really wouldn’t be surprised…

“What are you holding?”

Fuck. Oh fuck.

“Uh, the Ebinger files.” I lied.

“Ebinger files?” He asked suspiciously, like he’d never heard of it.

Well of course he’d never heard of it, I just fucking made it up.

“Yeah…the coworkers and I nickname the stock files so we don’t mix them up.” I added.

Fake it ‘till you make it.

“Hm.” He walked over to his desk and ran his hand across it, like he was inspecting the dust content.

“You’re dismissed.”

Ah yes. I’m ‘dismissed’ like a god damn maid.

I whirled around, a little bit pissed and still scared out of my ever loving mind because I had failed to find my phone.

My heel clipped the torn up carpet a bit and I stumbled before exiting the office.

Consequently spilling all those stupid fucking blank pages on the floor.

I fell to the ground, sweeping up the papers as quickly and unorganized as possible.

God dammit Juvia. Why the hell do you suck at everything? Does everything you touch turn to garbage?

Suddenly someone else’s hands were next to mine. Whoa, the king was doing peasant work?How nice.

Wait. No. Not nice. Not nice at all. He’s going to see that I totally-

“All these pages are…blank.” He stated, flipping one over like he was actually expecting to see stock info.

“Aaah…must have grabbed the wrong file…” I let out a nervous, fake, fake, laugh.

He stood up, walking behind me and shutting the office door so that we were alone.


The ultimate death sentence. He may as well have just tied a noose around my neck.

“You know, you’re not fooling anyone.”


I stopped cleaning up the papers and looked up to galre at him. I mean, I was already dea, why not let my actual feelings show for once?

Unfortunately, when I looked up at him, my glare changed into fear.

Because he was dangling my stupid fucking cracked iphone four out like a piece of crappy Halloween candy.

“That’s…kind of a shitty phone.” I said. Maybe he doesn’t know it’s mine…

He clicked the home button and a hilarious selfie of Erza and I with a demon Natsu in the background appeared.

“Ah…” I squeaked.

And then, he laughed.

What the fuck.

Not like an evil laugh that a Disney antagonist would do after they murdered the forest animals or whatever, but a laugh like ‘haha you look like you about pissed yourself’.

Wait…wait, wait, wait…if he has my phone…why am I not fired?

“Are you done?!” I asked Gray angrily. If he was going to fire me, he should just get it over with.

“Huh. Never really expected it’d be you to trash this dump.” He observed, his voice and look…casual. Weird.

“Well what did you expect?” I snapped back.

I’m just making this worse for myself, aren’t I?

“Maybe something more impressive.” He admitted.

My jaw hit the floor. What the fuck was wrong with this dude?

“You…you’re not…” I stumbled to find what I even wanted to say to him.

“Relax. I ain’t gonna fire you. Yet.” He added slyly.

What the fuck is he talking about?

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Means whatever you want it to mean.” He said with a stupid smirk.

Oh…oh my god he’s blackmailing me.

“If you think I’m gonna waltz around and do your bidding, than you’re mistaken buddy.” I hissed.

“Don’t worry, I only got a few requests.” He tossed me my phone and stopped leaning on his ruined desk.

“Like what?” I asked as he walked past me to open up the office door.

“Keep wearing pencil skirts.” He said, flashing me a quick wink before leaving to his auxiliary office.

Yeah…life at the office was going to be very different from now on…

trust me I toned down gray’s creepiness a lot.

plus, school is cancelled so ill be here all day :)

this was requested by a very kind anon thank u anon

I Love College - 5sos Preference

Here, folks, have a 4/4 college/frat AU! I love college/frat boys 5sos so I decided to write cute little stories regarding each of them. 

(No smut. Maybe a lil bit of innuendo. And some swearing.)


Calum: I huff out, rolling my eyes, tossing my head back, and throwing my hands out in frustration. I’m shivering a little bit under my thin work-out clothes, clutching my water bottle and phone, sighing at the endless unfairness of the world. The hallway is quiet, and poorly lit, the residents of the dormitory obviously already asleep, or somewhere else. I turn to lean against the door, when someone catches my eye. A few doors down the hall, there’s a tall boy, dark hair and tan skin, standing at his door, looking equally frustrated.

Suddenly he starts banging on the door. 

“Let me in! I’m going to keep banging on the door until you’re so annoyed you can’t fuck her!” He shouts, making me stifle a laugh. I glance back at my door for a second, thinking about whatever the hell is happening on the other side before making my way down the hallway.

“Hey,” I say quietly as I approach the boy who is still relentlessly slamming his hand against the door. 

He slows, turns to me, brings his hand away from his aimless pursuit, and allows a smile. “Hey. Roommate lock you out, too?”

“Yeah she’s been talking about this guy in her Women’s Studies class. Bet you twenty bucks he took the class just to get some action,” I shrug, leaning against the wall across from his door, slinking down to the floor. 

“Yeah, my ass-hole roommate has a different girl, like, every other night. So it’s either I don’t sleep, or I’m stuck out here.”


He nods, sitting down across from me, spreading his long legs out across the hallway. He turns to look down the corridor, giving me a chance to study his features. His hair is messy, his eyes look strained, his lips puffy and sleepy. His sweater is stretched out at the sleeves, wrapping around his hands, a book bag rests on the floor next to him. He must have just finished studying at the library. 

“I’m Calum,” he turns back to me, catching me staring.

“Y/N,” I blush, smiling sheepishly at his rich brown eyes and pouty mouth. 

“What’s your major?" 

"English. And a minor in visual arts.”

“Sick,” he smiles, nodding meaningfully. “Music theory. My major. Is… That… Yeah.” He stutters.

I giggle, reaching up to fix my pony tail, still shivering a bit in my tank top and leggings. 

“You cold? This hallway’s cold,” he says, shifting in his spot and wiggling his way back up to standing position. “Let’s go get a coffee. That’ll warm you up.”

I grin, taking his hand and allowing him to pull me up next to him. “That sounds great,” I chime, falling into step with him, silently thanking my roommate for locking me out tonight.

Ashton: I stumble into the quiet, dimly lit bedroom, sighing in relief. It’s so nice to get away from all the noise and all the heat and all the bodies. I hate college parties. Why did I let my friend convince me to come?

I look around the bedroom, scattered with so many things - books, movies, papers, clothes. I love messes. They’re a sign of life. I plop down on the bed, grateful that this party was at a house not far from campus rather than in a dorm. Because now, here I am, laying on the host’s bed, taking a break from the chaos beyond the door. 

I lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling for some time, listening to the sounds of activity in the hallway. A few spats, a few yells, a few crashes. Human life is so weird. I’m a little bit drunk. 

There’s a jiggle of the door knob and the door swings open, immediately slamming shut. A tall, curly haired figure stands at the door, hands still pressed to it after forcing it shut, breathing heavy against the wood in front of his face. I go to say something, but I just lay in shock. It’s Ashton. The Art major prodigy who sits next to me in psych class. All I ever do is admire his hair and his dimples and his hands as they doodle aimlessly yet magnificently all over his notes. And here he is.

He turns around, gasping and jumping at the sight of me, before breaking into giggles. God, his laugh is just as incredible as he looks.

“Didn’t see you there,” he chimes. “Scared the shit out of me.”

I shimmy up on the bed so I’m leaning against the headboard, sitting and looking up at him. “yeah, I see that.”

He laughs again, reaching an arm back to gesture at the door. His body-hugging black long-sleeve pulls around his biceps, straining across his chest. “I had to get out of there,” he huffs. 

“Same,” I nod. I’m not sure what to say. He’s marvellous and warm and admirable. I’m at a loss for words. He just smiles at me, making his way over to sit at the end of the bed. 

“It’s Y/N, right?”

“Yeah,” my voice is small. 

“I’m Ashton.”

“I know.”

I wince at myself. I should never have a few drinks before talking to a boy ever again. He just smiles even wider, dimples sinking into his 5-o'clock-shadowed cheeks, eyes sparkling behind his glasses. 

“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve been meaning to say hello for quite some time now.” He shifts his weight on the bed, his eyes flickering down to the floor as he searches for words. “I mean… I’ve been meaning to ask you out for quite some time now.”

“Really?” I can taste the eagerness in the voice, and I hate myself for not having the capacity to play it cool. He just glances up at me grinning, nodding. I just nod, smile spread across my lips. 

“I’ll take that as a yes. But I’ll take you on a proper date, I promise,” he pauses to glance around the quiet, dim bedroom. “Although this isn’t a bad start.”

Luke: I sit at the table at Starbucks, clutching my latte close to my chest, impatiently tapping my foot. Of course he’s late. What else did I expect when I agree to help ultimate-frat-boy Luke Hemmings write his paper on Ancient Cultures. The tall, snapback wearing, big mouthed motherfucker sweet talked me into helping him, and I’m being stood up. For a tutoring session.

“Y/N!” Comes a voice from behind me, followed by a pat on the shoulder. I glance up to see Luke, to my dismay, as he settles himself into the seat across the little table. “There’ my little genius!”

“You’re late.”

He nods. “I know. I’m sorry. I slept in a little late, so I practically ran here.”

“It’s one o'clock, Luke,” I say as deadpan as possible, even though his apology seemed sweet and genuine. 

He laughs, taking his laptop out of his bag and setting it on the table between us. “Okay, maybe a lot late. I had a rough night last night.”

Ah, yes. Another frat party for Luke. “Doesn’t that happen pretty much every night?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow as I watch his blue eyes flicker across his laptop screen as he starts it up. 

“Yeah,” he says, his voice lacking enthusiasm. “It’s exhausting.”

We immediately jump in to his essay. He feeds me information that he’s researched. I feed him statements formed out of the information. He tries to write a paragraph, I correct half the grammar and reword the whole thing. We laugh at spelling errors and the occasional bad joke made by Luke. He gets up to buy me another coffee and himself one. Other people look at us as they walk in and out of the café. I, surprisingly, enjoy myself. 

A couple hours later and we’re finished. My brain and eyes are exhausted, but he looks just fine. Excited, almost.

“Well, my prof is going to think I got this straight off of a website. Thank you. You rock,” Luke grins as he closes his laptop. He slides it into his bag and then turns to look at me, leaning his elbows on the table, closing the space between us. “Now we can just chat.”

“Luke, I’m really tired. I actually woke up this morning, and now I need a nap.”

“Y/N, you’re in a coffee shop! If there’s any place to stay awake it’s this one!” His voice raises slightly above speaking, excitement jumping from his lips. “Stay with me.”

Michael: “Shit!” I whisper, running down the corridor. It’s dark, as it happens to be the middle of the night. I thought it was such a great idea getting involved in this prank war. Yet, it’s cost me sleepless nights, constantly looking over my shoulder, and maybe one or two run-ins with the law. 

But it’s been fun as hell. 

So, here I am, scurrying down the dark corridor of one of the dormitories in my PJ shorts and T-shirt, campus security closely on my tail. My team told me it would be fun to TP the dean’s office. Look where that’s got me.

I hear the footsteps of the security guard nearing the corner and I panic, turning to the first door I see and banging on it, just gently enough that - hopefully - the security guard doesn’t hear. But I bang persistently. 

The door swings open before I stop, so the heel of my hand comes down onto someone’s forehead. 

“CrapsorryIneedtocomeinclosethedoorquick!” I hurry past them, hopping into their room, and turning to make sure the door is closed. 

He closed the door, turning to look at me, his lucid eyes wide, his bright hair wild, just standing there in a T-shirt and boxers. He looks so confused. And totally adorable. 

“I can explain,” I assure him, stepping past him to look out of his peep-hole. The security guard runs by, still in pursuit, down the hallway.

“You woke me up,” he groans, his voice groggy.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He waddles back to his bed, sliding under the covers, but still sitting up enough to look at me. “Security was after me, I needed to hide.”

His eyes widen at my words, an eyebrow raising. He sits up further in his bed, patting at the blanket near his feet, inviting me to sit down. He knows I have a story to tell.

I fill him in on the entire prank war. I was the one who released a bunch of chickens through the dining hall. I was also the one that hung up all the “Head Dean Warren Likes It In The Butt” posters all over campus. I was the one who poured paint onto the football field, in the shape of a giant penis. He laughed at all of it, occasionally high-fiving me.

“You’re one exciting person!” His voice sing-songs, a goofy grin on his lips. “You ever arrested?”

“Yeah, I got caught trying to spray-paint beta’s house. I was just gonna write obscenities. Nothing big.”

He chuckles, shaking his head. 

“What’s your name?” He says, and I realize that we haven’t even properly met yet. 

“I’m Y/N." 

"Michael,” he smiles, pushing the blankets down his legs and climbing out of bed. “Wanna go finish TPing Warren’s office?”

A/N: Michael’s is really short but I like it I think it’s cool I want to be that person I’m too lazy to be that adventurous. Anyway. I’m not proofreading any of this. So y'all can just deal with how bad it is. Good night. 


Try and Tear Me Down

Because it’s Sam’s birthday. Also a little birdie told me Darren hurt his wrist and I’m pretty sure I’m like, contractually obligated to write fic about it at this point. 1.9K [AO3]

“Hey,” Chris answers on the second ring, a little surprised to be hearing from Darren in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday.

“Hi yourself,” Darren replies. “Whatcha doing?” he sing songs.

“Book edits, pretty much the usual. A better question would be what are you doing calling me in the middle of prime rehearsal time?”

“They let me go for the day,” he mumbles.

Chris glances down at his watch, frowning. “You’re done with rehearsals at 3:30? That’s weird.”

“And so am I. I’m weird too, remember?” Darren slurs.

“Are you drunk?’ Chris asks, not sure if he should be amused or concerned. “Is Broadway fucking you up that badly already?”

“No, not drunk,” Darren assures him, though he doesn’t volunteer any further explanation much to Chris’ chagrin.

“Okay?” Chris questions. “Are you high?”

“Not really. Not exactly,” Darren says.

“Time to spill, Criss. This guessing game is growing thin and I don’t want to be here all night,” he huffs impatiently.

“I just got home from the ER,” Darren sighs.

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thetourguidebarbie  asked:

Klaroline - “We had an incredibly unstable love/hate relationship in college that involved a lot of excellent sex and now you’re my coworker and this is incredibly awkward and then oops we fucked in your office” AU THANK YOU LAINNNEEEE

A RIDICULOUSLY wordy thing happened, when all I was trying to write is a blowjob. You’re welcome, Angie. Smut, obviously. Broken up for easier digestion.

Come On, Take Them Off (Part One)


“…and the rest of your team will trickle in shortly, and they’ll help bring you up to speed. Any questions?”

Caroline opened her mouth, because of course she had questions, but her new boss’ gaze flitted past her, towards the door, and she smiled slightly, “Ah, there’s one of them now. You went to the same college, actually, so perhaps you know…”

“…Klaus Mikaelson,” Caroline finished the sentence, trying for neutrality but failing miserably, if the smirk Klaus shot her as he approached was anything to go by. It had been more than five years since the last time she’d seen him, and she hadn’t thought she ever would again. Caroline had thought she was over whatever weird thing they’d had. She’d thought it was stress and hormones, making her think she’d felt things that she couldn’t have.

But the way her mouth went dry, the way her heart sped up and the confusing ball of emotions Klaus had always inspired reared its ugly head? Didn’t exactly scream indifference to his presence.

Damn it.

Luckily Meredith Fell, who’d hired her, and had been giving Caroline the rundown of her new responsibilities, didn’t know her well enough to sense that anything was off. She merely smiled, and patted Klaus on the arm, “Excellent! Hopefully, you two knowing one another will ease the transition. We’re expecting great things from you, Caroline.”

Caroline smiled, and was about to say thank you, but Klaus interrupted her, making a low, amused noise. “Careful, Meredith. Caroline’s a bit of an overachiever. The first time we worked together was on a project where the rest of our group was less than helpful. She’s a bit scary, at 3AM, high on caffeine with a deadline to meet. I rather feared for my life, at moments.”

It’s a fight, not to let the smile drop off of her face. Klaus’ words seem innocent, even if the look in his eyes is heated and teasing.

Because they’d spent many late nights together. Studying, arguing, racing against the clock. How those nights had ended had evolved, with time. From contentious to cordial to something entirely different. But definitely less then innocent.

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