i am so sure there is something wrong with rose

This sort of came out of nowhere, but here you go. :D Sort of fits in the inebriated!Doctor trope.



“Rose, you’re so beautiful.”


“I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my arms.”

“I know.”

“Rose, don’t you think I’m lucky?”

“I sure do.”

“Absolutely, positively lucky. Oh, not saying that again.”

“Doctor, I know how much you enjoy holding me, but it’s a little hard for me to pick the lock with you standing in the way.”

“Lock? Oh, are we locked in somewhere? Wonderful! We can spend more time together.”

“I’m sure you find this wonderful, but I don’t fancy being sacrificed to an alien god tonight so maybe we could do this a bit later.”

“But we could do this now.”

“No, we really can’t.”

“You don’t want me?”

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A Place For Us To Dream || Model Kits

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (36/?)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!
Notes: THERE WILL BE NO TITANIC. I couldn’t fathom trying to write Rose into that so I decided not to. Instead of a small stand in. The next chapter will skip right to Partners in Crime.

This chapter is based on this picspam by MK.

Rose wasn’t sure how long she floated around in the time vortex, crying. Logically she knew that Martha had to go — it wasn’t safe for her. And she had her family to take care of. She had to stay on Earth.

But Rose was selfish. And she didn’t want to be alone.

And it hurt that she was.

Eventually she dragged herself up, wiping her eyes and trying to breathe. She was okay. She was okay. She was okay.

She forced herself to shower and get something to eat and drink. It wouldn’t do to waste away, after all.

She still had a universe to protect.

So she ate, and she made some tea, and she tried to hold herself together.

And she felt horrible.

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Spoilers and Question for “Back to the Moon”

     Right, so I gotta say this was a super cool episode, and the Rose straight up shattering Pink Diamond in front of Eyeball Ruby knocked my socks right off - and I’ve kinda been thinking on it ever since

     But something feels kind of off?  I may just be being unnecessarily paranoid and overthinking it, but the more I dwell on it, the more I think might not be as much of a solid truth as I originally thought. Now, this isn’t because I don’t believe that Rose would not do that- she’s got so many secrets surrounding her, I absolutely think it’s believable, but because of the theme of the episode and the character that witnessed Pink Diamond’s shattering

    The episode revolves around Amethest shape-shifting to pretend to be Jasper, and how the Rubies bought it 100% pretty quickly (It’s worth noting that Eyeball Ruby did ask one question about the color difference, but was easily convinced this Jasper was legit)- Amethyst talks a lot with Eyeball in particular and she’s the one that witnessed Pink Diamond’s shattering. This just kinda puts up some red flags for me, and now I’m wondering that, in theory, if someone were to impersonate Rose and shatter Pink Diamond, would Eyeball really be able to tell? Seeing a Diamond go down is a really stressful situation to begin with, and Eyeball had Pink Diamond to focus on as well as the gem that was shattering her. So, I’m just not sure if she would be able to recognize Rose Quartz from someone that’s shape-shifted if she can’t recognize Amethyst impersonating Jasper

That and Amethyst was able to easily turn into a pretty convincing Rose Quartz form in Maximum Capacity, and she turned into Pearl during Cat Fingers

   There are holes in the theory that it wasn’t actually Rose- like, the imposter gem would have to match color and hide her own gem that would give her away. It would help explain why Garnet and Pearl were so shocked at Eyeball’s story- then again, she did lie about Bismuth.  There could have been more witnesses, I don’t know where it happened. And what motive would someone have to shatter pink as Rose?  Maybe ignite hatred for the rebels or turn Pink into a Martyr-like figure? 

I’m not sure, my gut just feels like something is a little suspicious- what do you guys think? Is it really possible it wasn’t actually Rose or am I just being silly here?

Exo reacts to you getting mad at them and trying to make it up to you

Baekhyun: *puppy mode enabled* You’re not going to stay mad at me all night are you? You know I didn’t mean what I said, it was only a joke.


Chanyeol: I know you’re mad and everything, but before you start yelling at me, just listen to this song I wrote for you


D.O: *doesn’t care* (in his chicken suit apparently)


Kai: Before you shout at me, let me just say one thing…


Sehun: What do I have to do to make this up to you?

Y/N: You know what you need to do

Sehun: *sigh*


Suho: Babe, what I did was wrong. So oppa went and bought you something to make up for it.


Chen: I know you won’t stay mad at me, because you want a piece of the Jongdae tonight


Kris: I’ll do that thing you like tonight babe, then I’m sure you’ll forgive me


Lay: You know I hate it when you’re mad. I’ll cry again, I swear I’ll cry if you keep being mad at me!


Luhan: No matter how mad you get at me, I will always love you, got it?


Tao: Look at how romantic I am! Romantic Zitao bought you a rose to say sorry!!


Xiumin: You really think you’ll be able to stay mad at me that long? Really? How long was it last time, 20 mins before you were clawing at my clothes?