i am so sorry you are reading this piece of crap

QUESTION: I hope someone can help me with this. What is the origin of this photo? Is it a S1 promo still or a BTS pic? Do you know why it has the jpeg ID at the top making it look like it was a snapshot of a pic and not an original posted pic? Secondly. I remember reading that it was one of Sam’s favorite photos. What is the context for that statement and any facts documenting that to be true? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Lastly, I just wanted to say I am so sorry for those hurting from this recent absurd abrupt narrative. Wish I could piece it together, but many smarter than I will probably be able to do so quicker as more info comes into focus. Until then, for me, I have to go with my heart and gut and just look away and appreciate the snark and humor of this group of very talented funny ladies!!! That said, I think it is absolute crap that this was played out right before ECCC. In my career, I have worked for many that I genuinely distrusted, but thankfully never for the likes of whoever is pulling the strings on this fiasco. The damage to actor reputations and fan dismantling is so very sad. Hang in there if you can and don’t let them see you sweat. Take it to DM is not a bad idea…

Thanks again for any help on my above questions. 😘



Okay this took seven years to make and type up. I may as well be Noah.

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