i am so sorry to all of my new followers

Guess who’s back with another follow forever to end one heck of a year!! (If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s ME :D )

(This FF includes both from this blog and my  @rapmonsterswife blog)

This year was definitely filled with many hardships for all of us, but I am so happy and proud that we all got through and we are heading into 2017, strong. I love you all, have a good new years, stay safe and I hope 2017 treats us all well!
(Sorry if I missed anyone!)

# - C

@327piaforever | @17trashbin | @2ne1perfection | @5hownu | @a-mand-olin | @aegygom | @aegyo-damnit | @artofennun | @ask-joonie | @asshun | @atokatsu | @awkwardnamjoon | @bae-m0n | @bae-hobi | @baekhyunbiased | @bang-tan | @bangtan-monsta | @bbhsgirlfriend | @bbychanyeol | @become-the-story | @bigmoneysuho | @binwoo | @bitchfaced-army | @boymeetsevils | @boymeetswhatt | @boyfriendjackson | @bp-in-your-area | @burnedsilhouette | @bwibelle | @bwikooks | @bwipsul | @chokemewinwin | @cloudjimin | @cramjoon | @cravingnamjoon | @cypher-jimin |

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❄ 2016 is coming to an end (finally) so it’s time for me to join the rest of tumblr and make a list of all the sweet and talented people i enjoy seeing on my dash everyday. i’ve been following some of you for years, others recently and you’re all amazing. happy holidays and thank you all for sticking with me trough all these years, fandoms and new obsessions  ❄

♥ now, here’s the list of my faves & friends (i hope i won’t forget anyone & if i do i am truly sorry) in no particular order:

@newtonscamandered@vivienvalentino@honourinrevenge@liziebennets@queenssaviour@martinlydias@corlgrimes@scorpiusmilfoy@katsuukis@clexasblake@onetrueslayer@mccallsscott@baebastianstan@merlinsprat@snowscharming@adamruzek@blairwaldorfings@walsholiver@iwasalwaysaromantic@coppellayla@sashapieterse@prettymysticfalls@strawberry-split@bekksrich@claryalecs@swanshope@rrahl@buckybarnesx@amorverus@colinodonoghue@phoebe-halliwell@ofkingfrank@hotchocolatewithkillian@apskepner •  @blindwitch@bhatmans@jiynerso@hermionegrangers@reginaslittleprince@swanscaptn@jyncassian@chlucifer@lydiastlinsks@brooke-davis@alectightwood@emmaswaen@rileyblu@davineclaire@tmellis@emmamorrison@barryallhen@peytonsawyers@effiestrinkets@grifinnclarke@dekerstar@haleyquinn@warriorswan

+ blogroll

Seeing as I’ve reached 1000k followers (like a while ago but I haven’t had anytime to do a ff T-T) it’s time to do a follow forever! I just want to thank you all for your love and support and giggles. I used to be vault-lll before if you have no idea who I am XD. Anyways, just thank you so much. 1k was always a goal in the back of my mind. And all of you have helped me reach it and I’m so, so grateful. I know I haven’t been as active at all since I’ve started working (and it’s legit taken over my life) and I am so, so sorry. Especially since I’ve been close with a lot of you. I hope you can forgive me and when I find a new job, we can talk again! So without further waiting here’s the follow forever! Since my main blog is a gaming blog- all of these are gaming blogs as well!

A very special shout out to my bestie @choconoctis who has supported me and stayed with me through out my tough times. Even though we never talk as much as we used to, she refuses to just let me go and makes sure we talk, even if it’s for a few minutes. If you guys ever need a great friend look no further, Dana is the best at it. Thank you so much girl. You legit have NO idea how much it means to me.


@-silenthill @aesfocus @aetulias @alessacheryl @asilenthill @bigbywolf @belovedgames @bethesdas @biostrange @bornasurvivor @buymevideogames @caerberus @classictombraider @claylincoln @continue-last-save @corvosblink @darkecojak @daudsblink @dorianpavus @dragoneffect @eileengalvin @elluvian @elvhenpirate @esteljune @evilwvergil @fatalframe @femharel @ferelden @foggytown @fenris


@gaarrus @gamersdaily @gamingmakesmehigh @geeky-jez @geraalt @irradiatedlady @jimyvegas @kairisheart @kittenquisitor @kousuisetsu @ladyfenharel @liberatorofsouls @lisasfate-unknown @littlebosmer @llinalta @lolzforshits @lovelysora @ludleth


@maccreeady @massdefect @misscomstock @nadzicle @neon-keyblade @nerdsandgamersftw @nexya @niklisson @nostrromo @nuka-cola-addict @phammyy @plasmarifles @plus-exp @rachniqueen @raidingevil @ratonnhhaketon


@schmault-tec @shepuuurd @shevalomar @silenthillpage @silentufo @soratane @spacer-ryder @stoatpixels @survival-horror-2002 @survivalhorrors @survivalhorrorland @swordingering @syn-the-guardian @theillusivewoman @theoutsidersmark @valrider @vaultt-tec @veilfires @vettraa @volsungs @wastelandporn @zenyatta-balls


 hiya everyone! since i just reached 200 followers omg i decided to make this little follow forever!! i’m so so so thankful for every single one of you and all the new people i’ve met over the past month. i couldn’t be happier!

the ones i love to bits

@goldnmaknae i honestlY LOVE YOU SO MUCH, bless you! you’re truly #gols, am i right? yes, i am. you’re fantastic and i wouldn’t know what to do without you!!

@ofkrph my person cheerleader! you are so incredibly supportive of me and i love talking to you so so much. it’s absolutely great, as are you.

@cutierps my fELLOW IU STAN <3. you’re honestly one big meme but it’s great and i know i can always laugh with you. bless! maybe, you need to learn how to read, but it’s all good i guess. petty and pretty is quite close! p.s. nice header ;)

@minghaohelps did you know your url is literally the best thing to write in handlettering? it’s great. keep it. also, you’re one of the first people in the krpc i started talking to and i haven’t regretted it for a single day! thank you!!

@louistrps you, my friend, are such a lovely person! i’m really sad we didn’t have the chance to meet even tho you were only 15 minutes away, but ah well. i will come visit you one day, no problem!

people i wish i talked to more

@hcmesicks @lalisaofrph @boofrp @alexcsofrp @lisbugrph @baeirens @carterps @rapmonhelps @tinarpt

those who consistently light up my dash

@elrph @doverpt @cypherps @tuvns @jackieofrph @sungkyungrph @ivywrites @orneryrps @alyofrp @persephonerpt @beyrps @luarpt @foxxrpt @jeonrps @slytherin-writes @oddrpt @noonarpt @666rps @astraeawrites @seungkwanrph @lia-rps @musepirations @musingmatata @arielrpt @xdtsugax  @beaofrps @aquarpt @blackademiics @lemonaderps @gificons @yoongihelps @tomlinsokis @thotrpc @bambiofrp @illuminatcd @scrrybae @susierpt @yeezusrpt @septicrps @eiffelrps @hachiwrites @uglirpt @youngsjaes @benzofrps @natrpt @batmanrph @velvetrpc @doryrpt @internetsmom @niaz @killarps @helpersofindie

So I am jumping on the bandwagon mega late but there is nothing new there! 2016 has been a tough year for me, hence not being very active but things are looking up now and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to hold. You are all awesome and I wish you all of the luck for the new year! Thank you so much for putting up with me, I love each and every one of you. Here is just a few of the people that made this year bearable by there incredible fics,breathtaking graphics and edit and just their amazing, sparkling personalities. I am so sorry if I have missed you but if I follow you I do love you <3

Bold are mutuals and Italics are my all time favourites or people I admire from afar

☆ A - D ☆

@abbyskane@afairytaleprincess@ahoymilady@alexandralyman @aliciacarey@alllisoncameron ☆  @arthurpendragonz @baebastianstan@bekksrich@bellamyblake@bitcherine@blakelivey @bobbimorxe@bodhriook@bunnykillian @captainhand @cocohook38@colinoeyebrows @commanderlexa@cutieodonoghue@dashingswan@deputyhook @dream-site

☆ E - J ☆

@emmandhook@emmaofmisthaven@emmaswanshair@emmaskilly@felicittysqueen@fuckstruckswan@giggleswan@ginniepotter@happinessisblooming@harpermcintyre @hook-come-back-to-me@hook-found-emma@hotchocolatewithkillian@icapturedkindness@i-know-how-you-kiss@inemmaseyes@inloveswan@izzylightwood@joneskillian@jennifer-morrison@jennifermorrisons@jensmorrison @jennymorrison

☆ K - N ☆

@karablackthorn@katsuukis @kevinmckidd@killiancomeback2me@killianjonesaf@killians@killiansdevotedheart@killians-dimples@killianswench@lieutenantducklings@lillyanjones @littlepirateswan @loveforcaptainswan@lovestruckhook@lucifer-morningstar@lumadreamland  ☆ @metthewdaddario@mockingswan  ☆ @mrsemmajones@museelo @nastylittlenerd@niniadepapa@nowforruin ☆    

☆ O - S ☆

@ohmycaptn@once-upon-a-captain-swan@piratesduckling@piratesails @potentialheartofdarkness@reyblu@rulenumbertwelve@saviorwitch@scribblecat27@seastarved@sheriffchiselchin@shetakesabreath@shoedonym@snowscharming@sotheylived@storybrooke@styleswans@swanaf ☆  @swanduckling@swannsavior@swanscaptn@swanshope@ssherlock

☆ T - Z ☆

@themmaswan@the-lady-swan @thereseswan@the-swan-girl@the-not-so-evil-queen@time-and-relative-dimensions@warriorswan@wearejustreallyinsync@wenchswan@winter-by-the-sea@xerxesrises ☆ 

+ blogroll

Happy New Year everyone <3

Merry christmas and Happy New Year @yamarygraylu

just tried pinting for once I am sorry if it looks awful … I tried … I mean it doesn’t look too bad … I wanted to make something special cause it’s a gift , and experimenting and it’s been so long since I used my tag . I still hope that you can overlook all the bad there is in the drawing , one thing I am proud of are the eyes of the teddy bear and the bunny slippers , at least there is that you can enjoy . Well I also want to thank @graylu-angstweek for making my participation possible .

Ok so, I know that we can all agree that this year has been pretty damn horrible™, but seeing that I’ve almost reached 500 followers (which was my follower goal), I decided to make my very first follow forever to thank all of my lovely mutuals for making this (hell)site a bit brighter for me by being amazing. Also I am terribly sorry if I am forgetting anyone.

Happy new year!!!

(there was indeed once upon a time a tagging system but everything changed when my laziness attacked)

@agentmarymargaretskitz @alexdanverrs @alexdnvres @apromiseicankeep @barrysjulian @bertihelena @bisexuallaurellance @blackcanary567 @blackestcanary @blookarot @callumlynch @captainriphunter @charmalot @chochang @coramalia @danverscanary @dreaming-of-the-bluebox@dubonet@foxx-queen @pleasantfanandstudent @lenaluthhor @rosewilzn @monwinn @mxggiesawyxr @ramonafloewers @wally-linda @riddlvr @rainbowglitterandpixiedust @julianalberts @vvhitecanary @timelordinaustralia @shaduwhonter @quakingbird @infinitexiris @isak-valterson @xavierinstitute @shymerc @hanorganaas @jadescanary @richieshotchata @grootiful @piratequeennina @sarasnart @merrycanaries @hedascanary @caessianandors @romitri-mcswarek @laurivcr @msjuliawicker @nerdramblings101 @daisysshield @karasass @lenalluthors @reignslayer @prettycanarynoir @medusa-lith @neonghostwolf @japrilgreys@lapizza-lazulee @matt-thedevil

anonymous asked:

sorry if you don't remember but you mentioned before that you followed people who reblogged robron,do you remember who they are? id like to follow them

Oh yes of course, I have started a few more now so i will mention them as well. 

@ravenclaw-hermione-of-district-4 (Who kindly pointed me to the youtube videos :D) and @justintaylor were the two blogs I already followed. 

And I now started following @bartsugsy , @scrapyardboyfriends @robertjacobsuggers , @howellobrien and @itsemmylou

Also want to mention some blogs I don’t follow but pretty much visit everyday anyway (I always try to not start and follow too many blogs from 1 fandom to keep my dash a bit balanced :)). @smittenwithsugden , @theprincessed 

And then I often click through to people’s blogs when I see some really nice gifs and such as well, causing me to end up with like 10 tabs open of robron blogs :P (but that’s how I find blogs to follow most of the time)

But yeah I hope this helped you out a bit

I’m back.

Hey guys, it’s Lauren (aka aniallate-1d). I have a new blog, feel free to follow if you want. I’m going to tag some of my old mutuals to let them know bc it’s easier than messaging everyone. I’m very sorry for being a bit wishy-washy with this whole blog thing but I needed a little break/a new start. This is just a side blog so I can only follow people from my main blog, fairyt0ld. I am sorry if I forget anyone. But hopefully you all will find your way back to me :)

(also there are a few of you who already know about this blog so if you don’t see your name thats why :)

@hunkyniall @supernaturalgrl67 @fayestardust @caitlin32387 @chrissy22787 @wdmsusie @fairylightsstyles @thepainofbeingafangirl @myaimlessuniverse @niallsblckgirlfriend @my-fanfic-soul @irish-nlessing @niallmeallnightfics @heauxforhoran @wheretogofrmhere @zayntoxicateme @liamsgirl4eva @undertheniall @banginghoranbang @dibsonthat1d @1dalwaysbenice @adultfansofonedirection @glorydayslouis @niallhoranhasthat1thing @niallschestrug @cheshirepuddin @denimjacketnarry @harrystylesgotmefuckedup @stylessemantics @xxoicurlyxx @walkingintheamm @ohteefour @niallhasthenicestbutt @myneighborkelsey @glorydaysniall @canistayhaz

that’s all I can think of for now I’m soo sorry bc I know there’s many more. But please spread the word so all my tumbies can follow me and I can follow you back!! Much love  ❤

Stuck in his head (Soldier: 76 x reader)

I know, guys. We still have a shitton of asks in the ask box but I am procrastinating from my work and from the asks I’m so sorry. 

After finishing this fic was when I noticed that we already hit 110 followers!!!! Thanks, guys! Consider this fic as a commemoration that this blog finally hit 100+ followers!

Based on a conversation I had with Mod Lamb. I hope you all enjoy this, guys! - Mod Cristine

Word count: Fucking 2903

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So, I meant to post this last year (new year puns, classic!) but I used up all my data for the month so this is a little late. Anyway, another year done and dusted and I have absolutely no idea where the time went. I swear it feels like it was only March two seconds ago. Even with all the horrible things that have happened this year I am so incredibly grateful for all the amazing things this year has brought me, and one of those things is all the people I have the pleasure of knowing. I have met so many wonderful people this year and become closer with those I already knew and I can’t begin to explain how happy each and every one of you make me.

Here’s to an amazing 2017, and I hope this coming year treats you better than the last ♥♥.

@agentdaisie, @agents-of-frickle-frackle, @alohasummerlove, @arrowsandnat, @atwells, @avcngrs, @barnns, @barryallhan, @bidaisyjohnson, @brooke-davis, @buckynbarnes, @caessian, @carmillakarmstein, @cedricdigory, @chloebenet, @chloebennnet, @claraozwahld, @clqrkkent, @eleanortheprincess, @emilyreedmas, @fitzsimmmonsy, @fraysquake, @gilmorehuntzberger, @hanorganaas, @havleyatwell, @huntzbergergilmore, @julietohara, @kardanvers, @kctebishop, @knowsplaces

l- z
@lavellenchanted, @littlesciencebabies, @lorlaigilmore, @lostboybae, @ltfrankcastle, @peppertony, @maidmargaery, @mmoanaa, @msdevindanielle, @ncwtscmander, @peggyrogersss, @pegsccarter, @peppperpotts, @philinda, @poedamxron, @prongsmate, @puresebastian, @queenclintasha, @reyskeywalker, @rorygilmoress, @saetresnooras, @scxrlettwitch, @snowwhites, @srgnts, @stanakatic, @stexerogers, @tayliswift, @thoranda, @tomshardy , @tyrionlannisler, @vvhitecanary, @waverly-earp, @wollfking, @x-forever-and-a-day-x
also, shoutout to my favorite tumblr user of all time @taylorswift

i wanted to keep this as short as possible so sorry if i missed anyone / be sure to check out my blogroll

Account appreciations (Chanbaek-related)

So hello!! Actually this post is meant to be posted at the end of last year for the new year post. But yeah, im getting busy with life so sadly I cant make it.. but now here I am posting this. Since we now in 2017, I want to thank to all of you that followed me even I didnt expect for having all of you to follow me *surprisingly whr it almost 2k like whyyy. Now I feel sorry that Im not that active here* 

So for this I would like to make some account appreciations for chanbaek-related accounts that I followed and always be my favourite. 


@chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @imchanbaektrash @ms1611 @nadrahazizan @awkwardmickey @yeolspuppy @chanbaekthetype @lebaekyeol @lets-talk-baekyeol @parkbaekssi

So if uve twitter maybe you can checked this (again, tell you there are a lot but here some of them);

@CmixB6104 @cb0627 @today_chanbaek @chbkarchieve @OttokajiTwinkie @chanbaekheaven @bestofchanbaek @promptcentral @KpopDoo30 @kissyeollips @unicornchanbaek @PurpleRing92 @CikAishah1611 @toppopie@chanwithbaek @yixingbi @chanyyeolie @baekyeolangst @honeybunsbee @jingyeolbaeks @puppystore_1992

And here is some my fav chanbaek fanfics author accounts (on aff);

@baek_hearts_yeol @greatest_love @magicdraining @666104 @baekyeolwishes @planningk @exokiss @zhangsara @navilavi @hedgie_turtle @k3ykwangie @jeulbit @soubiish @luludeery_88 @parkINaByun @lolaisajewel @baekyeolangst @_Arrow_ @holdbaek @mngrfn @ToffeeCoffee @blehmeh @bluecoins @tinkerklang

If you like watching fmv, here some fave youtube accounts;

@iwillstillopenthewindow @PuppyStore @AMEJIA Fam @PJBELIFE STUDIO 

Hahaha thats a lot. But yeah checked them out and make your day!!!

I was going to make a nice fancy follow forever, but I got home later than I planned and then immediately headed out to my friends house to drink and celebrate the new year. So here I am, slightly buzzed and watching futurama and I want to thank all the people who have made my year a little bit brighter.

If you’re seeing this after the new year, after my URL change, I’m apiaristcas!

This is going to get a little long. Sorry in advance! This is in no way a complete list of all my favorite blogs, it’s just a nice little thank you to all those who have chatted with me and been kind to me over this not-so-great year.

@aubadezayn | @adoringjensen | @boozsey | @bucannons | @casdcan | @cineastette | @deancasheadcanons | @deanismypatronass | @fvckingjensen | @hangsabove | @kingvictuuri | @ozonecologne | @pecanpiedean | @peppermintbisexual | @princesscas | @protectcastiel | @royalrowena | @skamandernewt | @succulent-sam | @skamandernewt | @sparksflycastiel | @teenytinysleeepyhead | @whelvenwings | @winjennster | @yourfavoritedirector

I was going to write a nice little sentence or two to tell you how much I love you all, but then I realized I’m on mobile and I can’t do readmores on mobile. But just know that I feel so so lucky to have chatted with you guys. You really have made my year better and I adore you.

So as the year draws to a close,  I want to send a shout out to those that have inspired me and continue to inspire me here and on many other blogs I run. Those that have stuck with me through all the new muses and the transferring back. Those that simply make my dash  a brighter place to be and even those that deserve a shoutout as I stalk them from  afar. I’m sure one day we’ll all be able to RP together and create beautiful verses and threads with one another. I can’t wait to get to know you all more and continue to shower you all in love. I hope each of your New Years  is better and far grander than the last! As always, remember, I love you all and thank you for making my time on Bellamy to continue to be special!

The Ark Squad(those that have stayed with me through it all and then some):

- @serpenthand, - @cagedrogue, - @tetheredtoelena, - @hauntedgilbert
- @dulhaan, - @antagxnized, - @cakestar, - @princeofhellfire, - @badassnow
- @tylerposeysboyfriend,  - @prxzrak, - @fightbehavior, - @notwrath
- @notgriieving, - @padshiy, - @capturedgrace, - @inlovewiththejob
- @snxwbvrnbvstard, - @wearexinfinite, - @blightcd, - @lostflares
- @xnotafraid, - @huntality.

The Crew(those that I stalk from afar and make my dash brighter):

- @heartguided, - @headstrongblake, - @procurare, - @agentmorse
- @warguided, - @miles-tuck, - @offireandrebellion, - @iceraised
- @torturedmemory, - @agirlingrey, - @cerseilionesslannister
- @redlipsyellowteeth, - @worthprotecting, - @worthdyiing, - @bestchascr
- @fearbuilt, - @jcrso, - @forceled, - @shercbels, - @prisonborn
- @tenfeellikeahundred,  - @rebxl, - @helpsthings, - @ofpinkfrillyrobes
- @slitgraves, - @moonthropic, - @enigmvd, - @qceenie, - @afewmistakes
- @keptsecrets, - @keepliviing, - @arkreacts, - @dclilah, - @tobeblamed
- @runiics, - @resilientboned, - @kolhearted, - @poiscnblood, - @thedestrcyer

This is it!! 2016 is OVER!!!! Welcome 2017!!! I wish all my followers a beautiful year filled with health, love, success and happiness.

It has been a joy to spend time on this platform this past year with all of you! I love sharing my love for certain celebs with you. Some of you made me smile so much. I also got to meet amazing people who made my time on Tumblr a fun one. And guys, 2017 should not disappoint with all the movies that will come out… 😏Therefore I am so looking forward to have another great year on Tumblr!!

Special shoutout to some of you: @zorped @insanely-smart @candycherik @craftynidan @oldstuffnewstuff @thewife101cevans @morriggannlostinfandoms @peonies-and-poppies @imaginaryboyfriendcollection @thehumming6ird @crazytxgradstudent @lokihiddles2981 @abadstarfalls @curator-at-large @restlesstymes @larkistin @seberian-tiger @lenaoffassy @erikcharles @michael-fassbender @lemonade-time @zerofucksclub @madsrocketship @sebastianismydistraction @peskipixi @crescent-moon-rising @graymindlove @lokiwholockfactory @beaglebitch
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Tiny Follow Forever!

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I wanted to post something for the new year so I made a really quick follow forever. I know for a fact I missed so many people I love and I am sorry, please forgive me. I just threw this together in like 10 minutes. I love all the people above so very much! They are such talented and sweet people. To see a better follow forever of mine, just go through my blog rec tag. <3

i hit 500 followers today, and it’s new years day, so it’s a perfect time for my very first follow forever! each of these people adds something special to my dash. mutuals are italicized but this list is not only for them! 

and this is in no way an exhaustive list– i know i could put almost every person i follow on here, so this is just the highlights of people who make me smile when i open up tumblr. thank you all for your great content!

















(tumblr killed the quality aaaaa)

The new year is finally here! Although this year didn’t go as well as planned for many of us, I made a lot of good memories on this site thanks to my mutuals and favorite blogs.

I think about my mutuals often; you all have made it much more enjoyable for me to be here, and I’m ever so grateful for that.  I am very thankful for all the good memories you’ve given me, whether they were links to your favorite posts, or midnight conversations that made no sense. (Though I must admit, I have been too tired to keep up with conversations in general, social anxiety at it’s finest.)

Also, a very big shoutout to my favorite blogs, and those who have continued to follow me, though I have had a very long-termed writers block.  I am sorry for being gone for so long, I am hoping that with the New Year, I can start up this blog as what it was intended to be; and as such, I hope to get to replies soon enough.

Let’s put this year behind us and welcome the New Year. I sincerely hope that everyone’s year is filled with happiness and warm smiles.

Happy New Year from the Phantomhive Estate,

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