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Rest These Weary Bones

The coffin is small, lined in creamy satin. Sherlock stared at the offending box, frowning. It was wrong. Nobody likes facing this sort of box, the final resting place for all. It had left a bad taste in his mouth since the Sherrinford incident. Seeing a similiar coffin, this time meant for a much smaller occupant was not any easier.

“Sherlock,” he hears her voice behind him and turns. His gaze falls to what she carries, and suddenly the lump in his throat can’t be ignored anymore. “I thought this might be better…” 

In Molly’s hands is a small chest, a proper treasure chest with a padlock and key. 

“I just thought…” she trails off, shrugging. “I thought maybe this might be more suitable.” 

He takes a step closer, there’s a small engraved plaque on the top. It read:

‘Victor Trevor - Beloved Friend, ‘Pirate’’ 

“It’s quite-” Sherlock paused, touching his mouth with a crooked finger, unable to gather himself for a moment. He blinked twice, hoping to clear his vision. Heaving a sigh, he managed to swallow his tears. “It’s quite acceptable.” 

“None of this is acceptable,” Molly shook her head, still holding the box, shaking her head. She looked at the child’s bones laid on the slab. “But it is what it is.” 

Sherlock nodded, silent. For a moment, neither spoke. 

“I didn’t feel right…” he said at last. “Not giving him a proper burial…his family is gone and…I couldn’t leave him.” 

“No of course not,” Molly soothed. 

“Will you-” he glanced at the table, then back to her, trembling. He gestured to the bones and then the far doors leading to the crematorium. 

“I’ll see to it, I’ve asked if I could be the one,” she said, understanding what he wanted. “I’ll stay all night, and make sure nothing happens, I promise.” 

Sherlock breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.” He stepped closer, pressing her cheek reverently. “Thank you.” 

“Go home,” she urged gently. “Go rest and mourn, this has been a long time coming.” 

Wordlessly he nodded, and turned. 

He only got as far as the door. 


She turned at the sound of his voice. “Yes?”

“I wonder…I wonder if I could stay,” he shifted, looking at the floor a moment. “Please?” 

Molly didn’t know what to say for a moment. 

“The thing is,” hands in his pockets, he kept on staring at the floor, willing the tears that hung in his eyes to go away. “We never had a proper sleepover…Victor and I…we’d talked of it, our mums were planning the weekend but it um…never-” he shrugged, sniffling, looking up and around the room, anywhere but Molly. 

She set the trunk down with a soft ‘thump’, crossing the room. Gathering him in her arms, she held him close. After a moment, he returned the embrace, burying his head in the crook of her neck. He cried only for a few moments, and Molly said nothing when he gently extricated himself from her, knowing he needed to regain control of himself for his own comfort.

“Go and fetch your violin,” she urged. “Go on, and something for dinner. I’ll be here, getting things ready,” he understood she did not want him to feel obligated to watch her place the remains in the crematorium. “It will be all set by the time you get back. You can tell me all about him while we eat.”

He regarded her with no small degree of thankfulness, grateful that she was in his life at this moment. Kissing her gently, he cupped her face, thumbing away the tracks of tears on her cheeks, she returned the favor, eyes shining, her smile gentle and strong.

“I’ll be back in an hour,” he promised, and with one final kiss, headed out the door. 

Quietly, Molly set to work, still blinking back tears. 

“Come along,” she said, more to herself than to the remains. She gathered the tray of bones. “It’s time you were laid away at last.” 

If Sherlock would find comfort and closure in staying while Victor Trevor’s remains were cremated, Molly would give him that. If he found solace in keeping the chest of ashes in Baker Street, rather than the plot of land in the orchard where he’d grown up, she would give him that too. It was a chapter of his life that had been left open for far too long, one that she was certain Sherlock would finally receive great relief in finally being able to close.

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Lego Batjokes Prompt #108

*Joker gets down on one knee*

“You can’t be serious.”

“I know this sounds weird coming from me but I’ve never been more serious.”




“What’s funny? Oh god, am I being ridiculous? Of course I am. You’ve been a bachelor for how many years so if you’d have wanted it, you’d have been married by now. I knew this was a bad idea. I should have listened to Harley OMYGOD I - I’m sosoSO SORRY BRUCE PLEA-”

“No! No, stop right there. I’m so beyond touched. It’s just…the ring.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“J, it’s for women.”

“What? No it’s not.”

“The big pink diamond and thin band tells me otherwise.”

“I would totally wear it.”

“I know you would. You stole this, didn’t you?”


“Bet you did. C'mon babe, get up.”

“Thanks. Sooo? Your response?”

“Well, I never disliked pink.”


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I feel like a boy, but I'm a Christian and I'm scared being a trans guy is bad. I know my mom would support me, but I'm still afraid of going to hell. I have prayed about it so many times, I've asked God to take this feeling away, to help me feel like a girl; Nothings happened I still feel like a man. I know if I continue living as a girl I won't last long. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared that I'll act on my suicidal thoughts. I'm sorry.

I am not Christian. Most of my knowledge of the religion comes from my husband, so know I don’t know 100% everything when I say this. But.

The Bible never mentions trans people. Not once. Not a single time in the whole thing are trans people ever mentioned. Gay people probably aren’t either, seeing as how the Bible has been translated dozens of times (if you know how a game of telephone works, then you’ll know why this means those quotes probably aren’t accurate to the original).

God gave you these feelings. He wants you to embrace them. If He didn’t want you to have them, then you wouldn’t have them. He loves you, as His son.

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107,122,142,150,163,164,183 & 202 ^^ ;) ... ups? XD

107: Guilty pleasure?

Hmmmmm not sure about this one actually ^^ you tell me :D

122: Can I curl my tongue?


142: Am I ticklish?

Also yes -.-

150: What is the best decision I have made in life so far?

Saying something to someone that lead to someone saying something that was the best thing I have heard so far :D

163: What do I love most about myself?

I am bad at self reflecting.. sorry ^^

164: Do I like adventure?

Originally posted by gameraboy

183: What is my spirit animal?

According to this, it is a whale ^^

202: How do I define love?

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more

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Just a little concern

Okay, so am I the only one scared for the next

Fantastic Beasts movie? I mean, I feel like that the Gramander ship will die down because I know for sure the director will put in more Newtina scenes which will piss me off honestly.

Sorry, for the rant. Like no kidding a ship-a freaking ship, changed my life. Gramander made my life so much better, every day I get new followers and friends. Guys, you are everything to me. I am so happy you guys support this ship, without you I would be in a very, very bad state of mind and lost a sense of self-being. Like I actually feel like I am worth something for once.

Again sorry for getting so personal…you guys just mean so much to me.

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Stiles sleeping and Lydia is super bored so she gets a pen and starts to play connect the dots on Stiles body. He wakes up full of doodles

sorry for the late answer i just had a bad day and i wanted to reply to this adorable headcanon when i am in a better mood so thank to god i am good now. 

okay lydia would totally do this. imagine her connecting his moles. one day she wakes up and sees that he is sleeping on his stomach and his back is bare,and his face is not facing her.she usually connect his moles or just write “i love you” or their names with her fingers but this time she smirks to herself and take the pen on her nightstand  and slowly and gently she starts to draw and connect the moles on his back, neck and arms. after his whole back is covered with ink. she smiles to herself and lays back in bed and pretends to be sleeping. she thinks that stiles is sleeping but little did she know that he was awake the whole time but didn’t say anything because he loves hearing her giggle. 


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Hi, Cookie! I'm currently working on a TeruMob fancomic which I got inspired when I was reading your fanfic. It's almost done and I just want to ask if you wouldn't mind to be tagged for it? :"D

*EXPLODES* HI, yeah no that’s cool, no biggie, it’s not like your comics are AMAZING or anything and I’d feel 100% honored to be tagged there, hahaHA! *SCREAMS INTERNALLY*

And I just realized I wasn’t even following you yet, I’m so sorry, why am I so bad at keeping up with that stuff T-T It’s corrected now!

((Hey, uhm, since my notes are currently a mess and everything is being drowned out by this post, you could also send me a message when it’s finished! That way I won’t miss it :3))



Sort of. Kind of. Let me get back to you on that.

So, first and foremost, I’m very sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get back to y’all.

Good news: I got a promotion.

Bad news: training seminars for said promotion have eaten my free time up like Snickers pie. I even had to cancel on the RL group.

That said, I’m no longer going to be getting up at 6:00 AM on Mondays, so we can start a poll for May’s game. WOOHOO!

Again sorry for the contact gap, I have been and continue to be the hottest of hot messes that I know of.

Hope you’re all doing well and that you don’t hate me too much!


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Hi!! I saw your post about talkng with people who like the same stuff as you and I was like OMG cause I love your art style its super cute and you love mlb so like, here I am lol. But I'm super bad with this stuff and like keeping in touch or taking in general to people I don't really know so sorry! (I'm rambling oops) but I started trying to create my own art and its always cool to get inspiration from the artists on my dash and you're one of them! 😊 this is really long sorry! Have a nice day!

No!! it’s fine, thanks for sharing your thought with me! i’m not the best conversation starter -being an introvert and all- but i still really enjoy talking to people in general! Good luck with your art! i know it can be hard at the begining but so rewarding afterward!


Cheryl loved Jason. What was she meant to do at his funeral, not cry? And yeah Jason was on the football team but Cheryl was at every game too doing as much to help the Bull Dogs win as he did. Also she has a 4.0 grade point average. If there’s one thing I’ve learned being in Cheryl’s class it’s don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her.

I haven’t animated in so long??


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”

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I don't know why but the idea of Kim picking Alix up and throwing her over his shoulder whoever she's getting really angry at somebody would be really cute in your fabulous art style *hint, hint*

“Hey, I’m gonna give him a head start.”

“You’re gonna need the head start after I’m done with him!”