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@lumenlight prompted me, “Sterek AU where Stiles tries to seduce Derek but Derek has the habit of only dating older people (Jennifer, Kate …). So he says no to Stiles and Stiles is really disappointed but by chance he keeps seeing Derek and with time Derek realizes that he may have made a mistake?”

Hope you like it!! 

~4000 words, rated M. (I don’t usually write smut, but I felt like this was that kind of prompt.)

on ao3

Stiles usually doesn’t venture as far out of town as the Preserve—there’s not much out here but trees—but today that’s kind of the point. If he’s going to start up a jogging regimen to prep for lacrosse in the fall, he’s sure as hell not going to do it in his own neighborhood, where all his neighbors can (and will) watch him flailing around looking stupid.

He doesn’t actually end up jogging at all, though, because before he finds the trail he’d marked on his map, his Jeep abruptly sputters and dies on him right in the middle of the road. That’s also about when it starts raining.

“Oh, come on,” Stiles groans, hitting his head on the steering wheel a few times.

He pulls out his phone to call someone—his dad, a tow truck, Scott—and there’s no signal. Right. Because he wanted isolated, and he got it.

There’s no sound at all except the drumming of the rain on the roof of the Jeep, coming down harder and harder, taunting him for being such a fucking idiot.

He thinks about waiting it out, but who knows how long that could take, and if he doesn’t make it back home in time for dinner or at least get somewhere where he can make a phone call, then his dad is probably going to think he got eaten by a mountain lion or something.

“Fuck it,” he mutters. He pockets his phone and keys, grits his teeth, and jumps out into the downpour.


He has to walk for about twenty minutes before he finds any sign of civilization. It’s a house, or at least part of one. It’s tucked away down a long dirt driveway on the edge of the Preserve and looks sketchy as hell. It’s been burned, badly, and even though it looks like maybe someone’s been fixing it up, it’s still not exactly what Stiles would call habitable. Part of the charred roof is caved in, and most of the windows on the second floor are shattered, their jagged glass gleaming ominously in the dim light and the rain.

Stiles would assume it’s abandoned, except that there’s a shiny black Camaro parked out front. That at least looks well cared for.

It’s that detail, plus the rather compelling fact that this is probably the only house for at least a mile and Stiles can feel his feet starting to rub raw in his wet tennis shoes, that finally gives him the courage he needs to squelch his way through the mud and onto the porch to knock on the door.

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I have a backlog of unanswered anon questions in my ask box. So sorry if you’ve sent me something and it was never answered, especially since some of them were quite sensitive. Thank you for sending me your questions!

If a question wasn’t asked anonymously, I’ll answer in private. The rest are here, please let me know if you have any additional questions! I’ll do better at being more responsive on Tumblr >_

(A) Mmmm that was quite an escalation (!!!) 

I guess if you don’t get back at trying, you’ll never succeed at it either (especially since skills tend to depend on continuous exposure and practice). If you want to ever be “good enough” *, keep drawing. Even if it’s in private, keep practicing until you get somewhere you’re comfortable at. It’s pretty normal to be afraid of failing, but I personally think it’s even more scary to stay at the same place forever because you’re too scared to try.

As for the bullies, if you let them intimidate you into giving up drawing, you’re losing something important because of people who aren’t worthy of influencing your future. These people shouldn’t have a say in your life, practice making art and get back at them by becoming an amazing artist.

(Cheat that worked for me in similar situations: I recommend reading/watching something like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and channel some Lisbeth in your everyday life.)

*I don’t really know if I’ve ever felt “good enough” when it comes to art. YMMV, but don’t let doubts hinder your perception of your abilities.

(B) Hi there! Thank you so much ahhh! You know what, come to think of it…I don’t think I’ve ever posted it… <_> I don’t know where the file is anymore. Will try to find and post it some where eventually, thank you for reminding me!!!</_>

C) Thank you wonderful anon SMOOCH

(D/F/K) There were quite a few questions/emails about this, which is awesome, thank you guys for wanting to throw legal tenders at me. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to manage an online store right now (and most of my prints are out of stock). But but BUT, when AX time comes around, I’ll put out a feeler post for online print preorders. 

Please be on the look out sometime in June and drop me a message once the post is up, I might set up a temp shop or take email orders depending on volume. Thank you all so much for your support! 

(E) THANK YOU ANON!!! Hmmm I think nowadays due to print-making and whatnot, I’ve been working in the 3000-5000px range. Min size is usually around 2000px! 

Also to the second part of that question…I’m sorry anon I failed Q_Q Thank you for being so sweet

(F) Addressed above in (D)

(G) I got my first tablet around…2006ish? 10+ years definitely

(H) Wacom Intuos pro (the medium sized one) and SAI mostly. Sometimes Procreate on ipad + apple pencil, or Photoshop + tablet. 

(I) Oh aw shucks thanks! Hmmmmm….usually I would say practice, but I’m sure you know that already. I’ll try for something different here.

In one word: STEAL 

In more words: my thoughts are pretty much summed up beautifully in the book How to Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post). I highly recommend reading the book (local libraries should have it, or feel free to google for it and see what you can find). 

The idea is, to become a better artist, you have to first fill yourself up with inspiration and source materials. This includes looking at people you admire and taking what you like and applying it to your own work. No shame in this process, just don’t copy the exact thing and sell it as your own :) … ;)

(J) Hmmmmm…the outline of the face first. But if you’re looking for inside stuff, eyes. (Then I erase them later because haha they look like alien eyes)

(K) Addressed above in (D), and thank you :) 

(L) Hello! I….actually don’t know! 

Hahaha ok seriously I don’t really have a process. But mmmm I think it’s helpful to be relatively well-versed in color theory (lots of good posts on Tumblr about this)! I would very often just default to semi-complimentary colors.

(M) Oh thank you! My next princess is Chloe, who (whom..?) I’m still procrastinating on (;_;), but I would love to do a Dolce princess as well! Hopefully soon! Thank you so much for the suggestion and all the nice compliments

Alright! That’s all for now! I think that was everything, so if you’ve submitted a questions but it was never answered, (and you’d still like to see it answered), please send it to me again. Sorry for the trouble, my inbox is kinda weird sometimes :(

Feel free to drop a question off at anytime. Will try my best to answer ASAP!

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 8)

BIG REVEALS!!! You’re finally learning what’s going on guys! Questions are being answered. Hurrah! It’s slightly earlier than normal because it’s a weekend and I am doing fuck all today, so enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

“Oh THAT’S the confusing part?” You say sarcastically. “Never mind the fact my mum worked for you lot. Does this mean you all know who my mum is?”

“We were actually never told who your mum was.” Steve pipes up. “We know everything else though but the identity of your mother never seemed to be that important.”

“But…my mum worked for the phone company?! She was just a happy little old lady who liked hats and red lipstick!”

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LLSHP 2 - Welcome to Hogwarts

Arc1: [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7]

Arc2: [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10 - Moonstruck (TBD)]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: Finally finished _(:3」∠)_ Here’s ch2! Still in the introduction phase but hopefully this chapter is somewhat interesting!
Words: 4,087
Italics are thoughts

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A full minute ticks by. Two minutes. Then five. Phone in his hand, brows furrowed, and a network of cogwheels turning rapidly in his mind, Sherlock continues to decode the text he has just received, unable to figure out the meaning behind the three numbers forming the entirety of the message content: 2, 10%, -2. Can’t be coordinates, the format is too inconsistent. In fact he doubts they specify a location or time at all..

Sherlock doesn’t realise he has uttered the numbers out loud until Mary’s casual, curious question. Apparently, within the past few seconds, she has entered the room with John, heard Sherlock speak, and instantly comprehended what the numbers represent, as if Sherlock was plainly stating a piece of information.

For a moment, Sherlock has trouble processing what Mary has asked him. But when the implication eventually forces its way into his denying mind, everything around him in his flat, everything of the physical world, goes out of focus.

If he did pause to give John a brief excuse for his sudden departure from 221B, he doesn’t remember what he said. He doesn’t remember how he left the flat, or how he hailed and got in the cab. His mind is threatening to enter a perplexing and unmanageable state, feasibly comparable to an anaphylactic shock of the immune system – both are severe responses upon recognition of something so ungraspably foreign.

Unlike an offending antigen, however, the alien concept that is currently trying to instil itself into his understanding also kindles a sparkle of anticipation within him. A thrill of an unprecedented brand, with a complex series of effects that not even his most captivating or demanding cases have ever brought about. He might’ve doubted particular aspects of his ability at times, but never has it been an anxious concern. He’s been afraid, occasionally, as he reluctantly admits, but never this strange trickle of fear for the unknown.

Too much, too much. Noise and chaos of rumbling trains of thoughts, rendering the brilliant mind of Sherlock Holmes at a loss for logical analysis of the situation. Input: overload. Output: null.

Fortunately, his body must have implemented some involuntary support mechanism, and he finds himself moving at a hurried pace. Heathrow. Flight. Traffic. And as he dashes once again through busy streets like a mad man, Sherlock tries to brush aside the clouds of unresolved emotions and force his focus on the practical.

Which of course leads to another torrent of problems. How the hell is he supposed to behave in..he estimates 17 minutes, give or take? God, should he get a balloon? A teddy bear? Flowers? Which kind? And what should he say, to her?

He isn’t panicking. The hall is quiet and he acts calm. He has got everything in control, and he isn’t panicking. He just needs to be his articulate self, he is going to make the enquiry whilst sounding controlled and smart.

But then he opens his betraying mouth. “I.. Am here to see a –”

He tries again. “Here to see my –”

The final word wouldn’t form. Perhaps it was stuck in his dry throat, or perhaps the language centre in his brain had simply blocked a set of vocabulary from usage when it comes to personal associations.

Eventually acquiring a room number, Sherlock leaves the nurses’ station, his nerves tangled in an ever-tighter knot. Whatever his demeanour is giving away earns him a warm, knowing smile from a passing stranger (businessman, late thirties, recently welcomed a third child). Has he really become as transparent as he’s always considered ordinary people to be?

Sherlock’s first sight inside the private room is one that he will, after he has had time to acclimatise to the overpowering levels of emotion, come to know as the dawn of his new world. Their world, which was constructed based on battling intellect between two parties, built upon by sentiments evolving into passion, and established with unrivalled complementarity, is now being painted with bright new colours as it greets a third member with tenderness and joy.

Presently, however, as Sherlock gazes in awe at the beautiful sight of mother and son, his feet frozen to the ground by the door, he is unable to think, forgetting to even breathe.

It is Irene who breaks the silence. “I’m still very cross with the both of you, you know.” But her voice is softer than he has ever heard her speak with. She looks up at him with a quirked eyebrow, and cuddles the tiny being on her chest closer.

Moments later, carefully holding his newborn son in one arm, and wrapping the other around The Woman’s shoulder, Sherlock leans forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead, then to her lips. The confusion and anxiety associated with the foreign concept less than 24 hours prior have retreated, and in their place he feels a contentedness, a completeness.

Sherlock Holmes, MChem Oxon, Consulting Detective, and..Dad.

Pre-Series 4. Irene’s text means “2 cm dilated, 10% effaced, minus 2 station”. Because she either casually forgot, or didn’t think it important to tell Sherlock about a certain recent development in the preceding months. Mary wanted to know who the person in labour was. Sherlock was probably like “Case. I’ve got to go.”

Idea credits to the amazing @elinorx​ (thank you and sorry if I haven’t done it justice! With my deviations/additions/omissions etc. relative to the original) Another possible scenario of when and how Sherlock found out, as an alternative to at other stages of Nero’s life, e.g. during incubation, blue-eyed curly-haired little boy, or orchid-tending NYC detective.

Cold Hands

From this request: Could you do a Peter x reader where Tony comes and talks to Peter and the reader is is girlfriend/best friend/partner in crime cause she has ice powers and while he’s pretending to hide it she just acts like nonchalant and stuff

*Peter Parker-centric


You were stretched out on Peter’s bed, waiting for him to come home. You were thankful that his aunt was so welcoming that she let you camp out—she’d even offered you some of her walnut loaf.

You finally heard footsteps come toward the door—two sets of them. Strange.

The door opened and you saw your boyfriend and—Tony Stark?

‘Holy shit.’

“Whoa,” Tony said, eyeing you. “Who’s this?”

“Y/N!” Peter said, his voice squeaking slightly. “What… what are you doing here?”

“Did you forget about our date?”

“I… I’m sorry. I was… and then…” Peter motioned over to Tony. “Aunt May didn’t tell me you were here.”

“She must’ve been distracted by her other guest.”

“Well, I am pretty distracting.” Tony held is hand out. “Tony Stark.”

“Y/N,” you said, shaking the hand. You couldn’t believe you were meeting this technological genius.

“So, you two are together?” Tony asked, motioning between you and Peter. “That’s cute. Good for you, Parker.”

“Um… thank you?”

“Now. Business,” Tony said. “Sorry, sweetheart, but maybe you should–”

“Anything you want to say to me you can say in front of her.”

“Oh. She knows about this?” Tony pulled his phone out and brought up a holographic version of a video of Peter (rather, ‘Spider-Man’)  swinging around and saving the city. “That’s you, right?”

“Of course, she knows,” Peter said. “She… convinced me to start that.”

“Seriously? So, is she a part of this? Is she Spider-Girl?” He turned to you. “Don’t think about calling yourself Black Widow. We’ve already got one of those.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” you said.

“She’s not involved out there,” Peter said. “She… she doesn’t have anything. Powers, I mean. Or abilities. But that’s not to say she’s not capable. She could totally do something if she wanted.”

“Kid. Shut up. Women hate it when you babble. Besides,” Tony said turning to you. “It’s better that she doesn’t. As cute as you are, we really only have room for one super-kid on our team.”

You shrugged. You really had no interest in becoming an Avenger.

You and Peter shared a look as Tony began to examine the small bedroom, looking at the technology and the suit that Peter used when he was out saving the city. You raised an eyebrow, asking a silent question. Peter shook his head, a small look of fear on his face, but you chose to ignore it. There was no harm in what you were going to do.

Slowly, using all of your concentration, you began to lower the temperature in the room. Peter immediately knew what was happening but Tony didn’t seem to notice. Small patches of frost began to show up on the window. Peter crossed his arms over his chest, trying to keep warm.

A few moments later, as Tony began to wrap up his speech, he noticed that small puffs of fog escaped his mouth with every syllable. He looked around. “You should look into getting that A/C unit fixed, kid. I’d hate to think of your aunt catching a cold.”

“I’ll… get right on that.”

“You know, I could fix it for you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stark. But it’s really nothing to worry about. Sometimes it just… acts up.” Peter shot you a look. You shot him a look of mock confusion and innocence.

“All right. Well, thanks, kid. I’ll be in touch.” Tony shook his hand.

You sat up and held your hand out.

“Whoa,” Tony said. “You should get yourself checked out. Feels like you have a circulation problem.”

“Well, you know what they say. Cold hands, warm heart.”

You watched as Peter led Tony out of the room, letting your concentration break. The room began to warm back up, the frost disappearing. You heard Tony say goodbye to Aunt May, his voice going into ‘smooth-talker’ mode. A few moments later Peter reappeared.

“Did you really have to do that?”

“Do what?”

Peter plopped down on the bed next to you. He grabbed your hand, gently squeezing your fingers. “Your hands always get so cold when you do that.”

“Comes with the territory of having ice powers.”

The two of you sat in silence for a few moments.

“So,” you said. “You gonna remember lil’ ol’ me when you become a famous Avenger?”

“I’m not sure I’m going to be an Avenger.”

You turned to him. “Peter, this is a great opportunity. You have to do it!”


“The world needs you.”

Peter looked at you. “If it needs me, it needs you.”

“Are you kidding? You’ve got super cool web stuff. All I’ve got is the ability to make drinks cold.”

“You just need to perfect it. And you know they could help you.”

You shook your head. You and Peter had talked about this before, about ‘honing your abilities’.

“Come on,” Peter said. “You’ve seen The Incredibles how many times? You know ice powers are awesome.”

You giggled. “I doubt I’ll ever be like Frozone.”

“You won’t. You’ll be better than him.”

Separate Pages

Title:  Separate Pages
Pairing: Dan Howell/ Phil Lester and a small amount of Chris Kendall/ PJ Liguori
Rating and Length: M and just over 6k
Warnings: Swearing and fluff/smutt!

Summary:   High School AU; Dan finds it nearly impossible to think he never noticed Phil Lester. His note book is filled with doodles of lions and planets and stars and maybe the fluttery feeling Dan gets in the pit in his stomach isn’t such a bad thing

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Summary: Beatrice Everdeen-Carter and Ramona Mellark, two friends with one mission–to get their parents together. Modern AU Everlark.

Part Five is now available below the cut!

You can read all other parts here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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The Family Plan-Part Five

The Mellark Home was located right in the heart of the Merchant side. It was a modern house, angular and white. Katniss turned to the driver’s side as Peeta guided the car into their large driveway. In the backseat, Ramona hummed to herself, wrapping her hair around her finger absentmindedly.

“Home sweet home,” Peeta said, his smile wry.

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I can’t believe there are now over a thousand of you following me. I haven’t had this account that long - since June, I think - and it’s been a wild ride over the last few months. You’ve laughed with me, you’ve cried with me, and you’ve squealed over Stydia with me. I can without a doubt say I have the best followers ever. I love every single one of you and I’m so, so glad so many of you are interested in the things I post. I have no idea why those things interest you, but I’m thankful for you anyway. c; This is my second ever follow forever, so I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing, but let’s go for it anyway! ALSO, thank you so much to dewittwrites for my amazing Stydia follow forever graphic! I really appreciate it! 

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the following people are my best friends. my squad, the loves of my life, the ones who get me through the hard times. i’m going to be sappy as hell and write each of you a little letter, which can be found under the cut below. this thing would be seven million pages long if i left them up, so accept this for now and find your message under the cut!

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