i am so sorry my dash did a thing

@danisnotonfire My dash did a thing. I think it’s pretty accurate…


someone asked me how to explain how i do galaxies like this a while back

so I finally made this thing where I just sort of, gesture uselessly at my canvas while making high pitched noises of desperation as i attempt to convey something about my pixel art process. so, business as usual??

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I did this a while ago but some of my answers have changed. I can’t remember who I tagged last time so if I tag you and you think you’ve done this before I’m sorry. Also I added a read more so I don’t clog people’s dashes.

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Dude as i’m writing this i’m laughing hard at my edit because it’s adorable and so weird at the same time. Anyway even though i don’t reblog that many justin bieber i thought it would be cool to put him here because i follow lots of beliebers and they’re all amazing and sweet and idk how you guys even deal with the fact that i don’t reblog him as much as i did and i just reblog stuff that you dont even know, but thank for still being mutuals with me and still love me, cuz i still love you so much. I can say the same thing about the hooligans, I am so very sorry for not reblogging bruno as much as i did before, but thank you for you guys too for still being here and love me. For the emblems, i don’t follow that many but i can totally say that you guys make my dash absolutely gorgeous (i mean everyone i follow does duh) and most of you don’t even follow me back but i guess it’s alright, i mean, i’m a multifandom blog, i would be so annoying in your dashes. But for you all thank you for everything guys, you absolutely make my day brighter and being friends of you, even though we don’t talk that much or we don’t talk at all, is the best thing that ever happened to me. Now go rest your asses because it’s SUMMER!

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Hello welcome to my Spring break follow forever that the lovely cutie Julie aka @bringitin kindly made for me they’re the bestest! I promised myself I would have this done & posted quickly but yet i’ve been so lazy anyways alas here it is! I want to mention you all who have made my dash a *sometimes messy* wonderful thing! I love you all & I don’t think I missed anyone but if I did I am sorry please forgive so here we go…

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Quick Things
  • I am only half sorry for flooding your dash with message responses. You guys know that at first Antonio and I weren’t met with a whole hell of a lot of positivity, so this news not being the bane that I expected is just remarkable and fills me with joy I really need. Thank you all so damn much.
  • I have not announced it on Facebook yet. Antonio did, with a very quick, less than ten word tag that I did not accept onto my own feed. I love him and all, but this is a big deal, I need more than seven words and an emoticon, dude. 
  • All of the kids know. {I wanted to wait to tell them, but they’re all going to be here before second trimester hits anyway, and Samara knew about the transfer thanks to her father - don’t get me started.} And I take a tremendous amount of offense to anyone insinuating that we *owe* our exes a direct phone call - I fail to understand how any of them are privy to the contents of my uterus by default. We told everyone important; the kids. They HAVE to know, they are impacted directly, they gain a sibling. Telling an ex is a courtesy, not an obligation.
  • For the record though, because I frequently have to speak to both of mine, they do know. It was still a courtesy.
  • EDD is July 29th, putting me at 4 weeks, 2 days pregnant. As soon as I knew this, I looked into the hCG levels and they’re really not *that* high? So, I’m not betting on twins, but I’m very anxious for our first ultrasound anyway.
Since this blog has found some (expected) conflict I would just like to say this:

The reason I created this blog was not in order to fill negative tags with positive messages. I am fully aware of why there are in fact the negative tags and I am completely respectful of the fact that people dislike certain actors and ships. 

This is why I do not tag any of my things with these anti- tags. My responses to asks will end up in them and I am sorry about that, I can’t change tumblr’s stupid settings.

I had found that this URL was not taken, and I really liked it so I did take it about a month ago. My intention was not to use it and I was going to just let it go because I felt bad about hoarding it. Then there were a few really really heavy negativity filled days on my dash (not just the tags) and so I thought to myself, “how could I help this?”

So I decided to make a blog for positivity, and I used this url because I thought it fit nicely with what I was trying to do, that is create positivity through all of this negativity. 

Starting this blog, and I know it has only been 2 days but I have thought a lot about what it could be, it was focused on Misha love because at the time that is what my circle needed due to the amount of misha hate there was/is. However I have already begun changing this (and I am sorry for those who were expecting full Misha love, there will still be a lot but not 100%). 

Long story short, this blog is meant to be a positive place in itself. A place that will not feed into negativity of any kind. No I will not be filling the anti tags because I am not here to divide us farther, but to maybe reconcile something. No I am not asking anyone to like everyone or to promote them or whatever. I just want to be able to make this fandom a little closer to the family that it was when I stepped in to it. It helped me A LOT when I was going through some really, really depressing times and even saved my life and I want that to be there for new fans, and even old ones that need it.

Also I will say this again~ FOR THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO PROMOTE THIS BLOG. I thank you, wholeheartedly, but please please don’t do it in the anti tags. and Please don’t pick fights with people or do so aggressively. It defeats the purpose of this blog and makes people hate it even more.