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spider-man: homecoming headcanons

as brought to you by myself and @superspideys  

• peter is bi and trans

• michelle is a lesbian

• liz is pan and dating michelle and peter (they’re in an open relationship and peter and michelle are obviously not dating)

• ned is gay 

• michelle has two dads

•  peter and ned and michelle and liz go on double dates

• michelle and liz are nature gays and they always go on hikes or play volleyball, baseball or mini golf 

• peter and ned always stay in for dates working on the suit, doing IT stuff or watching movies

• michelle and liz always bully peter and ned for never doing anything

• ned and peter’s first date was rogue one and both of them ugly cried after

• michelle genuinely slaps peter for standing liz up at the dance

• but peter makes up for it by having their own makeshift homecoming (and actually gives liz her corsage) 

• aunt may is bi 

• she has them all over for pizza to explain the nature of their relationship 

• (peter freaks out 5 minutes before but he has his gf, bf and best friend to comfort him. he ends up okay)

• michelle buys peter a binder

• tony pays for peter’s testosterone shots, which he protested at first but really couldn’t turn down

• all three of them are there when he has his first shot 

• michelle is incredibly defensive of peter and shuts down anyone who misgenders him or anything of the like 

• michelle and liz meet in the library 

• michelle always sketches liz when they’re supposed to be studying

• for their first date they go to a second hand book store (see: they met in a library) and an art museum 

• liz takes michelle to craft stores and buys her sketch books and new pencils 

• michelle always sketches peter, ned and liz

• the four of them go to dog shelters 

• (michelle is a cat person but liz looks so cute with the dogs she can’t help but begin to love them)

• michelle and liz have sleepovers at liz’s house and they have picnics there and stargaze when it gets dark

• liz is big on astrology and tells the group their horoscopes every day at lunch

• all of them have plants that are kept at michelle’s house (she’s the only one who remembers to water them) 

• liz tries to teach michelle to play volleyball but she’s not that good and she tries so hard and gets >:( when liz laughs at her but liz kisses her nsoe and tells her she’s doing amazing

• michelle acts like she’s mad and flips liz off but secretly blushes bc her gf is so cute!!! she can’t believe how lucky she is 

• michelle wears a suit to homecoming

• liz calls michelle darling and michelle calls liz honey and pretty girl 

• michelle only calls liz pet names in private but one day she accidentally calls her smth at school

• they don’t make a big deal of them dating and they don’t make a big deal of coming out bc they shouldn’t have to 

• when michelle is comfortable she speaks really passionately about social issues and peter, ned and liz just stop and look at her bc they all love her so much 

• peter and ned wear matching sweaters like “if lost return to ned” “i’m ned” 

• sometimes peter likes to wear his suit at home cause it makes him feel more masculine 

• ned makes mixes for peter (like for real mixes, on cassettes) 

• ned and may are very close 

• peter and ned go to $15 concerts together 

• ned patches peter up after missions

• he also bought a drone so he can keep an eye on peter and builds peter an in-ear for him so he can tell peter what’s coming his way, kind of like JARVIS in the iron man suit

• peter and michelle both wear glasses

• michelle and liz are big on ig themes and they both have the day they started dating in their bios 

• “what the hell”

• liz stress bakes

• study nights that turn into sleepovers

• they make a bunch of short films

• michelle makes a time lapse of liz’s senior year for her to have when she goes to college

• tony builds a binder for the suit (peter cries)

• peter has inattentive adhd and attends special education classes

• peter also sketches a lot, mostly during class but keeps them private

• michelle & peter are both taking spanish and peter is absolutely in love with the language and he and michelle are always neck to neck on tests, and they do their presentations together

• michelle and liz are in a bunch of ap classes together

• peter and ned buy each other new sw lego sets annually and stay up all night building them

• michelle loves classical music & she played the violin and flute when she was younger

• michelle is also adopted

• her dads encouraged her to learn and expand her mind and never forced her to do or believe anything

• she loves them so much (so does liz)

• they are all happy and in love

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Each day we stray further from God’s light and I honestly can’t decide if I am thankful or not of this fact.

(I am so fucking late but who cares. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at the end of the day this means one step closer to hell)

Betsy the Doll

Like most people these days, I had a fucked up childhood. Who doesn’t, right? My father took off before I was born and my mother was left to care for me on her own, a skill she was sorely lacking.  My mother slipped right back into the drug-addled, party lifestyle she’d enjoyed before I was born and had soon turned our two-bedroom apartment into an opium den.

For the first five years of my life, I walked around in a confused, terrifying mist. The smoky air would flood down the hallway from our living room and slip under my bedroom door. It always seemed to linger for days.

I know now that my mother wasn’t a bad person, just a victim of her addictions. When she did have spare money, she would put food in the house or buy me clothes from Goodwill. The only pieces of furniture I had in my bedroom was a mattress set and a little blue and white toy chest. Not that I had a lot of toys to put in it, of course, just the three I had gotten for birthdays: one was an art kit, one was a red wagon, and the last, my pride and joy, was a doll named Betsy.

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Steven Pasquale and Laura Osnes rehearsing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical play Carousel.