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Draco Flirting with Harry

Draco: Harry, are you a Mandrake? ‘Cause I was petrified before I met you and you brought me back to life.

Harry: No, Draco, a Mandrake, that’d be you. ‘Cause every time I hear you speak I literally want to die.



What… am… I?

The beast towered over me, perched on its clawed toes, its twisted and ugly flesh covered in layers of sharp, smooth black carapace. It looked oily. Monstrous. It had horns on its head and beady, glowing eyes that bore into mine and seemed so familiar. As familiar as a mirror.

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YO WADDUP can i have some Kara/Lena fic recs pls?

Sure thing! Here’s my faves in alphabetical order. So it’s organized alsdkfj.

12″ by 8″ - muli-chapter - wip - CH: 11/? - Synopsis: Objectively, it’s a beautiful photograph. A high definition immortalisation of a kiss in the sky, two figures pressed impossibly close, hands tangled in hair and around waists as they hover sixty storeys in the air, illuminated gently by the neon of the CatCo Worldwide Media sign. But all she really sees when she looks at it is proof of Lena Luthor cheating on Kara Danvers. /// The one where Cat discovers that Lena’s stepping out with Supergirl (and decides to deal with the problem herself).

And They Were Roommates - multi-chapter - completed - CH: 2/2 - Synopsis:  Roommate AU.

Angel With a Broken Wing - oneshot - Synopsis: End of 2x08. Kara thanks Lena for her help.

A Knight to Remember - multi-chapter - wip - CH: 19/? - Synopsis:  Kara enters a sword-fighting tournament and wins the affections of princess Lena.

A Summer Sort of Girl - oneshot - Synopsis:  or…four times Lena didn’t know and the one time she did. 

Avoidance Strategies - muli-chapter - wip - CH: 5/? -  Synopsis: the one where Lena breaks up with Kara to keep her safe (from Lex’s men, from her world, from Lena herself), is heartbroken, and tries to distract herself by rebounding with Supergirl

Exception - oneshot - Synopsis:  or…four times lena doesn’t believe in love and the one time she does.

Extraordinary - oneshot - Synopsis:  or…lena comes to kara’s rescue. literally.

Family - oneshot - Synopsis:  or…kara tells everyone about lena.

Good Days Starts With Coffee and You - oneshot - Synopsis:  The ten times Lena enters the coffeeshop and encounters Kara.

Handling It - oneshot - Synopsis: Lena has a crush on Kara and she was handling it, until one day she wasn’t.

Here Comes Morning - oneshot - Synopsis: we didn’t get an ending supercorp scene so- sorry idek what this is

I Always Want You -  multi-chapter - completed - CH: 24/24 - Synopsis: Supercorp Hogwarts AU!

Inevitable - oneshot - Synopsis:  or…lena finds out about kara

It Runs In the Family - oneshot - Synopsis: I am so disappointed with this episode I waited so long to see katie mcgrath again and i did and she was so pretty but at what cost.anger writing is surprisingly therapeutic. this is what should’ve been a part of the winding-down scenes in 2x08, written in a furor as soon as I finished watching- let’s all just collectively repress the mon-el kiss now.

Lord, Save Me from Your Followers - multi-chapter - completed - CH: 8/8 - Synopsis: A tumblr prompt, spiraled out of control. Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.

My Own Private Gym - multip-chapter - wip - CH: 10/? -  Synopsis: Tumblr Prompt: Can you do something like lena goes to gym and see kara and you know…

Oblivious - multi-chapter - completed - CH: 5/5 - Synopsis: Lena has a crush on Kara. Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara. Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.

Pictures and Notifications - muli-chapter - wip - CH: 7/? - Synopsis: Supercorp Social Media AU.

Soulmate Marks - oneshot - Synopsis: “ For most of her life, Lena’s soul marks were nothing less than very confusing.”

Supergirl In Training - multi-chapter - wip - CH: 6/? - Synopsis: Lena Luthor doesn’t plan to have any kids. Or to get married, even, really. After the revelation that she is actually of Luthor blood after all, she’s quite set on ending the family line with her and not taking the risk of any more drama.Then Lorelai L. Danvers crashes into her life, claiming to be her seventeen year old daughter from the future.

Wrap A Tape Measure Around Her Sorry Little Kryptonian Heart While You’re At It - oneshot - Synopsis: An overpowered assailant, clearly equipped with the necessary gear to weaken a Kryptonian, nearly destroys both Lena Luthor’s office and the Girl of Steel herself. Supergirl, a hair away from breaking limbs and cracking a skull, manages to defeat the assassin. However, what Kara may consider another day’s success for her and the DEO flunks Lena’s standards. The CEO of L-Corp decides that Supergirl should not simply make do with her self-destructive lifestyle and takes it upon herself to upgrade the Kryptonian’s suit.


12. “Stop judging me”
20.  “Open up, I got McDonald’s.”

A/N: I wanted to try this text message thing and this is my first ever written like this sooo tell me your opinion about this one & if I should do more text message imagines. Sorry it took so long ily

Warnings: uh none? Just fluff and McDonald’s is mentioned. Gif is not mine, credits to the owner.

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Where r u


Are u still mad at me?
read 9:48pm

Oh c'mon, your ignoring me now?


shut up


Don’t be mad

Um, I am going to be mad for a while, you idiot

Idek why ur mad at me because I didn’t do anything?

What the hell

You ditched me at the bar where I never even wanted to go and I tried to find you and then I found u talking to a group of girls and then some jerk spilled his drink and then I smelled like beer and u didn’t even notice

Then why did u came if u didn’t want to

I wanted to hang out with u

wait, are u jealous
read 9:56pm

Do you LIKE me???
delivered 9:56pm

Do not close your phone
delivered 9:57pm

Come back
Come back  
Come back
Come back
delivered 9:57pm

Ok I’m coming over
delivered 9:59pm

I’m outside
read 10:20pm


Open the door please



Go away I’m going to sleep

Open up, I got McDonald’s


Dylan sent a picture  

Y/N went to open her door and streched her hand out. 

“Give me my food.” 

“I’m not going to give you these if you don’t let me in”, Dylan answered. Y/N snorted and let him in. She grabbed the brown paperback with McDonald’s logo on the side and went to the kitchen without saying anything to him. Dylan followed and sat across her staring her as her eyes brightened when she saw her favorites inside.  She put the foods on the table and Dylan reached his arm in order to steal couple of french fries but his hand got slapped away.

“Dude”, she said with a cautionary tone.

“Sharing is caring”, he said and tried again.

“Do not steal my food or I’ll dye your hair pink while you’re asleep.” Dylan looked at her smirking a little. “Somebody’s being overprotective over their food.”

“Don’t judge me, I’ll consider forgiving you after I’m done with these.” There was a moment of silence until Dylan spoke again.

“So, about last night..”  

Y/N interrupted. “Please, don’t.”

“We need to talk, I’ll forget it after we’ve talked, okay?” Y/N thought about it and eventually she nodded.

“I am extremely sorry about ditching you. The girl group kind of  surrounded me and I had no idea you felt like that and you know I would never do anything to upset you, right?” He looked like a sad puppy and you tried your best to not go over and wrap your arms around him.  

“Yeah, that’s okay”, Y/N said smiling softly.  

“No, it’s not okay. I promised myself I would do everything to protect you from stuff like this and it hurts like hell because, well, I like you a lot.” Y/N looked at him like she had just seen a ghost.

“You what?”

“I like you more than I should.” Y/N grabbed rest of her french fries and slide them over the table to Dylan.

“Feelings are mutual”, she smiled and blushed. They stared at each other for a while until Dylan stood up and pulled Y/N from her chair.

“Since both of us just confessed our feelings, do you think it’s okay if I kiss you now?” He whispered hand still on her hand.

“I think it’s more than okay”, she whispered back and pulled him closer so she could reach kiss him. The kiss got pretty intense and a moment later you pulled away to catch your breath.

“You taste like french fries”, Dylan said and tried to hold his laughter.  

“Oh shut up”, Y/N laughed and kissed him again.

How Do We Fall in Love?

Pairing: SherlockxReader/MoriartyxReader (Idek, man.)

Warnings: Mentions of sex, gun threats, mentions of criminal past (it is the Sherlock fandom, this should be no surprise). Maybe light cursing, I don’t remember.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY MY LOVELIES. I’ve been SUPER busy, and just haven’t had time to post anything. I am so so so sorry.

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Sherlock’s heart sped so fast, he could hear the fear coursing through his veins. A screeching so loud, he swore everyone within a four kilometer radius could hear. The words repeated over and over, what appeared to be a simple little comment on his blog became an omen of everything that could’ve possibly gone wrong.

Lovely girl you’ve got,
But can she stand her own flames?
Fires can be very dangerous…

He’d replied eight times over, attempting to get more clues. His head was spinning, trying to solve the clue at the bottom of the recent picture of you and him. Something John had posted on Sherlock’s blog in his place, and it may’ve given you you away to Moriarty.
The name sent chills down his spine. What used to be a fun challenge had turned into his own personal hell.

And now the devil had the woman who mattered most to him, and all the clues in the world couldn’t help him, because his mind refused to process. John, Mycroft, Lestrade- everyone was trying to help, but to no true avail. Moriarty still had you…

Then a call came in- no, less of a call, more of a clue, one so simple, even George could figure it out. But before anyone else could evaluate it, Sherlock had sneaked off, hurrying to the same place he’d faced the Black Lotus General- only to be met with another clue, this time leading to an abandoned flat on the outskirts of London. He huffed as he climbed the stairs, feeling like his lungs may burst at any moment from the over use, but he could still see the image of your glittering eyes burned into his mind.


Jim tilted your head towards him as you both waited, away from the window that you could see your “knight in shining armor” come to “rescue you”. His thumb grazed along your jaw, lifting until his eyes burned into yours.

“Problem, my little desert rose?” He purred, eyes dead save for a twinkle of insanity, and a smirk so dangerous it could kill you without a touch.

“None, sir.” You answered appropriately, but the way he grabbed your wrist immediately told you that your little lie hadn’t gone unnoticed. Your eyes snapped shut at the immediate, but bearable pain. Despite his cold exterior, you both knew Jim would never actually hurt you, but his threats were never to be taken lightly.

Just because he wouldn’t hurt you, didn’t mean he would have any problem leaving you for the dogs…

“I just- is it necessary that I be here, sir?” You kept it polite as possible, allowing your eyes to open again, being met with a quizzical stare. That’s right, you thought, he doesn’t understand complex emotions… You stared back, trying to hide what you could behind a blank mask. From this short distance, you could feel his breath fanning over your lips, like it’d done many times before. Though, usually, it came with a sleepless night, and marks left for the next day, claiming what was his.

“Remind me, pet,” Great, now he was upset, “Why’re we here?” He took a step forward despite there being no room, forcing you to move back, and repeatedly did so, until your back hit the wall of your old flat.

“To bring down Sherlock Holmes.” You muttered shakily, feeling very contrasting emotions from his close proximity, the combination making you dizzy and nauseous. Your hand hit the wall with a gathered force of his anger and something underlying that wasn’t quite as clear.

“Now, wouldn’t we want him to see his little sweet, sweet love betraying him, pet?” He hissed out each word, face inches from yours as his plan ricocheted in your head.

“I put you onto the playing field to make Sherlock Holmes fall for the girl of his dreams- not the other way around.” Your breath hitched in your throat, head shaking as much as possible. You didn’t know what you felt for Sherlock, or perhaps it was simply nothing, and you just felt the need to protect the one person who’d ever cared for you- but you definitely would overlook it for your life.

“It’s not like that- Jim, you know me, and it’s not like that. I know the plan, and-” He already seemed to be calming some, though his eyes still showed rage inside, “I would never betray you like that.” Sadly, it was true. Jim had protected you when you made the biggest mistake of your life- from both the government and any criminal organizations out to kill you. Six years, and he’d given you everything you could ever need, at the simple cost of working for him. He never had you do much, and never pushed you into anything you were uncomfortable with, and hey- the door was always open, if you’d ever do choose death over him.

But that’s the thing about Jim Moriarty. He is death, in his own sense, just in much prettier packaging. He twists your mind, until nothing exists but him, and he always gets what he wants, and always makes it seem like that’s what you wanted, all along. And you’d caught on to the game early on- never cared to stop it, but then again, if you did, then you’d be boring like everyone else.

He smirked the slightest bit, fingers brushing against your cheek like rose petals in the wind, “Oh, my little desert blossom…” he leaned closer like he would kiss you, “I’ll believe it when I see it. Choose Holmes, and you’ve only got yourself to blame for your untimely demise.” He said it the same way he would words of endearment, the sickly feeling seeping into you, but his tone drawing you closer.

“You’re a double edged sword, you know that?” You muttered, somewhat wishing you could betray James- even the slightest bit. You couldn’t care less about your protection. It’s just that your sense of loyalty rested with the consulting criminal, and you could never give that up. His lips brushed against yours just as the door opened downstairs, and you fought down the temptation to tell Sherlock to just stay put.

But as Jim’s lips fully encased yours, not a sound left your mouth. Footsteps echoed up the stairs, and still, you were engulfed by the madman. Infatuated.

The door to the old flat building was kicked open, the ancient lock flying off the door. You heard the gun before you saw it..

Click, “Let. Her. Go.” He demanded, as if you hadn’t just been kissing the criminal a second ago. Your eyes went wide as Jim pulled away, smirking with a demented glint in his eyes. The same one that sliced down into your very core, ripping anyone in its path to shreds.

“Oh, Sherlock… tsk… tsk… tsk…” The gun stayed trained on Jim, and every second ticked down, ringing in your ears. You looked between the two, staying next to the wall, unsure if you were even allowed to say anything, or if it’d mess up Jim’s plan. Jim circled around Sherlock, the gun lowering slightly the moment he was away from you. Soon he was in front of you, again, eyes lit up with knowing that Sherlock was absolutely clueless. Jim held his hand out to you, more of an offering than a demand. Cocky bastard. He knew you’d choose him.

“Let’s let our fair blossom decide, hm?” You wished you could say you even considered choosing Sherlock for a split second, but then again, that’d be pointless. The moment you left Jim’s side, you’d be dead… Your hand reached out for Jim’s, not a hesitation in the motion.

“Y/n, I know who you are.” Sherlock said flatly, your head snapping to him, hand drawing back. Jim’s eyes went black at the reaction, oh so tempted to just snatch your hand.

“I can help you- protect you. You don’t need him!” Sherlock insisted, stepping closer, and offering out his hand. His eyes sparkled with desperation, genuinely wanting you to come with him. He didn’t want to beat Moriarty, or use you for his own agendas. He just wanted to protect you… and that was enough. Your hand shook, uncertainty spreading through you. You had never left Jim’s side- never questioned him. You’d let him use you until you ran dry, because… that’s all you’d ever known. But here was Sherlock… and he genuinely cared for you..

Could he protect you? Could he, really?

Three Seems To Be A Lucky Number

Okay, my sweets, in the grand old tradition of my writing history, I have nervously returned with a completely random sort of Drabble and I would just like to say in advance, I am so sorry that this is what I decided to return with, lmfao, fml. Idek, I just wanted to write something cliched and typical, and I’ve been taking my inspiration where I can get it, so I hope it isn’t as terrible as I worry it might be ^^

♡Lil’ Disclaimer♡
Genre: Smut/Fluff/AU/Might as well be a Drabble for me (less that 5k words)
Requested: My apologies, no.
Warnings: possibly crude smut, other than that, I can’t think of anything. This is a very, very tame one for me ^^)

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“Just five more push ups, and you’re free to do whatever you want for the rest of the night, I promise…“ It sounds like a nice compromise, I know it does.
But that doesn’t mean it actually is, or that it’s a manageable feat. Which it is not.
What my boyfriend, the guy whose currently playing the role of my drill sergeant, can’t seem to accept, is that my core strength happens to be nonexistent. There is no way I’m doing even one more push up. It’s a miracle I made it to the first five, let alone the even ten this torturer is insisting I achieve. What more does this guy even want from me?
I mean, to me, five seems like a nice solid number. Why try for more?
"Jeon, I really don’t think I can,” I whine, without a hint of grace. My arms feel limp, and I’m not sure my brain can convince my muscles to tense up enough to lift my upper body, even if I wanted to.
“What if I buy you ice cream, is that incentive enough for you?” He offers, quite literally sweetening the deal but I’m still not sure it’s enough, and to be quite frank I just don’t wanna.
Honestly why my lazy ass thought it would be a good idea to date a personal trainer is beyond me. Three months in, and I finally see it was a stupid idea.
“Stop sulking. You asked me to do this remember?” He reminds me, unnecessarily.
I do remember, unfortunately.

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Hi Jo! I always see people complaining about 8am classes and I jsut don't get it I mean I've been taking 7am classes since i was 11 so 8am ones sound like heaven to me ???

u poor soul  well, honestly, it kinda depends on what kind of people are complaining about 8am classes (hs or uni) 

bUT tbh your question can be answered by psych and Science! but i think it’s is kinda like 

okay so humans are adaptable, right? we’re flexible and we can change and get used to things quickly- especially when it’s beneficial or helpful to us or when we like the thing. so when people know what it’s like to not have to get up early in the mornings, when they’re forced to, they don’t like it. 

so 8 am classes are miserable bc we wake up and then go to school, of all things and we’re used to 8 am classes and we don’t like it. it’s the same for us like for you, except an hour earlier, it’s like we would be super envious of nyone who only had to start classes at 9? 

smh idek if i’m making any sense lmaooo sorry i can’t answer your question properly bb

KnB Idol AU. The GoM is the most famous idol group in Japan ofc. Kuroko is also a famous idol, but nobody seems to have actually met him off his work. He always appears in different outfits–different hair color, eyes, and all (even as a girl sometimes). Nobody knows his actual appearance, except for his family, his closest friends (probably Kagami or Ogiwara or both), and his manager. Anyway, Kuroko is a GoM fanboy and he’s completely obsessed with Akashi–like, he’s always buying Akashi merchandise, goes to GoM events so he could fanboy over the love of his life, etc. Unknown to him, Akashi’s also a hardcore fanboy of, none other than, him. Akashi has a photo collection of every event Kuroko appeared in, video clips of every shows Kuroko had guested in, every magazine Kuroko had been part of, etc. Then, there was this one time Akashi came across Kuroko while he was at work. He waited for the shoot to end, and stalked followed Kuroko to god knows where (probably his home), but it ended in failure. Kuroko had already crossed the street and Akashi was left on the other side as the light had already turned green. A truck passed, then whoosh Kuroko’s gone. Akashi couldn’t believe it. He was disappointed, at a loss because how the fuck could the guy just disappear in a matter of two seconds?? But, well, Akashi always loves a challenge.


Chasing Ghosts

Request: I rly love your blog a lot!! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader song fic with the song “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap? Where the reader tries to warn Newt about Leta, but he gets mad and they have an argument? Then he loses contact with the reader for several years and tries to find her, but each time he gets close to finding her, she gets farther away? Really angsty please??? Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️"

Word Count: 4,359

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @studyforthreehands @whatinbenaddiction @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

A tinge of despair so intense it seems tangible still clouds Newt’s mind as he digs into the box of mementos, deeper and deeper until his dirt-caked nails crack against the bottom of the wooden crate. Nothing of significance. Nothing of importance. Nothing of use to him unless he wants to remember.

Cursing, he shoves himself to his feet. This room, this hall, this house is all useless junk now. He may as well burn it down; it’s not as if you’ll be returning at any point, not now that you know he’s discovered it. With a growl, he kicks the box, sends it tumbling onto its side. Its guts spill out, rolling across the ground, creating a mess that will remain until the landlord comes knocking for the next month’s rent. Already, it’s too late. You’ve vanished, and the short and chubby landlord with the beady eyes and missing smile won’t be able to track you down.

My fault, my fault, my fault.

No, finding you is Newt’s job, and he’s determined to do it.

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We will wait for you, Minhyun. Will you wait for us?


“Hi, Oikawa,” Suga greeted as he tried to pry himself away from Oikawa.

“You’re so cold,” Oikawa noted as he rested his head on Suga’s shoulder, their cheeks touching. “You are Mr. Refreshing.”

This took me so long to do, yet it’s so short. /shakes fist into air/ I’m angry. However! I still want to try out some more scenes from this amazing fanfic! Black Moon by @heartythrills I recommend this beautiful story! (°◡°♡).:。


1x04 | 1x05

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okey dokey here you go... i will send 1 at a time :) GOT7 & MX reaction: coming home and finding you in a pillow fort... what the reader is doing in there is up to you... but i would be listening to soothing music laying on my back, snacks at my side i would of totally ridged some string to hold up a manga( or tablet to read one) above my head so all i have to do is turn the page (or swipe) =^_^= sounds so relaxing

OMG THIS HAS BEEN IN MY INBOX FOR SO LONG I AM SO SORRY OML!!!! Idek if you still follow me or if you’re still active…. I am so sorry!!!! I’ll do GOT7 for this one: 

Jackson: He would be so excited to come home to see the fort. Probably after a long day of practice and super tired, but as soon as he sees the pillow fort he’ll be so excited again. He would 100% crawn in to the fort right away. Cuddles before both of you fall asleep. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

Originally posted by jiminsvwife

Mark: A smile would appear on his face as soon as he saw the pillow fort. All the pretty lights and cosy atmosphare. No hesitation if he should join! Would turn into a cuddle monster. 

“I would’ve helped you if you just asked!” 

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Youngjae: TALKING ABOUT CUDDLE MONSTER! Even if you were having a quiet time by yourself earlier, not anymore. He would turn this into a sleepover party in 0.2 seconds. You had had your time alone and was happy that he showed up to make you laugh and talk about anything and everything all night. 

“So this is where you’ve been hiding?” 

Originally posted by markificent

JB: You would maybe think he would be “too old” for pillow forts, but think again! Honestly I see him as someone who would love it, but sort of keep it as a secret from the other members. It was nothing new to him to find you in a pillow fort when he came home. 

“You built it without me this time?” 

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Jinyoung: He probably wouldn’t really notice at first at all, in his eyes it was just a mess in the living room until he saw a part of your leg sticking out, which made him curious. 

“What are you doing in there?” 

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Bam bam: “PILLOW FORT?! YAAASSS” Idk what’s wrong with me pls send help

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Yugyeom: Cuddles? Snacks? count him in! 

“I should’ve gotten here earlier” 

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Top 5 photos/moments/gifs of Fernando and Saúl >:D

okay, i am sorry it took me so long to answer that but for my defence i kinda struggled to remember what i was doing every time i looked at these two together so…..

5. idek tbh, i think that was unnecessary but who am i to judge?

4. all their selfies are good but the atléti photographer truly captured a fantastic moment here 

3. that other time Fernando got fouled and Saúl had to make sure he was okay

2. that I C O N I C moment alkjdfhljhlsjhsl

1. that time they went to the zoo together (feat. among other things, Fernando actually saying “look at how happy he is because he touched a kangaroo” aldjhsfljhlsjf fucking kill me)

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Katsudon-vitya x hmfl


a heartfelt tribute to fanboy and how the mighty fall (in love)

“i can’t believe this,” I said, putting my hands on my hips. My name is Victor Nikiforov and I am a best-selling author, and it looks like my rival, the mysterious KY, is dropping their book on the same day as my own book release!! Omg!! Can’t a best-selling author catch a break?? :( 

I ran a hand threw my short silver hair and tapped my foot impatiently. I was wearing plain converse that day because I’m an author and don’t really need to go out. XD

“Vitya!” my publisher Yakov yelled. OMG that’s me! (“Vitya” is a nickname for Victor in case you got confused haha). Yakov is always yelling! That’s just his thing XD. Even though I know Yakov is a huge softy and loves me heh~~ He has believed in me from the beginning oh my gosh :3 Yakov is so good to me. “This is not the time to be worrying yourself over such trivial things!” Yakov, are you kidding me?? This is my career don’t call my career trivial omfg it’s yak-over (haha get it XD) 

(I throw a lot of puns in my novels, too!! I think that’s why people love it so much. I try to be really original with them, also.) 

“You have a book signing to go to,” Yakov told me. 

“Ohm y gosh!” I squealed. This was the best news omg I love signing things hahaha I practice my autograph a lot. “Where is the book signing?” I asked him. 

“It’s in Detroit! And your flight is in two hours!”

I gasped. Detroit…??? But that’s…

“That’s where KY is!” I screamed. 


I walked into the bookstore with my favorite pen. I even brought a backup pen just in case it ran out of ink!! i’m Victor Nikiforov and I have  a lot of fans who may want my signature, so I needed to be prepared you know~~ 

When the book signing wrapped up, I ended up going through four pens! OMG it was so embarrassing because I had to borrow the other two pens from the bookstore people wahhh I’m so unprofessional </3

I started to walk out the bookstore when BAM omg I ran into a wall. Ouch it hurt so much OTL

Omg wait, not a wall! A boy!!! 

Oh wow he was a hottie! And he was holding his book in my hand. Extra hottie points because he clearly had good taste!

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. He was wearing glasses and he had messy black hair and he was so kawaii I think I was going to die just looking at him! “Could you still sign my copy?” he asked me. “I’m Yuuri, by the way.” 

I knew this was my chance. “Only if you get coffee with me, Yuuri,” I told him. 

Yuuri seemed to be caught off-guard by this question (so cute right XD of course I want to get coffee with you, Yuuri!!), but eventually he agreed.

Omg we’re going to get coffee tomorrow! Detroit was amazing so far! 

AN: Sorry this start is so slow! They will definitely get married next chapter~

*claps hands*

*breathes deeply*

it’s lily. yeah, i know i’ve been hella absent. oops. 

okay so i figured that i’d make this for the sole reason that like, aesthetic tumblr-ness is all very well and good. but it ain’t working for everyone. including me. and yeah, i know that this has 100% been done before, but i’m doing it again, and who knows? maybe you’ll learn something new. let’s do this, fam.

1. find what works for you. and hey, if that means Colour Coded Notes and Aesthetic and Bomb Lighting, then go for it. whatever works. but if that means sitting up in bed dressed in a fucking onesie drinking milk out of the carton and having a mild Stress Crisis while you’re surrounded by pages of your scribbly handwriting in cheap black biro that’s Somehow Managed To Smudge Itself All Over The Goddamn Page, so be it. this leads me into my next point:

2. when and how do you study best? are you an early bird or a night owl? do you work better in the morning or in the evening? also: what kind of clothes do you wear? pjs or trackie dacks and a huge jumper vs actual clothes that you could go out in? what kind of learner are you? visual? auditory? verbal? kinetic? hint for my fellow visual learners out there: whiteboards + flash cards + whiteboard markers for drawing up connections is the best thing since sliced bread, especially for science. but something else that’s fucking important to figure out: do you work best in random spurts or steadily? for other people like me who can’t get their lives organised and instead work when the urge hits them, i advise you that when you feel even slightly productive, or able to work, sit yo fucking ass down and work. just do it. because otherwise you won’t get anything done. if you can organise a time to work each day, then you’re doing great already and i am Highly Shook. you guys are fucking cool.

3. relationships and feelings suck. i get it. sometimes, you just catch Unwanted Feelings and there’s nothing you can do about it. please remember that it’s okay to tell them, and it’s okay to not. they’re your Unwanted Feelings, to tell or not tell whoever you wish. OBVIOUS LIFE HINT: don’t tell secrets to people that you know aren’t very good at keeping their mouths shut. it’s a recipe for disaster. also!!! don’t every blame yourself for catching Feelings. it’s not your fault - as someone once said, the heart wants what it wants. also guys, you’re in high school. you have a fuck ton of hormones going batshit crazy - this means that things probably will change as you get older, but on the same note, don’t let anyone make you feel like your Feelings are invalid. as for relationships lmao sorry can’t help you there i’m as single as a pringle that was never put into a box. but look. people are dicks. it’s human nature, and i guess the only thing i got to say is that time heals all wounds. it’ll get better, i promise, even if it takes a very very long time. and guys - if you’re in a relationship that’s hurting you, leave. nobody has the right to treat you like shit.

4. that goes for friendships too!! if you have a friend who you just don’t get along with, or makes you feel bad about yourself, or whatever. if you’re in a toxic friendship, stop talking to them. please. and if you can’t get away from them, talk to someone - a teacher, a parent, another friend, anyone. people aren’t as scary as they seem, and lots of people are willing to help, if you just ask. fuck, come talk to me and i’ll help you draft a Plan Of Attack. our inbox is always always always open and we don’t bite. i mean. we might bite the person who’s treating you like shit. depends. but please also think about it carefully? do you really want them out of your life if it’s just a spat? sometimes a simple apology without an explanation is the best thing, to just fucking move on and forgive each other. 

5. finding out who you are isn’t a one time thing, it’s a journey. i feel like this is kinda obvious, but because there are people out there who convince people that this is wrong, i’m gonna say it. discovering your sexuality/gender identity/anything else is not always a sudden moment of realisation. sometimes, it’s a long journey of self-discovery. if you’re worried because you’re thinking “oh my god, maybe i’m not ____” just…shh. shhh. it’s okay. lots of people are discovering who they are, their sexuality, their gender identity. and it’s okay to identify with something and then discover that you’re not that thing. it’s not pretending, it’s not being fake, it’s just you on a path of self-discovery. and if anyone tries to fuck with you because of your gender/sexuality, they about to catch these bi-as-fuck hands, boi. 

6. self care is important but that doesn’t always mean soaking in a bath on the weekends or buying cute pens and books - side note: retail therapy is fucking awesome. if self care means not doing any homework for a whole day and just lounging around on the couch petting your pet and drinking unreasonable amounts of orange juice, fucking do it. if self care means spending a whole day on youtube watching crack videos and rip vine compilations (i love that shit istg), do it. just do whatever you need to do to feel better - but try to steer clear of illegal shit, yeah?

7. but sometimes, we just don’t have time for self care. and that’s okay too. if you gotta pull a few all-nighters to study for exams or skip sports or whatever, it’s okay. don’t sweat it. if you gotta lie to someone because you’re terrified of losing marks, just chill out a bit. i stand by the saying that whatever my teachers/parents/coaches don’t know isn’t gonna hurt them. if they think you’re sick and you’re actually busting a lung studying for a test, it’s okay as long as they don’t find out. try not to make it a habit, obviously, but just once isn’t gonna kill you or them. on that note, it’s best not to do this too much because it can get tricky remembering what lies you’ve told which people. keep it to one or two and you’ll be fine. example: i skipped my dance class two weeks before a competition to study for a science test. i told them i had gastro (which is a great excuse, btw, it’s hella contagious and you can get over it quickly and nobody wants diarrhoea) and then when they asked me the following week how i was feeling, did i tell them “fine”? no. i told them i was feeling better. you gotta keep up pretences.

8. high school is a time to learn. sure, your marks aren’t gonna be the end of the world, but like…don’t…not try, either? it’s okay to get stressed, it’s okay to worry about school. and like i said in point 7, it’s okay to sometimes prioritise school over everything else. it’s also okay to prioritise your health, be it mental or otherwise, over school and whatever else. please don’t drive yourself into a bad place because you’re worrying about school. just…do whatever makes you be the best person you can be. in short, you do what’s best for you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

9. gather information. figure out which teachers you can fuck around with, and which teachers it’s best to keep your head down with. which classes you’re gonna have to work harder in to keep your grades where you want them to be, and which classes you can worry a little less about. 

10. don’t be a piece of shit. don’t be horrible to other people, don’t be horrible to your teachers (god knows they go through enough without you picking on them as well, i know this for a fact because i am related to a teacher), don’t bully people, use your fucking common sense. high school can be an emotional roller coaster as it is, and if you decide to make some poor person’s life hell, then you suck and i hate you. sort yourself out. stop. apologise. figure out why you’re being a horrible person and sort it out. i ain’t got any time or patience for people like you. unless you’re actively trying to fix it, in which case i have a bit more time and patience and i’m willing to help. people can change. i believe that.

so, in summary, high school can suck, but you gotta make the best of it because you will miss it, i’ve still got a term to go and i’m getting nostalgic already (side note: i live in australia, our years are a bit different, 7-10 is high school and 11-12 is college, then we go to uni). do what you want, try not to stress too much, you can deal with feelings, don’t be a horrible person and just try to enjoy it. you are a wonderful, amazing, unique person and don’t ever forget that - you can do it, whatever it may be. smile, and don’t ever be afraid to try something new or take a risk. life is short, high school is shorter, and don’t sweat the small shit.

keep your chins up and hustle hard, my chickens 💚💚

Miss Missing You - Stiles Stilinski

“Baby, you were my picket fence
I miss missing you now and then
Chlorine kissed summer skin
I miss missing you now and then”

Request:  Could you do Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy with Stiles? // from @fandomlyfeels 

Warnings: does it swear? idek. just sad i think.

A/N: oml i am so sorry this is so shit and so short and so late wow

“Stiles, what are you doing here?”

He looked a mess. His hair was wet through, matted to his forehead from the rain instead of being spiked in its usual fashion. His t-shirt clung to his torso and he shivered under it as his body temperature no-doubt dropped. It was hard to see the tears which streaked his face, but his red, puffy eyes confirmed my suspicions that he had been crying.

I could see him take in my own appearance, which I knew was not any better; I hadn’t showered in days, not changing out of the grey sweatpants that clothed my lower half. The bags under my eyes were nearly as big as his and my bare feet were now getting wet from where the boy before me had dripped rain water onto my porch.

Sighing, he finally looked me in the eyes, “C-Can I come in?”

I blinked, realising that we had been stood there for quite some time, “Yeah, sorry. You must be freezing.”

Slowly, I opened the door wider, allowing him into the house. I had repeated this action plenty of times before, but that was before everything happened. Before it happened. I closed the door gently, guiding him upstairs to my room. After muttering a quick ‘stay here’ I ran to the bathroom, hurriedly grabbing a towel off the shelf and making my way back to where I had left him.

Shutting the door carefully, I shuffled towards him and handed him the towel, “Sorry, I should have let you in earlier. Also, sorry this towel is so small. I’d give you some dry clothes but I don’t think- I mean, I can try and find-“

“Y/N,” he chuckled, softly, “It’s okay.”

I sat down on the bed, a few spaces away from him. The tension that filled the room weighed my shoulders down, although I tried to sit up straight. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was licking his lips constantly, opening and closing his mouth like he wasn’t sure how to say something. I fiddled with the sleeve of my sweater, not liking the awkwardness.

He finally spoke, “I miss you.” I bit my lip. I should’ve known this was coming. He sighed, “I really fucking miss you.”

I coughed slightly, “Stiles, I’m still here-“

“That’s not what I mean and you know it,” he cut me off. He rushed his hand through his wet hair, I habit I had picked up on. “You’re not here, not like you used to be. You’re not mine anymore.”

I stayed silent. He knew why I called it off. He knew why I wanted out. I opened my mouth to respond but he beat me to it.

“No- just- I know why you left. Okay, I know I didn’t pay enough attention to you. I kept secrets from you because I wanted to protect you, but now I know that no matter how hard I try I can’t protect you from anything in this town. I was trying to do the right thing but I was wrong. And then I yelled at you. I lost you and it was the worst thing I ever did.” He took my hand in his, “Please let me make things right.”

“Stiles,” I countered, tearing up, “Y-You broke my heart.”

He rested his forehead on mine, “Let me put it together again.”

A tear rolled down my cheek as I blinked ad he wiped it away with his thumb. I pulled back slightly, looking at him. He cupped my face in his hands and I leaned in until our lips touched for the first time in weeks.

How did I ever let him go?