i am so sorry i used taylors lyrics

Refocusing 😣

I feel a little like the media right now. Focused on my irritation with this whole ticket situation & overlooking the good…. I’m sorry about that Taylor. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re crunching numbers trying to make your dreams come true…. I am sorry.

SO. I need to remember that Taylor wrote this beautiful beautiful album for us.

She got nominated for TWO GRAMMYS! One is for a country song?! (Congrats girl! 👏🏼)

This entire era is focused on her fans & meeting us! (This. Is everything.) SHE. IS. HERE. FOR. US.

She loves us & trusts us like family! Inviting us into her home, sharing her secrets!

I get to see her in nine days! NINE DAYS?!?

These lyrics are here for me.

I mean… we’re talking about Taylor.

Bigger picture.


Imagine with the Magcon boys for Kate:


Suddenly a sharp pain shot against your left cheek. You immediately looked around trying to spot who slapped your cheek. You knew it was one of your best friends: Taylor,Cameron,Matt,Shawn,Brent,Carter,Aaron,Jack and Jack. All the guys were laughing except one. You soon spot that Taylor has his hand raised in the air, a shocked expression covers his face. ’TAYLOR YOU ASSHOLE!’ you explode at Taylor

‘I-I’m so sorry Kate I was aiming for Nash not you’

'THAT REALLY FUCKING HURT’ and with that you got up and slammed the door closed.

Nash your boyfriend turned to Taylor 'You really annoyed her then’ he said to Taylor.

Nash, bro seriously i didn’t mean it and all the guys were laughing so you know…’

'Taylor i know you didn’t mean it but,she’s really annoyed. We all need to think of a way to make her forgive us’

With that they started planning.

You stormed down the hallways and walked into the lobby area. Sitting with your arms crossed and an expression of 'I’m not impressed’ written all over your face. An hour had passed since you had stormed out and you still hand’t moved. As you were about to get up and go you saw your 9 best friends and your boyfriend Nash walking up to you.

'Kate i genuinely am so sorry and i know that you are stubborn as hell so we decided to write you a song to apologist’ Taylor said

Shawn started strumming on his guitar 'Kate you are so awesome, and we’re all really sorry. Please forgive us because we can’t live without you’ All the guys are in the background shouting compliments at you on how brilliant,beautiful,hilarious you are. Shawn then reached the end lyrics to his song'So Kate the most awesomest girl in the world, will you please forgive us as we love you so muchhhhhh’. He started to fade away the chords on his guitar when Cameron  butted in 'And also were really hungryyyyy and Nash said we can’t eat till you forgive us so forgive us pleaseeeeee’ he sung to you.

Everyone laughed,including you. Then the boys looked hopefully at you with puppy dog eyes.

'Oh shucks, Of course i forgive you guys even thought Cameron you’re using me for food’ you pointed to him.

They all laughed again and sung 'HOORAY’ as they all walked out the hotel on route to get some food.

Taylor and Nash stayed behind 'Again i’m sorry Kate love you’ and Taylor kissed on the forehead. 

'Love you too’ you said as he walked away.

'You ready Kate?’ Nash asked.

'Hell yeah let’s go get some food’

He chuckled and kissed you gently on the lips as you walked out to meet the other guys.