i am so sorry guys


Sorry guys. College is getting tough and i had a damn 20 page paper due ((in a nursing class, along with 10 other classes needing caught up)) within this week and im off to the Renaissance Fair again this weekend, and leave tomorrow, so i HAD to finish it today two days early >< So now im here for a little bit, replying to things and reblogging a few things. Im so sorry, just know i miss you guys so much and will leave replies and try to sneak on Friday through Sunday between the fair and driving :)

The Struggles Of A Curly Girl
  • I don't know about you guys but my hair attracts alot of attention. I either have someone being a smartass, being nice or curious. Thought i would share them with you. I always have some story to tell. i just vent to my bf..Maby ill start doing this on a regular basis..
  • I was at work the other day and this kid comes up to me and was like,"
  • Kid:wow nice wig.
  • Me:It's not a wig..(Frustrated grunt and face)
  • Person watching him at the time:Omg i am so sorry, that her real hair mijua.
  • Later in the day this guy comes up to me,"
  • Guy:Nice hair
  • Me:Thank you *cute little kid smile*
  • Guy:what are you? like Puerto Rican or something.
  • Me:*laughs* no.
  • Guy:what are you then?
  • Me:im Mexican and black
  • Guy:o thats cool.
  • I have a regular that comes everyday and loves my hair. I have a pic posted of us together. we both have purple hair.
  • Nancy:Your hair is so poofy today.
  • Me:*smiles that wht my bf calls me*
  • Nancy:can i touch it, it looks so soft
  • Me:*smiles feel like a cat getting pet*

I am so sorry guys but rest of the promos will be posted on monday, tuesday and wednesday! Today I wasn’t home all day and tomorrow I’m going to my therapist and psychiatrist and then I’m going to Cracov for whole weekend because it’s my bff birthday! I am so sorry once again and I hope you will forgive me :) 

ps. I had a two hour gym session today and I feel amazing right now! Beast mode on :)

  • Me while reading:Noooo! My poor sweet babies! AUTHOR, WHY MUST YOU TORMENT YOUR CHARACTERS SO?
  • Me while writing:This character has been orphaned, whipped, sentenced to death, thrown overboard by pirates, captured by enemy soldiers, near-fatally poisoned, put on trial for his life before an angry mob, tortured in front of his best friend, and thrown into prison again.
  • Me while writing:...
  • Me while writing:Let's stab him.

I was looking at some basic lore on the angel Gadreel AND  

so, basically, Gadreel is the reason other angels and humans started to develop romantic feelings for each other and subsequently frick frack


We believe in Castiel. And you.



38/∞ - stone blue suit

Hi I’m auditioning for the role of Fantine and I’ll be singing “Summer Lovin’” from Grease.