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Not Broken Just Bent (Prequel)- Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

request from anon: Can you do a poly ship, where they think the reader is cheating on them, but she isn’t so it ends in fluff? Thanks for your consideration

a/n: so i don’t think this is meant to be a ship but i will gladly do a fic with this idea! i might change plot because i had a really great idea for this fic and yes this is going to be a series. the reason this is so short is because it’s just the prequel

tw(s): car crash, hospitals

It was your three year anniversary when the car crash happened.

It took thirty minutes to realize you weren’t home yet and it took one look at the news to recognize your car which would’ve been unrecognizable had you not had it since you met them.

It took the four of them twenty minutes to get to the hospital forty five minutes away.

They walked in and identified you and the nurse took them to where you were laying.

The first one to cry was John. He had been sobbing since he saw the news, Lafayette had tears rolling down his face and Alexander was shaking due to his crying. And Hercules, Hercules was trying to be strong for them but seeing you like this destroyed him and he broke down.

“This is such a tragedy but they are going to survive this. They substained very little internal injuries, which is a miracle in itself but their ribs are bruised severely and… there is a high chance that amnesia will occur because of how hard their head was impacted because of the car.” The nurse explained.

“They won’t remember us…?” Lafayette asked, his face twisting into an expression of pain and he collapsed onto the floor, crying. Hercules looked helpless as he helped Lafayette off of the ground and just let him cry into his chest. John and Alex used each other for support and the nurse motioned them out of the room and into the waiting room.

It was four days, five hours, eleven minutes and forty nine seconds before you woke up.

Alex knew because he counted every second.

He was always by your side, telling the others that he didn’t need to sleep and if he did pass out, he was already in a hospital.

They didn’t find it funny.

But there was no convincing him to leave your side or to stop pacing or stop counting.

“Alex please just… we need you right now as well.” Lafayette begged him and Alex looked at Lafayette brokenly and Lafayette hugged him tightly. “We’ll get through this. Okay?” He said confidently. Alex wanted to ask if he even believed that.


“I… it seems so stupid now but I wanted to propose to you guys when they got home from work. And now they aren’t even going to know us.” He said and Alex looked at him, shocked.

“We would’ve been a family.”

“The amnesia- it’s not a permanent thing. We just need to get through this. We still can be a family.”

“I guess we can.”

“We just need them to-”

“Who are you?” A voice asked drowsily- your voice. They both looked at you in surprise and they expected some sort of recognition.


‘don’t cry,’ gilbert said, ‘we all become ghosts in the end.’

or, i try to shade like some of my art senpai.

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