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*Puyi changed the subject to: Geri wtf!*

*Puyi added Geri*
*Puyi added Leo*
*Puyi added Xavi*
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💬 Geri: what did I do now??
💬 Geri: I didn’t even speak to any press Puyi what even!

💬 Xavi: Puyi.. what happened??

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yell at Jon’s face when he’s holding Longclaw if you want, then. seriously. he comes alone, without guards even. and you make him disarm himself. REALLY NOW. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY HE ALONE WOULD DESTROY DRAGONSTONE.


I wonder if Midoriya knows he has this effect on his classmates now. I wonder if he knows they see him in this light.

All his life he’s been made to feel that he won’t be able to do anything of significance just because he doesn’t have a Quirk. Even now, he keeps on thinking that he needs to do a lot of catching up before he can stand on the same level as his classmates who’ve been honing their Quirks for 15 years and are amazing enough to make it to UA with their own powers. He thinks that the only reason why he’s where he’s at now is because of sheer luck and outside help.

But his classmates genuinely look up to him as well!! And it isn’t just because of his flashy Quirk!! Does he know that!!

Uraraka constantly thinks “What would Deku do?” whenever she finds herself in a pinch because she admires how he can come up ways on how to overcome messy situations. Aoyama recognizes this too, and he noticed that Uraraka thinks the same way and this leads him to ask if she’s fallen for Midoriya.

Mineta has come to respect Midoriya for his decision-making and courage to jump in a sea of enemies despite being scared enough to tremble. That scene has been ingrained in his mind and it gave him the boost he needed to get through the exam single-handedly.

Iida’s voiced out his awe on Midoriya’s ability to analyze and see the bigger picture in things, but we also get to see that it doesn’t end there. He feels inferior to Midoriya (and Todoroki and Ingenium) in terms of being a hero in general and tells himself to stand up and catch up in order not to be outpaced and left behind.

Like… yo these people genuinely look up to Midoriya, not because of his Quirk that’s very much like the No. 1 Hero’s, but because of his attitude and for his way of thinking. They look up to him for who he actually is.

Modern Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen, frequenting “Stormborn”’s Coffee, with her oversized sweaters (because winter is undoubtedly always coming).

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Friendly Competition-verse. Their first real date. Bonus points for "their first real date and how it goes horribly wrong"

Anonymous said: in the friendly competition verse: Regina and Robin’s first date in a public place, please.

Ok, I am the WORST. You guys sent this prompt in so long ago I am certain you will have completely forgotten you even sent it! I am so sorry. But, I am back from my travels now, and I’m celebrating by FINALLY posting this!! Hope you still enjoy, despite the passing of 350,000 years between then and now!

Thank you so very much to loveexpelrevolt​, who has been completely awesome and a wise and wonderful betaing superhero, even though I have been such a terrible, slack-arse flake! I’m afraid you can expect much more of the puppy dog eyes from me in the future, my love!

This is a follow-up to this.

On ff.net.

“What would you say if I said I wanted to take you on a date?” he asks her casually one afternoon, before they’ve finished catching their breath.

She looks down between them pointedly, at their naked chests, at her skirt rucked up around her waist, her sweaty thighs nestled in beside his hips. They are in his car this time, in what she hopes is a deserted parking lot, and God, she doesn’t do this, she doesn’t end up half-clothed in some guy’s messy, beat-up old Ford Falcon, grinding down on him with her teeth dug into his shoulder to muffle her cries and hopefully avoid a public indecency charge.

She looks back at him.

“I’d say you’re several steps behind. A little slow on the uptake, are you?”

He narrows his eyes at her, leans forward and lightly bites her breast in retaliation for her cheek. Her head falls back, a hum of approval falling from her lips.

“I realise this is a less than conventional point in the proceedings to be asking, but, if it wouldn’t be entirely reprehensible to you, I’d like to get to know more than just your body.”

She huffs her scorn, shifting slightly, his eyes falling shut with a grimace as he slips from within her. She settles back down on his thighs, rocking slightly, experimenting to see how quickly she can have him riled up and ready again.

“A few quickies  and you think you know my body?” she scoffs. “Please. You’re still so very much the amateur.”

His eyes spark and smoulder in that way that he does when she provokes him. He purses his lips, fixes her with a half-glare, half-smirk that she still, damn it all, finds so terribly attractive.

“Oh, is that so?” he asks, dipping his fingers between her legs where she’s still sensitive enough to jerk and gasp at his touch. It’s a full-blown smirk that greets her when she opens her eyes again. “So you’d say I have a lot to learn, then?”

The pad of his thumb is swirling in her wetness, gathering enough to slip and slide over her clit.

“Aahh! –yes!” she affirms. “You’re still – mmm – in the minor leagues.”

In one deliciously skilled finger goes, crooking at just the right angle, and oh, bless archery, she’ll never say another word against it.

He’s leaning into her neck now, sucking and biting at the join of her neck and shoulder as he alternates between fucking his fingers – two fingers, oh God – into her and sliding them out to circle her clit. Her body is still alive and thrumming from her first orgasm, this won’t take long.

“Well I’ve always been eager to improve myself,” he husks, smug, annoyingly smug, but clearly affected enough that she can overlook it. He’s stirring back to life between her thighs and she’s lunging back and forth with her hips, half involuntary, half to tease out his hard on and even the playing field.

“I don’t know what you – unh – hope to get out of it,” she says, refusing to be the first to lose track of their conversation.

The fingers thrust hard up into her then, and she can’t hold back her moan.

“What on earth do you mean?” he questions, seeming actually somewhat displeased by her statement.

“Well,” she pants, eyes closed, her head dropping onto his shoulder, “Why would you bother with the formalities when you’ve already got the privileges?”

His fingers withdraw, and she opens her eyes to scowl at him, but the expression on his face surprises her. It’s not glaring, it’s not smirking, and she doesn’t have the chance to define what it is before he’s kissing her. Deeply, thoroughly, but slower than she’s used to. Her brow is furrowed in question when he pulls back.

“Perhaps it’s possible that I consider dinner with you a privilege equally worth earning.”

Her eyes widen, but he seems to sense that she’s not especially comfortable with this line of conversation, in these close quarters, with his fingers and her thighs still wet from their passion. Without another word, he pushes his fingers back up inside her, reaches down with the other hand to attend to her clit, and within minutes she is writhing in his lap, the car filled with her groans and sighs of pleasure, rolling through her in waves until she crests with a long, blissful moan.

Her knees are cramping, but she feels softer, relaxed, a little more powerful, and a little more playful, so she folds herself sideways over his thighs, her back against the car door, taps his nose like he’s a naughty puppy.

“So, dinner, huh?”

“If that’s agreeable to you.”

“You actually want to do this?”


“You want to date me?”


“Why? I’m clearly not your type.”

He raises his eyebrows incredulously at that.

“You’re right,” he says sarcastically. “Usually I prefer to date women who are a little less devastatingly sexy. Better for the self-esteem.”

She rolls her eyes, reaches for his now-almost-fully-erect cock and flips it upwards with the pads of her fingers so it hits his belly. He oofs, and glares, grabbing her hands and trapping them with his own.

“You know what I mean. You’re all outdoorsy, one-with-nature, I-sleep-in-the-dirt-and-bathe-in-the-river wholesome man, while I’m – what was the word you used? Pretentious?”

He’s distracted, guiding her hand over his cock, curling his fingers around hers and encouraging a much kinder touch than the one she just administered.

“If you can agree to be seen in public with me, I think I can manage the same,” he says.

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Danny clipped the leash to his dog’s collar.  Nanook started pulling on the leash right away.  “No, stop.”  Danny struggled with him as he grabbed his keys and opened the door.  “Nanook, heel.”  He got the door closed and locked before heading to the park.  His husky pulled the whole way there but that was normal for the breed.

Once at the park, he started walking along the trail, Nanook pulling the whole way.  The clip on the leash broke and he took off running.  “No!  Come back!”  Nanook ran right into someone and started licking his face.  Dany caught up.  “Oh my god I am so sorry!”  HE grabbed Nanook’s collar and pulled him off.

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I recently lost my 2 year old sister and disneyland was a big part of both our lives I thought it would help me remeber her but sometimes it makes everything harder especially hearing let it go and anything toy story. Has disney ever helped you grieve a loss?

Dani: Aww sweetie. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve only lost one person who I was very close to, one of my best friends, Aimee. She loved The Little Mermaid (because she thought she looked like her) and Pocahontas. After she was killed I watched both of those movies. It made me sad at first, but then I found myself smiling. It took me back to a happy time, when we were little girls, playing and singing and not having a care in the world. So, yeah, I guess in a way it did help.