i am so sorry bro

this past year I have started saying “bro” a lot. it started out as a joke, however now it has become part of my daily vocab. it has gotten so bad that I have started saying it at work. now that would be all fine and dandy if I still worked at my old job at JCPenneys, however I am now employed as a full-time CNA at a nursing home where I told a 93 year old woman who was hitting me to “please chill out, bro”.

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I, a female specimen, think I have a crush on a straight girl. I don't know if I should cry or laugh.

I am so sorry for you bro,,, that is the worst and I know how you feel
(Do both,, cry and laugh at the same time)

*ttoba screams in delight*


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTERS! I am in heaven right now, oh my friggin’ gosh! 8u8

I’ve compiled all the answers into one post bcz it’s pretty long, haha!

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For Fuyuka

Before #020

Side Iori

For Fuyuka


We loved each other.

That’s why I had to answers her love.

The reason was because love was something most valuable in this world, it’s an irreplaceable existence.

It was something that pushed everything aside, the one and only existence that could stand above everything.

For love, I gave all my heart and soul. I had to. Only, I couldn’t realize that in this reality.

Hey, would you forgive me?

My love for you was not a lie. I gave my everything to you.

The words you said, your actions, your expressions you showed to me; smile, happiness, peace, precious, sorrow, anguish, and then despair.

I carved everything in detail on my mind. It was eternal sign never to disappear.

No matter how many people tried, they would never erase it from me. That was a definite truth.

On that time, I thought I was going to follow after you. I thought I had to follow you. If I didn’t follow you, the love between us would only end as a lie.

…… I thought.

“It is…… her memento.”

A while after you left this world, someone delivered this cross to my hands.

A cross attached to long chain. I was happy that the chain is long. Wrapping it twice around my neck, it felt really warm and good.

As I pulled the chain, I was flying toward the heaven.

As I did that, you came to my world. Yes, on that time, I could meet you after a few seconds.

But, when that arm snatching that cross away from me, I got pulled back to this world.

The one interfered said that he did that for my sake. But, that’s a lie.

As he continued to hinder my love for you, he kept telling me that it was his love for me.

——Love. Love. LOVE.

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GUESS WHOSE BACK!!! ITS BRO ANON!! I am so sorry for being gone for so long, a lot of stuff has happened so I went away from tumblr for a bit (it killed me 😭😭 ) but I'm back 😄 how you been bro? I hope you stay healthy and happy and always put yourself first 😊 love you bro and sending good vibes your way 💖 - bro anon

OH MY GOD BRO!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH 😭😭😭😭 It’s so good to talk to you again!!! Is everything okay?? Do you need anything? I’ve been okay! I missed you a lot! But yes I’m doing well! I’m taking it easy. I love you too bro 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

this is literally the best teamup i love them all so much what a good

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fuckboy status: achieved