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Hello mis amores! So recently I’ve hit 5K followers and I just wanted to do a second Follow Forever to say a big fat thank you to my mutuals and other blogs that I love for making the stay in this hellsite more bearable and for being amazing blogs and people. I wish you all have a wonderful day and now that we’re at it… HAPPY 2018!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 


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ok.. out of my friday project became a friday and saturday project XDDD
so. XD yeah here it is.3 it is not my best work but I think it is pretty cute.3 I love mysterion and the bottom scene of super craig and wonder tweek.3

thank you to @harmonyofstars for sugesting mysterion.3
and thank you to @meu-velvet for asking for the craig trapped in lava scene.3 (I am just so sorry that it became so dark:(((  in the shadows of mysterions cape:((( )

I hope you like it all.3
cya in my next post.3

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Hiya everyone! I was wondering if I could request favorite types of kisses headcanons for Shouto, Mirio, and Kirishima with a fem s/o? Thank you so much! 😊 I hope you all have a wonderful day and good luck with the search for a new mod. Take care! 💖 - SweetsAnon 🍨

Hello there sweetie! Of course you can request that! It’s such a sweet lil’ request amongst the nsfw, I think perhaps people forget we do nsfw and fluffy things and I really love some fluffy requests! So thank you so much for requesting this and I really hope you like it! Have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

I am not sorry for Miri’s 4th headcanon. It’s a joke I’ve heard all my life and I’m heckin’ sharing it!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱


🏔️ Shouto is a forehead and top of the head kinda guy!

🏔️ His lips brushing against your forehead in a show of love an affection, he can do this anywhere, any time!

🏔️ Kissing your head is his go to kiss when you need reassurance, so he keeps it for that and that alone!

🏔️ He does enjoy a nice slow, innocent kiss but that’s more for when the two of you are alone and sharing your love without making love!


🥞 Nose kisses, forehead kisses, eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, stolen kisses, basically any cute form of a kiss is his favourite!

🥞 He’s an affectionate sort of guy so it doesn’t matter where he is, if he wants to shower you in affection through the form of one of those kisses, he will.

🥞 If he had to pick an absolute favourite though, he’d probably end up picking eskimo kisses as his favourite to show you affection!

🥞 He has another favourite type of kiss but…well…they call it the Australian kiss…


🍑 He heckin’ loves cheek, forehead and neck kisses!

🍑 Since he’s very…vocal about his love for you, his kisses are quite frequent and often a surprise to you!

🍑 His favourite out of all the kisses are the neck kisses when he hugs you from behind, the lil’ squeal you let out always makes him laugh happily.

🍑 He likes kissing you in any way but those are his favourites, he’s just an affectionate sort of man!

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omg i love the playing card idea with mugman's soul! you're so frikin creative and talented!! i love your comics and i can't wait for the next one!❤️🔥(sorry this isn't really an ask lol)

haha! aww thank you so much! ;u; I am glad you all like the idea! <333 (And it’s no problem at all! xD )

I am so grateful to everyone who follows me and has helped me build this blog up to 100. I know it might not seem like much, but to me this is a lot, so THANK YOU<3 

To the friends I’ve made through this, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! Y’all are just as freaky as me and I love it!  💖
@bae-jagiya @jijagi @craftywhispersinternet @daisy-donghae @toplite @seoulofakwonjiyong @unnietop  💖  💖

To those blogs who I admire (but am too shy to interact with) you guys give me the inspiration to try and continue to better my own blog! @toptabi @thechoi-choi @ghost-oppa @tabi-ears @tabis-eyebrows @daesungindistress @forvictorymyeverything

Every blog that I follow and who follows me are honestly super important to me and I’m so happy to see you all on my dash or to see that you liked my content enough to have me on your dash!


Broken (Cheryl X reader)

Request: Imagine where fem!reader saves Cheryl after nick drugs her and is by her side as Veronica beats him up

A/N: This might hurt some people and I am so sorry. Speak up about this stuff. It might be hard but you are an important person and need justice everyone deserves. I love you all even though I dont know you guys. Stay safe everyone and remember, you are loved. Also read with caution -Lilia

My eyes search around suspiciously. I scoff once my eyes land on people laughing, smiling, acting so fake.

There is a murderer on the loose but lets have a party! Ridiculous.

“Relax Y/N. One night without crime, enjoy it. For once be a normal teen girl and not Nancy Drew.” Kevin says behind me, I flinch slightly.

“I am relaxed!” I say rolling my eyes as he hands me a glass of wine. I chuckle at the fact that the sheriff’s son is handing me wine even though I am underaged.

I sip the wine trying my best to not show my shaking hand.

“Oh stop lying. Loosen up and chit chat with all the boys that are clearly watching for Ms. Perfect to finally let down her guard.” Kevin says and I turn to see a small crowd of boys.

“What they want is for me to let down my pants. Not guard.” I say rolling my eyes.

“All I am saying is that for one night you can act normally. Everything is normal. And my dads here if it isnt.” He tries to reassure me but I cant help add a snarky comment.

“Oh yeah! He did solve Jasons case! Oh wait, that was us!” I say sipping more of my wine and Kevin just rolls his eyes, smiling, and walking towards the crowd of boys.

I close my eyes and steady my hands. I breathe slowly in and out. I paint my face with a smile hoping to “fake it till I make it”.

I smile at the pussycats as they perform and Veronica winks at me. She seems happy that I am finally relaxing and I just roll my eyes.

“I can relax. I am the most relaxed person ever.” I mutter to myself.

“Are you okay?” I hear a low voice say. I turn to look at Nick St.Clair with an obvious tipsy Cheryl Blossom. I roll my eyes at the sight.

He carries her to a hallway and I can’t help but slowly follow. Before I enter the hallway I stop myself. ‘its nothing, shes fine.’ I think to myself over and over.

‘shes Cheryl Blossom, shes fine.’

I take a quick look in the hallway and see them enter a room. ‘He wouldn’t.’

But I cannot take those chances. I poor out my wine and follow them, frustrated. Veronica steps down from their little performance after they finish and she asks me what I am doing.


I walk towards the room and she follows. She grabs the room key from a pocket of a coat and opens the door.

Suddenly 'nothing’ turned into me punching Nick St.Clair in the face. He falls to the ground and Veronica kicks him. The pussycats rush in and all follow Veronica’s lead in beating up Nick.

I look at Cheryl on the bed passed out. The girl who a couple days ago was insulting me and was loud and bombshell like is now in a Vulnarable state. One look at her and I put my heel right where the sun doesnt shine and Nick groans.

I rush to Cheryl checking to see if he successfully assaulted her. Shes fully clothed and I sigh in relief. He tried to violate her which is terrible, but luckily we came before he could.

“Cheryl, Cher?” I shake her slightly and she just groans. I put her in my arms and my eyes tear up at the look of her. I watch as the pussycats beat up Nick while I hold and unconscious Cheryl in my arms. I put my chin on her head. As I keep staring at Nick I find myself holding Cheryl tighter. Even though he can’t hurt her now I still hold her tight, as if it would make her safer.

Soon enough the pussycats finish.

“How could he do this to her?”

“Poor Cheryl.”

“I swear I will-”

I cut off Veronica.

“He will get what he deserves. But for now we can’t focus on him. We have to focus on Cheryl.” I move the hair out of her face.

After some convincing, me and the pussycats carry Cheryl into my car and I thank them. I drive to my house. Once we get there I attempt to carry her in, but I struggle.

“Worse knight in shining armor ever.” Cheryl says rubbing her eyes. I don’t respond, I just help her walk inside. I set her on my couch.

I leave her in there as I make some cup of noodle and hot chocolate. I put a blanket in the dryer before I begin to make food. Once the food is done I jog upstairs and grab some of my pajamas.

I head down stair to see her in tears, mascara running down her face. I walk down and sit next to her. “Cheryl?”

“H-he tried to…oh god.” She says sobbing, obviously the reality of the situation just hit her.

I pull her into a hug and she cries on my shoulder for a while. “We will get justice.” I assure her and she mutters good.

“I want him in jail. For years.” She says laying her head on my shoulder.

“He will.” I say putting my hand in a fist.

After a while I turn on the shower for her and grab a towel and the pajamas.

“Take a shower and then you could eat. I’m guessing you want to stay here for tonight? If not thats fine too-”

“I’ll stay. I can’t go home and face my mother.” She says not looking me in the eyes. She takes the towel and pajamas as she walks in the shower. I sigh and set up the cup of noodle and hot chocolate on the coffee table in the front room.

After a while she comes out with wet hair. I smile at her and point at the food on the coffee chair. She sits on the couch with a plain expression.

I grab the blanket from the dryer. I set it next to her and she mutter a plain thanks. I grab my hair dryer and brush from my bathroom. I tell her to scoot up and I sit behind her and turn on the hair dryer. I dry her hair and brush through it and she as she eat. I finish drying her hair and she mutters another thanks.

“Don’t pretend with me. Cry, scream, be angry at how wrong he was! Let it out Cheryl.”

“I am not nothing! I am not an object he could just use! I am not an object.” She says angry. I know she’s letting out her anger and I smile at her.

“He can’t do that, especially to me. How could he think that, that is okay! He deserves nothing! For treating me like nothing!” She goes on and tears form in mine and her eyes. After a couple more minutes of ranting I grab her into me. I hold her tightly while she just lays there.

And its okay. This girl in my arms is so broken, and I am holding her tightly not afraid to be cut on her pieces.

Thank You!

So because of @purgatory-jar ‘s livestreams, I have gained a lot of followers AND new friends here on tumblr. I really want to thank you a lot because you are all so very lovely and I still can’t believe that a sentence like: Look at this tood ghick with a cookie butt makes sense. 

Special thanks to:

@deanscasanova , @purgatory-jar@whelvenwings (aka jar jar wings, it will never die ELENA you brought it on yourself), @elnawen@saawek@captainhaterade@skydark and aaallll the others that I am sorry I am forgetting now. You know who you are. You guys are all such sweethearts and you honestly make me smile and laugh so much during the livestreams, my depressed little self can’t handle it.


@dzrkrose for being a real life angel; helping and making it possible for me to maybe go to jibcon next year. Much love for you

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So thank you for the 50+ followers I have on here now! I know that’s not many, but for me, it is because imagining a bit over 50 people in one room is like..woah. I love all of you!

I am now done with my Oscar speech. Farewell, may the force be with you.

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Theo sent me! Any good blog recommendations?

Sure! Here are some good blogs who I love and don’t ship…THAT ship. You know the one. (Sorry for tagging all of you, anon wanted some recs!)

@forestwater87, @dadvidismycanonheadcanon, @gaybriel-quinn, @itsnotadog, @that-one-strange-geek, @kuzann, @pokemon22551, @winterwithers, @campcampman, @simple-an-clean, @ghostyarts, @campeyyydiem, @miss-lee-lee-fan, @doritofalls, @cutemaxpics

Obviously I can’t get ALL of the blogs I love (and if I missed you, I am so sorry!) but they’re all cool people. Also not to promote my own ego, but all the people who’s posts are reblogged to @dadvidappreciationweek are checked to make sure they don’t ship…that before their stuff’s posted to it. So they’re all completely wonderful in my book!

Don’t worry! haha

I have other prompts filled, I swear not just the Yama-chan one lol You guys gave me some of the most amazing prompts EVER yesterday and I loved them all! I haven’t had a chance to check any of them, but as soon as I do I’ll post them! I am off and home today so should be able to get them up for you sometime today! 

Thanks so much for such fun and cute and adorable and precious prompts you all! I LOVED them all! If you didn’t get to submit one, feel free to send it in! I’m still working on them today!

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So, for this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for Q (which, I'm aware you likely don't care. Lol) and Jolie. There's no doubt in my heart that y'all are absolutely amazing!! I'm thankful to Q for being himself (Loyalty to those he cares for and his merciless replies to many anon's, in particular). And Jolie, I'm thankful to you and your imagination! Really... You and your works (images and fanfics alike) have gotten me through a rough few months. (1/2)

Aw, thanks so much, hun! And of course I care! Everyone’s love for my terrible troll son gives me such joy, you have no idea TwT

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time of late, but I am glad if stories/art were able to help you get through it in some small way. We all have those times and all we can do is soldier on, so kudos to you for doing just that in the face of whatever adversity it is you’re facing in your life.

Here’s to things looking up for you again real soon, if they haven’t already, kid

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congratulations on 6.3k!! i love how #sof your theme is and i'm hoping pinof 9 is just as sof tbh

aw thanks!!! so am i it’s gonna be great

url: sorry i don’t get it! / nice!! / uuu snazzy! / how did you get this??? / this deserves a place in the hall of phame

icon: selfie- honestly?? you’re too cute / whomst is that? / heck i love it!! / where did you get this i’m stealing it / i want 10 of those

mobile theme: lil bland but i like it! / coolerino / so nice!! / ICONIC! / the color scheme/aesthetic is too amazing / excuse me while i recover from all that beauty

desktop theme: default / i love it sm!! / dan’s passion for graphic design is quaking / how do you even do this give me lessons

content: not rlly my thing / bit of a mess but nice! / A Good Content™ / 10/10 / i would and probably will reblog all your posts / no original content but i’m in love with your reblog choices

following: no sorry!! / now i am! / of course / HELL YES / if i ever unfollow someone defo hacked me / we’re mutuals and we’ll be mutuals until the day i die

comment: your url (and entire blog really) is my new favorite thing ESPECIALLY your theme omg 

rating: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

i’m doing blogrates!


Just for fun here’s another! This pose was actually the first that came to mind when imagining anthro Bayou and honestly idk where the heck this came from but I like it. Also bonus fun panel because uhhhhhhhhhh
I blame cookiecryptid for their ungodly art skills inspiring me i stg you deserve all the love you are so good


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉