he’s always been a stickler for rules, && while he’s technically allowed to have his phone on ( and off airplane mode ) when he’s flying, he’s always made a habit of turning his phone completely OFF, opting to either catch up on a good book or watching another documentary instead. with his travel schedule ( between going back to samwell, visiting his parents, and traveling for games ), he’s gone through quite a bit of both in the last few months.

there’s a bit of a downpour, but that doesn’t dim his excitement over the fact that they just WON ANOTHER GAME, and he had scored another goal – another chance to redeem himself after their loss with the aces. he turns his phone on, only to see a black screen, lit up with MISSED CALLS – BITTLE ( 8 ), and more recently, a VOICEMAIL ( 1 ). the possibilities are endless ;; did someone get hurt at practice or something? did something happen to eric? to his family? to shitty? or lardo? or any of the tadpoles or frogs? 

he decides to listen to the voicemail first, hoping that his boyfriend’s voicemail will give him some sort of explanation as to why there are 8 missed calls. he hears eric’s ‘ HI HONEY ’, a greeting that he’s heard so many times before, but rarely with an accompanied sniff afterwards, and decides to skip getting his suitcase. surely, someone ( tater, most likely ) will grab it for him, and if not, he can always come back for it another day.

there are days where he hates the distance from providence to samwell, and there are days where he HATES it. today is one of those days; at this time of night, he could leave right now and arrive at the haus in about 40 minutes ( 30, if he sped a little bit ). the voicemail is interrupted yet again with another call from bitty, telling him this time to ignore the voicemail ( which only alarms him even more, if he’s being completely honest )

but not so much as the ‘ CAN WE TALK ’ does. he puts his seatbelt on, and starts speeding to providence, hoping that he won’t be pulled over. 

   —— yes, of course. i’ll be home in about forty minutes. can it wait until then?

it’s just him and the rain ( which, in any other situation, would be  c a l m i n g  for him ) for those agonizing thirty three minutes – the only music in his car is beyoncé, and it’s probably not the best idea to listen to beyoncé right now ;; he has to focus on getting to the haus as soon as he can, and in one piece. 

he parks his car like he has so many times before, and runs up the familiar path to the haus, dialing bitty’s number as he does so – he still has a key to the haus, and he lets himself in, up the stairs, and in front of bitty’s closed door. 

   —— hi. 


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