i am so sore today

  • Victor: Ugh, god, Yuuri, I am SO SORE from last night!
  • Yuuri: Oh yeah, last night was CRAZY.
  • Victor: Gosh, I wonder what his problem is. We were only talking about our hot yoga session last night.
  • Yuuri: Hmm... Maybe he misunderstood us.
  • Victor: You're probably right. I bet he thinks we're shaming him for not exercising as much as us.
  • Yuuri: Yeah.

hey there hi there! i won’t be around to be IC/do things until friday/saturday, but i still want to do things at some point this week (work may be killing me yet the muse is so strong?) so like this for a small thing and i’ll whip something up for you when i’ve got the time and am not totally exhausted!

this blog is becoming the chronicle of my descent into madness.

or at the very least, into gem shipping hell.

I have lived in my house for almost 7 years now and I have only really talked to my next door neighbor maybe twice. And the rest of the time its a friendly wave in passing here and there.

Well on Saturday before the wedding I was getting my mail and he was as well and we got to talking about this row of arborvitae that line the space between our two driveways. The top photo is 7 years old so you can imagine that had grown much taller since this was taken and it made backing down my driveway a challenge as you could not see if anyone was walking/riding bikes etc and you were about to back into them.

So one of the shrubs had died over the winter and I told him I have not cut it down/out yet as I wasnt sure the best way to remove it or what to do with the gap it would cause. I then mentioned I have no idea if those are his/mine/ours?

He said he did not know either but would love to just get rid of them. And I jumped on that chance and said I would too! I told him I had the wedding to head off to that afternoon but would be out there on Sunday. Not 30 mins later he and his son started the process and got about 4 of them down.

So yesterday I went and made purchase I have wanted to make for a while (chainsaw) and got out there and he came right out and we each had our role and we knocked out all of them with such teamwork. Getting a chance to talk more and get to know each other after all of these years.

The result leaves it wide open, makes me feel like I am part of the neighborhood brightens everything up and I could not be more pleased that a trip to the mail box would end up with such a highly productive day.

This morning when my alarm went off to hit up kickboxing, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck as we were out there for 5 hours non-stop yesterday and everything is sore from holding yourself in odd angles cutting out stumps etc. So I reset my alarm and went back to sleep making today the REST day I did not get yesterday. Best.Decision.Ever!

For those of you who didn’t see it already, go on my profile and look at the photo of the foam roller I posted today and read the caption 👌👌 I am SO sore from my gym workout yesterday hahaha I REALLY don’t want to roll over this pain 😭😭😭 but I will 😈😈 MUSCLE SORENESS, BE GONE!!! Foam rollers available on my website under ‘equipment’ ☺️ www.kaylaitsines.com/guides

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There is a good chance that I am crying right now to see that I have a first class upgrade home tomorrow!!

I am pretty sore and achy today so will appreciate the extra space, room and comfort of first-class!!!

And also pictured is probably the strangest post marathon breakfast ever… A large glass of Nuun, hard-boiled eggs, some Havarti and roast beef with a banana!! I know it probably looks and sounds weird but it’s what my body is craving…

Shockingly, after 26.2 miles on the course plus about a mile and a half walk to the T station {seriously, btw, that walk was bullshit} I wasn’t all that hungry. My post marathon meal included two toasted coconut martinis, some calamari and a gourmet burger that I split {yes split} with my sweetie!

But I am sure that I will eat ALL OF THE THINGS today!!!