i am so so sorry this is the dumbest thing ive ever done

i wrote this at 9am having gotten 3 hrs of sleep and it’s the dumbest shit ive ever written lmao im sorry and enjoy 

The day Cas walked into the bunker’s kitchen wearing nothing but boxers was the day Dean finally lost his sanity.

 It was no later than 7am on a Saturday, but Dean couldn’t sleep so he’d gone to make coffee, awaiting Sam’s early rise for his jog. 

 With his back to the door, Dean browsed their boxes of Keurig cups. 

 "Hello, Dean.“ Dean jumped at the sound, his Nantucket Blend k-cup flying out of his hand and across the counter. 

“Jesus, Cas,” he groaned, turning around. “You can’t just-” They made eye contact briefly before Dean’s eyes inevitably flicked down to Cas’ lower half.

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