i am so so sorry about reposting this!


Art Trade with @papayapart

I am so so sorry this took me so long to make, wow. If I’m being 100% honest, I started off pretty good, then procrastinated a bit and forgot about it for a while, but I remembered to upload it today and here we are! Anyways, I hope you like it! And again, I’m sorry I took 800 years. 

Please Do Not Edit/Repost, Thanks!


inspired from that one fic by @slaygoldponyboy

This has been sitting in my folder for like 3 days because I got so flustered about drawing it that i wasn’’t sure if I should post it or not because it’s honestly so intimate and I’m rambling i’m sorry here you go

“I’ll never lie to you about anything.”

“I might lie to you!”

It’s 3 am so sorry about RIku’s hands doing whatever they’re doing, but gdi Riku I know cutting your hair was symbolic but your messy sheepdog hair was so good too 😭

also sorry abt my handwriting omg my tablet handwriting is garbage! the little text near the bottom says “But you look like a handsome sheepdog!!!”

Don’t repost or use without proper credit. Ask first, please.


Just need to YET AGAIN make a public announcement and warning about a gif thief @just-some-teen-hipster

I’m so tired of dealing with rude reposters over and over again. Let me tell you how I always approach when I see my gifs reposted. Like THIS, a nice message asking them nicely to remove my gifs. Because I don’t believe in approaching a problem with rage.  

Many people are nice and say they’re sorry and remove it. But yet too often, what do I get? People telling me I am being rude. Also in this common case A BLOCKING so I can’t send message and the post is still up on their blog! And it’s not only my gifs in this post http://just-some-teen-hipster.tumblr.com/post/158137542855/i-love-gotham

You are so damn disrespectful! I can’t say enough times how much time and effort gif making takes. Gifs just doesn’t fall from the sky for free use! I’m gonna promote this amazing post again for people who don’t understand gif making: http://thepunisher.tumblr.com/post/145622378333/gifs-are-not-witchcraft

Well I have reported you now since I can’t write to you and you seem to think blocking me will solve your ”problem”. Well it won’t. Please don’t reblog from this person!


the drawing that jumin with the tattoos has problem, so I deleted it.
if you already reposted it, I ask to take down.
I will reupload modified drawing soon-!
thank you for reading
and if you feel bad about that tattoos, I am so sorry. I am so ignorant. I hope you feel getting better

SO I CAN MAKE THESE NOW! i am magic lololol

IM 28 MINUTES LATE IM SO SORRY BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE MCCLAIN! ILYSM you’re the most precious sea-boy ever. I honestly should write a song about you cuz you’re awesome but I don’ts got the times for that. THIS IS MY PRESENT FOR YOU!

Please do not repost! If you are going to at all, please give credit.

(Lastly please do not start sending requests for these. I am currently not taking requests of any kind, I have a lot on my plate)


If you’re subscribed to me on AO3 you are currently getting buried in notifications. I am reposting The Mountains Are The Same as a single chaptered story to make it easy and convenient to download for ereaders. (it will be backdated so it doesn’t show up at the front of the fandom listing)

I wish there was a ‘don’t notify subscribers’ option.


Draco and Hermione’s First Meeting (The Ones Who Heard)

So, because I fail at life I posted this over on my author page @littlemisseighty-sixed (My strict fan fiction blog) instead of over here 💀💀💀 So I am reposting it here… Sorry I am so horrible 😂💀😭

Hi, guys! So, it has been about a *week???* Since this beautiful piece was done and I am sooooo sorry it has taken me this long to post it 💀💀💀 Work, school preparation, and these two writing fests I have gotten myself into have been sucking the life out of me. Anyways!!! This gorgeous piece was done by @lastbornslytherin and I couldn’t be happier! Look at her outfit! And the wand behind his ear! Ahhh so much detail, she is fantastic!!! If you don’t know what this is from, here is the scene below. ♥️♥️♥️ ***Also check the artist out? She takes commissions currently! ♥️✨***

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anonymous asked:

Awhile back I reposted your art and I am so so sorry! I deleted it since then and I realized I should have asked first. I am so so sorry and I feel terrible if I even think about it. I never meant to hurt your feelings or anyone else's in that matter. That is your hard work and I should have never reposted it with out permission.

It’s a good thing that you can finally realized it. (idk if it sound too harsh or not since English is not my first language… sorry. I hope to talk with peace)

(I can read but to form a good sentence with a correct grammar is a no no.)

May be I felt hurt but I’m annoyed more. You should have ask before you took someone else works. It’s not that hard. If you ask nicely… I will give you the permission to post it anyway. But I never receive any message from some of Instagram account. (I appreciate everyone who had asked me, here. though)

funny things I saw from those IG account is some people asking for more of my Altean!Lance comic. HAHA If this continue… I have an accuse not to continue it.(now this remind me of my lost folder last month…. my part 9 *ugly sobbing*)

I hope people can finally realize that it’s bad to repost someone else works. and stop doing that. Asking/without asking permission. You should respect the owner. You should appreciate their work and support by like/reblog/share/retweet only. Not repost. 

I grew up in the society that you CAN NOT share/repost or the owner will close their blog/ID. And no one would want that, right?

maybe I’m too kind. but I don’t think my works are that good to do something like that. so please continue to appreciate my works. (oh… DO YOU??? Or you just repost everything?????? lol) 


another thing…. I started my junior year now! I hope I can be here……… and not dying from my new project. 


I said “PLZ Don’t re-post, use my picture”

However, I found my drawings that were re-posted (ex. instagram, pinterest, we heart it and so on)

Why did you re-post without my permission?

Although you wrote credit, that’s not right because I don’t allow to re-post at all

Whenever I see this NON-Copyright Consciousness,

I feel so sorry some kind people who asked my permission.

Yes, some great artists may allow re-post or don’t care re-post 

But I am NOT though I am an amateur artist.

Please stop doing such a thing 

Thank you for reading

Sincerely Yours, Eori-namo

p.s. I don’t care about saving my drawings on your personal phone or PC bg

I am sorry

There are a few things i want to apolegise for

1. My shit english

2. My absence from tumbler and kik the past week or so.

3. Not thanking everyone in person.

So my absence from tumbler and kik is not quiet over yet, the screen on my phone shatterd on a trip i had with school, that is the one i used primererly to thank everyone, post and repost. I am working on a new phone already but it will be a bit before i get it.

I so badly want to tha nk everyone in person, but couse tumblr is a bit of a pain in the ass I am onlu allowed to thank about 20 people before I am no longer allowed to. Every single on of you that followes me deserve to be thanked, it meens so much to me that you guys and girls(Hope there are some of you out there) are still following me, and growing.

I am sorry for it all, and I love you all. If i missed your follow and did not get a thanks from me, maybe you could send me a messege so i can thank you? I would love to just chat a little as well.

See ypou people later :) Have a fantastic day.


Daiya no A’ s pitchers- classified by role, style and core offering (Part I)  

Power pitcher, Ace pitcher, Curveball pitcher 

Stupid pitcher 

Setup pitcher, Control pitcher, Relief pitcher 

So… I’m 9 people away from 600 followers….

I still can’t believe how big this blog has got…. all I do is repost FFXV stuff (over and over again considering we have no new content *salty side-eye to Square*) and occasionally talk about Resident Evil - my other gaming love.

Thank you so so much!!!

I am aware that I’ve wrote *direct quote from a couple of people* “too many fics” but I enjoy doing it and as long as you guys like them too, then I’ll do my best to keep going until we’ve squeezed all the juice out of this fandom and moved on to another one

….. Sorry. I just still can’t believe it!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so tir ed

anonymous asked:

Hey, you know that video you just reblogged about some book of life work being reposted on Pinterest, well I was one of the people that did it, I was 13 and hadn't had any knowledge of things like that so I thought that hitting the share button on someone's Deviantart was ok. I honestly don't know what I can do because I know it's been spread around, but I'll do whatever I can and I am truly sorry about it, i love your work and I don't want it to end up stolen

OK. So take it down. All of the art that isn’t yours, if you please.

anonymous asked:

Hi babe, I was sorry to hear that people have reposted your work without your permission. You are an extraordinary writer, and it makes me so upset that people have done this to you. I hope you continue to write and if you decide to make your tumblr private, I am in complete support of you!

Thank you, angel. This means a lot to me, honestly. Thank you for the support and thanks for hanging around here. Big hugs. xx

So I know you’d like to keep writing but you’re afraid of theft so I did some research and I think since you already disabled right click on your account maybe you could occasionally take a snippet of your work and paste it into google search to see if it was plagiarized and go from there. I know it can suck to have your writing stolen, It used to happen to me. Also, maybe there could be a way to copyright your blog or anything you write, I’m not sure if that’s a thing but it could be

Yeah, honestly taking snippets and searching is my next step. It gets trickier after that point for a few reasons. 1) They can adapt it/swap out names for other people (this has happened to a few friends of mine, and recently, too), which can make it trickier to find depending on what they’ve changed. 2) Apparently translation is a thing, which… yikes. Yikes, yikes, yikes…. I speak two languages but I only ever read in one (usually) and on one platform (Tumblr). 3) Right click is disabled on desktop, but there are still two ways to work around that and they’re pretty easy… I won’t say that here in case people aren’t aware of it (although I’d bet anybody super hellbent on it already knows how to do that), so it’s a partial fix, but it’s just that: partial. 

Regarding copyright, @imagine-that-one-thing mentioned this and has done it for their stuff, I believe, but I think they also had trouble somewhat recently despite this? There’s also an issue with WattPad (for me), because when you file a DMCA with them you’ve got to provide all your full legal information - totally fine, except for the part where they say the information MAY be shared with the person the claim is being filed against. That puts me in a bit of a bind seeing as how I do try hard to stay relatively anonymous for privacy and safety reasons. So, I’m keeping all these pieces in mind as I mull things over. Thank you for bringing them up - I do appreciate the discussion and the bouncing of ideas back and forth. xx

If you were to decide to privately hand out the links to your writing in the future how would we know when you’ve written and would you give it to just anyone who asks or would we have to know you well enough. I really like your writing

Yeah, this is another part of the issue. I obviously wouldn’t be able to hand out the link and password (in the case of a private blog) willy nilly, because that would defeat the purpose of having a system in place, but at the same time it could get tedious to hand it out, and still others really might not feel comfortable coming off anon/might not have Tumblr accounts. That’s part of the reason why this sort of idea is flawed and I’m unsure it would really work. Private posts would be an issue for the same reason. *sigh* But thank you for bringing it up, love. And thank you for saying you like my writing. xx

i haven’t been on here in a while and from the last time i was you said your work was getting stolen. if you don mind me asking, did you ever get that person to take it down or was able to report it in some kind of way?

The person who I was most concerned as I was having THE MOST difficult time with either took it down themselves or had the chapter reported enough by people after I mentioned their username in an ask here. That was a big relief. There were, however, a solid number of others reposting in that wave that they were a part of, and it was the fourth wave in 9 months or so at the time. The fact that it’s apparently such a big issue (search “Tumblr smut” on WattPad and you’ll find… so much…) was new information to me, so while I *think* it’s been taken care of for now… I can’t really say that everything is taken down. Thanks for asking, love. xx