i am so so so sorry

I am incredibly sorry….

I am sorry for scaring you all, I am sorry for my long-ass rant in twitter, I am sorry for making such a big mess about it but I really care about this blog.

As I said there, this is been a place to share cheerfulness, to make people less a lil less bad, to support, to make laugh, to share my interests…

I don’t know why my account was deleted, but I think it was you guy’s posts on the matter that helped the most, so again, I need to thank you all!

Thanks for being here for me every time, and thanks you for helping me on this! I am calming down a lil, but you guys warm my gooey heart!

This didn’t last more than a day, I think, but I really wanna thank you all again and again, I feel it was the spread that helped here.

*rubs temples* prefering the concept art of Mercy to the actual Mercy we got isn’t mysoginy

honestly? person of color depicted as the embodiment of kindness>white chick depicted as the embodiment of kindness ANY TIME suck my ass

Am I writing a yummy-inspired Barisi episode tag for 19x03, which also incorporates Season 18′s fighting as well as the Season 17 finale, thus fanwanking explaining the last few years of Sonny and Rafael’s relationship?

You bet :D

(me @ myself when it comes to Barba’s death threats:)

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Am I also totally sick, and a teensy bit nauseous, and practically too dizzy to type?

Hell yeah D:

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Don't be mad at me, but fuck/marry/kill: Javi, Whiskey, Oberyn fucking Martell🤓

Alright, this might become a giant shitpost so I apologize in advance but this is your fault beautiful anon. So… I will base my answers on;

  • Personality
  • Profession
  • Knowledge 
  • Connections
  • Health
  • Environment/Location

Fuck: So here’s the thing, all three of them seem passionate in the bedroom, Javi would treat me like a woman and respect me, be total GGG (giving, good and game) He’s done it a lot of times before which makes him skilled in the field. It’s just that women he usually sleep with die so that’s a downside. Him being a DEA agent would mean we can do roleplay with his handcuffs and gun and I am game for it if he wants to.
But then there’s Whiskey who is a statesman who I would definitely ride and save a horse and I bet we’d also play around on a horse cause I have no doubt that he can ride it like a pro. He doesn’t seem to be active after his high school sweetheart’s death and even though he seems devoted and true to a woman, he honestly seems to have a lot of baggage. Though he would probably be a little rough in bed (but not a psychopath) and get it done but still be caring and tend to me before and after. Also a lasso and a whip, hello!?
Then there’s Oberyn, dear lord. He would treat me like the queen I am and be a skilled, talented lover, show me an eagerness to listen, an ability to take direction and criticism without taking it personally. He’d pay attention to my pleasure and we’d probably have a great time. Also with us both being bisexual we’d have others join in. He’s a prince for god’s sake, he has all the knowledge in the world when it comes to sex. 
I will pick… Javier to fuck.

Marry: So Javier doesn’t seem like the type of man who settle or marries, he’s a very reserved, almost reclusive man, a workaholic and at times a person who would put too much at risk. If he really wanted to marry me I am sure he’d get comfortable enough to let me in eventually and I am sure he’d be a great father. He has a stable income but also he could die anytime and that’s not very assuring. I’d also probably live with him in Colombia and I’d be forced to wait at home while he travels around I am not sure I would be up for that. He smokes like a chimney, drinks a whole lot and that’s not good for you. 
Whiskey as I said earlier has a lot of baggage from his past marriage but that’s the thing too, he’s been married. Even to his high school sweetheart. He had a long and serious relationship with her and was about to become a father. He’s definitely a family man and would treat me as his wife, very very well. He must earn one hell of a living working as a statesman so we’d never have to worry about that, unless he go and get himself killed that is. He drinks, obviously, his name is f*cking Whiskey, though I don’t think he’s abusing the privilege because of it. We’d live in America, either New York or Kentucky and if it is the latter, then I would say pass cause I am as far away from a farmer’s girl as you could come.
Oberyn is of high status and I am not saying I am a gold digger but it’s always a positive thing. Even if he enjoys sex and f*cks people left and right - I would be his actual wife and he would treat me accordingly and we’d have sex a lot, with a lot and I am always up for that. We’d have children, since he had six girls in got and wrote them poems and raised them with care, so we’d raise them in Sunspear, Dorne which means a lot of tanning, swimming and just walking around the beautiful place together. He’s traveling a lot too though the GRRM world seems neat and I would love to come with my mans to see it. 
I will pick… Oberyn to marry.

Kill: This means that i’d have to kill Whiskey, even though I don’t want to.

There we are, a massive rant on a hard choice. I think I dug myself a hole that is too deep for me all I can think about now is how I would want mine and Oberyn’s wedding to be like, and what it is like to get fucked into the mattress by Javi… and ways to keep Lasso Daddy safe from ANY harm. Thank you anon, thank you for this.

Send me three characters and I’ll choose who to fuck/marry/kill

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you may get requests like this all the time, firstly would you mind doing some tentoo and rose art, maybe with him tinkering with the tardis coral or something- maybe even just the two of them being the dorks they are. Secondly a little what if the doctor instead of regenerating as he will into number 13, insted regenerated into Rose

three months in, he thinks he’s starting to get used to it all–the casual brush of her hand against his, the way she smiles from across the room, the way she delivers her kisses, freely, like candy, soft and sugary and sweet, and this treacherous human body no longer blushes every time she so much as glances in his direction. but he still catches her, sometimes, looking at him like he’s some sort of miracle (he’s not, he insists, and she just laughs), and more often than not, that look is followed by an immediate and urgent kiss, the kind that knocks his glasses askew and takes his breath away 

(maybe he’ll never quite get used to it all–maybe that isn’t such a bad thing)

(and a bonus pic of the warm-up sketch in celebration of inktober!)

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Hi! I'm sorry you had a terrible day! I'm going to be a nuisance to try and take your mind off it if that's okay? For the BTS asks, I've got a few I'm curious about: 3,8,11,16,18,19 and 44! Sorry that there's so many (and for all the exclamation points), MUCH LOVE TO YOU AND I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON ❤❤❤

ahh you’re so sweet i’m crying, thank you honey 💞 also prepare for a lonnnng post because I have so much to say whoops 

3. Has Bangtan influenced your life in any other way?

well they kinda made me aware of how many stupid stereotypes and prejudices are there about Eastern countries. because every time I show a pic of them to my parents or friends they’re all like “they look like girls” or “they look so gay” (the worst thing about this is that they say it like it’s a bad thing like, sO WHAT IF THEY ACTUALLY WANTED TO LOOK LIKE GIRLS OR THEY WERE GAYS WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THAT) or “they’re all the same” (honestly this one specially makes my blood boil) or whenever I’m listening to them and they start mocking them or trying to find where does it seem like they’re saying something in our language. and since we’re not from the United States or any English speaking country, WE DON’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH, but ohhhh no, it’s perfectly good to listen to music in English, or watch movies/tv shows in English and that is perfectly acceptable EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT OUR CULTURE OR OUR LANGUAGE AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE DON’T ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND SHIT, but hey no, that’s perfectly okay, but the minute you listen to something in Korean or watch a k-drama suddenly “ah but you can’t even understand what they’re saying”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? without subtitles you wouldn’t understand American shows either????? so that’s honestly baffling for me like, it’s literally the same situation with American/English tv shows/music and Korean. But as they look a bit different or their culture is significantly different (because American culture is also different from ours but hey whO CARES ABOUT THAT RIGHT?) suddenly it’s a reason to mock them? ugh I’m sorry for ranting but this is something that has been bugging me for a long time and I’m so mad at the fact that my friends can’t understand this. Also they’ve made me quite interested in their language, like deeply, truly interested in it. I find it so beautiful and intriguing (and fucking hard but heyy), like I honestly did a lot of research on it and it has also an interesting history and akjhsaks i’m starting a Korean course actually so yeah they’ve had quite an influence in my life and I’m grateful for that 

8. Which Cypher part do you like best?

Cypher part 3 holds a special place in my heart, whenever I need a confidence boost I just blast it and bOOm magic happens 

11. Is there any BTS song that has a special meaning for you?

2!3! is honestly a song that makes me so emotional and the lyrics just go straight to my heart every time and I don’t wanna tell you my boring life story but like there was a time where I desperately needed to hope for better days and those days have finally came and I’m happy now but this song makes me think about the past and see how far I’ve come and I really like it 

16. What is your favorite hair color for each member?

okay listen to me bLONDE JIN SAVED MY LIFE IN SO MANY LEVELS, I didn’t even have to think a bit about this one. like yeah we all agree that black-haired Jin is a masterpiece but blonde Jin makes me feel ~ things ~ and has a special place in my life and that’s the end of it. And then we have Min fucking Yoongi who slays literally every hair color in this universe but besides the Agust D look who had me shaking and bias wrecked until this day, probably black haired Yoongi was my favourite? fuck it he could be bald and still be my #1 bias wrecker. SO THEN COMES MY ONE AND ONLY BABY BOY HOSEOK, LIKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START WITH HIM, HE’S AN ANGEL HE LOOKS GOOD WITH ANY HAIR COLOR. but probably brown-haired Hobi because he looks like prime hUSBAND MATERIAL OKAY HE’S MY ONE AND ONLY HOPE, HE’S MY ANGEL. and Namjoon??? and purple hair?? a fucking masterpiece oh my lord, don’t even get me started on his blonde hair, but I’ll have to go with that grey kinda silverish? so yeah grey-haired Namjoon is my favourite. and now you might say that I have a thing for blonde men but blonde tae???? such a concept??? but again dark-brown-haired Taehyung is my absolute favourite. I can’t think about him without feeling attacked. I need a minute to calm down now. OKAY SO NOW WE HAVE OUR LIL MOCHI WHO IS AN ABSOLUTE HANDSOME MOTHERFUCKER WITH EVERY HAIR COLOR HE HAS HAD AND I HATE HIM FOR IT. I have very strong feelings about black haired and blonde haired and sILVeR HAIRED JIMIN and I have very strong feelings about Jimin in general but possibly my favourite iS PINK HAIRED JIMIN. He slayed my existence as usual. and finally we’ve come to Jungkook, who rocked every shade of brown there is to exist lmao bUT OKAY HEAR ME CHESTNUT BROWN AND PINK HIGHLIGHTS JUNGKOOK WAS A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD AND THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.

18. Which member matches with your personality the most?

well this is a hard one because I have traits from each one of the boys but I think probably I match the most (and no this is not just because he’s my bias I’m being objective here) with Hoseok, I’m very bubbly and bright and a bit loud all the time, I try to always be “the happy one” and cheer all my group of friends, and I can feel a bit annoying sometimes but at the end of the day whenever my friends tell me I’m someone they can’t be around without laughing I feel like it’s worth it so yeah, my baby boy Hobi 💞

19. Who do you think would be your best friend in BTS?

I’ve always felt like I could be best friends with Namjoon? Like I can picture us having really deep conversations about the universe and whatever we can find to talk about at like 5 in the morning and then just goofing around and going for long walks and eating snacks at some park and probably breaking a lot of stuff when being together because I’m also a literal mess?? I’m always accidentally breaking stuff?? i swear I have no idea how it happens sometimes I just touch something and it stops working I swear I’m cursed lmao so I feel like we would be good friends

44. If you were given the chance to say one sentence to all of them, what would you tell them?  

To Jin: ”you’re such a smart, talented, wonderful human being and you deserve so much more recognition than you’re getting and I’m sorry for all the shit you’ve had to put up with but you still keep your head up and I’m proud of you and I love you”

To Yoongi: “your strenght and all the struggles you’ve overcome inspire me every day to keep going and fight for my dreams and you’re a truly immense inspiration to me and I hope you know how appreciated you are and I love you”

To Hoseok: “your smile literally lights up my entire existence and warms my heart and I just want you to be happy and I really hope only good things come your way because you deserve it for being such a wonderful person and I love you with all my heart”

To Namjoon: “you’re such a great leader and you’ve done so much for BTS and I hope you know how proud ARMYs are of you and how far you’ve come and you should give yourself more credit because you’re amazing and talented and I love you”

To Jimin: “you seem like a truly good person and so full of love and empathy and I really hope you know that you don’t need to change anything because we all love you just the way you are”

To Taehyung: “you’re honestly unique and your personality is so charming and intriguing and you seem so sincere in all you do and you’re a literal sunshine and I just hope you’re happy and I love you”

To Jungkook: “even though you’re a bit older than me I honestly feel like I’ve seen you grow and I’m proud of the person you’ve become under the pressure of being an idol and I love you”

they’re all long sentences and they all end up with I love you because I’m a cheesy piece of shit but ehhhh, thanks for asking ❤️️

6 movies I always watch

Ty @lenina-phasma for the tag💛

  1. Sunshine Cleaning : starring Amy Adams & Emily Blunt. Easily one of my favorites.
  2. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus : starring Lily Cole, Heath Ledger, Colin Farrel & Andrew Garfield aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully weird, dichotomy of good and evil.
  3. The Family Stone : starring Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, one of those Wilson Brothers. It gives me anxiety, but I relate to Meridith which is horrid and comforting at the same time lol
  4. The Holiday : starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and one of those guys that is always typecast as a villain. Iris’s unrequited love. I relate so hard.
  5. Little Women : starring Susan Sarandon, Wynona Ryder, Claire Danes, Kristin Dunst, and Christian Bale. Family of independant, strong, women. Does everyone want to be Jo? I always wanted to be Jo.😍Fredrick Bhaer

6. Goodfellas: starring Ray Liotta, Robert Di Nero, Joe Pesci, and Lorraine Bracco. Idk about that whole “ride-or-die” thing but Karen Hill is definitely it. I love her & I hate her… so does Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) My favorite line in the whole movie : “Rossi! Janice Rossi, do you hear me? He’s MY husband! Get your own goddamn man!” And the scene where they talk about how to make the perfect pasta sauce, i always liked. idk why.

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favorite ocs from your top three neopet species, go!

If you mean mine: I only have one Blumaroo, one Aisha, and one Usul OC (Wee, Erican, and Vivianana, in that order).


If you mean, like, other ppl’s OCs… no Blum OCs come to my mind??? Like I swear I’ve seen some but I can’t remember? (code for send me your blums I love blums so much)

Aisha: All of @wraithaisha‘s kids; Formidinem, Guesstimatings, Kenjaku, and Kaedea. I’m a sucker for the dynamics of four completely different personalities in one place (See: Side account)

Usul: @reducto-transgresso‘s Nayla, I literally saw her design and just swooned like hell. I LOVE SCIENCE USUKI I WANT TO KNOW MORE

Honorable mentions, because hot damn I love OCs:

I’ve grown to really love Ogrins and it’s all @pirateogrin‘s boy Rowhyn’s fault, I love him and want to get to know him and see him grow

I also really love @acaradical‘s OCs! The detail on all of them is so great! I literally do not know how to go into detail without making this post 500 miles long, the only thing I can suggest is going to their blog and checking out their character tags. K-422 the Acara is my favorite.

And finally, @halloween-yurble‘s Cavity. The only Chia I will ever love.